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Studio: Evil Angel » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 11/9/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Directed by Bruce Seven in the late eighties and released on VHS, the same format it appears to have been shot on, Ghost Lusters returns from the dead on DVD as part of Evil Angel’s Bruce Seven Classic’s line – whether you want it or not. This all girl feature has got all of the staples that the adult film industry was known for at the time – big hair, bad acting, horrible music, equally awful fashions and dirt cheap production values, but there’s at least some semblance of a story here and as ridiculous as it all is, some of the sex is pretty hot.

The story, such as it is, follows our two lead starlets, Paris and Bionca, who are about to start shooting their latest and greatest porno movie on a set made up to look like some sort of haunted house. All of this would be fine except for the fact that Paris is certain that the ghost of a performer who died still haunts this very set for some reason – that ghost would be Tianna. At any rate, Bionca decides to put Paris at ease by…

Scene 1 –Bionca And Victoria Paris : … licking her snatch! Ms. Paris goes down like a champ and when her tongue gets tired uses not only her fingers but a bunch of conveniently placed sex toys. This is a porno movie set after all, so it stands to reason that there’d be a dildo or seven laying around. Victoria gives as good as she gets and this turns into a pretty raunchy session between the two big haired beauties. There’s also a lot of rim job action and ass licking in this scene before the girls start to get into the anal penetration vibe, thanks to those aforementioned sex toys.

Scene 2 – Bionca And Cheri Taylor: Once Bionca has put Victoria Paris at ease, she heads over to talk to Cheri and her giant sand bag style fake tits. While they’re getting to know one another, the ghost appears! The girls decide the best course of action would be to try and capture the ghost but as neither one of them really have even half a clue as to how to go about doing that, well, they decide to fuck each other instead. Again, Bionca takes the lead here and is the aggressor but soon enough Cheri is in the swing of things. Her fake tits are horrible looking, however, even by the admittedly low standards of the late 80s/early 90s shot on VHS porno movie scene. It’s easy to appreciate the energy and enthusiasm that the two ladies show here, however.

Scene 3 – Tianna: While those two are muff diving and cunt grinding, Tianna decides to take matters into her own hands and diddle herself as she watches them go at it. Once they finish, Tianna decides to keep at it and diddles herself some more. If you like Tianna, you’ll like this scene as she definitely finds her special place and goes for it in this scene.

Scene 4 – Bionca, Tianna And Victoria Paris: Somehow Tianna manages to manifest herself into a physical being and decides to get in on the action inside the house. In the room where she finds Binoca and Victoria hanging out has an exercise bike in it and the girls decide to make good use of that to get themselves in the mood. From there the usual girl on girl on girl action goes down, with each lady spreading and getting spread, lots of darting tongues and fingers here and some surprisingly sexy hot wax play thanks to the presence of a conveniently placed candle. Everyone leaves candles in their exercise rooms, right? Inside their haunted porno movie house sets? I can’t be the only one… at any rate, this scene is hot, big hair or not, and it’s nice to see the girls just really go for it here and cut loose, getting a little kinkier than they have in the earlier scenes, particularly once Victoria gets hung upside down and taken advantage of, looking all vulnerable and sexy and leaving nothing to the imagination.

Scene 5 – Lauren Hall And Tianna: With the plot now more or less having been tossed out the window we get a quick moment alone with these two starlets, but this scene brings nothing of interest to the movie, really. It’s quick and not all that hot, in fact it seems very rushed, but hey, pussy licking is pussy licking so there’s that. It’s only real purpose, however, seems to be to set up the big finale…

Scene 6 – Bionca, Cheri Taylor, Lauren Hall, Renee Foxx, Tianna And Victoria Paris: ….which is the final ALL HANDS ON DECK all girl orgy. We all knew it was coming to this and it’s not a bad conclusion but the film has spent its load by this point – where two scenes ago it was scorching hot and plenty involving, here it’s starting to feel a bit played out and we’re only at the seventy minute mark or so (this feature runs just about eighty minutes – remember when porno movies didn’t have to run three hours?). But hey, it gives you what you want out of a movie like this, and that’s to see each and every one of these ridiculously dated looking super sluts getting down and dirty and sparing no one in the process.



The fullframe shot on video production looks about average for a late eighties feature. Detail is soft in some scenes but everything is perfectly watchable even if the transfer is interlaced. It’s hard not to notice the tape roll indicating the VHS origins of the film on the bottom of the screen, but when you consider that this is an almost twenty year old camcorder production, the quality is perfectly acceptable.


The English language Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track is on par with the video in that its low –fi origins are painfully obvious. That said, the dialogue is easy to understand and not at all hard to follow and the goofy score comes through with enough clarity to matter. Far from reference quality, the movie sounds alright.


Supplements are pretty slim on this release, consisting of a still gallery, a cast list, biographies for a few of the performers, a web-link, and trailers for a few unrelated Evil Angel movies. Scene selection and animated menus are also included.

Final Thoughts:

Ghost Lusters is not the Ghost Busters parody that you might think it is but it does work a supernatural angle into its fairly typical all girl action… sort of. The story here is flaccid, let’s face it. The sex, however, is actually pretty hot and if the VHS sourced transfer will probably never look or sound any better than it does here, well, you can’t polish a turd, right? The girls are having fun here for the most part and so will you. So long as you’ve got a predisposed affinity for porn of this era, you can consider this one recommended – it’s steamy, sexy, and just as importantly, it’s fun.

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