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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 10/19/11

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Wicked Pictures
Directed and Written by Sam Hain
Erotic Sci-fi
Condoms: Yes
Running Time: 2hrs and 16min
3 Disc Set plus Blu-Ray Disc


Jessica Drake
Kaylani Lei
Kimberly Kane
Misty Stone
Alektra Blue
Aiden Starr
Bobbi Starr
Rocco Reed
Bill Bailey
Tony Desergio
Xander Corvus
Danny Mountain

Disc One: Feature Movie (with Chapter options and Trailer for movie)

Disc Two: Special Features

Behind the Scenes (15 minutes)
The Crawler (3 minute look into the alien species)
Girls of Horizon (5 minutes, showcasing all of the lovely ladies in the movie)
Behind the Scene Sex Reel (12 minutes of the filming of the sex scenes)
Bonus Sex Scenes ( 3 scenes (41 minutes), with Jessica (Rocki Whore), Alektra (Bring It), and Kaylani (Party Girls)
Photo Galleries
BTS Gallery
Digital Copy of Movie
Trailers (6 trailers)
Promo Reel

Disc Three: Wicked 2011 Sampler DVD-Get Wicked Vol 3

Promo Reel- one minute commercial for studio
Bonus Sex Scenes (5 scenes)
The Year's Best ( 4 trailers highlighting some of the big releases)
Wicked Educational ( 1 trailer for Jessica's Line of Movies)
Wicked Passions ( 5 trailers from the Passion line of Movies)
More Adult Fun (phone line commercials)
More Sex-Exclusive Scenes (3 more scenes)

Disc Four: Blu-Ray Disc

Blu-Ray version of the Movie with Chapter Options and Trailer

Technical Stats:


Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 448 kbps
Video: Mpeg 2 at around 7 Mbps


Audio: DTS-HD MA 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and around 2 Mbps
Video: AVC at around 30 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:
This is going to be a shorter view than I would normally give, due to the fact that one of my fellow reviewers has already posted a great review of this movie. So I will try to keep this one fairly short and sweet, but we shall see how that turns out in the end. Some kudos to the score, which adds a somber feel to the movie throughout the scenes, and that combine with the visual style which is also very somber, but looks amazing with the Red camera. Also kind of strange that this is the big blockbuster release from Wicked and it doesn't come in the oversized packing like the last few years movies have. Guess it save some money and materials in the long run.  And I would highly suggest watching the Blu-Ray version of the film, which looks amazing and really shows the camera and all it's greatness. DVD looks good too, but it begs to be watched in all of it's Blu-Ray glory. Sthis is there big release of the year, so you know it's going to be packed full with special features, 2 Discs worth in this case, plenty of BTS and extra scenes showcasing all of the lovely ladies of Wicked.

So let's actually get to the movie, the reason you are here. If you can tell from the review, I really liked this movie, it brought some great sex, with some sexy ladies and some decent acting and special effects that are on par with what you may see on TV. And once again, I am going to say how amazing it looks once again, and I wish we could see more shot with the Red camera, which is rarely used, but I wish it was used more. So this is easily a XCRITIC PICK for me, and one that you should have in your collection, and I can easily see this movie winning a few awards when the AVN comes around in January. 

Scene One: Misty and Bill

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Some decent special effects so far in the space scene and some decent monster makeup on our creatures. And we get some classic POV sci-fi shots as they attack the humans. We get our first glimpse of the Horizon crew, lead by Jessica and then we are back to the grunts, Misty and Bill as they are celebrating the fact they didn't die with some sexy time in the shower. Love the score during the scene. This scene kind of reminds me what we wanted to see in Starship Troopers famous shower scene. Some finger and tongue action as Bill works over her pussy. She returns the favor with some great oral work of her own in his cock. We follow that up with some doggy action and then she sits on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action. Really loving the look of this movie with the Red camera. She shows some great energy as she begs for more from him. Some more doggy action and then he pulls out and cums on her tits and she licks off his cock, looks like it's time for another shower.

Scene Two: Alektra, Xander and Danny

Back on the ship, they go over the news, seems things are really bleak at the moment. Jessica takes a tour of the ship and sees all of the civilians they have rescued. Things may seem bleak, but they are about to get a whole lot better, as we cut to Alektra getting it on with Xander and Danny. It's not long before she is out of that blue dress, as the guys double team her. Xander starts off by diving his face into her pussy, while she works on Danny's cock, but then ends up on her knees working over both cocks, with her hands and mouth. The guys take their turns with her, while she does a great job in making sure both guys are serviced at all times. But they also get some one on one time with her too. And it wouldn't be a true Alektra scene if there wasn't some finger play in her ass, while she gets fucked. The guys cover her tits with cums as she commends them for doing such a great job, as she licks the cum off her tits.

Scene Three: Kimberly and Tony

Jessica and Kaylani show up just as they are getting themselves all composed. It seems that the plans have changed and they explain what the new plans are. One craft will lead an attack and then catch up with the president and the civilians. But it seems they feel that the Earth is a lost cause and it's time for drastic measures. She isn't very happy and goes off on him. We follow Kaylani as she meets up with Bobbi and explains their mission to her. We cut to Jessica and Rocco, as they get instructions from Miss San Dimas as she tells them how this is going to work. She explains the plan to the rest of her crew, and it seems that Kimberly and Tony are leading the attack, while Misty is in charge of the Marines in case they get attacked on the ship. We follow Kimberly and Tony back to their quarters, and they promise each other that they will be safe tomorrow, and then after some heavy kissing, decide they might as well make the best of this moment. Some attention to her tits and then some finger play of her pussy as he drives her crazy. She gets him out of his suit and begins to tease his cock before she begins to suck and swallow it. We get some nice booty clapping as he fucks her from behind. She climbs on top for some reverse cowgirl action and then on to some spoon action. The scene ends as he cums on her pussy and then they give a few soft kisses before they head off to bed.

Scene Four: Bobbi and Kaylani.

It seems that it's time for the mission to begin, people say their goodbyes, hoping that they all make it back alive to see another day. We follow that into a space battle, with some decent effects, the HUD stuff looks amazing. Let's just say the mission doesn't go as planned. But she is still planning on finishing the mission, no matter the cost. Kaylani seems to believe in the peaceful approach and doesn't like her plans. All she wants is to start a new life with her partner, Bobbi. And they can't seem to keep their hands off each other as they help each other out of their clothes. One thing I would like to point out, no one seems to be wearing very sexy or fancy underwear (well at least the soldiers aren't), which if you think about it makes sense in a way. Bobbi works over her pussy, which causes her to go crazy and she can't seem to stay still. Also have to say that each pairing seems to have some great heat between the performers, which makes it even more enjoyable for us the viewer. There is some finger play from both girls as they work over each other's pussy, followed by some scissoring and then back to some heavy finger and tongue play.

Scene Five: Jessica and Rocco

Kaylani seems to be getting some more followers of her peaceful plan, but she has to call on her lady to make the first move to secure the weapon. It seems that someone did survive a crash, as she walks around trying to find some help. Jessica seems to second guess her decision and just wants to make sure she has lived her life to the fullest. Luckily for her, Rocco seems to feel the same way. They start off with some heavy kissing and he helps her out of her suit and dives into her pussy, with his tongue. She returns the favor and shows she is no slouch when it comes to her oral skills as she works over his cock, teasing him along the way. She slides her panties to the side and then inserts his cock into her pussy as she rides him. She reaches back and shoves a few fingers in her ass, as she cums for him as he fucks her. They switch to some doggy and he gets a few ass slaps in to make her purr even more. She begs and pleads for his cum, and he leaves a nice shot in her mouth and she let's some dribble on her chest. I guess if you think you are going to die, it's a good way to live out your last few hours.

Scene Six: Kimberly and Aiden

It seems that someone has run across the aliens, as they drag her off. We get a big standoff between Kaylani and Jessica over the control of the weapon and their futures. We are back to our captive as she is being told by the alien why they are doing it and where they are from. And then we see that they are not here to harm everyone as she climbs on her and begins to play with her pussy. They end up in some 69 action as Kimberly can't seem to contain her joy over what the alien is doing to her pussy. This scene is where the Red camera really seems to show what it is capable off with the overall intensity of the white in this scene.

Scene Seven:

It seems Jessica has round up her supporters and is determined to get control back of the ship, and so we get a battle between the two forces, with both sides taking some casualties. It seems that during the battle that something has gotten inside the ship. We get the big fight between Kaylani and Jessica and then back to alien as it makes it way through the ship. This one seems to be a little more hostile than the one Kimberly came across. We get a nice little nod to the Aliens series, and then a final meeting between the two sides that leads to a little surpise at the end.

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