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Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 10/21/11

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Digital Playground
Directed by Robby D
Written by Scarlett L
DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack
Running Time: 1 hr and 54 min


Selena Rose
Gracie Glam
London Keyes
Liza Del Sierra
Erik Everhard
James Deen
Manuel Ferrara

Special Features:


Bonus Trailers- 8 trailers
16 x 9 Widescreen Format
Slide Show/Photo Gallery
Motion Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes: 10 minute feature, with some interviews and they Selena plenty of time to show her stuff for the camera. And we also get to see some Selena and Liza action which is nice.


Bonus Trailers-14 trailers
1920 x 1080
Photo Gallery
Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes: same as DVD

Technical Stats:


Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 448 kbps

Video: Mpeg -2 at around 6.5 Mbps


Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 640 kpbs

Video: AVC at around 22-23 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So it’s that time to watch a movie after I get done watching a great movie, so hopefully going into this one, my expectations aren’t too high. But I have to say that I am glad it’s a Digital Playground film at least. And I believe this is my first time seeing Selena in action and this is her film, so let’s see how the new girl does.

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Well I am sad to say that after seeing this movie, the stuff I am going to remember is not the Selena scenes, but the Gracie and London scenes. Both girls showed some great energy and made their scenes memorable. And as I stated in the review, I didn’t like the back to back scenes with Selena, considering they were pretty much the same thing, just with a different guy.

So it doesn’t take too long and one of my big issues with most of the Digital Playground movies has reared it’s ugly head. Hopefully it won’t continue. It did continue throughout the movie, and I still hoping that one day that will go away for good. Both audio and video quality were both great in the technical sense, but like I said there were a few visuals distractions during the movie. Special features were nothing to brag about, other than getting to see Selena dance and have a little one on one time with Liza in the BTS segment. Although I am still wondering why the same trailers show up on every release, I would think you would want to highlight some of your newer movies as well as your bigger titles from the past. I honestly think the trailers haven’t changed at all since I have been doing this.

So it’s sad to say that this is going to get a RENT IT from me. Really had some hopes for this movie and I know that they can do better and hopefully when I start my next review for another one of their movies, Bad Girls 6, I leave that with a better overall feeling. And hey if you rent it and like it, that’s great, but I just don’t think you need to purchase this one without checking it out first in rental.

Scene One: Liza and Manuel

It seems she has to leave for work, but he has a different plan. And we see that Manuel has some power to change her mind pretty quickly. Its not long and he is face first in her pussy, and the credits are still rolling. He flips her around and dives into her pussy and then slowly slides his cock in her pussy as her body language seems to convey she really wants it. But maybe she wants it in her mouth more. After some oral work from Liza, he picks her up and sets her on his cock for some cowgirl action, and then lays her on the sink counter top and opens her up for the camera. Foot love, for all you foot fetish people out there. Some intense doggy action as she is bent over the counter top, with a little finger action in her ass. Once again, I love girls with accents. The rough stuff continues with some choking of the neck, but she seems to enjoy it. Shoots a money shot in her mouth and face as the scene comes a close, hopefully she won’t be late for work.

Scene Two: Gracie and Erik

He sends her on her way and from the crazy dance, I would say he had a great night. Erik walks in and they have a little pissing contest, to outdo each other. Manuel’s cousin is coming to visit, Selena, and Erik seems to be interested in her already, but you know Manuel isn’t happy about that. Later Erik is about to have some personal time, when he gets a visit from Gracie, might I add in a trench coat, which seems to always be a good thing. She may be the psycho girlfriend, but I don’t think I would mind putting up with a little crazy for her. She’s a little bossy too, as she tells him to undress her, and he unbutton her outfit and dives into her pussy. He spends a lot of time down there, I am hoping he is going to come up for air soon, although from the noises she is making, she doesn’t seem to mind at all. A little begging and she has his cock in her mouth, doing her best to return the favor. And with that energy I would say she is. He bends her over and is right back to working her pussy over with his tongue and fingers. After some more teasing he finally slips his cock into her pussy for some doggy action, in which she shows even more energy. She climbs on top of him and shakes that booty while she rides him, different position, same high energy from her. He pulls out and stands up and let’s the cum fall on her and then slides his cock in between her boots as we close this scene.

Scene Three: Selena and Erik

So Selena shows up at the door and of course Erik greets her and she doesn’t seem to speak or understand any English. Manuel shows up and things get all kinds of awkward for the group. Erik heads off to a strip club to meet some ladies, and you won’t believe who he sees dancing at the club. He has some blackmail now, I wonder if he is going to use it for good or evil. They head off to a private room and she gives him a little show and she is quickly naked and begging to see his cock in her mouth. But she wants some attention too as she sits on his face while she continues to work over his cock. She ends up on her back and after some teasing with his cock, he slides it in her pussy. And when they move to some doggy, they seem to be so in it that they start moving cushions off the couch. That could be why they end up on the floor for some reverse cowgirl action, but then she is back to gagging on his cock, while she plays with her pussy. She climbs on Erik as she is once again riding and grinding his cock in her pussy. As he continues to do bad things to Manuel’s cousin, she is on the floor and he is pile driving her pussy from above and then sprinkles her chest with his money shot.

Scene Four: Selena and James

And the next day we see Erik is horrible at hiding secrets, as he can’t seem to keep his cool around Manuel and Selena. Erik shows up back at the club, but it seems that she already has a client, as she leads James into the private room. She seems to be more aggressive with James, and then Manuel shows up, so Erik uses London as a distraction while Selena continues to work for James. But James seems to be the one working as he plays with her pussy, before she is back to working over his cock. But James shows some initiative as he picks her up and sets her on his cock for some cowgirl action. So this could have a been a decent scene, but considering this is pretty much the same location as the last scene, at this point I am ready to move on. Maybe they should have split up this scenes a little. The big difference is that James is way more aggressive than Erik was, and she does a decent job of taking what he gives her. And after some spoon action with some choking, he gives her a money shot and she sucks off his cock and makes sure there is none left behind.

Scene Five: London and Manuel

Back with Manuel and London, as they are sharing a few drinks and then back at the house and Manuel has invited her over to the house. He tries to offer her wine, but all that she wants is a little glass of Manuel, too bad Selena is hiding behind the couch. After some finger banging in her pussy, he dives in with his tongue and continues to drive her crazy. Selena finally makes a break for it, but Manuel is too distracted by London’s boobs at the moment. But she knows how to make him go crazy as she works over his cock and balls. He gets her pussy nice and wet as he goes back to some finger banging before moving on to some spoon action. And we even get some finger play in her ass, while she rides his cock. I think London is doing a great job showing some energy in this scene, and like I have said before, Manuel seems to bring out the best in the ladies. Plus, I have seen these two in action together before and they always give a great performance for the camera. At least we are going to end this movie on a bang, and speaking of a bang, he gives her a money shot across the face.


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