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It's Okay! She's My Step Daughter 9

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 11/2/11

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

GENRE: Older Men, Widescreen, 18+ Teens

DIRECTOR: Uncredited

CAST: Victoria Lawson, Megan Foxx, Riley Reid, Krystal Banks, Izzi Ryder


LENGTH: 1 hr. 51 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Both the audio, and video in this DVD presentation are good. The audio is clear, and the DVD gives you the option to turn off/on music in each scene. The DVD is shot in HD, and it definitely shows in each individual scene. The scenes themselves are presented in a widescreen ratio/format.

OVERVIEW: This is a 4 scene DVD that spices things up with some fantasy stepdaughter roleplaying. Devil Film's really pushes each scene to the next level with their extremely hot roleplay scenarios. They give a disclaimer at the beginning of the DVD assuring the viewer that this is just a fantasy based DVD, and that the actors/actresses involved are of no relation. The sex is hardcore, and features some pretty serious dialogue related to stepfather, and stepdaughter relationships.



Scene 1: Izzi Ryder

I wasn't actually sure how far 'Devil's Films' would push the stepdaughter scenario, but after watching the first scene I have to say that it was really taken to the limits. The first scene features 'Izzi Ryder' who has her butt stuck up in the air as she reads a magazine on the living room sofa. As the stepfather begins walking down the stairs he notices the situation, and briefly debates on how he should confront his stepdaghter about the matter. As he talks to hisself he seems to have a good versus evil struggle going on. He eventually tries to do the right thing by telling Izzy that she shouldn't be dressed the way she is with her butt stuck up in the air, but she quickly seduces him into some rather taboo sex. There is a lot of talk from Izzi about her relationship with her stepdaddy as she engages him with oral, and penetrative sex. Izzy keeps bringing up how she's much better than her mom, and the stepdad seems to agree. The sex in the scene is really hot, and the two performers engage in doggystyle, missionary, and reverse cowgirl positions. The 'stepdad' ends up coming twice during the scene. Izzy tries to desperately get him hard for a third time, but abandons her efforts after she realizes it's useless. In the end I found the scene to be very enjoyable to watch. There was a little humor involved, but the fantasy sex overshadowed it.


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Scene 2: Victoria Lawson

This scene had a sort of twist to it, and some extremely hot sex. At the beginning of the scene the stepdad's friend (Kyle) was waiting at his house for him. He is fretting about the stepdad being late when Victoria Lawson casually walks into the kitchen where he's at wearing a t-shirt, and panties. You can immediately tell that Kyle is a very perverted fellow. He follows Victoria into a room where she is doing some stretching exercises, and stutters on about how pretty her stepdad said she was. Victoria responds by calling him pervert, and asking him about what her stedad has been saying at work about her. In an unsurprising turn of events Victoria undoes Kyles pants, and begins sucking his cock. No time after that the stepdad shows up acting somewhat shocked. It doesn't take long for Victoria, her stepdad, and Kyle to join in a very intense threesome. The three rather horny, and perverted characters engage in several different sexual positions (doggystyle, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary), and even show of their oral skills. In the end, after both men have came into Victoria's open mouth Kyle is let in on the fact that the stepdaughter and stepfather duo have set him up. I was very impressed by this scene. Everything about it was hot (besides Kyle's goofy antics). The ending double oral cumshot was really hot as well even though Victoria spit it all back out.



Scene 3: Krystal Banks & Riley Reid

In this scene 'Devil's Films' presents a new take on the stepdaughter threesome. Instead of two guys, and one girl there are two girls (Krystal Banks, Riley Reid) and one guy. When the scene opens up the stepdaughter, and her girlfriend are getting ready to go out to a halloween party. The stepdaughter chose to wear a really revealing bumblebee outfit, and the two girls knew the stepdad wouldn't let them go if he saw it. The girlfriend came up with a plan to distract the stepdad while the stepdaughter snuck out, but it ended up not working out so well. After the stepdad has a fatherly talk with the girls as to why he doesn't want his stepdaughter going out dressed like that the friend seduces him, and the threesome begins. There is a lot of unecessary moaning as the stepdaughter, stepfather, and girlfriend get it on in the living room area. There are a lot of different positions performed, but mainly just missionary and variations of the missionary position. There wasn't much talk about the stepfather, and stepdaughter relationship due to the excessive moaning from the threesome. The scene also seemed to drag on a little too long. In the end I thought the scene was just ok. The sex was hot, but should have ended quicker.



Scene 4: Megan Foxx

Megan Foxx plays the role of a stepdaughter who always gets her way. In this scene she heckles her stepdad about how he is mooching off of her mom, and how he doesn't have a job. After talking on the phone to her friend Megan decides she is going to blackmail her stepfather. She tells him that if he doesn't let her see what makes her mother like him so much she will rat him out for touching her ass. The stepfather hesitates a bit, but when he realizes his stepdaughter is for real he gives in. The scene is really drawn out with a lot of repetative sex. It seems that the guy playing the part of the stepfather just couldn't get his jollies off after having sex with Megan for a ridiculously long time. The two performers also look towards the camera at times as if they were recieving instructions. To be honest they both seemed a little inexperienced in this sort of thing. At one point I heard the cameraman actually speak out telling them to move in a different position. This was truly one poorly shot scene, and it brought the quality of the DVD down immensely. The only thing good about the scene was the ending oral cumshot, but it took a heck of a long time to get to that point.



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When I first began watching this DVD (the first two scenes) I was like "Wow! This is going to be the first Devil's Film DVD to ever recieve an Xcritic Pick rating from me!", but sadly it did not turn out to be so. The first two scenes definitely had that 'WOW!' factor going on. The sex was amazing, and the performers portrayed the stepdaughter fantasy in a really exciting way. At scene three things seemd to go downhill a bit. In scene three the constant, and excessive moaning from the threesome grew quite annoying. The scene itself also seemed to drag on for too long. When scene four came around it was horrible. The performance for that scene was the most poorly excuted waste of DVD space that I have seen yet. The two performers just didn't seem to have their shit together in that scene. The fact that the cameraman had to speak out during the scene just ruined the entire experience. It wasn't cool. After considering all of those things I'm gonna have to say that this DVD is only worth a rent. The first two scenes definitely warrant that rating.


Final Rating: Rent It.


"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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