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Nice Rack #14

Studio: Anabolic » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 11/22/11

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Genre: Genre
Director: Tani Z.
Cast: Chavon Taylor, Chris Charming, Honey Dejour, Kurt Lockwood, Lucy Love, Matt Bird, Rayveness, Sylvia Diamond, Talon, Whitney Stevens.
Must-See Girls in Cast: None.
Length: 02:35
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus star for condom-free sex.


With apologies to all the big-band era singers and musicians (including my dad, who loved to sing I'm in the Mood for Love to my mom), I can't get this tune out of my head...

I'm in the mood for tits
Big, natural, and bouncy.
Hey girl, come let me suck yours!
I'm in the mood for tits

To feed my insatiable lust for mammaries, I turned to veteran director Yani Z and Anabolic, a studio new to my review schedule. I popped Nice Rack #14 into my computer's DVD player and sat back for two and one half hours of some of the most mouth-watering tits I've seen. Six gorgeous girls serve up 12 big, beautiful, and 100% natural breasts...just ripe for sucking!

Although each of the six girls easily fed my need for breast meat, I must admit that two stand out from the pack...both RayVeness and amazing Whitney Stevens are well worth watching...if, of course, you're addicted to boobs like me.

Congratulations to both director Yani Z (for picking such luscious mams) and Anabolic (for producing this boob-centric feast). Anabolic, I welcome you to me review schedule and look forward to reviewing lots of your releases in the future.

Now, for a word of constructive criticism for Yani Z. Make your movies a little more about the girls and a little less about the guys. Hell, the guys had an incredible time during the filming of this flick. Their cocks were always the center of attention. However, no guy ever went down on a girl's pussy! What's the matter with them? Don't they like to eat pussy (I can honestly say that I just about live to eat pussy!)? Don't they want the girl to cum, too? In fact, I never saw any evidence of a real body-shaking female orgasm in this movie. That's why no scene earned greater than four points (a B-, if you will).


Scene One

Scene One Overview: Scene One is a boy/girl scene set indoors in a kitchen with bright red cabinets and matching appliances. The action moves into the dining room for a striptease, foreplay, and two positions. Then, RayVeness brings the action back to the kitchen and sits astride the kitchen sink so Kurt can use the vegetable sprayer to hose down her juicy, pink, swollen, and hot pussy and big bouncing boobs. Hot shit! Then, they move to a restaurant-booth-like bench for more positions.

  • Commentary: This is a good conventional all-vaginal scene highlighted by lots of super-hot tit-centric foreplay and, of course, RayVeness' superb body and nasty vocabulary. I wish RayVeness had climaxed during the scene.
  • Rating: Four stars.
  • Girl (RayVeness): Oh My God! What an absolutely stunning woman! She has, of course, huge natural boobs crowned with large areolas and perky hard nipples. In addition, this lovely lady has big blue eyes; jet-black hair; an exotic face; a curvy and cuddly body; a plump, meaty, and blemish-free ass; gorgeous manicured fingernails; and neatly-cropped pubic hair framing her succulent pussy.
  • Guy (Kurt Lockwood): Kurt's an ordinary-looking guy who works very well with the girls he fucks. In particular, I like Kurt's use of inflammatory language to motivate RayVeness and his extremely effective moves and fucking technique...especially when he plows RayVeness missionary style.
  • Scene Setup: Wearing a yellow bikini top and matching thong bottom, RayVeness leans against the refrigerator. Director Yani Z, one would assume, reaches out from behind the camera to squeeze RayVeness' plump meaty ass cheeks. Then, as the camera pans over her stunning body, RayVeness and Yani chat a bit. In due course, she struts into the dining room to give us a bone stiffening striptease that features lots of ass shaking, tit bouncing (RayVeness even squeezes her tits so her nipples "kiss!"), and groping from behind the camera. In perhaps the most effective footage of the scene setup, the cameraman lies under a clear glass table and tapes RayVeness as she leans over the table and jiggles her massive tits. She also smashes her mammoth mams against the glass. Damn! My cock feels likes it's gonna explode! My lust escalated even more when Kurt Lockwood, playing my surrogate, steps up behind RayVeness and firmly squeezes her luscious tits and caresses her incredible body.
  • Foreplay: RayVeness and Kurt enjoy lots of foreplay in a dining room as they get ready for sex. Kurt starts by squeezing, licking, and sucking RayVeness' amazing boobs and kissing her inviting mouth. He also squeezes his face between her massive breasts. Then, RayVeness responds by sucking his nipples while stroking his cock through his pants. Then, RayVeness squeezes her big breasts around Kurt's leg and "humps" it. As their lust intensifies, RayVeness goes down on Kurt's cock and gives him very effective head. She licks his balls and rod, strokes his shaft, sucks his balls, and sucks his cock that's lubricated with lots of her saliva. Meanwhile, Kurt pulls on her hair and she makes intense eye contact with us.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal.
  • Positions: In the dining room, Kurt pleases RayVeness' pussy in 1) reverse cowgirl and 2) standing doggie. Then, RayVeness struts into the kitchen and climbs up onto the sink so Kurt can direct a spray of water onto her pussy to make it squeaky-clean. Then, they fuck vaginally in: 3) missionary, 4) cowgirl, and 5) missionary (part two).
  • Girl's Demeanor: RayVeness is an enthusiastic fuck. She moans realistically and encourages Kurt with incendiary talk like, "Can I be your little slut?" Hell yes, girl.
  • Scene Highlights: Since I was in the mood for tits when I popped this DVD in my computer, I paid lots of attention to RayVeness' bouncing boobs (in all five positions) and how both RayVeness and Kurt spend lots of time squeezing those luscious mounds. I also liked RayVeness' hot grinding moves in reverse; how she fucks him in reverse, missionary, and cowgirl; how she jacks her own clit while Kurt pounds her; how Kurt finger-fucks her asshole while he plows her cunt in cowgirl; and how she sucks her abundant juices off of his rod during doggie. I also enjoyed watching RayVeness squeeze her labia tightly around Kurt's rod as she fucks him and how they make time for lots of open-mouthed missing. Finally, I really enjoyed the camera angles in doggie...she bends over a glass table as Kurt fucks her from behind. In this way, the videographer was able to capture her amazing gyrating tits from below. Nice!
  • Girl's Orgasm: Sadly, I never saw RayVeness cum during the scene.
  • Guy's Pop: Kurt pops into a bowl. Then, RayVeness uses her tongue to lap up his elixir.

Scene Two

Scene Two Overview: Scene Two is a boy/girl vaginal/anal scene that begins outdoors in a patio and then continues inside in a soapy-water-filled bathtub. Foreplay and some sex occur in the bathtub. Then, the final four sexual positions and the pop take place on a non-descript couch. The female star is Sylvia Diamond. I have no idea who the guy is...he's just introduced as Sylvia's boyfriend.

  • Commentary: No matter how often people tell me that European porn is the best, I am never convinced. This scene is a perfect example. The girl's pretty and busty, there are six sexual positions, vaginal and anal penetrations, amazing gapes, and a copious pop shot. Still, the scene is mediocre at best. Why? Because the girl sounds as she's "fucking for the buck." There's no passion, and, indeed, she might as well be looking at a clock to see when "quitting time" will be. Sad.
  • Rating: Three and one-half stars.
  • Girl (Sylvia Diamond): Nineteen-year-old Sylvia is a cute girl-next-door type with sandy blond hair; brown eyes, an attractive face, a soft and cuddly body, and a pretty bald pussy. Her all natural breasts are large, nicely shaped, and crowned with big areolas.
  • Guy (Unidentified): Whatever his name, he's an ordinary-looking guy packing an above-average dick. He enjoys gaping Sylvia's asshole and gives her an abundant pop at the end of the scene.
  • Scene Setup: Sylvia doesn't speak much English. So, the scene set-up doesn't include much dialog. The scene begins with shots of Sylvia's clad body (lots of zooming-in on her beautiful tits) as she lies across a couch while playing with her cell phone and smoking a cigarette. In due course, she slips aside her top so that her boobs tumble out. Of course, director Yani reaches around from behind the camera and squeezes her breasts and nipples. Then, Sylvia spends a few minutes shaking her all-natural boobs for us as the camera captures the action from various angles. In due course, Sylvia walks into a bathroom, strips off her clothes and shoes, and then sits inside a tub to bathe. During her bath, Sylvia applies lots of baby oil to her boobs and massages it into her womanly flesh. I sure as hell wish I was applying that oil right now! Eventually, Sylvia uses some bubbly water from the tub to wash off the oil and clean her pretty cunt. Then, she's joined by her boyfriend (I have NO idea what his name is).
  • Foreplay: After exchanging a hot open-mouthed kiss, the guy spends some time squeezing Sylvia's breasts. Then, they immediately move to fellatio. Sylvia sucks and strokes his cock and makes jawbreakers with his rod. And, she makes hot eye contact with him as she blows him. Foreplay is decidedly too short and contains no cunnilingus. I'll never understand guys who pass up the chance to eat pussy.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal and anal.
  • Positions: Sylvia and her guy begin sex abruptly while they're still in the tub (no transitioning footage from foreplay to sex). In the tub, he fucks her pussy in 1) cowgirl and 2) standing doggie. Then, she leads him upstairs to an ordinary-looking couch. After spending a couple of minutes fondling, finger-fucking, and cock-sucking, they enjoy 3) vaginal missionary. Things turn nastier when they switch to anal sex and he fucks her asshole in 4) spoon, 5) reverse cowgirl, and 6) piledriver.
  • Girl's Demeanor: Sylvia "gets fucked." Her moans are mechanical. Sorry, but I don't think I'd enjoy fucking her. That's a shame because she's really quite attractive.
  • Scene Highlights: I think my favorite aspect of the scene is its location...inside a bathtub. This gives the guy an opportunity to soap-up Sylvia's curvy body, to massage the soap into her flesh, and to play with her slippery boobs. Other highlights include lots as gaping asshole shots; titty fucking between anal positions; Sylvia's bouncing tits as they respond to his thrusts; ass slapping in anal reverse and piledriver; pussy-to-mouth in missionary; nasty ass-to-pussy in anal spoon; and lots of tit squeezing and clit jacking by both performers while they fuck. I also enjoyed watching Sylvia fuck him in anal reverse.
  • Girl's Orgasm: What orgasm? Sylvia couldn't wait to get through the scene. I'll bet she felt nothing whatsoever.
  • Guy's Pop: He fills Sylvia's mouth with a copious load of semen. Then, she spits it out and massages it into her breasts.

Scene Three

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Scene Three Overview: Scene Three is a boy/girl all-vaginal scene that begins, for foreplay, outdoors in a rather ordinary looking backyard and then progresses indoors for sex. It features Chavon Taylor and Chris Charming.

  • Commentary: The scene is a straightforward vaginal scene in which nothing particular stands out...excepting, of course, Chavon's massive 19-year-old 34E boobs. In contrast to Scene Two, however, it's completely obvious that Chavon is an all-American girl. She, at least, has a great time while fucking one of the largest-hung white guys on the planet...Chris Charming.
  • Rating: Three and one-half stars.
  • Girl (Chavon Taylor): Chavon is a girl-next-door with big brown eyes, light brown hair, huge natural boobs with perky nipples, a soft and cuddly body, a nose ring, and a bald and very juicy pussy that features puffy labia.
  • Guy (Chris Charming): Chris is one hell of a nice guy. I met him on set once and spent several hours chatting with him between tapings of sex scenes. I wouldn't call him a handsome guy...more ordinary, I think. However, he has perhaps the largest dick of any white man in porn! And, he knows how to use it, too!
  • Scene Setup: Chavon, dressed in a hot-pink teddy, poses outdoors in a garden. She, of course, jiggles and squeezes her huge 19-year-old E-cup boobs for us. As the setup continues, Chavon strips for us, shows off her huge tits and her ass, moves provocatively, and chats with director Yani Z about the usual stuff--first sexual experience and so forth (the conversation is somewhat hard to hear because of the use of a camera-mounted microphone). Of course, being a big-tit movie, the camera spends lots of time zooming on Chavon's boobs...especially when she oils them up and squeezes, jiggles, and swings them for us. In due course, hugely hung Chris Charming joins her and pretends to fuck her pussy (they're both still clothed) while worshiping her oily breasts with his lascivious hands.
  • Foreplay: Most of the foreplay takes place outdoors in a rather unkempt backyard. While outside, Chris squeezes and kneads Chavon's tits; buries his face between her tits and uses them to "fuck" his face; licks and suckles her nipples (in fact, both Chavon and Chris lick her nipples at the same time!); and kisses her open mouth. Later, she repays him by sucking his cock. During fellatio, she licks and gobbles his balls and gives him a handjob. Then, she lets him fuck her tits with his cock--it's really hot! In due course, the couple moves indoors for a bit more titty fucking and fellatio before starting to fuck.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal only.
  • Positions: Although Chris and Chavon fuck in seven positions, they repeat some of them more than once. They share vaginal sex on a chic chaise lounge and on a nondescript couch in: 1) missionary; 2) kneeling doggie; 3) reverse cowgirl; 4) cowgirl; 5) missionary (part 2); 6) kneeling doggie (part 2); and 7) missionary (part 3).
  • Girl's Demeanor: Chavon is not the most demonstrative girl in the business, but she sure as hell enjoys fucking and being fucked. And, she uses delightfully naughty language to spice up the action throughout the scene.
  • Scene Highlights: Two things stood out as particularly impressive during the scene. First, Chavon's pussy is so fucking juicy that it literally drips during missionary and doggie. Second, Chavon shows her truly boisterous and wild side when she fucks Chris like a wild woman during reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. Other noteworthy highlights include: lots of pussy-to-mouth pussy-juice-eating action; lots of ass spanking by Chris while he fucks her cunt; and lots of emphasis on Chavon's massive bouncing tits (her boobs get squeezed, stroked, and fucked). I also liked how Chris uses his fully-erect cock to massage Chavon's outer labia during breaks in the sex and how he finger-fucks her pussy between reverse cowgirl and cowgirl.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Close, but no obvious orgasm was noted.
  • Guy's Pop: Chris shoots a generous load of his semen directly into Chavon's mouth and then, like a good whore, she swallows every drop.

Scene Four

Scene Four Overview: Scene Four is a boy/boy/girl threesome set indoors in a brightly-furnished living room. It features busty teenager Whitney Stevens, Sascha, and Steven French.

  • Commentary: As boy/boy/girl threeways go, this is a good--but not great--scene. Although I don't usually care much for b/b/g scenes because I simply cannot imagine myself sharing a girl's holes with another guy, I do realize that many girls find being double-fucked extremely pleasurable. So, I try to appreciate b/b/g scenes from the girl's perspective. Certainly, Whitney enjoys having her vagina, anus, and mouth stuffed with Sascha's and Steven's cocks. However, she never came during the scene. So, I'm wondering how good it really was for her. In any case, any chance to see Whitney's tits naked is a chance that must be taken. Having all her holes reamed is an added bonus.
  • Rating: Four stars.
  • Girl (Whitney Stevens): Nineteen-year-old Whitney is a cute girl-next-door type with a huge set of hooters under her top. She has mesmerizing brown "puppy-dog" eyes; brunette hair; a soft and cuddly body; a plump and meaty ass just ripe for squeezing; a pierced navel; and a bald-shaven pussy. However, Whitney's best assets are north of her ass. Whitney has the two finest queen-sized all-natural breasts of any teenager I've ever seen. And, her oversized areolas are extremely attractive, too.
  • Guy (Sascha): Sascha, whom I met while visiting a porn set, is a very nice guy and does an excellent job with the ladies. He's a very special sort...the kind of man who doesn't mind shoving his cock into a girl's hole along with another guy's dick. Not only does Sascha enjoy conventional DPs, like the pussy/asshole DP in this scene, he also likes double-plugging assholes. In fact, I saw him and another guy double-penetrate Kelly Wells' asshole for thirty solid minutes! Sascha's the man!
  • Guy (Steven French): I don't have much to say about Steven. He's a solid male performer who doesn't seem to mind having hair on his body (most porn studs tend to shave too much, I think). Steven uses his king-sized--yet bent--cock to great advantage...especially when he's reaming Whitney's tight 19-year-old asshole.
  • Scene Setup: As the camera zooms in tight, Whitney releases her to-die-for tits from her bikini top and plays with, licks, jiggles, and squeezes them sensuously. Damn, I want those tits in my hands and in my mouth. Even better, I want them wrapped around my cock! Then, completely nude, she lies on a bright purple couch and continues to tease the hell out of us with her best-in-the-business teenaged tits. Later, suddenly dressed again in her bikini, we get to watch her crawl across the floor to Sascha and Steven French who are, of course, ready for action.
  • Foreplay: With two guys to please, Whitney finds herself very busy during foreplay. The guys begin by stripping off her clothes. Once she's naked, they spend the next few minutes slapping her tits with hands and cocks; squeezing her boobs and nipples, and fucking her breasts. Meanwhile, Whitney pleases both cocks in turn, sucking and stroking each guy to heaven...she even makes jawbreakers with their rods. To prove she's a nasty bitch, Whitney rims the guys' assholes!
  • Penetrations: Vaginal, anal, and conventional double-penetration (pussy/asshole).
  • Positions: The guys take turns pounding Whitney's holes...sometimes individually and sometimes together. In order, Whitney gets fucked: 1) vaginal reverse cowgirl; 2) anal standing doggie; 3) vaginal cowgirl; 4) cowgirl double-penetration; 5) anal reverse cowgirl; 6) reverse cowgirl double penetration; 7) anal kneeling doggie; 8) vaginal missionary; 9) anal missionary; and 10) anal piledriver.
  • Girl's Demeanor: Whitney's so fucking busy pleasing two guys that it's hard for her to be overly demonstrative. However, it's patently obvious that Whitney really enjoys herself and her realistic moans and nasty talk prove it (although Whitney's mouth is usually full of cock...so, it's hard for her to moan out load!).
  • Scene Highlights: Of course, I enjoyed Whitney's bouncing tits more than any other attribute of this scene. Wow! What mams! I also appreciated the repeated close-up shots of her gaping asshole and pussy and repeated bouts of nasty ass-to-mouth (ATM) and ass-to-pussy action. I also liked the way that Whitney fucks the guys in anal reverse cowgirl and even manages to fuck both guys at the same time when they double penetrate her in cowgirl. Believe me, it takes a lot of energy for a girl to shove two cocks at a time up her holes! I also enjoyed watching the guys spank Whitney's butt to increase her pleasure as they fuck her and when they finger-fuck her asshole during sex. And, I liked gazing into Whitney's lust-filled eyes when she turns her big brown eyes toward us through the camera's lens.
  • Girl's Orgasm: None.
  • Guys' Pops: Steven cums first and unloads onto Whitney's face and into her mouth. Then, while holding Steven's semen in her mouth, turns to face Sascha as he jacks himself to orgasm. Sascha points the first spasms of his load toward her chest. However, insatiable Whitney wants none of that. Instead, she grabs his cock and repositions it so the rest of his load will end up in her mouth. God, I love her! With her mouth full, she turns to the camera so we can see, spits the double load out onto her tits, and then uses her hands to massage the semen into her flesh. Too bad she didn't swallow.

Scene Five

Scene Five Overview: Scene Five is a boy/girl all-vaginal scene set indoors in a very attractive living room. It features Honey DeJour and Talon.

  • Commentary: Honey DeJour is the best fuck in Nice Rack #14. Period. Although I think that RayVeness is prettier and Whitney has the best tits, Honey is by far the most demonstrative and eager of the girls in this movie. Wait until you see her in reverse cowgirl when she fucks Talon like a high-velocity engine on overdrive. Good job, Honey. I must admit, however, that I was disappointed that all her intense fucking didn't result in an orgasm for her. Pity.
  • Rating: Three and one-half stars. This scene would have earned a much higher score had Honey cum. Also, the rating would have been higher if Honey took it up the ass during the scene like a still photo on the back of the DVD box clearly shows.
  • Girl (Honey DeJour): At first glance, Honey appears to be an ordinary girl that you'd meet at the supermarket or at the gym. She has light brown hair, taunting brown eyes, long pretty legs, and a rather exotic-looking face. However, when she takes her clothes off...that's something else. For one thing, she has 36D breasts...and those breasts are soft and bouncy. Even better, however, is her pussy. Honey has a patch of naturally bushy pubic hair that is shaped into an oval to frame her bright pink and juicy pussy. Wow, it's pretty...and quite unique in today's bald-pussy world.
  • Guy (Talon): Without intending to sound gay, because I most certainly am not, I think Talon is probably one of the five best-looking guys in porn. And, he seems to become a better and better performer as time goes by.
  • Scene Setup: Smiling 20-year-old Honey DeJour introduces herself and asks us if we're ready to see her 36Ds get fucked. Hell yes, I am! That's it...there ain't no more to the scene set-up.
  • Foreplay: There's way too little foreplay in this scene. Honey gets a short opportunity to give Talon a very energetic blowjob that's interspersed with bouts of hot titty fucking. Too soon, however, Talon bends Honey over so he can fuck her doggie style.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal only.
  • Positions: Talon plows Honey's pussy in: 1) kneeling doggie; 2) spoon; 3) reverse cowgirl; 4) cowgirl; 5) missionary; 6) standing doggie; 7) missionary part two; and 8) kneeling doggie part two. The hottest positions are cowgirl and reverse cowgirl...during which Honey gets to show her truly wild side.
  • Girl's Demeanor: Honey is an insatiable slut who is very demonstrative and likes sex so much that she's almost always smiling during the scene. She talks nasty: "I like getting fucked hard," and "I want you to cum. I wanna taste it!" The only thing that somewhat bothers me about Honey's demeanor is how she starts to beg Talon to cum too soon during the scene. I know she wants to taste his semen...but, enjoy the ride first, girl!
  • Scene Highlights: By far, the best part of Scene Five is Honey's erotic and extremely energetic moves in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. Wow! I also must commend Talon and Honey for the incendiary chemistry they developed during the scene. Other highlights include: there's lots of cock cleaning pussy-to-mouth action during the scene; Talon heightens Honey's pleasure by spanking her butt during cowgirl; Honey finger-fucks her own asshole during cowgirl; Honey increases her own pleasure by frantically jacking her clit while she and Talon fuck; and, of course, Honey's soft bouncy tits gyrate constantly during the scene.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Sadly, none.
  • Guy's Pop: Talon pops directly into Honey's mouth. Then, she immediately spits his load onto her chest before taking his rod into her mouth to suck it dry.

Scene Six

Scene Six Overview: Scene Six is a boy/boy/boy/girl fourway featuring stunning blond Lucy Love and three unnamed penises. It was filmed in Europe on a balcony and indoors in living room. The sex includes vaginal, anal, conventional (ass/pussy) double penetrations, and even airtight action (penises plugging Lucy's pussy, asshole, and mouth).

  • Commentary: Well, I guess European Lucy Love proved me wrong (see my commentary about Sylvia Diamond above). Lucy's definitely a girl I'd like to fuck...and she performs just the way I like it...passionately. This is a hot scene--especially when the guys gape Lucy's gorgeous pussy and when the guys pop (it's a unique orgasm sequence). Sadly, however, gorgeous Lucy never came during the scene.
  • Rating: Four stars.
  • Girl (Lucy Love): Lucy's an absolutely gorgeous platinum blond with big blue eyes, huge natural tits with large areolas, a soft and cuddly body, a plump and meaty ass, and a pretty bald-shaven pussy.
  • Guys (Who knows?): I have no idea who the guys are. All I can say is that they're all good swordsmen and they all have big cocks that they know how to use.
  • Scene Setup: As the scene fades in, Lucy is perched on a balcony overlooking some European city dressed in an extremely sexy black bustier. The camera zooms in tighter and tighter on her impressive chest until I thought that the lens was about to disappear into her cleavage. Then, Lucy confidently pulls her boobs out of her top...she just knows you're going to like them...and then caresses, squeezes, kisses, and suckles them. OK, I'm in heaven. Then, to make things even hotter, she shakes those mammoth boobies as the camera captures their jiggling from near, far, and using different angles. Then, from behind the camera, director Yani reaches around and grabs handfuls for himself. And, he uses a hand to "fuck" her cleavage. The action then abruptly moves inside where Lucy gives us a striptease as she slowly and methodically strips off one layer of clothes after another (you're gonna love her black thong and the big and plump ass that it doesn't even begin to cover). Then, with her tits and pussy bare, she struts into a sitting room where three guys (who the hell knows who they are) are relaxing and enjoying the show.
  • Foreplay: Lucy begins by kissing one guy's open mouth while he uses his hands and mouth to explore her body. Then, she boldly and brazenly pulls off his pants so she can go down on his already-rigid cock. Meanwhile, all the guys grope her body. As foreplay continues, Lucy gives titty fucks, sucks one rod after the other, swallows cocks whole, inflames the guys' lust with lots of intense eye contact, gives one or more hand jobs at the same time, and sits on guys' faces so they can eat her cunt.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal, anal, and conventional (vaginal/anal) double penetration.
  • Positions: Sex takes place in eight positions...many of them featuring "round-robins" in which the guys take turns pounding Lucy's holes before she moves to another position. Fucking takes place in: 1) vaginal reverse cowgirl; 2) vaginal cowgirl; 3) vaginal kneeling doggie; 4) anal kneeling doggie; 5) anal missionary; 6) cowgirl conventional double penetration; 7) reverse cowgirl conventional double penetration; and 8) anal piledriver.
  • Girl's Demeanor: Lucy obviously loves being fucked by her three guys and her realistic and enthusiastic moans reinforce my positive impression of her.
  • Scene Highlights: Believe it or not, I liked, more than anything else in this hot scene, Lucy's gorgeous gaping pussy in anal missionary and during anal piledriver. I don't think I've ever seen a prettier gaping vagina! Of course, Lucy's breasts are superb. So, I enjoyed watching them bounce throughout the scene. And, I liked seeing those boobs fucked, sucked, squeezed, and spanked, too. I must also admit that I enjoyed seeing Lucy's pretty labia wink open and closed when she gets fucked up the ass in piledriver. And, I liked how the guys repeatedly move their cocks from Lucy's pussy to her ass and then back again and how they squeeze her labia together while they fuck her asshole. Lucy, of course, consistently sucks one or more cocks while her holes are getting pounded. And, there are often times when she's airtight...a cock in her mouth, pussy, and asshole. Finally, I really like how Lucy's ass flesh breaks out with goose pimples when she's having sex. It's a sure sign that she was experiencing intense pleasure.
  • Girl's Orgasm: None. Not one girl cums during this movie. That's a shame.
  • Guy's Pop: Lucy holds the stem of an ornate goblet with her cleavage so two of the guys can shoot their loads into its bowl. As soon as one guy stops spasming, she sucks his rod dry then turns to the next cock so she can watch it explode into her cup. After the first two guys have filled her cup, she methodically drinks every drop (and swallows). Finally, the last guy plasters her big bountiful tits--and fills her cleavage--with his load. Then, she sucks him dry while squeezing and caressing her slippery/sticky boobs. Finally, believe it or not, one of the guys jacks off and pops again into her mouth. She swallows.

The last two minutes or so of the movie, while the credits run, features a clip of Chavon rubbing oil into her mammoth breasts and then shaking them provocatively.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The conventional 4:3 video is passable but not very professional. The videographer relied, it appears, on ambient lighting. Thus, much of the video is overexposed or underexposed. And, there's often flare (unwanted light) when the camera points toward the light source. The color balance varies greatly, so the skin tones are often too pink or too yellow. Many of the camera motions are too fast or too jerky (like the cameraman can't decide what to capture, so he keeps moving from one place to another erratically). And, the editing leaves a lot to be desired...especially when there's no transition footage from foreplay to sex or from position to position. Also missing are several insertion shots that I think are essential. All in all, this is about average videography for a gonzo-type release. Three stars.

Audio (technical): The audio also suffers from amateurish qualities. For example, I'll wager that the sound was captured with a camera-mounted microphone. Thus, much of the "dialog" is virtually inaudible. However, the moans and groans are well recorded. Sometimes, the viewer can hear the director, off camera, issuing instructions to the performers. Those "directorials" should have been edited out. Again, this is about average for gonzo work. On the other hand, however, is a very nice feature that allows you to turn background music on or off. If you leave it on, the music, which is rather non-descript but pleasant, never overpowers the on-screen action. If you turn off the music, you can enjoy just the real moans and groans of ecstasy. It's your choice. Three and one-half stars.

Extras: In addition to full-motion chapter selector interactive menus, and a feature that allows you to turn the background music on or off, the Extras include a two and one-half minute self-running slide show, a very worthwhile 27-minute behind-the-scenes featurette (impromptu interviews, extra scene setup footage, lots of boob shaking, deleted clips (foot lovers while enjoy the extra footage of RayVeness), footage of Honey taking an enema, video footage of the still photo shoots, and clips of RayVeness taking a shower after her scene), a nine-minute cumshot recap, and website info. This set of Extras is about average in today's marketplace. Three stars.

Production Values: A very wide range of locations and sets were used when Nice Rack #14 was captured. These range from a very nice balcony overlooking an unidentified European city to a chic all-red kitchen to a nearly decrepit old ranch house likely in one of the rougher neighborhoods in Porn Valley, California. The makeup varies from very nice to a bit bizarre (particularly Chavon Taylor's eye shadow). The wardrobe features sexy outfits...especially Lucy Love's heart-stopping bustier and thong. The music, which can be turned on or off, is rather pedestrian but provides decent support for the sex. Overall, the production values vary widely from scene to scene and earn three and one-half stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 3.75
Average video rating: 3.00
Average audio rating: 3.50
Average production values rating: 3.50
Extras rating: 3.00
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 3.55

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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