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Filthy Family Vol. 4

Studio: Reality Junkies » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 11/1/11

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Filthy Family Vol 4
Reality Junkies
Written and Directed by Bobby Manila
Running Time: 1hr and 57min


Asa Akira
Lily LaBeau
Chanel Preston
Tanya Tate
Victoria Rae Black
Tommy Gunn
Ryan Blaze
Barry Scott
Rocco Reed
Justin Magnum

Special Features:

Scene Selection
Cumshots- a 2 and half minute montage of all the cumshots
Behind the Scenes-25 minutes of interviews with the cast, mostly the same questions with all the ladies

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Trailers- 6 and half minute reel, featuring 3 trailers

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 6-7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

For some out there, Reality Junkies might be the least known of all the porn sites, compared to Brazzers and Naughty America. But even though that may be true, they really do a good job of showing off what they are capable of in this movie. They got a great cast of sexy ladies, with a variety to hopefully fulfill your wants and needs, MILF, young college girls, blond, brunette, etc. And for me, including Asa, Chanel and Victoria is a huge plus in my books, always love seeing these ladies in action. And a few scenes that also had some good moments from some of the other cast. But there were also a few not so great moments that popped up a few times during this movie, bad pairings, under performing performers, and a few audio issues with volumes of the person speaking. Also with only giving us Dolby Digital 2 channel, also may have hurt in the overall audio quality of this movie. No real issues when it comes to video quality, seemed to be about average for a DVD. I would like to commend them on the special features, with about 35 minutes of special features, that is more than what I have been seeing lately , even when it comes to the bigger studios, so some kudos to them for giving us that. Having said all of that and figuring out the scores, I think I am going to give this a solid RENT IT rating. Yes it’s nice that it has a few of my favorites in it, but they are scenes you could easily watch a few times and move on to the next ones.

Scene One: Tanya and Rocco

Seems the family is having a big party and Tanya seems to be stressed a little and treats the maid, Asa like an idiot. But as soon as she leaves, there already seems to be something going on between Asa and Tommy. Rocco shows up at the door and wants to see Chanel, but Tanya seems to think he doesn’t have a chance. She invites him in and then decides there is only one way to solve this is to give him a going away present, as she pulls out his cock and begins to suck on it. She continues with a wet blowjob as she cradles his balls. She stands up and lets him play with her boobs, as she slips out of her dress. She takes a seat on the couch as he dives into her pussy with his tongue. He slides his cock in and works over her pussy, as she gives her a pussy a little extra attention with her hand. She then climbs that MILF booty on his cock and goes for a very energetic ride as her tits pound his face. She climbs off and goes back to choking and gagging on his cock and then gets it nice and wet before she hops back on for some reverse cowgirl action. We follow that up with some doggy action, as she once again gives her pussy a little helping hand, which both seem to help as she screams as she is about to cum. And speaking of cum, he pulls out and shoots his load in her mouth and on her tits.

Scene Two: Lily and Ryan

Victoria and Lily show up and then they get their mom all caught up on school and stuff, and as Victoria and Tanya are ready to head out to the mall, Tommy comes in and seems to think Tanya seems to be glowing. As soon as everyone goes their way, Lily gives a call and sneaks her man in and takes him to her room. He seems to be a little worried about them, she is off to college and he is worried he is going to lose her. And she starts to convince him with some kissing and stroking of his cock, and the looks she gives him too, all seem to put his worries to rest a little. She re-introduces his cock to her mouth, to help relieve his worries. She slips out of her clothes and lays on the bed and starts to rub her pussy, until he finally decides to dive in with his fingers and tongue. And after he applies some lube, he slides his cock into her pussy and begins to give it a work over. She gives her pussy a little help again, and tries her best to keep quiet so her dad doesn’t hear them. She goes back to some oral work before she climbs on top for some cowgirl action, as she wiggles and grinds her hips on his cock. She offers more oral attention, while she sits on his face and he gets to return the favor with her pussy. She slides forward and back on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action. I know they are supposed to be all happy to see each other, but they seem to be awkward and kind of makes the scene lose a little heat. It helps a little with Lily being in it. I’m trying to make the best out of bad situation in the long run. She does her best to keep him good for the scene, but he seems to have issues as she is bent over with her ass out for him. But they do have a great moment towards the end, but I see that was all just to get him excited enough to cum for her.

Scene Three: Victoria and Justin

Back with Tanya and Victoria, who gets a text and tells her mom one of her girlfriends wants to hang out. Well we see that was no girl that texted, but Justin and they have a little discussion about her tits, let’s just say they are really awesome. And speaking of awesome, she slowly slides opens his pants and gets his cock all nice and wet as she sucks and swallows his cock. She just proves that working a cock over nice and slow is just as sexy as going to town on it. He slides her shorts down and shows off her ass to the camera, as he grabs on tight and gives it a few slaps, while he spreads her pussy open with his fingers. She slowly climbs on top and slides his cock in her pussy and goes for a ride as he continues to play with her tits, which is something we would all be doing in that situation. She flips around and continues to ride him, as we get to watch those tits bounce. She continues to wiggle and grind her hips on his cock. He picks her up and sets her on the couch as she sticks out her booty for him and he is right back to working her pussy over with his cock. After some deep finger action, he slides his cock back in her pussy as she has her legs spread wide open for him. She grabs onto his legs and gives him a look, like you’ve just hit the spot and please don’t stop. And he hits one last spot as he pulls out and cums in her mouth.

Scene Four: Chanel and Barry

We are back with Tommy and he is yelling at Chanel cause she is making out with her boyfriend. He finally leaves the two love birds alone and they get right back to what they were doing with some heavy kissing and grinding. He plays with her boobs a bit and then gives her a few smacks on the ass, as she slides off her shorts. He slides her panties to the side and fingers her pussy before diving in with his tongue. He gets a little finger action in her ass, as she can’t seem to keep too quiet, must not be that concerned about her dad hearing her. She then gets on all fours and slides her way over to his cock, begging for it in her mouth. She gives it a nice work over and then she is bent over again, as they finger her pussy and ass some more. She stands up and then takes a seat on his cock for some anal action, as he gives her a good pounding. It doesn’t seem to take long for her ass to open up nice and wide for his cock. And we continue with some doggy action, as he continues to fuck her ass, with some great shots of her amazing legs, and some hair pulling to add a little heat to the scene. And even more as he bends her over the side of the couch as he continues to pound her ass wide open. She ends up on her back and gives him a look with those eyes as she waits for him to get back to fucking her ass. And finally he pulls out and cums in her mouth as the anal fest is coming to a close.

Scene Five: Asa and Tommy

Tommy finally finds a few minutes to relax and Asa comes in and after some chatting she realizes that no one else is around and she uses that as a chance to turn on the charm. She leans in and gives him a few kisses and then bends over and starts to rub his crotch through his pants. He is still a little unsure about all of this, but she continues anyway, as she opens his pants and begins to suck on his cock, swallowing all of it in her mouth. There is lots of gagging and spitting as she gives it a nice work over, and even a little face fucking too. She slips out of her clothes and takes a seat on the couch, as Tommy dives into her pussy with his fingers, which seems to leave her speechless. And he continues to so that even when he slides his cock in her pussy and gives it a go. She gives him some more oral love and then climbs on his cock and shakes and wiggles that ass as she rides him. Seems she may have gotten a nice little scratch on her butt cheek, but she is not going to let that stop her, ‘tis but a scratch. They follow that up with some 69 action, before she ends up back on top of his cock for some reverse cowgirl action, continuing to pound her pussy. And when they move to some doggy action, he seems to bring her to tears as he continues to fuck her pussy. That’s right Tommy, you show her how daddy does it in this household. And daddy likes to spread his cum all over the maid’s face.


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