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Internal Eruptions

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 12/15/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Gonzo
Director: John Strong
Cast: Chelsie Rae, Harmony Rose, James Deen, Jayden Jaymes, John Strong, Mick Blue, Mr. Pete, Red Foxxx, Tia Sweets.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Jayden Jaymes
Length: Length
Condoms: Condoms
Bonus: Two bonus points: one for condom-free sex and the second for Dr. Jay's Must See Girl Jayden Jaymes.


If you read my reviews, you know I'm a particularly strong fan of internal cumshots. Hell, if I had my way, every sexual encounter would end with one! So, when I saw director John Strong's latest creampie flick, I just had to pop it into my computer's hard drive. I'm glad I did.

The most important reason I enjoyed Internal Eruptions is, believe it or not, the girls' asses. I remember thinking to myself as I previewed the movie, "The title of this movie should be "Internal Eruptions in Girls with Superb Asses!" Yep, I loved every single butt. I don't know how John Strong did it, but he sure as hell assembled a great array of booty!

I also enjoyed Internal Eruptions because of three of the girls. First, if you like gorgeous women (and I sort of doubt you'd be reading this if you didn't), then you simply must see Jayden Jaymes naked. WOW! She's new to the business and isn’t in many movies yet. So, you just might want to get Internal Eruptions to get an eyeful of her. Second, I'm extremely impressed with Red Foxxx. Red is a fucking dynamo and really is worth a look. Third, Harmony is beyond words. For quite a while, Harmony slipped off my radar screen. However, I've seen her in a few movies recently and I really like what I see. Wow, what an amazing slut!

I must also admit that I really liked the scene setups in Internal Eruptions. Very effective music-vide-style stripteases begin each scene. These segments are among the most bone-stiffening in the movie...which kept my bone stiff for almost as long as medically appropriate (remember, if you have an erection for more than four hours to immediately seek medical attention :) )! Now, if I might give director John Strong a word of advice. Make your movies a little more about the girls and a little less about yourself. Hell, you and the other guys had an incredible time during the filming of this flick. Your cocks were always the center of attention. However, no guy ever went down on a girl's pussy! What's the matter with you guys? Don't you like to eat pussy (I can honestly say that I just about live to eat pussy!)? Don't you want the girl to cum, too? In fact, I never saw any evidence of a real body-shaking female orgasm (except in Scene Five). That's why four of the scenes only earned four points (a B-, if you will).


Scene One

Scene One Overview: Scene One is a vaginal-only boy/boy/girl threesome set indoors on and around a living room couch. The scene, which lasts about 35 minutes, is composed of 18 positions...many of them repeated more than once.

  • Commentary: Jayden Jaymes, who, at the time of this writing, had appeared in only a few movies, is absolutely stunning! She's the cover girl (click the link above to see her heart-stopping profile) and is definitely my kind of girl! In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that seeing this luscious brunette naked is reason enough to get your hands on a copy of Internal Eruptions. Although quite good, the scene would have been much better had Jayden allowed the guys to fuck her ass or, even better, double-penetrate her holes. It's almost as if the second guy really wasn't necessary. Since the guys plow only Jayden's pussy, the repeated positions tend to get a little repetitive. By the way, at the end of the movie, as the credits roll, director John Strong interviews Jayden who confesses that this was her first-ever scene.
  • Rating: Four stars.
  • Girl (Jayden Jaymes): Jayden is a fucking gorgeous brunette with mesmerizing blue eyes; large lovely breasts that look natural, but may be sculpted; a hard, yet curvy, body with abs that are sure to please; pierced clit hood (you've gotta admire girls who go that far), navel, tongue, and nose; an intricate tattoo of a colorful flower on her abdomen; a plump, blemish- and cellulite-free ass that becomes covered with gooseflesh when she's excited; a pretty bald-shaven pussy; and absolutely beautiful manicured fingernails. Yum. Yum!
  • Guys (John Strong and Mr. Pete): Both guys are well-regarded swordsmen. John not only performs throughout the movie, but he also directed the action. Both guys give Jayden a copious amount of cream to fill her insatiable cunt. Although I'm certainly not one to judge, I think the guys are average looking. I must say, however, that John lives up to his name and is, indeed, very strong. He can pick up lovely Jayden and fuck her while standing by tossing her not-petite body up and down on his massive cock.
  • Scene Setup: Little time is spent on scene setup. Instead, a very effective MTV-style striptease segment is shown. This strip sequence, guaranteed to get your juices flowing, is composed of black-and-white and color clips of scrumptious Jayden stripping and fondling herself.
  • Foreplay: Jayden gives both guys blowjobs, taking each guy's cock into her mouth in turn. The guys really get a kick out of making jawbreakers in her mouth and they enjoy her ability to multitask by sucking one cock while stroking the other. This suck-one-stroke-one process goes back and forth throughout foreplay. The guys really like Jayden's tits and fuck them, squeeze, them, and slap them with their dicks. And, they pull her hair, too.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal only.
  • Positions: The two guys fuck Jayden's pussy in a total of 18 positions: 1) standing doggie (Pete); 2) spoon (John); 3) kneeling doggie (Pete); 4) spoon (Pete); 5) reverse (John); 6) on her side (John); 7) standing doggie (John); 8) missionary (Pete); 9) missionary (John); 10) missionary (Pete); 11) cowgirl (John); 12) John stands and fucks Jayden cowgirl; 13) missionary (Pete); 14) missionary (John); 15) on her side (John); 16) standing doggie (Pete); 17) Standing doggie (John); and 18) missionary (John).
  • Girl's Demeanor: Jayden, who was brand new to the business when she shot this scene, is an average fuck. She moans realistically and talks a little bit nasty. For the most part, she's content to let the guys fuck her and doesn't really fuck them back...except in cowgirl with John. I hope that Jayden will become more demostrative as she matures in front of the camera.
  • Scene Highlights: Jayden, whose body gleams with sweat during the scene, always seems to have her pussy and her mouth filled with cock. During the scene, the guys zero-in on Jayden's magnificent boobs and slap them and squeeze their nipples. And, the guys enjoy her ass, too...especially when they spank it until it glows bright red. Being a "tit and ass man," I really enjoyed watching Jayden's bountiful boobs and sumptuous ass flesh jiggle while she gets fucked. I also appreciated Jayden's dripping-wet pussy, especially when the guys gape it. And, I liked watching the guys jack Jayden's clit and multiple-finger-fuck her sloshing pussy during brief breaks in the action.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Sadly, there's no evidence of a female orgasm.
  • Guy's Pop: "I want you to cum inside me...nut in my pussy!" With an invitation like that, how could a guy refuse? John pops first, as he fucks her in missionary, and pumps a huge load of cream into her...so much that it literally gushes when he pulls out. Afterward, Pete responds to Jayden's plea to "Cum in my pussy!" Pete's cock spasms forcefully as he pumps her full of cream. Then, she rubs her double-wet pussy with her fingers as his seed drips out.

Scene Two

-- sponsored by --

Scene Two Overview: Scene Two is a boy/girl vaginal and anal scene set indoors on a non-descript couch. I'm so tired of seeing people fuck on ordinary couches! The scene, featuring cutie-pie Chelsie Rae and Mick Blue, lasts about 30 minutes.

  • Commentary: Scene Two is a good solid coupling that includes eight positions...six vaginal and two anal. The cream pie that concludes the scene is superb and is, in my opinion, the highlight of the scene.
  • Rating: Four stars.
  • Girl (Chelsie Rae): Chelsie is a cute sandy blond with hypnotic green eyes; perfect tiny breasts; hard and perky nipples; a superb, heart-shaped, big, round, and blemish-free ass; a bald-shaven pussy; and long shapely legs. Interestingly, Chelsie does not sport tattoos or body piercings.
  • Guy (Mick Blue): Mick is a dependable stud who, like me, enjoys squeezing and caressing girls when he fucks them. It's so much better to enjoy the girl's whole body during sex than just her holes. Mick's cock is huge and his popshot in this scene is copious.
  • Scene Setup: Like Scene One, the scene begins with a very effective MTV-style striptease segment. This strip sequence goes a bit further than Jayden's because Chelsie multiple-finger-fucks herself and eats her own juices during the tease.
  • Foreplay: Mick begins by spitting on Chelsie's asshole so that he can finger-fuck it. Later, as Chelsie finger-fucks her own pussy, Mick slides his finger in-and-out of her tight asshole. In essence, Chelsie gets double penetrated with fingers! Then, Mick licks and suckles her cute tiny breasts and hard nipples. In due course, Chelsie gives Mick a handjob that soon morphs into a combination blowjob/handjob. Chelsie rams as much of Mick's cock down her throat as she can and gags as she deep-throats him. I particularly enjoyed how Mick uses his hands to explore Chelsie's hard flesh as they play with each other. And, I liked watching Chelsie jack her own clit, stroke her labia with her fingers, and perform ass-to-mouth (ATM) on Mick's finger. However, the best part of the foreplay is Chelsie's intense eye contact with us when she blows Mick's rod.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal and anal.
  • Positions: Mick begins by plowing Chelsie's pussy in: 1) cowgirl; 2) missionary; spoon; 3) spoon; and 4) reverse cowgirl (Mick really redlines as he pounds her in reverse). Then, he transitions to her ass and fucks her: 5) reverse cowgirl; and 6) spoon. Finally, to ramp up to his pop, Mick returns to Chelsie's pussy and fucks her: 7) kneeling doggie and then 8) missionary style.
  • Girl's Demeanor: Chelsie really seems to like being fucked by Mick. She moans enthusiastically and talks nasty to enflame Mick's lust.
  • Scene Highlights: There's lots to like! I enjoyed how Chelsie isn't afraid to pleasure her clit and spank her juicy pussy, especially when Mick fucks her ass. Even better, Chelsie finger-fucks her own pussy--and eats her juices--in anal reverse and spoon. And, I liked her enthusiasm--and her sexy moves--when she fucks Mick back in cowgirl and in reverse cowgirl. Those of us who enjoy looking deep into a girl's body will enjoy her gaping pussy while she and Mick fuck anally in spoon. And, anal sex lovers will appreciate her ravenous and slobbery ass-to-mouth technique that causes her to gag when Mick fucks her throat. However, I think my favorite highlight of the sex is Chelsie's repeated intense eye contact with us as she fucks Mick. No, Chelsie never forgets that we're the ones she's fucking!
  • Girl's Orgasm: Sadly, there's no evidence that Chelsie came during the scene.
  • Guy's Pop: "Fuck my pussy until you cum! Pound the fucking shit out of it!" So, Mick does just that...in kneeling doggie and missionary...until he explodes inside her. Chelsie then scoots her ass to the edge of the couch and uses her vaginal muscles to squeeze out his load while holding her labia open with her fingers. The thick and copious load of semen is gorgeous as it flows from her cunt. And, it must be tasty, too...because Chelse scoops some out of her vagina and gobbles it up.

Scene Three

Scene Three Overview: Scene Three is a boy/girl vaginal and anal sex scene shot indoors on a carpeted floor, on a staircase, and on a oversized couch. Even though the scene lasts 35 minutes, it never gets boring or stale.

  • Commentary: Scene Three is a straight forward vaginal and anal scene that ends in a very nice cream pie. The best part of the scene, in my humble opinion, is the aftermath of the pop shot..,Tia Sweets uses her hand to capture every drop she squeezes out of her pussy, pours the handful into her mouth, and swallows every drop. I also liked how Tia and James Deen move from place to place in the house--Tia crawls on all fours so that we can savor her body from ass height. Nice!
  • Rating: Four stars.
  • Girl (Tia Sweets): Tia is a cute brunette with big blue eyes; medium-sized all-natural tits; perky nipples; a soft and cuddly body; tattoos on her tailbone and leg; a sweet bald-shaven pussy; and an ass to die for. Really, Tia has a superlative butt...and it looks especially attractive highlighted by the thong she wears during her strip-tease scene opener.
  • Guy (James Deen): James is a particularly effective woodsman. He's much more than a life support system for his huge cock. In particular, I think he works very well with the girls and can use naughty talk to really inflame them.
  • Scene Setup: The MTV-style strip-tease scene set up, similar to those in Scenes One and Two, features lots of footage of Tia's incredible ass as she shakes it provocatively for the camera. There's also an emphasis on her finger-fucking herself. Yum!
  • Foreplay: The fellatio in Scene Three is the best so far in Internal Eruptions. Tia is very enthusiastic and energetic as she gives James an incendiary combination blow/handjob. The blowjob is noisy, extremely slobbery, and features lots of stringers and jawbreakers. Tia also pleases James' balls by eagerly gobbling them. While Tia blows James, he, in turn, spanks her gorgeous ass and pulls on her hair.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal and anal. Tia exclaims, "I'm giving you all my holes!" Yep.
  • Positions: Sex takes place in seven positions: two vaginal and five anal. Four of the anal positions feature nasty ass-to-pussy (ATP). Vaginal: 1) spoon; and 2) missionary. Anal: 3) kneeling doggie (ATP); 4) spoon; 5) reverse cowgirl (ATP); 6) cowgirl (ATP); 7) missionary (ATP). Anal sex in kneeling doggie is an extended coupling that begins on a staircase and then, after Tia crawls down the stairs on her hands and knees, continues atop a couch. The position is also punctuated with bouts of nasty ass-to-mouth (ATM).
  • Girl's Demeanor: Tia's an enthusiastic fuck who enjoys every minute of the scene. She doesn't have the nastiest vocabulary, in comparison to other porn girls, but certainly does know how to inflame James' lust with just the right naughty words.
  • Scene Highlights: I like how Tia always keeps James' dick clean...using pussy-to-mouth and ass-to-mouth. I also like her nasty streak...the one that lets James fuck her ass and then her pussy...and back again! I enjoyed watching Tia fuck James (instead of just laying there while he fucks her) in anal kneeling doggie, anal reverse cowgirl, and anal missionary. And, I especially enjoyed her hot moves in anal kneeling doggie. Since I absolutely adore Tia's butt, I liked watching it jiggle while she and James fucked. And, I enjoyed looking deeply into Tia's body when James gaped her pussy and her asshole. Other highlights include James' repeated squeezing of Tia's inviting tits, as well as Tia's choice to finger-fuck her pussy during anal sex, her continuous clit jacking, and her overall enthusiasm.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Although Tia mentions cumming, I never witnessed her orgasm during the scene.
  • Guy's Pop: While James fucks Tia's pussy in missionary (after doing ass-to-pussy), Tia begs: "You gonna cum inside my tight pink pussy? I want you to cum inside me. I wanna eat it!" So, James squirts a "fat juicy load" inside Tia. Then, she sits up and squeezes a voluminous load of semen into her hand so she can noisily slurp it up, show us her full mouth, and then swallow every drop. Good girl, Tia!

Scene Four

Scene Four Overview: Scene Four is a boy/girl vaginal scene that is set indoors in a modern-furnished living room on a chic couch. It lasts about 35 minutes.

  • Commentary: From a sexual perspective, Scene Four is the strongest so far in Internal Eruptions. It's female star, Red Foxxx, is a wild animal and it shows in her joyful shouts of ecstasy and her powerful fucking moves. I really liked this scene, but am disappointed in its lack of a demonstrable female orgasm.
  • Rating: Four stars.
  • Girl (Red Foxxx): Red, who, at the time of this writing, had appeared in only one scene (this one) is a very attractive African-American with red-brunette hair (hence her name); hypnotic brown eyes; large natural tits crowned by very responsive, erect, and proud nipples; a simply superb, plump, and shapely ass (what a booty!); a bald pussy; a tattoo on her abdomen; and a navel ring. Frankly, Red has a LOT going for her. But, I think I fell in love with her primarily because of her bouncing natural breasts and her big brown eyes...a man could easily get lost in Red's eyes.
  • Guy (John Strong): As the director, John gets to fuck as many of the girls in his movies as he wants. What a life, no? See my assessment of him above in Scene One.
  • Scene Setup: The high-energy music-video-style striptease is highlighted by lots of emphasis on Red's plump and gooseflesh-covered ass (she spends lots of time squeezing and slapping her "ass-ets!") and her beautifully-manicured fingers as they deeply probe her juicy cunt.
  • Foreplay: Foreplay centers on John's dick as Red superbly sucks and deep-throats it. She gives him slobbery, slurpy, and noisy head and also licks and gobbles his balls. Meanwhile, she squeezes her own tits as her nipples grow ever larger and harder. John spends most of his time pulling on Red's flowing hair. Lucky bastard. Well, maybe not so lucky. So far as I'm concerned, foreplay without cunnilingus is like a day without sunshine...unspeakable. For some reason, John never goes down on Red. Pity.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal only.
  • Positions: John and Red have vaginal sex in: 1) spoon; 2) missionary; 3) on her side; 4) reverse cowgirl; 5) cowgirl; 6) standing cowgirl (John stands and holds Red in his arms as he fucks her); 7) missionary part two; and 8) kneeling spoon. Of all the eight positions, I enjoyed reverse cowgirl and cowgirl the most. In those positions, Red was able to show her true insatiable-slut nature as she pounds John with nearly unbelievable force!
  • Girl's Demeanor: Red's an insatiable slut...I fuckin' love her passion! She's a screamer rather than a moaner and she also likes to giggle when pleasure courses through her flesh.
  • Scene Highlights: The best part of the scene, hands down, is Red's powerful performance in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. You gotta see this girl fuck! WOW! Other highlights include: Red's bouncing tits (God, I fell in love with those mams in reverse cowgirl!); lots of ass, thigh, and breast slapping by John; close-ups of Red's juicy gaping pussy in several positions; shots of Red's jiggling assflesh--especially in cowgirl; John's obsession with Red's tits, manifest by his nearly continuous squeezing of them; hair pulling; clit-jacking and spanking; and kissing while fucking.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Although it's possible Red came during her many fits of ear-splitting screaming, I never saw her body clench as pleasure enveloped her. Too bad.
  • Guy's Pop: While John fucks her pussy in kneeling doggie, Red screams out, "I want you to cum...I want you to nut right inside me. I want to FEEL it!" John does the lady's bidding and pumps his load into her super-soaked cunt. Then, he pulls out as the camera zooms in on her gloriously-wet hole as John's semen leaks out.

Scene Five

Scene Five Overview: Scene Five is a 35-minute boy/boy/girl threeway featuring Harmony Rose, John Strong, and James Deen. The scene includes vaginal and anal sex as well as double penetrations in several positions, double vaginal penetration, and even a triple stuffing as the guys shove both of their cocks into her pussy while she multiple-finger-fucks her asshole. Wow! The scene is set indoors in a living room on a staircase and then on a couch.

  • Commentary: Harmony is amazing! And, this is, by far, the best scene in Internal Eruptions. Not only do both guys have a hell of a good time--and get to explode inside her--but Harmony, too, enjoys herself so much that she cums at least three times.
  • Rating: Five stars.
  • Girl (Harmony Rose): I suppose if you don't know who Harmony is you must not be watching enough porn! She's a sandy-blond girl-next-door (at least I wish she lived next door to me!) with big blue eyes; medium-sized natural breasts; a hard body with very nice abs; a superbly-shaped and blemish-free ass; a neatly-cropped pussy that features a chevron-shaped patch of pubic hair above her clit; and a pierced navel. Best of all, her lust is unparalleled!
  • Guys (John Strong and James Deen): Both guys appeared previously in this movie and I've written about them above.
  • Scene Setup: Again, the scene begins with a very effectively edited music-video-style strip tease. Harmony finger-fucks her asshole, multiple-finger-fucks her pussy, performs ATM on her finger, and licks her own tits during her dick-stiffening performance.
  • Foreplay: John gets his dick sucked and worshipped first as he stands on a staircase in a living room. Later, Harmony crawls on all fours down the stairs and across the living room to please James' rod. Harmony's fellatio technique is absolutely stupendous and is noisy, very slobbery, and drool-intensive. She eagerly deep-throats the guys' rods and gobbles their balls, too. Actually, "eagerly" is too mild a word for her incendiary cocksucking performance. To keep herself pleased while she pleasures one cock and then the other, Harmony jacks her own clit and sucks her own tits. To please us, she establishes intense eye contact with us as she gobbles the two lucky dicks.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal, anal, DP, double vaginal, and triple-stuffing (double vag plus four fingers in her asshole!).
  • Positions: Fourteen positions are used as the guys powerfully ravage Harmony's holes. And, nastier-than-nasty even lets the guys do ass-to-pussy in several of the positions. Harmony gets fucked in the following order: 1) vaginal kneeling doggie (John fucks, she blows James); 2) vaginal kneeling doggie (the guys change positions); 3) anal kneeling doggie (James fucks, she blows John); 4) anal reverse cowgirl (John); 5) double-penetration reverse (John in her ass and James in her pussy...James also four-finger-fucks Harmony's cunt while his cock is in it and eight-finger-fucks her vagina with his cock removed); 6) anal cowgirl (John) with ass-to-pussy; 7) double-penetration cowgirl (John in pussy, James in ass); 8) double-vaginal cowgirl (Harmony multiple-finger-fucks her asshole, so she's triple stuffed!); 9) double penetration cowgirl (John in pussy, James in ass); 10) anal spoon (John); 11) anal spoon (James); 12) vaginal missionary (John); 13) standing double-penetration (John carries Harmony and fucks her pussy while James plows her ass from behind); and 14) anal missionary.
  • Girl's Demeanor: Harmony's a voracious slut. Period. No matter how much the guys give her, she wants more. She's my kind of woman!
  • Scene Highlights: There are SO many highlights that I can't begin to do justice to them. Here are a few: the sex is rough; there's lots of ass-to-mouth and ass-to-pussy; the guys--especially James--slap Harmony's tits and face repeatedly and she loves it; John, on the other hand, spanks Harmony's fine ass on numerous occasions; the close-ups are in-your-face; Harmony spits on the guys--and on her own pussy; Harmony's pussy and asshole both gape beautifully on repeated occasions; Harmony's natural boobs bounce joyfully throughout the scene; even though most of the scene is spent in double-penetrations, Harmony manages to fuck the guys back; Harmony's dripping pussy soaks her entire genital area until it glistens; Harmony gags delightfully during pussy-to-mouth and ass-to-mouth; the sex is so hot that Harmony's body becomes drenched with sweat--and, her fake eyelashes don't have a snowball's chance in hell; whenever she can, Harmony stuffs her mouth with a dick that's not in her pussy or asshole; and, Harmony repeatedly stuffs most of her hand (four fingers) up a hole that's not being fucked...her pussy, her asshole, or her throat! Superb performance, Harmony! In fact, I'm putting Harmony on my nominee list for my 2008 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls Award.
  • Girl's Orgasm: I counted three of Harmony's orgasms...but, there might have been more!
  • Guy's Pop: James reams Harmony's asshole in anal missionary until he pops. She squats, squeezes and digs his semen out of her ass so that it flows into a bowl. Then, she tips the bowl into her mouth and eats his load. Then, not wanting to deprive Harmony's pussy of a creampie, John fills it with his cum. Again, Harmony scoops and squeezes it into the bowl and laps up every drop. Nasty John then digs more of his little soldiers out of Harmony's cunt and feeds them to her.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The 4:3 video is quite good overall. It boasts good lighting, pleasing color balance, professional camera movements (only a few moves are jerky), and very few edits (and those are done in such a way that I never got the impression that I missed anything). In fact, the movie unfolds almost as if you were in the same room with the performers...almost nothing is cut! I must also admit that the music-video-style striptease segments that begin each scene are superb. A combination of chic black-and-white footage interspersed with color video and effective special effects is very pleasing. Four and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): Music accompanies only the music-video-style striptease segments. There is no dialog, but the moans, nasty vocabulary, and screams of the performers are always perfectly audible. The volume level is consistent and appropriate throughout the movie. Four stars.

Extras: In addition to a full-motion chapter selector organized by girl, Internal Eruptions features a bonus 15-minute boy/girl/girl vag-only scene culminating in cum-swapping and cum swallowing; a cumshot recap feature that lets you skip directly to each girl's creampie; website access information; and a four-and-one-half-minute self-running slide show. A three-minute impromptu interview of Jayden James takes place at the end of the movie as the credits roll. This set of extras is about average in today's marketplace. Three stars.

Production Values: A hodge-podge of locations were used when Internal Eruptions was filmed. Some locations, like the ones used in Scenes Three and Four, are very nice. Others are simply nondescript couches in nondescript houses. Most sex takes place on the ubiquitous and quite trite couch. Since nice homes were used for some scenes, why weren't the "sets" within those homes more creatively used for sex? There's some effective music used during the music-video-style stripteases. However, no integral music supports the on-screen fucking. Three and one-half stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.20
Average video rating: 4.50
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 3.50
Extras rating: 3.00
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.24

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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