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Oral Overload

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 10/18/11

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GENRE: POV, Blowjobs

DIRECTOR: David Lord

CAST: Alia Janine, Barrett Blade, Britney Amber, Cherry Torn, David Lord, Eric Masterson, Jaelyn Fox, Jeanie Marie Sullivan, Kaci Starr, Kourtney Kane, Mark Zane, Nicole Aniston, Rylie Richmon, Victoria White


LENGTH: 2 hrs. 45 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO: The DVD is presented in Dolby Digital. As for all the specs I'm not 100% sure. The video is presented in a very nice, and clear quality that truly accents the whole experience. The scenes are displayed in a widescreen format/ratio. At times the sound seemed to be a little lower than I have witnessed from other top studios, but for the most part it was ok.

OVERVIEW: This is a DVD that is all about oral sex, but specifically blowjobs. There are several different female performers featured in this collection, and each one performs in two parts (striptease, blowjob) per scene. Along with the various performers there are also some different roleplay scenarios included (school girl ...) The scenes themselves aren't that long, but offer enough 'intensity' to arrouse most anyone. The DVD itself lasts for over 2 hours giving the buyer of the DVD a wide variety of content to view.


SCENE 1: Victoria White

Victoria's scene is all about that classic school girl roleplay scenario. When the scene opens up she is standing in front of the teacher's desk wearing the very cliche reform school plaid miniskirt, and white top combo with her hair done up in pigtails. The blackboard behind the desk reads "Mr. S Bite: Read American Sex in the 90's." I've actually noticed the blackboard routine in other DVDs I have reviewed here. I timed the drawn out striptease that she began with, and it lasted over 5 minutes. I don't mind stripteases in adult DVDs, but something about her performance bored me a little. Some of the close-up shots of her pubic area seemed a bit unnecessary since she had some blemishes down there, but for some reason the director must have opted for the shot?

I would have to say that the best part of the scene was Victoria's POV (Point of View) session. She seemed to be very expereinced in the techniques that she applied. For the most part she did a lot of hanjob techniques, but her oral skills weren't actually that bad either. I noticed that she deepthroated nearly everytime she gave the male performer head. I liked how she switched things up with her wide variety of techniques including some handjob, blowjob, and even titjob action. Overall the scene was ok, but the striptease just didn't jive for me. The mediocre facial at the end was a tiny letdown, but not a bad one.


SCENE 2: Kortney Kane

After watching this scene I wasn't quite sure if a roleplay scenario was actually invovled. The striptease intro featured the rather beautiful Kortney as she stripped off her matching silk two piece bikini/lingerie set to some heavy metal tunes. The background, or setting she was in seemed to be a quite festive and rich looking one. In fact I would say that the entire setup including Kortney herself were done up in a regal manner. I know I've said it before, but I absolutely love dark haired girls. Kortney definitely had that mysterious brunette quality about her, and her performance was very sensual in a way only the dark haired female performers can pull off. Her soft spoken naughty talk was quite exciting to say the least. I also definitely liked how she gave the blowjob with mostly oral action. While she wasn't a hardcore deepthroater she still gave an impressive performance. This is definitely one of my favorite scenes on the DVD. In the end Kortney took it upon herself to swallow the male performer's entire load of semen. Female performers who are willing to do that definitely get top place in my book.


SCENE 3: Kaci Starr

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This was actually the first scen I have ever seen Kaci Starr in. She sort of looked like she was new to the adult film industry, but I can't be for sure. Kaci had this young newcomer (18+) look about her. She is an all natural brunette who seems to know exactly what she is doing though. While her striptease didn't show much variation in positions she still did a nice job teasing the viewer with her sultry dance. Her blowjobs skills were a combination of handjob techniques, and sloppy wet oral sex. I don't think I found one part of her performance to be lacking. If I have any complaint at all it is that I would have liked to have seen more deepthroating from her, and less handjob action. She did end the scene quite nicely by taking the male performer's cum into her mouth. I don't think she swallowed though. Overall this scene was quite nice.


SCENE 4: Britney Amber

Britney's roleplay scenario was almost exactly like the first school girl scene, but the background was different. This time Britney, the starlet of the scene sported the exact same school girl outfit as Victoria White, but performed in a school locker room. Her striptease was quite impressive, and she showed off a lot of extremely seductive moves. Her oral performance was really messy with lots of slobber involved. I'm not a real fan of sloppy BJs, but I think she did alright. For the most part her technique involved a lot of tongue play. She was constantly licking the guy's cock, and even sucked his balls on several occassions. In the end she took the guy's entire load into her mouth, and played with it a bit making one heck of a cum filled slobbery mess. I thought this scene was actually a lot better than the previous school girl scene that involved Victoria White.


SCENE 5: Nicole Aniston

Nicole had sort of a mature milf thing going on. She is one of the several blonde haired performers who appear on this DVD. The stripease she did didn't really impress me, but maybe that was due to the fact that I was constantly distracted by her obvious breast augmentation. I have to honestly say that I'm not a fan of girls with breast implants. For the most part it always looks very obvious when you see a performer who has had the procedure done. I was definitely glad that I didn't have to see her boobs to much during the scene. The oral sex part of the scene wasn't that impressive. Nicole hardly went down on the guy's cock, and took a long time doing anything at all. she did try to mix things up with some spit lube, handjobs, and a titjob, butI was not impressed by it. Nicole just seemed too inexperienced to be doing this sort of thing. The finishing cumshot seemed like a waste to me. The guy ended up shooting his wad on her chest after Nicole's titjob. It just wasn't good.


SCENE 6: Jaelyn Fox

When I first began watching this scene I wasn't quite sure what to make of Jaelyn. She isn't one of the most attractive female performers I have ever seen. I think the director was going for the innocent look in this time since Jaeyln had the pigtails, and young girl clothing going on. Like many of the other performers on this DVD Jaelyn has blonde hair. Blonde hair really seemed to be a trending thing at this point of the DVD. After watching the entire scene I found that I wasn't really impressed with the hallway/entryway striptease, but the oral sex performance was quite impressive. For most of the scene Jaelyn did a lot of hands free deeptroating which was cool. She also gave some attention to the guy's balls. Overall I thought her skills were really hot. In the end Jaelyn took the guy's load into her mouth, and spit it back out for the finish. This was sort of disappointing considering how hardcore her performance was. I thought the scene ended up being ok though.

SCENE 7: Jeannie Marie

Jeannie's scene seemed to be about stepdaughter roleplaying. She actually does her striptease in what is supposed to be her own bedroom (I guess?). She gives subtle hints to the male performer about her reluctancy to do the 'deed' she is about to do. The whole scene has a really naughty appeal to it. As Jeannie strips she rolls on her bed in a very playful manner that is extremely hot. The blowjob part of the scene is really amazing. Jeannie's roleplaying is quite believable, and even played on over to the actual BJ session. She retains that innocent quality as she performs throughout the scene. Her technique is slow, and sensual which accents the scenario quite well. She applies hand, and hands free action as she gets the job done. At one point she even licks the male performer's cock like a popsicle! She ends up getting a little wild at the end, and frantically jacks the guy off onto her face. It was an extremely hot moment. This scene was awesome! I loved everything about it, especially the naughty roleplaying.

SCENE 8: Rylie Richmon

I was a little confused by Rylie's mature looking outfit, and the playful pink background that the scene was based in. Rylie has a very innocent look to her, so it definitely threw me off seeing her choice of clothes. The striptease she did was slow, and performed to the beat of some soft music. I think she did a nice job showing off her beautiful young body during the striptease. With that being said I'm still the kind of guy who likes to skip straight to the action. When the blowjob finally began Rylie started off rather slow giving the guy a handjob before actually sucking. Unfortunately as some scenes go this one sort of failed at the BJ part. I had high hopes for Rylie especially since she looked so hot, but her skills were a tiny bit lackluster. During her BJ session she gave the guy's cock attention in other ways than just sucking. This included a quick titjob, and some handjob action. She even gave the guy's balls a good licking. In the end she recieved a straight line of cum from the bottom of her nose to the top of her forehead. Overall I found the scene to be lacking of proper stimulation.

SCENE 9: Cherry Torn

Once again the director went for that blonde haired female performer with the innocent face. At this point I'm sort of bothered by the lack of brunettes in this DVD, and the repetative nature of some of the scenes. Cherry torn did look really hot though, and gave a really nice striptease. It was definitely a good start to the scene despite the pink background that sort of mimicked the previous scene's color palette. Cherry started off her blowjob session with some hands free sucking action. She did a lot of deepthroating, and kept a consistant flow of oral sex going on. She even licked, and sucked the guy's balls for a while. The entire POV (Point of View) experience was amplified by the solid white background. This kept the focus on Cherry, and the massive cock she was sucking. After a while the scene did focus back on the pink of the room they were in though. I think this was so you could actually see the cumshot when it happened. In the end Cherry recieved a thick load on her mouth area. Overall the scene was ok.

SCENE 10: Alia Janine

I was quite disappointed with the last female performer the director chose to go along with even though she had dark hair. Alia has actually performed in some other DVDs that I reviewed, and she always seems to be in milf related productions. That is why I was not really happy with her inclusion in this scene. For the most of the DVD the director went for all the younger female performers then all of a sudden he decides to go for a milf. Not cool. There's not much that I can say other than Alia is not that attractive, and watching her give a blowjob is not too exciting. She pretty much does the same thing all the other girls did applying a handjob, titjob, and oral techniques. Since her tits are pretty massive she used them more than the previous girls though. To end the scene Alia jacks the guy off into her mouth, and then swallows the massive load after showing it to the camera. It was a nice finish, but I still don't think they should have included Alia.


- Bonus Scenes (Big Gulps 3, 10 Monster Mug Shots, Home Improvement)

- Photo Gallery

- Phone Sex Info

- Previews

- Web Info


I had quite a few issues with 'Oral Overload'. One of my biggest complaints would have to be the choice of female performers featured. While I'm biased concerning hair color, the fact of the matter is that most of the girls featured on this DVD are not that attractive. In fact I have honestly seen more attractive girls in a lot of the DVDs I pick for review here at Xcritic. It was nice to see that ADAM & EVE/David Lord went out of their way to put more scenes on the DVD, and actually move them along at a nice pace though. In the end I found a handful of quality performances, and only one truly superb performance involving Jeannie Marie (Scene 7). I have to say that this DVD is only worth a rent. It does offer a few good scenes at least.

Final Rating: Rent It

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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