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Corrupted By Justine Joli

Studio: Sex Z Pictures » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 1/9/12

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Feature
Director: Heidi Joy Pke
Cast: Ashley Steel, Jasmine Byrne, Jenna Presley, Justine Joli, Lexi Love.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Jenna Presley
Length: 02:14
Condoms: NA.
Bonus: One bonus point for Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Jenna Presley.


Corrupted by Justine Joli is a super-hot all-girl feature that stars, of course, Justine Joli with a host of superb veggie-loving supporting cast members including Jenna Presley, Lexi Love, and Jasmine Byrne. It is the commendable first release of Corrupted Pictures, born of venerable New Machine roots. It is also the first movie directed by Heidi Joy Pike.

Glorious redhead Justine, whom I had the extreme pleasure of meeting and chatting with on a Wicked Pictures set, plays a particularly naughty young woman--at least in the eyes of those around her. She, much to the consternation of her parents, has embraced her lesbian roots and tossed aside guys forever to mate with luscious brunette Jenna Presley. However, insatiable Jenna is simply not enough to satisfy Justine's ravenous lust. So, in addition to fucking Jenna every chance she can, Justine sleeps around as much as possible. Naughty Justine even corrupts one of her engaged-to-be-married-to-a-guy female friends, Ashley Steel, by fucking her after she sends Ashley's boyfriend on a wild goose chase looking for a rare wine. And, Justine pleasures herself, too, by masturbating frequently. Jenna, of course, becomes quite jealous of Justine's fingers and her female sex partners. In due course, Justine, knowing her lover's heart, rectifies things at the end of the movie in a scorching make-up sex scene that leaves both of them--and us--exhausted and satisfied.

Corrupted by Justine Joli is an enjoyable all-girl fuck fest that is definitely a worthwhile watch for those of us who sometimes like an all-veggie experience. In addition, it is a must have for Justine Joli fans because she appears in all five scenes in the movie.

Please be aware that the last six minutes of the movie are credits during which director Heidi Joy Pike thanks nearly everybody on earth for her chance to make a porn flick. So, the movie really is about 2:06 instead of 2:14.

Also, note that this movie received a Rent It rating because of the sound and picture scores. The sex is awesome!


Scene One

Scene One Overview: Scene One is a solo masturbation scene featuring Justine Joli. It is set in a beautifully-furnished bedroom atop an elegant bed.

  • Commentary: I love to watch girls masturbate and wish that more movies would contain solo scenes. In this scene, Justine doesn't disappoint as she uses her fingers and a very effective toy to please her body--and to make herself cum twice.
  • Rating: Four and one-half stars.
  • Girl (Justine Joli): Justine is a tall and drop-dead gorgeous redhead with big blue eyes; absolutely superb all-natural medium-sized breasts; a hard--yet curvy--body; shapely long legs; a pretty, pink, and cleanly-shaven pussy crowned with a triangular patch of nicely cropped pubic hair, nicely manicured fingernails, and a lust for female flesh that is unparalleled.
  • Scene Setup: While laying atop her bed, Justine looks us straight in the eyes and confesses, "I've been corrupted. I was a different person...quiet, shy. I never really got what I wanted. It's difficult, most times, to change. It's painful...it hurts...but it's worth it. I used to never get what I wanted...never hoped for anything. I didn't feel anything inside, anyway. I couldn't hope for anything because it would be ripped away from me. And, they would all just...they would...it doesn't matter what they'd do. Fuck them and other fuckin' bullshit. I just want my life. I want what I want." Then, she begins to caress and stroke her fine flesh--for our pleasure as well as hers.
  • Masturbation: While laying on her bed in the missionary position, Justine begins by gently caressing and lightly scratching her flesh with her fingernails. Soon, she strips off her matching frilly, black, and erotic bra and panties, cups and squeezes her gorgeous tits and nipples, and then knowingly jacks her sensitive clit while erotically rocking her hips. She also suckles her panties so that she can taste and smell her own fragrance. Sexy! In due course, she inserts two of her fingers into her juicy and welcoming pussy and effectively strokes her G-spot while continuing to undulate her luscious hips. Justine loves to masturbate and takes great pleasure in licking her cunt-covered fingers clean. As Justine continues to please herself manually, she uses as many as three fingers on one hand while jacking her clit with her other hand. Then, she grabs a huge clear, pink, plastic, ribbed, and vibrating dildo--the kind with bunny ears to tickle the clit--gleefully turns it on, and then uses its undulating tip to tease her clit and labia. Of course, that toy soon finds itself deep inside Justine's accommodating vagina. Justine continues to rock her hips erotically while the toy's shaft rotates deep in her pussy and its "bunny ears" vibrate against her clit. Damn, that must feel good! Justine agrees and her unrehearsed and all-natural sounds of ecstasy, as well as her body's increasingly passionate and involuntary moves, prove it! In due course, Justine's eyes glaze over and she giggles joyfully as an orgasm overpowers her body. However, that climax is just the beginning. Justine rolls over into the doggie position and continues to ream her own pussy--and jack her clit--as the camera shares her every move--and whimper of delight--with us. Later, she sucks her cum off of the toy and then rolls over onto the bed...exhausted and sated.
  • Girl's Demeanor: Justine really knows her body and how to please it. Without saying a word after her opening soliloquy, her body's involuntary whimpers and movements proves she's an insatiable slut.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Justine makes herself cum twice during the scene...during missionary and during doggie.

Scene Two

Scene Two Overview: Scene Two is a girl/girl scene set in a marble-tiled living room on a chaise lounge in front of a marble fireplace. It features, of course, Justine Joli who, this time, is coupled with Lexi Love.

  • Commentary: I'm a big fan of lesbian sex because, chances are, the girls will cum! Since I'm a female orgasm junkie, and a fan of Justine Joli, I really liked this scene with Lexi Love. Both girls hunger for female flesh--and it really shows. This scene is made even better by the use of a unique vibrating "ring" that, when fitted on a finger, turns that finger into a vibrator that can easily please clit and pussy.
  • Rating: Four and one-half stars.
  • Girl 1 (Justine Joli): See description of Justine in Scene One above.
  • Girl 2 (Lexi Love): Lexi Love is a cute girl-next door with sandy blond hair and brown eyes. Lexi has all-natural small breasts with perky nipples; a hard body that features an incredibly-beautiful, shapely, and firm ass; a natural bush above her clit (she's shaven below clit level); long and shapely legs with brightly pedicured toes; nicely manicured fingernails; and a unique tattoo immediately north of her pubic hair.
  • Scene Setup: As the scene fades in, Lexi is kneeling with her legs spread wide open atop a chaise lounge with her ass facing the camera. Yum! Lexi's butt, asshole, and pussy look scrumptious! Dressed in a pink bustier and matching pink and black panties, Justine brazenly approaches Lexi, squeezes her butt cheeks, and licks her ass.
  • Foreplay: While Lexi and Justine extol the benefits of Lexi's nice and clean pussy, Justine ravenously licks her labia, clit, and asshole. And, Justine greedily suckles Lexi's labia, too. Of course, Lexi coos with pleasure. Then, they engage in a sweet open-mouthed kiss (lots of tongue sucking) while fondling each others' bodies. As foreplay continues, the girls suck each others' nipples, and Lexi helps Justine out of her panties. Once Justine's pussy is naked and completely accessible, Lexi, with a vibrating toy attached to her middle finger (it turns Lexi's finger into a vibrator), teases Justine's clit with her vibrating finger while hungrily performing cunnilingus on her oh-so-sweet pussy. And, Lexi finger-fucks Justine's pussy with her pulsating finger, too. After a few moments, Lexi straddles Justine so the girls can eat and multiple-finger-fuck each others' cunts 69 style (great close-ups of both girls' pussies). I always love 69. However, Lexi's vibrating finger makes the action so much hotter! And Lexi's intentional "smothering" of Justine's face with her pretty ass is pretty hot, too!
  • Penetrations: Vaginal.
  • Positions: 1) The girls fuck each other with multiple fingers in 69. 2) Justine finger-fucks--and eats--Lexi in missionary. 3) Lexi uses an undulating and vibrating queen-sized dildo to ream Justine's spit-soaked and tight pussy in doggie. Meanwhile, she uses her vibrating finger on Justine's clit and rims her asshole. 4) While sitting on Justine's face--so Justine can eat Lexi's pussy--Lexi continues to ream Justine's pussy with the undulating dildo--and multiple-fingers--in the 69 position. Justine frantically rocks her hips to force the toy ever deeper into her cunt. 5) Justine uses a spit-soaked, queen-sized, clear glass, and curved dildo to fuck Lexi's vagina in doggie. Lexi jacks her own clit with her vibrating finger.
  • Girls' Demeanor: Both girls obviously love Sapphic sex. Lexi is the more vocal of the two...using lots of nasty language to inflame Justine. On her part, Justine wants to get fucked by Lexi so much that she literally begs! And. both girls moan with real and obvious ecstasy.
  • Scene Highlights: Some of the noteworthy highlights of the scene include: 1) Lexi's magnificent vibrating toy which, when strapped to her middle finger, turns that finger into a vibrator. Damn, I want one of those to use on my woman! 2) Justine's body so enjoys Lexi's touch that she squirms uncontrollably. In essence, Justine grinds Lexi's face with her undulating cunt. 3) The girls simultaneously suckle Lexi's toes and foot. They even kiss with Lexi's big toe in her mouth! And, while multiple-finger-fucking Lexi's cunt, Justine fucks her own mouth with Lexi's whole foot! 4) Lexi uses her vibrating finger to jack her own clit while Justine finger-fucks her vagina. 5) There's an emphasis on kissing and nipple sucking that is too often missing from boy/girl scenes. 6) In contrast to many movies I've reviewed lately, there's a real emphasis on the girls' pleasure...resulting in body-quaking female orgasms that I really like! 7) While multiple-finger-fucking Justine's pussy in 69, Lexi uses the slippery tip of the dildo to tease Justine's asshole. 8) Justine sharply spanks Lexi's butt because she's been a "bad girl."
  • Girls' Orgasms: Lexi experiences a screaming orgasm when she slaps her "kitty" with her vibrating fingers while Justine ferociously multiple-finger-fucks her cunt. Later, Justine makes Lexi's body convulse volcanically when she fucks her with a dildo in doggie. Of course, Lexi's orgasm is magnified by her own use of her vibrating finger on her clit. God, I love that orgasm! So do both girls, because they ravenously suck Lexi's cum off of the toy. Lexi, using a dildo and her vibrating finger, makes Justine come in doggie and again in 69.

Scene Three

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Scene Three Overview: Scene Three is a girl/girl vaginal-only scene set indoors in a living room. It features Justine Joli and Ashley Steel.

  • Commentary: This is an incendiary scene. Not only are the two girls hotter than hell itself, but also the scenario (see Scene Setup below) is fucking hot. Ashley is an amazing performer and cums so volcanically that I was literally in heaven as I watched her body convulse with pleasure.
  • Rating: Five stars.
  • Girl 1 (Justine Joli): See the description of Justine above in Scene One.
  • Girl 2 (Ashley Steel): Ashley is an absolutely adorable long-haired platinum blond with big, blue, and mesmerizing eyes. She has small all-natural tits; a welcoming womanly body; tattoos on her tailbone and wrist; pierced navel and tongue; an absolutely outstanding, meaty, and heart-shaped ass; a cleanly-shaven pussy crowned with a narrow vertical stripe of pubic hair, and very shapely legs. Yum!
  • Scene Setup: Justine accompanies her friend Ashley and Ashley's fiancé Jack Lawrence back to her house where the happy couple announces their engagement. Sensing that this may be the last time she'll ever be able to get into Ashley's panties, Justine sends Jack on a wild goose chase to procure some obscure wine. As soon as Justine is alone with Ashley, Justine begins to work her wily ways on Ashley to "convert" her from a meat eater to a veggie lover. At first, Ashley resists. However, she eventually succumbs to Justine's intense sexuality--and gentle touch.
  • Foreplay: While the girls sit side-by-side on a comfy couch, Justine decreases Ashley's inhibitions by gently caressing her pretty still-clad body with her fingertips and by softly kissing her neck and cheeks. Ashley tries hard to maintain her composure...but, she eventually succumbs when Justine squeezes and licks her boobs (through her blouse). The look of surrender in Ashley's eyes when she gives into Justine's lust almost made me lose my load! Once Justine recognizes Ashley's submission, she becomes more brazen by kissing Ashley's open mouth, by squeezing her flesh more passionately, by stroking her panty-clad pussy, and by slowly stripping off Ashley's--and her own--clothes. Soon, Justine's tongue is buried between Ashley's plump and puffy labia. And, she boldly tickles and suckles Ashley's clit with her mouth. In due course, Justine has Ashley stand so that she--and we--can worship Ashley's plump and meaty thong-clad ass cheeks. Then, Justine ceremoniously removes Ashley's bra and pulls down her panties (using her teeth!). Once Ashley's stark naked (she's completely adorable), Justine affixes a finger vibrating toy (explained in Scene Two above) to Ashley's finger and instructs her to use it on her own clit while Justine goes down on Ashley's cunt with her tongue. Wow! The look of pleasure on Ashley's face is priceless! And, Ashley's delight increases exponentially when Justine works several fingers up her tight--yet slippery--vagina.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal.
  • Positions: 1) Missionary: Once Justine is certain that Ashley's pussy is ready, she reaches under the couch's cushion and pulls out a multi-functional spiky dildo, licks it, turns it on, and uses it to tickle Ashley's clit. Then, Justine uses the toy to ream Ashley's instantly accommodating hole. The look of ecstasy on Ashley's face is the reason I like to fuck girls--and watch them get fucked. YEAH! As Ashley's pleasure builds inexorably toward orgasm, Justine raises the stakes by suckling Ashley's nipples. Ashley helps out by undulating her body and by vigorously jacking her own clit with her vibrating finger: "Fuck that feels good!" Her subsequent orgasm causes her entire body to convulse with delight. Wait until you see the river of girl-juice that oozes out of her pussy as she cums! 2) Missionary 2: After an abrupt edit without benefit of transitioning footage, Justine is seated back on the couch with her legs splayed wide and her cunt stuffed with a queen-sized dildo that consists of two vibrators--one for the pussy and another for the clit. Of course, Ashley wields the toy to great effect as she pleases both Justine's hole and clit at the same time. Justine loves it and proves it by undulating her sexy body, by jacking her own clit with her finger, and by shouting for joy. She even fucks the toy back by rocking her hips. As you might expect, it doesn't take long for Justine's body to reward her with two successive orgasms, the second even stronger than the first. 3) Doggie: As Ashley kneels doggie style, Justine squeezes underneath her and buries her face between her ass cheeks (damn, Ashley's butt is fine!). Then, as Justine tongue-fucks Ashley's pussy, Ashley, in turn, fucks Justine's face by rocking her hips. This action is made even hotter by the extreme close-ups in which Ashley's ass fills the entire wide-screen image. Hot! Meanwhile, Justine jacks her own clit. Not surprisingly, Justine makes Ashley cum hard--yet again! Justine keeps Ashley's pleasure flowing, by incessantly licking her cunt, until she's just about ready to climax again. Then, sadly, Ashley's boyfriend walks in and, believe it or not, gets mad. What in the hell is the matter with him? I would have joined in!
  • Girl's Demeanor: As always, Justine is totally into the girl she's fucking. However, I must admit that I was really impressed by Ashley. Damn, that girl loves pleasure. I wish to God that I could fuck her and have her react to me that way she does to Justine. Ashley is also quite vocal...she not only moans ecstatically, but she also verbalizes her feelings using deliciously naughty language.
  • Scene Highlights: In my opinion, the best thing about this scene is Ashley's orgasms. In fact, I really liked everything about Ashley's reaction to the pleasure that she receives from Justine's touch and toys. I also liked Justine's brazenness in convincing hetero and engaged-to-be-married Ashley to have sex with her. In addition, I liked Justine's fascination with Ashley's ass. Justine kneads it, licks it, and spanks it. I would have done the same thing. Finally, I liked watching the girls share numerous kisses.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Ashley cums volcanically when Justine fucks her with a dildo in missionary. This is one of the strongest female orgasms I've seen in a long time. I loved it! Later, Justine licks Ashley to orgasm again while Ashley kneels in the doggie position. Justine cums twice during missionary when she jacks her own clit while Ashley pounds her pussy with a vibrating dildo.

Scene Four

Scene Four Overview: Scene Four is a girl/girl vaginal only scene set indoors in a bedroom. It features Justine Joli and Jasmine Byrne.

  • Commentary: Scene Four is a really hot Sapphic scene that, had it not been for Scene Five, would have been the best scene in Corrupted by Justine Joli. There's a bit of a bondage theme that doesn't really go anywhere. But, it's kinky and makes the scene even more enticing.
  • Rating: Five stars.
  • Girl 1 (Justine Joli): See her description above in Scene One.
  • Girl 2 (Jasmine Byrne): Jasmine is an exotic and petite Latina with long brunette hair and brown eyes. She has an exotic-looking face; small, natural, and very pretty breasts; attractive tattoos on her tailbone and lower abdomen; an absolutely superb ass; and a cleanly-shaven pussy crowned with a neatly cropped triangle of pubic hair.
  • Scene Setup: After having an unwelcome--yet not totally unproductive--discussion with her jealous girlfriend Jenna Presley about her sleeping around, Justine goes out, grabs the first piece of ass she can find (luscious Latina Jasmine Byrne), and brings her to her parents' house. When Justine and Jasmine enter the house, poor Justine is immediately harassed by her "step mom" (obviously a guy in drag). Unfazed, Justine drags Jasmine into her bedroom where an arsenal of toys is neatly arranged atop the bed. Within seconds, they fall into each others' arms. Within minutes, they're fucking the shit out of each other.
  • Foreplay: The girls begin by kissing deeply while groping each others' curves. Soon, Justine bends Jasmine over her bed, doggie style, and then pulls up her skirt and slaps her gorgeous blemish-free ass. Soon, Justine has Jasmine stripped so she can grope, squeeze, and fondle every square inch of Jasmine's luscious Latina flesh. Then, Justine attaches leather straps to Jasmine's wrists and ankles while Jasmine smiles broadly and watches approvingly...like she's anticipating the pleasure that is to come. In due course, the girls stand, kiss passionately, and strip off Justine's clothes so that Jasmine can kiss her way down Justine's abdomen to her luscious twat. Of course, Jasmine's skillful pussy-eating technique soon has Justine purring contentedly. Later, the girls move the action onto the bed. Justine straddles Jasmine missionary style and the two girls kiss passionately as they rub their pussies together. Soon, Justine moves down Jasmine's body so that she can feast on the bounty of Jasmine's vagina. Jasmine loves it and undulates her body erotically as pleasure courses through her overheated body. Jasmine's pleasure increases even more when Justine shoves her fingers up Jasmine's pussy, sharply spanks her labia and thighs, and frantically licks her clit. Responding to being spanked, Jasmine asks, "Did I do something wrong?" Justine coos, "No, you did something right...You get rewarded for being a good girl!" Before moving on to sex, Justine has Jasmine kneel on the bed and then licks her pussy and rims her pretty asshole. Then, Justine hands Jasmine the previously-explained finger vibrator and tells her to use it to play with herself while Justine keeps herself busy by sharply spanking Jasmine's perfect ass cheeks. Justine wants a better view of Jasmine's masturbatory technique. So, she positions Jasmine on her back so she--and we--can see better. Of course, Justine continues to spank Jasmine's awesome ass--harder and harder--and even uses a paddle! And, as you might expect, Justine also uses her fingers and tongue to pleasure Jasmine's insatiable pussy. Again, Jasmine loves it and is soon wriggling in ecstasy. In due course, the girls kneel tit-to-tit and grind their bodies together while kissing passionately and stroking each others' flesh. Then, Jasmine straddles Justine's leg and "humps" it by rubbing her cunt against Justine's flesh. Hot shit! While continuing to "hump" Justine's leg, Jasmine feverishly finger-fucks and spanks Justine's pussy. As the girls' lust escalates, Jasmine coos: "I want you to fuck me! Do you have a dick? I want you to fill my insides!" However, before she gets her wish, Jasmine spends a few more minutes eating and finger-fucking Justine to repeated climaxes, worshipping Justine's feet with her mouth, and grinding her cunt against Justine's pussy. Hot stuff!
  • Penetrations: Vaginal.
  • Positions: 1) Missionary: Sex, using a double-dildo (one shaft for the pussy and another vibrating "bunny-ears" shaft for the clit) begins in missionary when Jasmine uses the toy to pound Justine's pussy and please her clit while simultaneously kissing her mouth. Jasmine makes randy Justine cum again. 2) Missionary Part 2: Justine dons a long strap-on cock and has Jasmine slather it with her saliva. Then, Justine uses the toy to deeply fuck Jasmine's juicy hole as she lies on the bed, missionary style, with her legs splayed wide open (great camera angles). Meanwhile, Jasmine plays with her own clit. Soon, the girls are rewarded with yet another orgasm when Jasmine cums for the first time. Afterward, Jasmine sucks her cum off of Jasmine's toy cock. 3) Doggie: Jasmine kneels on the bed, doggie style, with her ass high in the air. Justine takes advantage of the situation to use the double-shafted vibrating toy to tickle Jasmine's labia and clit and to plow Jasmine's slippery and juicy vagina. Jasmine squirms erotically as her pleasure builds to the breaking point when her lust is temporarily released by a squirting orgasm. Smiling blissfully, Jasmine keeps her pleasure flowing by playing with herself while Justine rams the toy and multiple fingers up Jasmine's cunt. Jasmines undulating and squirming body looks absolutely outstanding as wave after wave of pleasure inundates her sexy flesh.
  • Girls' Demeanor: Jasmine is an amazing performer and her moves are not only incendiary but also extremely erotic as her body absorbs untold pleasure from Justine's hands and toys. She's an insatiable slut and is definitely worth a watch. I think that Justine, too, deserves kudos for an extremely hot scene.
  • Scene Highlights: One of my favorite parts of the scene occurs during foreplay when Jasmine mounts Justine missionary style and then the two girls grind their pussies together. I also really enjoyed Jasmine's sexy and erotic moves...especially when she squirms while cumming during doggie.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Jasmine eats Justine to multiple orgasms during foreplay and fucks her to climax using a toy in missionary. Justine uses her fingers, hands, strap-on, and vibrating dildo to make Jasmine cum--and squirt--during doggie.

Scene Five

Scene Five Overview: Scene Five is a girl/girl vaginal scene set indoors in a living room on a white leather couch. It features Justine Joli and absolutely amazing super slut Jenna Presley.

  • Commentary: Scene Five is, by far, the hottest and edgiest scene in a movie shock full of very fine girl/girl sex. The scene is edgy and almost rough because the girls, who are "emotionally monogamous," carry a grudge against each other and are trying to make up at the same time. You see, Jenna is furious with Justine for sleeping around and Justine is furious with Jenna for being jealous. But, they are both too emotionally attached to break up. So, their encounter is a combination of grudge sex and make-up sex. What an explosive combination! This is one of the best girl/girl scenes of 2007 and I'm putting it on my list of potential nominees for the 2008 X-Rated Critic's Organization Best Girl/Girl Scene Award.
  • Rating: Five stars.
  • Girl 1 (Justine Joli): See her description in Scene One above.
  • Girl 2 (Jenna Presley): Frankly, if you don't know who this explosive brunette is, you haven't been watching enough porn! She's an all-natural and extremely cute brunette with long lustrous brunette hair; green eyes; absolutely perfect natural B-cup tits; a hard and muscular body; a tattoo of a star on her lower abdomen; pierced navel and tongue; a pretty blemish-free ass; and beautifully-manicured finger- and toenails.
  • Scene Setup: After staying out all night fucking Jasmine in Scene Four, Justine comes home to find Jenna lying on a couch in her living room. She expects all to be just fine...and immediately begins to kiss Jenna's exposed belly. Jenna, however, is pissed at Justine's behavior and orders Justine to make it up to her. "I'll do anything to make it up to you baby!" Hell, yeah!
  • Foreplay: To begin to make things right with Jenna, Justine hungrily suckles and bites her nipples; kisses her open mouth; licks her belly (and pussy through her panties); viciously slaps her tits; and repeatedly and brutally smacks, bites, and scratches her pretty butt cheeks. Jenna, furious as hell, reciprocates by enflaming Justine's lust with torrents of nasty language; by spitting in her open mouth (Justine swallows); by powerfully squeezing and slapping her spit-slathered ass; by tongue- and finger-fucking her cunt; and by jacking, sucking, and slapping her spit-lubricated clit. By this time, as you can imagine, both girls are wild with lust and ready to move on to sex.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal.
  • Positions: 1) Missionary: Jenna grabs a huge bright red dildo, spits on Justine's pussy, inches the toy into Justine's tight--yet accommodating--cunt, and then fucks her with twisting and thrusting moves. Meanwhile, Justine jacks her own clit, rocks her hips to force the toy ever deeper inside her vagina, pulls Jenna's hair, squeezes Jenna's tits and ass, and greedily sucks her juices off the toy when Jenna forces it down her throat. Justine's ensuing orgasm makes me glad I watch porn! 2) Missionary (Jenna's turn): After the girls lick Justine's juices off of the toy, Jenna lies back on the couch and spreads her legs wide open so that Justine can go down on her horny and soaking-wet pussy with her mouth, tongue, and multiple fingers. Jenna, nasty vitriol pouring from her mouth, is so fucking randy that she cums almost immediately...her entire body convulses uncontrollably and she screams boisterously! WOW! Afterward, Justine roughly squeezes, suckles, and bites Jenna's tits and holds her mouth wide open so Jenna can spit into it. Then, Justine eats and finger-fucks Jenna to another orgasm. 3) Doggie: Jenna kneels on the couch with her ass cheeks spread super wide so that Justine can insert the aforementioned double-shafted dildo (a long shaft for the pussy and a second shorter one--with bunny ears--for the clit) into her twat. The look on Jenna's face when Justine turns the toy on (so it vibrates Jenna's clit and rotates within her cunt) is so fucking hot that it, alone, is worth the purchase price of this movie. "Holy shit, that feels so fucking good!" While Jenna talks deliciously nasty and screams out her pleasure, Justine slaps her ass, kisses her mouth, licks her flesh, bites her nipples, spits in her wide-open mouth, and rims her spit-soaked asshole. When Jenna cums again, her orgasm is so intense that it reminds me of a performer in the late 1990's, Chloe. I thought Jenna might have a heart attack! Again, WOW! 4) 69: While continuing to ream Jenna's pussy with the multi-functional dildo, Justine straddles Jenna 69 style. Jenna takes advantage of this outstanding position to eat Justine's cunt and then fuck it with a toy. Very nice close-ups highlight the action as both girls' bodies tremble with unbridled passion. Needless to say, both girls cum hard--and repeatedly--during this powerful and extremely titillating segment. And, I bet that you just might cum when you see Jenna's "in-and-out" routine during which she slips the huge head of her dildo toy in-and-out of Justine's super-tight and clamped-down-with-pleasure pussy. As this position comes to an end, Justine shoves both huge dildos into her mouth and sucks them clean. 5) Missionary part three: Jenna, lying on her back atop the couch, uses the multi-function toy to fuck herself to orgasm while Justine suckles Jenna's pretty pedicured toes and licks her feet (you foot fanatics will love it!). And, even better, Jenna rams one of her feet between Justine's labia and fucks her! Then, spent, the girls kiss as their grudge dissipates.
  • Girl's Demeanor: As always, Justine brings out the absolute best in the girls she fucks...and is particularly successful in causing amazing Jenna to explode with lust--over and over again! Jenna is, without a doubt, an outstanding performer and was crowned a Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl in 2010.
  • Scene Highlights: Jenna Presley's behavior is, to say the least, absolutely incendiary throughout the entire scene. I particularly like her extremely naughty vocabulary, how she vocalizes what she feels using nasty words, shouts, and body movements, and how she repeatedly cums like a fucking volcano. I was also blown away by the sizzling chemistry that develops between Justine and Jenna. Damn! What a pair. Not only do they know how to push each others' buttons, but they also anticipate what the other girl wants and needs. Hell, I'd sure love to be sandwiched between Justine and Jenna as the fuck like this! Bottom line? Every minute of this amazing scene is a "highlight!"
  • Girls' Orgasms: Both girls have multiple, amazing, and extremely intense orgasms during the scene. I thought Jenna was going to have a heart attack as mammoth convulsions shook her entire body. Orgasms like this are why I watch porn.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): Most of the 16:9 video is about average for a gonzo-type release but below average for a feature. Some footage was not lit sufficiently while Scene Five is so overexposed that it's nearly blinding. In addition, the color balance is often off...sometimes, the performers look a bit too orange--or a bit too pink--for my taste. Numerous abrupt edits leave out the transition from position to position. On the bright side, the videographer generally shows us what we want to see and doesn't jerk the camera around unnecessarily. Three stars.

Audio (technical): The sound is decent, but not above average. There is quite a bit of ambient background noise during dialog segments (especially in Scenes Three and Four). And, there are times in which the audio goes away entirely. However, the sounds of sex are clear and audible. No background music overpowers the sweet sounds of sexual ecstasy. Three stars.

Extras: In addition to interactive menus, full-motion chapter selector by scene and by girl, and multiple chapters per scene, this DVD-9 disc contains numerous still shots of each girl (each girl has her own photo album); a 40-minute behind-the-scenes featurette organized by shoot day (make up and hairstyling sessions, behind-the-scene tomfoolery; impromptu interviews; instructions by the director; behind-the-camera footage; and video of still photo shoots); trailers for two other Corrupted Pictures releases; and studio web site information. Although the list of Extras is not long, the Behind-the-Scenes is exceptionally enlightening and raises the Extra's evaluation to above average (3.5 stars).

Production Values: From the visual perspective, a number of very nice locations and/or sets were used during the taping of Corrupted by Justine Joli. I especially like the bedroom set in Scene One and the living room set in Scene Two. I also appreciate the effective make-up, hairstyles, and wardrobe. On the other hand, I think that some of the sets were used inappropriately in ways that go against the script. For example, Justine brings Jasmine Byrne home after curfew. The argument that subsequently ensues between Justine and her step-mom revolve around the "lateness" of the night. However, bright sunshine is pouring through the windows. That's totally inappropriate. From the audio perspective, there is no music to support the on-screen action. Thus, I cannot evaluate its effectiveness. Three and one-half stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.80
Average video rating: 3.00
Average audio rating: 3.00
Average production values rating: 3.50
Extras rating: 3.50
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 3.76

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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