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Girls Will Be Girls

Studio: Diabolic » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 10/18/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All sex/all girl..
Director: Melissa Lauren
Cast: Alektra Blue, Annette Schwarz, Eva Angelina, Gianna Lynn, Jenna Haze, Jenna Presley, Kaiya Lynn, Lorelei Lee, Sativa Rose, Shyla Stylez.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Alektra Blue, Eva Angelina, Jenna Haze, Jenna Presley, Shyla Stylez.
Length: 02:13
Condoms: NA
Bonus: One bonus point for the incredible cast, which features five Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls!


If you love girl/girl sex, you simply must get your hands on a copy of Girls Will Be Girls as soon as possible. Whew! I don't know if you've noticed the same trend that I have, but I think that girl-on-girl sex is getting hotter every day. I've reviewed several veggie-only movies recently and I think they're among the best all-girl movies ever.

There are several reasons I chose to pop Girls Will Be Girls into my computer's DVD player the same day the disc arrived. First, the studio that produced it, Diabolic, is new to my review schedule and I was eager to review one of their movies (I had already reviewed Nice Rack 14 by Diabolic's sister studio, Anabolic). Second, I took one look at the cast list and said, literally, "Oh, shit! WHAT A CAST!" Not only is Eva Angelina, one of my very first Must-See Girls (2007) prominently featured, but so are three additional recipients..Shyla Stylez, Jenna Haze and Jenna Presley. And, the rest of the cast members are smokin' hot, too! Third, I noticed that the director of this white-hot flick is Melissa Lauren. I've long admired Melissa's on-screen performances and was eager to see what she can do behind the camera.

Girls Will Be Girls is composed of five scenes that each lasts about 25 minutes. The scenes are preceded by nicely made music-video-style strip tease sequences that introduce the girls' bodies to us very effectively. The sex scenes themselves are just the right length--not too long as to become boring or too short to leave us wanting more. Frankly, I never had the urge to fast forward. And, my cock never deflated...even though I literally watched each scene of this movie three times before I began to write this review. It's THAT good!

Needless to say, I am extremely pleased that I chose to watch Girls Will Be Girls. If you like volcanic girl-on-girl sex, I truly believe that you'll enjoy this first-class Sapphic release.


Bottom line? Get this movie...NOW! Frankly, I can honestly say that if this movie doesn't make your pussy drip or cock ache with hardness, you're either dead or don't like girls! Each of the five girl-on-girl couplings (one scene includes a little threeway action with director Melissa Lauren) is fucking fantastic--each in its own way.

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Here are the top ten things I liked most about Girls Will Be Girls:

  1. The cast is fucking fantastic. Here is a breakdown of the five five-star scenes and the amazing girls who populate them:
    1. Jenna Haze and Jenna Presley. This is a girl/girl/anal scene set in a very chic living room replete with pool table. Although gorgeous Jenna Presley has been on my list of potential 2008 Dr. Jay's Must See Girls awards list for some time, I decided to add striking and exotic-looking Jenna Haze to that list as a result of this scene. Although Jenna Haze has been in the business for several years now, I have recently noticed that she's fucking amazing when working with other girls. Actually, she's a nasty slut, too. In fact, during the scene set up, she actually French kisses her reflection in a mirror. It's fucking hot! To heat up the action even more, Jenna Haze has her asshole stuffed with a conical butt-plug as the scene opens. Of course, Jenna Presley eventually pulls it out and sucks it clean. With girls this hot, there's no way that the anal-intensive sex can be anything less than scorching. Don't miss one second of this incendiary scene, especially when Jenna Presley repeatedly rims, tongue-fucks, and dildo-fucks (lots of ass-to-mouth) Jenna Haze's spit-soaked asshole, when Haze fucks Presley's face, when Presley fucks her own cunt with a dildo while eating Haze's pussy, and when they make each other cum--over and over again (Presley's numerous orgasms are particularly intense and oh-so-pleasurable). And, be sure to listen to their "fuckin' naughty" vocabulary with the volume turned up high!
    2. Eva Angelina and Sativa Rose. This is the second time I've had the intense pleasure of watching these two amazing Latinas fuck each other...the first was in Lick Between the Lines (see my review on this site). Although their scene in Girls Will Be Girls is not quite as incredible as their encounter in Lick Between the Lines, what impressed me most in this scene is how these two girls really know how to push each others' buttons. They always seem to know what the other needs and wants. In particular, they seem so fucking natural together...and their pleasure is SO real. In fact, it almost seems like they're real-life lovers. So, I decided to call Eva Angelina, one of my favorite performers of all time and a 2007 winner of my Must-See Girls award, on the phone and ask her about Sativa. Although Eva confided that Sativa is not her real-life girlfriend, she made it clear that Sativa is on her "must-fuck-as-often-as-possible" list! Before this rockin' scene, you'll be able to savor Eva's superbly-sculpted tits and oh-so-sexy moves as well as Sativa's absolutely traffic-stopping ass (I think Sativa's butt is the best in porn!). During the scene, look forward to: listening to these two hot Latinas encourage each other with nasty English and Spanish vocabulary; seeing the girls rim each others' assholes with their nasty tongues (Even though Eva has not yet done anal on video, she does do it for her website--www.evaangelinaonline.com--and confesses that she will take a DP in a forthcoming SexZ flick in which she stars); watching the girls fuck and grind each others' faces; savoring gorgeous and jiggling asses and tits; watching Eva lube-up Sativa's asshole, thumb-fuck it, shove a strand of anal beads past her sphincter, and pull the beads back out again; enjoying Eva's intense pleasure when Sativa multiple-finger-fucks her cunt and uses the tip of a vibrator to pleasure her clit to orgasm--Eva repays Sativa by vibrating and finger-fucking her to climax, too; watching Eva fuck Sativa's pussy and asshole with a strap-on (Eva's in-and-out moves with the strap-on are definitely worth a look!); and savoring Sativa's gorgeous, puffy, and swollen labia as she anally pounds Eva's strap-on in reverse cowgirl until she screams through an ass-gasm. Of course, the best thing about this scene for me was watching one of my all-time faves perform yet again. I never tire of seeing Eva fuck or get fucked!
    3. Alektra Blue and Shyla Stylez. Is there any porn star prettier or classier--while being utterly insatiable--than Shyla Stylez? Does any porn girl have more mesmerizing eyes than Alektra Blue? I must confess that I am extremely happy that Shyla came out of retirement to return to the blue screen. I've seen her in several of her newer releases and think so much of her look and her performances that I've put her on my list of candidates for the 2008 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls Award. This scene--in which Shyla is a platinum blond and Alektra has jet-black hair--has a salt-and-pepper theme going...the girls, who are so opposite in appearance, work together extremely well as they please each other in every possible way. During the scene set-up, plan to get acquainted with Shyla's amazing gooseflesh-covered tits, dancing eyes, dazzling smile, and sexy moves as well as Alektra's superb ass, hard body, and hypnotic face. Then, during the scene you'll enjoy watching: the two girls have so much fun together (lots of good-natured giggling); Shyla gyrate her ass to ignite Alektra's fire; lots of flesh licking, tit suckling, and body fondling as well as lots of super-hot open-mouthed kissing; the girls tongue-fuck each others' spit-soaked cunts (Alektra's clit hood is pierced) as well as rim and tongue-fuck each others' assholes; Alektra inch a strand of anal beads up Shyla's beautiful asshole (she pulls them out and suckles them at the end of the scene); Alektra frantically finger-fuck and lick Shyla's pussy to back-arching orgasm; the girls erotically and beautifully fuck each other individually and simultaneously with a super-long double-ended dildo (After Shyla cums, they suck the toy clean, of course!); Alektra finger-fuck her own asshole as Shyla toy-fucks her pussy; Shyla enjoy being double penetrated with a string of beads up her ass and a dildo in her cunt; Shyla deeply fuck Alektra's tight asshole with a ribbed butt plug until she cums anally (Alektra sucks it clean ATM style); and Alektra multiple-finger-fuck Shyla's asshole, while Shyla finger-fucks her own cunt, until Shyla cums yet again. In addition to lots of hot visuals, you'll also enjoy Shyla's super-hot naughty language as she enflames Alektra's--and our--lust.
    4. Gianna Lynn and Kaiya Lynn. These two hot long-haired Asian girls ignite the screen by first showing off their fine bodies and then getting down to some first-class fucking. Gianna's the more "edgy" of the two and sports lots of intricate tattoos and a pierced navel to emblazon her hard body crowned with large and shapely tits. Kaiya is definitely the "sweeter looking" of the two (she has great nipples) and her innocent look creates a nice contrast with Gianna's edgier look. During these girls' encounter in Scene Four, look forward to seeing: lots of French kissing; Kaiya, as you probably wouldn't expect based on her sweet appearance, take the lead and "have her way" with Gianna...in fact, Kaiya is the nastier of the two throughout the scene; an emphasis on boobs as the girls suck, lick, and squeeze each others' tits; Kaiya expertly go down on Gianna's stunningly-pretty cunt and use her tongue, lips, spit, and fingers to drive Gianna out of her mind; Kaiya tongue-fuck Gianna as Gianna grinds Kaiya's face; Kaiya straddle Gianna so she can fuck her face until she makes herself cum (God it looks good!); the girls enjoy amazingly pleasurable 69 (I wish 69 were used more often in adult movies); Kaiya use a queen-sized dildo on Gianna while Gianna jacks her own hugely swollen and gorgeous clit until she cums violently; Gianna spit on a ribbed pink dildo and then fuck Kaiya's pretty pussy fast and deep with it while Kaiya frantically fingers her own clit until she climaxes; Kaiya dribble lots of baby oil onto Gianna's butt and massage it into her goose bump covered flesh using her hands and tits (hot move, Kaiya); Kaiya "violate" Gianna's tight asshole with her fingers and a large clear dildo (Gianna uses a pocket-rocket on her clit and makes herself cum); and Gianna lube up Kaiya's asshole, relax it with her finger, and then frantically fuck it with a vibrator until Kaiya screams through another orgasm. Throughout the scene, the girls encourage each other verbally...Kaiya is definitely the "naughtier" of the two!
    5. Lorelei Lee and Annette Schwarz. In a movie chock-full of incredible and incendiary girl/girl sex, it takes a lot to be the "hottest" scene. Lorelei Lee and Annette Schwarz win that honor hands-down. Do yourself a favor and watch these two oh-so-nasty--and definitely edgy--blonds fuck the shit out of each other. They get so fuckin' hot-and-bothered that they even take on the director. And, Annette Schwarz repeatedly squirts like a fountain, too. Amazingly, during the Behind-the-Scenes featurette, you'll learn that Annette and Lorelei wanted to do an even hotter scene!
  2. Not only are the girls all gorgeous, but there is a wide variety of ethnic groups, hair and eye colors, and body types for us to enjoy. In addition to Caucasian women, the cast includes Latinas Eva Angelina and Sativa Rose and Asian sluts Gianna Lynn and Kaiya Lynn.
  3. The scenes are each preceded by extremely effective solo striptease footage of each of the two girls featured in the forthcoming scene. Clips of each girl's dance are stitched together in a compelling music-video-style format that is really cock-swelling and pussy-wetting. The girls are initially dressed in very nice costumes and, of course, remove bits and pieces as they show off--and squeeze--their superb assets. Believe me when I say that each and every one of the girls in Girls Will Be Girls really knows how to use her body to tease and please.
  4. Orgasms, ORGASMS, and MORE ORGASMS! And, there are lots of ass-gasms, too! As a certified female orgasm junkie, I really appreciate seeing the girls get themselves--and each other--off time and again. To me, the very best thing about having sex with my wife is feeling her body spasm through wave after wave of pleasure as I either eat or fuck her to orgasm. Of course, I really get off on her shouts of ecstasy, too! If she doesn't cum...well, it's just not fulfilling for me. So, when I watch sex, I want the girl or girls to cum, too. Girl-on-girl sex almost always results in more orgasms that boy-on-girl sex. First of all, there are simply more girls, so the chance of experiencing a female orgasm is at least doubled. Second, girls--much more than guys, I think--really know how to push each others' buttons--or clits, as the case may be.
  5. The girls talk oh-so-nasty to each other. I really get off listening to a woman talk naughty during sex. In most porn scenes, the girl does the talking while the guy remains pretty quiet (only a few guys, like Alex Sanders and Michael Stefano, inflame the girls verbally). In each and every one of the five scorching scenes in Girls Will Be Girls, the women use language that certainly made my cock stand up and pay close attention.
  6. Not only do the girls talk deliciously nasty with each other, they also treat each other as whores and sluts. Frankly, I wouldn't dare treat a woman as the girls in Girls Will Be Girls treat each other...I'd definitely get slapped. However, the girls in this movie truly bring out each others' hunger for sex and animal passion using every way they can. They fuckin' feed off each others' lust!
  7. Lots of beautiful and obviously effective toys are used. Although tongues and fingers do the job, there's nothing like a king-sized strap-on cock, beaded dildo, amazing industrial-strength vibrator, anal beads, or wicked cone-shaped butt-plug to up the ante, so to speak.
  8. There's a real emphasis on anal sex. Girls stuff each others' holes with strap-ons, dildos, butt plugs, and anal beads. Of course, the girls who get their asses stuffed really like it and truly get off on the pleasure their stretched sphincters provide. In fact, there's anal sex in every scene!
  9. There's a truly unique--I think--and very effective threeway component to Scene Five, which features Lorelei Lee and Annette Schwarz. Director Melissa Lauren dons a strap-on cock and, as she captures the action from her point of view, the girls ravenously attack that plastic rod as if it were a real flesh-and-blood cock. Wow! I've never seen POV from the girl's perspective before. It's hot!
  10. The entire production is first class. The widescreen video is superb, the locations attractive and well utilized, the girls are well made-up and attired, and the overall feeling is one of class and quality. That's amazing given the hard-core animal fucking that transpires within this first-class release! In fact, I often found myself shouting to the screen, "That's fucking beautiful!"

Here's what I didn't like about Girls Will Be Girls:

  1. Nothing. I enjoyed each and every second!

Here's what I think would have made the movie even better:

  1. Even though there are white, Asian, and Latina girls in Girls Will Be Girls, there is no African American star. Although I'm certainly not advocating anything like quotas, I would have been in heaven had Jada Fire been in this cast.
  2. It would have been nice had a Sybian been used. These saddle-like orgasm machines seem to be so much fun for a girl to ride that I think that all girls in girl/girl movies should have the opportunity to experience the thrill.
  3. I've seen a "dildo cam" expertly employed in another girl/girl feature, Miss Strap On. A dildo is fastened to the camcorder and then the cameraman fucks a girl with it. The result is really hot and would have been effective in this movie.
  4. There's a toy called the Pussy Pump. It is a cup mounted around the vagina and the air is sucked out of the cup creating a vacuum that causes the labia to swell beautifully. It would have been cool to see that toy used in this movie.  


DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The 16:9 widescreen video is above average in every regard. The video is properly lit and expertly color balanced. The image is sharp, crystal clear, and free from pixelization and other defects even when blown-up to fill my 24"computer monitor. The editing is mostly first-rate, too. I never thought that a cut left out something I wanted to see--although there are a couple of abrupt edits. And, I also appreciate the black-and-white footage as well as the tight music-video-style editing of the scene set-up stripteases. Although one couldn't really put this movie's video on a par with that in, say Pirates. it's damned good and is a testament to the professional characteristics of the director and crew. Four and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): The audio is quite good overall. Although there's no dialog whatsoever in this all-sex release, the sounds of sex and deliciously-nasty girl-on-girl inflammatory talk were superbly recorded and played back at just the right volume that is consistent throughout the movie. Music accompanies the scene set-ups as the girls dance and strip for us. After that, the music drops away so as to not obfuscate the girls' sounds and words during sex. I did notice one flaw, however...during Scene Three, director Melissa Lauren's instructions can be heard from behind the camera. These "directorials" should have been edited out. Since the director is a part of Scene Five, her comments there are acceptable. Four stars.

Extras: This DVD-9 disc contains a full motion chapter selector organized by scene (the girls' names are included with the video clip so you know who's who), a three and one-half-minute self-running slide show (great stills), and studio contact information. More importantly, there's a 22-minute Behind the Scenes feature that includes shots of the girls donning and showing off their outfits, blocking the scenes, photo shoot video, impromptu interviews, behind-the-camera footage (they show how the POV action of Lorelei and Annette sucking Melissa Lauren's strap-on was shot); and footage of the girls being made-up. This list is on-par with most contemporary adult releases. Three stars.

Production Values: From a visual perspective, the production values are top-notch. Very nice locations were chosen to be backdrops to the sex. Even though director Melissa Lauren did succumb to the "let's fuck on somebody's couch" routine for a couple of scenes, other scenes used the location more creatively...like staging sex on a plush carpet or on top of a lounge chair instead of on a couch. Believe me, I get so fucking tired of seeing people have sex on couches that a chair even looks pleasing to me! The girls' make-up, hairstyles, wardrobe, and jewelry are all hot, sexy, and effective. Even their manicures and pedicures are gorgeous! Again, this movie is a class act visually. There is no integrated musical soundtrack to support the on-screen sex. Four stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 5.00
Average video rating: 4.50
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 4.00
Extras rating: 3.00
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 4.30

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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