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Butter Bags 2

Studio: Other » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 11/8/11

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: All sex.
Director: Glenn Baren
Cast: Amy Ried, Andrew Andretti, Brandy Talore, Brian Surewood, Buster Good, Devyn Devine, Donny Long, Gianna, Meoldy Peters, Sara Stone.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Amy Ried, and Gianna.
Length: 02:04
Condoms: None.
Bonus: Two bonus points: one for condom-free sex and the second for the Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls in the cast: Amy Ried, and Gianna.


If you didn't already know it, Kick Ass Pictures refuses to shoot any girl who has enhanced breasts. So, the 12 super-sized boobs you'll see in Butter Bags 2 are real, baby! And, what tits they are. They are scrumptious, succulent, and mouth-watering handfuls of some of the most delectable breast meat you'll ever set your eyes upon. Believe me when I say, boob lovers are going to rejoice!

Since each and every boob in Butter Bags 2 is 100% natural, the girls who sport them are voluptuous and round. Don't expect some emaciated waif with huge tits...when you see that sort of thing, you just know saline (or silicone) and a knife were involved. No, Brandy Talore, Sara Stone, Gianna, and the other big-breast queens featured in Butter Bags are all woman...and make men glad to be men!

I must make a special mention of Amy Ried. Damn! What a gorgeous woman! Although she's not as big-breasted as the other girls featured in Butter Bags 2, she certainly is superbly-sweet eye candy. I've seen her face on numerous box covers, but this is the first time I've seen her in action. Although she's done boy/girl in other movies, she's coupled with gorgeous Sara Stone in a Sapphic delight in Butter Bags 2. Amy is definitely on my list of candidates for my 2008 Dr. Jay's Must See Girls awards.

So, even though the sex in Butter Bags 2 is not particularly edgy--although it is certainly stroke-able--I strongly suggest that you boob lovers pick up a copy right away. You're gonna be in heaven!


Each of the five scenes in Butter Bags 2 follows essentially the same format: the girl responds to some interview questions asked by, one would assume, director Glenn Baren from behind the camera, does a striptease for us, and then gets it on with her male or female partner. Since the format of each scene is fundamentally the same, I won't detail the magnificent dick-swelling striptease segments during which each pair of magnificent mams gets plenty of close-up exposure. I'll just state emphatically that loved each of the striptease segments. As I write up each scene, however, I'll let you know one or more tidbits of interesting information each girl reveals during her interview. Some of the girls divulge some interesting facts!

Scene One

Scene One features Melodie Peters and Andrew Andretti. Melodie is, of course, VERY busty (34DD) and has extra-long, ass-length brunette hair. She's nicely voluptuous with a soft womanly belly accented with a navel ring, a cleanly-shaven inviting pussy, and nicely manicured fingers and toes. Her fun, but not especially noteworthy boy/girl encounter with Andrew earns three and one-half stars. Sadly, she never appears to have cum during the scene.

  • Interview tidbit: Melodie's super-sized boobs, which run in her family, have been the same size since she was 14! Wow, the high school girls must have hated her! On the plus side, Melodie knows how to use her boobs to get what she wants...cars, travel, accommodations, and rich boyfriends. Obviously, Melodie loves her tits and what they can get for her. I love what Melodie's magnificent tits do to my cock!
  • Foreplay 1: Tit worship. When Andrew joins Melodie in front of the camera, he, of course, immediately lunges at her tits, squeezing and suckling like a starving babe. He even admits that he's obsessed with her breasts! In due course, Melodie straddles Andrew fucks his lucky face and chest with her humongous boobs. He also gets lots of opportunities to squeeze her very sensitive nipples. Meanwhile, she uses her crotch to grind his jeans-imprisoned cock. God, I wish I was Andrew right now!
  • Foreplay 2: Fellatio/titty-fucking. Andrew teases Melodie by saying, "I've got something for you!" Then, he strips off his pants and gives her his raging hard-on to spit on, suck, stroke, and swallow. Melodie's throat is very capacious and she uses it enthusiastically to swallow him balls-deep. She likes it so much that her entire body breaks out with gooseflesh! During fellatio, Andrew gets to fuck Melodie's ample cleavage, too. Lucky SOB! Melodie voraciously sucks his tip as it emerges from between her super-sized tits.
  • Position 1: Missionary. After Melodie begs, "I want you to fuck me in my pussy," Andrew kneels between her legs as she lies across a couch and then fucks her pussy with frenzied and deep strokes (nice close-ups) while she screams with delight and talks nasty. Of course, Melodie's huge breasts bounce and sway delightfully in reaction to his thrusts. Damn, there's something about all-natural butter bags that silicone/saline just can't match! Andrew, like me, is infatuated with Melodie's boobs. So, while he fucks her, he bends down to suckle her nipples.
  • Position 2: Reverse cowgirl. After sucking her juices off of Andrew's rod, Melodie straddles him and fucks him reverse-cowgirl style with long and balls-deep strokes. Believe me, Melodie's dancing boobs are a sight for sore eyes as she pounds and grinds she and Andrew to heaven. Andrew need only lie back and enjoy Melodie's powerful moves. But, to increase Melodie's pleasure, Andrew uses his fingers to squeeze her nipples and jack her swollen clit.
  • Position 3: Spoon. Melodie and Andrew lie in the spoon position atop the couch. Andrew then slips his rod into Melodie's cunt and bangs her tight hole as she groans with delight. Of course, if you like big boobs you're gonna be delighted by her gyrating tits and wish you could squeeze them like Andrew does.
  • Popshot: To work himself up to an orgasm, Andrew again reams Melodie's pussy fast and deep in the missionary position. Then, at the last second, he pulls out and shoots his load onto her big and beautiful boobs while she kneads them lustily. With such a large target, how could he miss? Andrew then massages his soldiers into Melodie's flesh while she giggles delightfully.

Scene Two

-- sponsored by --

Scene Two is, by far, my favorite scene in Butter Bags 2. In it, absolutely delectable Amy Ried takes on statuesque and oh-so-built Sara Stone in a toy-enhanced girl/girl/anal scene that left me panting. Wow, what bodies! Wow, what tits! Wow, what lust! If you haven't seen Sara and Amy naked and in action before, you're simply not watching enough porn! If that's the case, why not get Butter Bags 2 so you can watch the two girls together? Believe me when I say that either of these two girls can give me an erection simply by looking at her. Watching both of them together made me pop! Five stars!

  • Interview tidbit--Amy (32DD): Amy's boobs developed all at once over the summer she was 15. In fact, her female friends at school thought she'd had a boob job during vacation! Amy likes guys to stare at her entire body--not just her perky boobs.
  • Interview tidbit--Sara (34DD): Sara thinks the size of her boobs can become an inconvenience at times because she has a hard time finding outfits that will cover them. Hell, Sara, don't worry about covering them! Sadly, Sara disagrees with me and even finds that she gets annoyed when guys stare at her boobs!
  • Foreplay 1: Masturbation. Both girls give us incendiary dick-swelling and pussy-dripping boob-centric strip teases and masturbate for us (the action cuts back and forth between the girls). I sure as hell love all four of their breasts. And, Amy's body--especially her ass--is to die for. In fact, she might be one of the top-five prettiest women currently in porn! While masturbating, Sara also plays with--and suckles--her nicely manicured toes. And, somebody off screen pours a liberal amount of oil on Sara's chest so that she can massage it into her curvaceous flesh. Amy, on her part, finger-fucks her asshole for us.
  • Foreplay 2: Kissing and tit worship. After the girls spend several minutes pleasing themselves, they get together, kiss deeply, and grope and spank each others' curves. Giggling like a happy schoolgirl, Sara soon goes down on Amy's breasts with her mouth and voracious hands. Sara also buries her face between Amy's breasts and fucks her cleavage! And, both girls use their tongues to lick Amy's nipples. Later, Amy repays Sara by squeezing, stroking, licking, and sucking her nipples. Then, we're treated to some of the hottest footage of the movie...as the camera captures the action from above, Sara and Amy mash their tits together and, in effect, fuck each others' chests! It's fucking hot! The girls continue to play with, squeeze, jiggle, lick, and suckle each others' boobs for several delightful minutes. They love playing with each other and don't mind telling each other just how much. Damn, it's such a treat to see girls enjoy each other so much.
  • Foreplay 3: Cunnilingus. Sara bends Amy over into the doggie position, spanks her perfect ass, and then buries her face between Amy's butt cheeks. Sara uses her tongue and fingers to massage and spank Amy's gorgeous asshole and pretty, pink, and soaking-wet pussy while Amy squeals and groans ecstatically. As the scene continues, Amy sits back on a couch and spreads her legs wide so that Sara can spit on, lick, and tongue-fuck Amy's pussy and lick her clit. Damn, Amy's pussy looks tasty! Meanwhile, Amy squeezes her own boobs, strokes Sara's hair, and encourages Sara with provocative talk. Sara pleases herself by jacking her own clit. Later, the girls change roles so that Amy can spank, lick, spread, and tongue- and finger-fuck Sara's nicely-cropped yet hairy cunt. Sara loves it and giggles delightfully as pleasure courses through her undulating and heaving body: "You're doing such a GOOD job! I love the way you use that tongue!" Amy also uses her hands to squeeze and suckle Sara's tits while her mouth pleases Sara's vagina. Sara increases her own pleasure by slapping and jacking her swollen clit.
  • Foreplay 4: Finger-fucking. Amy lies back on the couch and splays her legs wide so that her dripping-wet pussy spreads open. Then, Sara uses her talented hands to slap and rapidly stroke Amy's pulsing pussy using a very pleasurable circular motion. Sara drives Amy out of her mind with lust and Amy responds by ravenously sucking Sara's bounteous breasts. Later, Sara turns her attention to Amy's tits while Amy uses multiple fingers to fuck her own juicy and sloshing pussy.
  • Position 1: Missionary. Sara grabs a queen-sized bright pink dildo, licks it to lube it up, and then uses it to fuck her own tits (Amy squeezes Sara's jiggling boobs around the toy). After a while, Amy announces, "OK, now stick that dildo in my pussy!" Sara eagerly complies and uses the toy to fuck Amy's oh-so-ready hole while simultaneously stroking her spit-soaked clit with her fingers. Amy keeps herself bust by suckling Sara's tits and by sucking her own juices off of the toy.
  • Position 2: Missionary 2. The girls change roles so that Amy can fuck Sara's pussy with a second dildo as Sara lies back on the couch missionary style. While Amy uses a very effective thrusting and twisting motion to please Sara's hole, Sara responds by fingering her own clit, by squeezing her humongous hooters, and by fucking back. Amy can't keep her lusty hands off of Sara's breasts and takes numerous opportunities to knead them. Damn! Both girls look absolutely stunning during this segment!
  • Position 3: Doggie anal. Amy kneels and presents her gorgeous--and very wet--assets to Sara. Sara responds by spanking Amy's firm butt cheeks and by fucking Amy's gorgeous tight asshole with the pink dildo. As soon as the toy clears Amy's spit-lubricated sphincter, she fucks Sara back stroke-for-stroke, spanks her ass cheeks, and shouts, "It feels SO good!" You'd better believe that it LOOKS SO GOOD, too! Sara agrees and exclaims, "It looks so fuckin' hot! I love that fuckin' cock in your ass!" In due course, Sara slides the toy shaft out of Amy's asshole and lets Amy lick it clean. Nasty! Then, the toy finds its way back into Amy's ass so that Sara can ream her until she screams through an ass-gasm.
  • Position 4: Missionary anal. Amy rolls over onto her back atop the couch's seat cushions, lifts her right leg over the back cushions, and sets her left foot on the floor. This position stretches Amy's labia and ass cleavage wide open so that Sara can reinsert the dildo into Amy's asshole and fuck it deep and hard. Meanwhile, Amy's pretty labia gape open to allow a stream of girl-juice to flow from her pussy. Hot! Then, to prove she's as naughty as she is gorgeous, Amy orders Sara to "stick it in my pussy." So, Sara slides the toy out of Amy's asshole and immediately inserts it into her vagina. This ass-to-pussy is fuckin' nasty! Then, while Amy slaps her own clit, Sara fucks her pussy with increasing intensity until she cums forcefully. Afterward, Sara slides the dildo out of Amy's pussy and lets her lick her cum--and a little bit of ass--off of the toy.
  • Position 5: Doggie anal 2. After Sara assumes the doggie position, she demands, "I want you to take that big cock and stick it in my little hole!" Then, as the camera zooms in tight, Amy uses slow and twisting motions to ease a large clear dildo past Sara's sphincter and into her tight little asshole. Once the toy's inside, Amy fucks Sara with extremely fast "balls-deep" strokes (superb close-ups and camera angles). Damn, Sara's spit-lubricated asshole is commodious and can take almost all of the toy's length! Amy gapes Sara's asshole numerous times and really enjoys listening to the "pop" that Sara's asshole makes when she slides the tip of the toy out of Sara's anus.
  • Position 6: Spoon anal 2. To give Amy better access to her asshole, Sara rolls over onto her side and lifts her right leg high. Then, after licking Sara's ass juices off of the dildo ("Your ass tastes so sweet!") Amy continues to ream Sara's super-tight asshole. Sara groans ecstatically as her pleasure builds inexorably toward orgasm. Her subsequent ass-gasm causes her entire body to convulse! After Sara's convulsions subside, Amy slides the toy out of her asshole and licks it squeaky clean.

Scene Three

I'm afraid that work and family matters are slamming me this week. So, I don't have time to review all of the scenes in Butter Bags 2 in a detailed way. So, since I liked Scene Three the least of all the scenes in the movie, I'm just going to tell you that: it features extremely busty Devyn Devine and Brian Surewood; they share fellatio for foreplay; they fuck vaginally in missionary, doggie, and spoon; and he pops on her tits. Three stars.

Scene Four

In Scene Four, busty and voluptuous Brandy Talore takes on Buster Good in a conventional boy/girl all-vaginal coupling. Sadly, Brandy never seems to climax. So, the scene earns 3.5 stars.

  • Interview tidbit: Twenty-four-year-old Brandy (36DDD) grew up as a tomboy and hated the fact that she had D-cup breasts by the time she was 16. So, she used to hide them, believe it or not, in oversized sweatshirts. What a travesty! I'm sure glad that Brandy chose to let her boobs out to play! In fact, she even danced topless for one of her high-school history teachers in a club after she graduated. And, she has even learned to love having guys fuck her titties...her boobs swallow all but the largest cocks! Way to go, Brandy!
  • Foreplay 1: Tit worship. After Brandy strips and masturbates for us in a beautiful outdoor garden (she spends lots of time kneading her own mammoth breasts, repeatedly sucks her own erect nipples, and finger-fucks her juicy pink cunt to orgasm!), she declares to the world, "I wanna get fucked!" However, before the lady gets her wish, she moves indoors and is joined by Buster who, of course, immediately fills his hands and mouth with succulent breast meat. Buster spends several minutes shaking, squeezing, fondling, licking, and suckling Brandy's boobs while she encourages him with well-chosen words.
  • Foreplay 2: Fellatio. After announcing, "I have something for you to lick and suck on," Buster lays back on a couch and pulls out his cock. Meanwhile, Brandy strips off her panties. As soon as Buster's cock is free from confinement, Brandy goes down on it, eagerly and noisily suckling and stroking it while cooing with delight.
  • Foreplay 3: Titty fucking. Buster stands while Brandy drops to her knees on the floor in front of him. Then, she spits on and sucks his dick to get it nice and wet. She guides his rod between her massive breasts, squeezes them together tightly, and sits back to enjoy some dick-swallowing titty fucking. Brand's right! Her huge tits allow very little of Buster's well-endowed cock to show as he happily slides in-and-out of her cleavage. Wow, it looks GREAT!
  • Foreplay 4: Cunnilingus. Brandy lies back on the couch and spreads her legs wide to reveal her pretty bald-shaven cunt. Then, Buster goes down on her so that he can feast on her bountiful pussy juices.
  • Position 1: Missionary. Once Buster has tasted Brandy's nectar, he kneels between her legs, shoves his cock between her labia, inches his rod inside, and then fucks her with increasingly deep and passionate thrusts. Meanwhile, Brandy fondles her own boobs (they're so bountiful!), coos with pleasure, and encourages him: "Fuck that little pussy!"
  • Position 2: Spoon. Buster squeezes behind Brandy as she lies on her side atop the couch. Then, she guides his cock back inside her pussy for some sweet-looking spoon action (nice close-ups). Believe me, Brandy's huge tits looks absolutely superb as they bounce joyfully in response to their frantic and well-synchronized thrusts. And, her well-chosen naughty words and heartfelt groans sound damned good, too!
  • Position 3: Reverse cowgirl. At Buster's invitation, Brandy stands and then straddles him so that she can sit on--and then dance on--his cock. Damn, the close-up shots of the insertion are hot! So are Brandy's moves as she skillfully rides Buster's luck cock and coats his shaft with her voluminous girl juices. And, Brandy's bountiful boobs gyrate erotically, too.
  • Position 4: Doggie. After sucking her juices off of Buster's rod, Brandy kneels on top of the couch and lifts her left leg high so that the camera can get excellent close-up shots of her dripping pussy as it swallows every single inch of Buster's titanium-hard dick. Of course, the camera captures lots of swinging-tit action, too!
  • Popshot: In due course, Brandy decides she wants some cum. So, she kneels on the floor and squeezes her hooters together so that Buster can plaster them with his semen. Damn, her cum splattered mam's look superb! Afterward, Brandy uses her fingers to massage his cream into her smooth and silky flesh. And, she licks her finger-licking-good fingers clean!

Scene Five

Gianna, perhaps my favorite of the huge-busted (36DD) all-natural girls to ever grace the blue screen, burns up the screen with Donny Long in Scene Five. Gianna is a drop-dead-gorgeous brunette with, of course, huge breasts. Unlike some other hugely endowed all-natural girls, Gianna manages to keep her abdomen hard and flat...I really like that. In fact, I can safely say that I adore her incredible body. What I like most about her, however, is her "I'll do anything" demeanor and naughty attitude. I must also admit that I liked Gianna's striptease segment better than all the others in Butter Bags 2. In addition to showing off--and playing with--her gorgeous tits, Gianna spends plenty of time stroking her rapidly-swelling clit and spreading her pussy open for us. Wow, it's pretty inside! In my opinion, Scene Five is, the best boy/girl coupling in Butter Bags 2 and earns Gianna and Donny a solid five stars!

  • Interview tidbit: Gianna's magnificent "bad-boy" tits didn't start to grow until she was a senior in high school. Damn, they sure made up for lost time! Gianna also reveals that, if a guy fucks her hard and passionately, she'll let him "slap the shit" out of her hits, "tie 'em, bite 'em, and do whatever!" Do you see why I really like Gianna? One more important tidbit: you average-endowed guys will rejoice when you hear Gianna say that guys with smaller penises actually get her off better than hugely hung studs!
  • Foreplay 1: Tit worship. At the end of Gianna's interview, she turns her pretty gray-blue eyes to the camera and coos, "If you don't mind, I'd like to get some!" What an invitation! Donny Long, off camera, hears Gianna's invitation and steps up to her. Giggling delightfully, she immediately unbuttons his clothes while he, of course, scoops her boobs out of her extra-large bra and plays with them blissfully. Knowing that Donny adores her breasts, Gianna removes his belt, straps it around her breasts, and uses it to jiggle her massive jugs.
  • Foreplay 2: Fellatio. Gianna pulls Donny's rod out of his pants, and, smiling triumphantly, begins to lick his balls and shaft while turning her mesmerizing eyes toward us through the camera lens. She then gobbles on his balls and spit-soaked rod, chokes on his shaft, and deep-throats him balls-deep. She also uses very effective twisting motions to stroke his cock while she sucks on it. Wow, this blowjob, shot from below using superb camera angles and slow-ups, isgreat--and quite noisy and slobbery, too! Meanwhile, Gianna's magnificent mams gyrate joyfully.
  • Foreplay 3: Titty fucking. Could any guy resist fucking Gianna's bountiful breasts? I sure as hell couldn't. And, neither can Donny. Damn, Gianna's tits look so fucking good as they swallow all of his kind-sized penis. While Donny slides in-and-out of Gianna's cleavage, she squeezes her tits tight around his shaft. And, she encourages him with just the right amount of nasty talk. This titty-fuck is absolutely must see!
  • Foreplay 4: Cunnilingus. Gianna lays on her back atop a sofa and spreads her legs so that Donny can ravenously lick, suck, and tongue-fuck her tasty twat. He also fingers her clit and finger-fucks her pussy. Gianna loves it and shows her enthusiasm by breathing deeply, by thrusting her hips up and down against his face, by giggling delightfully, and by talking nasty to Donny.
  • Position 1: Missionary. After spending some quality time squeezing, sucking, and licking Gianna's "fucking sensitive" nipples, Donny slides his cock into Gianna's tight wet hole and fucks her with increasingly deep and powerful thrusts. Of course, Gianna's huge breasts bounce and gyrate erotically in sync with his thrusts. And, the torrent of nasty vocabulary and passionate groans that escape her lips proves her genuine pleasure. In due course, Gianna begins to jack her clit and, within seconds, experiences a screaming orgasm. Afterward, Donny slides out--to let her have a break--but Gianna insists, "Get it back in there!" What a voracious slut! So, Donny does the lady's bidding and resumes fucking her as wave after wave of pleasure course through her amazing body: "You're so fucking good! Don’t you fucking stop!"
  • Position 2: Cowgirl. Gianna shoves Donny onto his back, hurriedly mounts him cowgirl style, and then guides his cock into her cunt. Then, Gianna and Donny fuck each other with perfectly synchronized moves that look--and must feel--wonderful. As the scene continues, Gianna takes over and uses very effective thrusting and grinding moves the fuck the shit out of Donny. Of course, Gianna's dangling and bouncing breasts look too good for words. Damn, I'd give almost anything to be underneath Gianna right now!
  • Position 3: Spoon. Gianna and Donny roll onto their sides so that he can fuck her from behind. Even though it's very hard for a girl to do much of the thrusting in spoon, Gianna, believe it or not, tosses her body back and forth with nearly unbelievable vigor as Donny fucks her balls deep (nice close-ups). This may be one of the best spoon fucks I've ever seen! Gianna's wildly gyrating tits make the overall effect even better. Of course, her giggling orgasm is damned nice, too!
  • Position 4: Doggie. Gianna kneels on the couch and presents her pussy to lucky Donny. He immediately slides back inside her and pounds her powerfully as she shakes her booty erotically and grins triumphantly. "You like that wet fucking pussy? Keep on fucking me! O shit, that feels good!
  • And, Gianna's third screaming orgasm of the scene looks--and sounds--fucking good, too!
  • Popshot: When Donny reaches the point of no return, he pulls out of Gianna's pussy and she drops to the floor and opens her mouth super wide. Then, Donny explodes into her accommodating mouth and splatters her face with cum, too. Then, she sucks him dry, gargles his semen, shows us her full mouth, and swallows every fucking drop. Gianna, I fucking adore you!

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The widescreen 16:9 video is sharp and clear, free from digital compression artifacts, well lit, correctly color-balanced, and nicely photographed by a cameraman who knows how to use a camera without jerking it around. I also like the editing...the action cuts from one camera angle to another without giving the viewer the impression that anything was removed. Nice job! Four and one-half stars!

Audio (technical): The audio was well recorded and is presented at a consistent and appropriate volume level. You will be able to hear the girls' answers to their interviewer's questions and savor each and every moan and ground throughout the sex scenes. Music accompanies the striptease segments and is played while menus are displayed. However, the volume level of the music never obfuscates the sounds of sex. Above average. Four stars.

Extras: The Chapter Selector is organized by girl. Curiously, the images of each girl on the Chapter menu are static...it's not a full-motion chapter selector. However, once you click a girl's picture, you're presented with a full-motion submenu that lets you choose to watch the interview, tease, and various sexual positions. The "Special Features" menu allows you to select five minutes of bloopers (funny and well worth a watch), text biographies of each of the six girls featured in Butter Bags 2, trailers for eight KickAss releases, phone sex ads, and an advertisement for www.kickass.com. This set of extras is about average in today's marketplace. Three stars.

Aesthetics: Butter Bags 2 was shot in a reasonably nice location(s). The sets are all couches (some more attractive than others). I sure wish that director Glenn Baren would have used other props instead of succumbing to the ubiquitous "let's fuck on somebody's couch" routine. The girls' outfits are OK, and I didn't notice any problems with their makeup. Regarding audio aesthetics...music accompanies only the striptease segments and the menus. There is no musical accompaniment during the interviews or during the sex scenes. And, if you've seen any other Kick Ass release, you've probably heard the exact same music. Bottom line...the aesthetics are about average for an all-sex release. Three stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.00
Average video rating: 4.50
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 3.00
Extras rating: 3.00
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.10

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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