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eDating Exposed

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 11/12/11

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

EDating Exposed
Wicked Pictures
Directed by Edwin Lee
Running Time: 1hr and 52min
Type: Docu-Drama/Couples


Ash Hollywood
Jessie Andrews
Bailey Bam
Madison Fox
Mia Valentine
Victoria Lawson
Chris Strokes
Jordan James
Michael Vegas
Ramon Nomar
Ryan McLane

Special Features:

Bonus Sex Scene with Ash Hollywood and Michael Vegas from Teachers Pet (18 minute scene)
Jessie Cam Exposed - about 9 minutes of BTS, interviews and all around craziness from the set, with Jessie behind the camera, plus some outakes and plenty of shoe/feet shots for you foot fans
Trailers (2 from the Jessica Drake series before main menu) plus 7 more to choose from in special features menu
Photo Gallery

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Motion Menus

Technical Specs:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 384 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So once again, it’s review time, and we have another title from Wicked Pictures, and I have been on a streak of good movies. So we have this movie, which stars(in a non-sex role) the up and coming Jessie Andrews as a girl who is working on a project about social networking and online dating. It’s far from a real documentary and I don’t think it’s supposed to be taken that way.

But what follows is some rather blah (very awkward sometimes, and takes you out of the action, just as you think it’s going to get good) sex scenes with nothing really that spectacular to talk about in the end. For those wanting to see Jessie in action, pass this title over, she is just there to film, ask questions and give a helping hand now and then, and that’s it. I was kind of hoping she would have jumped in at least one of the pairings, but was left without that.

But there was a decent amount of special features, and some great audio/video quality, but that is pretty much always a positive when it comes to Wicked films.

So even though this gets some great scores on those aspects, I am going to give this a SKIP IT rating. I have still faith in the fine folks at Wicked, and I know I have a few more of their movies to look forward to, so hopefully they will be in the right direction.

Scene One: Victoria and Ramon

After a long introduction with some facts about social networking, we see that Jessie is going to follow a group of people as they try to meet people online. She meets her first person at a coffee shop, and we get her story and then Ramon shows up for their first date together. Jessie interviews them about setting up the date and stuff. She convinces them to come back to her place, cause that is where the camera is, so they take a seat on the couch as the interview continues. It seems that they have some good chemistry as the kiss and get a little touchy feely, and then the clothes start to come off. Jessie can’t keep her hands off him either. She continues to direct the two as the get naked for each other. And when she starts working on his cock, Jessie once again gives a helping hand with his balls, and then lets him know he should go down on her. So he licks, pinches and fingers her pussy, as Jessie leaves to get some supplies for them. But before she even gets back, she is bent over for some doggy action. After some nice pussy pounding, she sits on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action as she really seems to be getting into it. If this is how first dates are supposed to go in online dating, I think I am visiting the wrong sites. She continues to show some great energy as he lays on the couch and she climbs aboard and continues to bounce that booty on his cock. But to really impress her, he picks her up as she continues to hop on his cock. Jessie finally comes back and interrupts a little and then they are right back to fucking. We get to see footage from Jessie’s camera throughout the scene too, but she seems to be more interested in the up close and personal shots. He pulls out and cums on her stomach and it seems this first date was a huge success.

Scene Two: Mia and Michael

Next up is Michael, and he tells both good and bad stories about his dating past. And after the success with a current girl, he agrees to help her out. They have another date and she visits them afterwards, asking more questions about social networking and online dating. It seems she has always wanted to be filmed on camera, so I guess Jessie is helping her out. So more kissing and then things get turned up, as he starts to suck on her tits and once again, Jessie seems to get a little involved. After slipping off her underwear, he dives into her pussy, while Jessie licks her tits, she seems to be a little more adventurous this scene. Michael says he likes to give oral and the way he is licking her pussy, you can see why. She gets Michael on the couch and slides off his pants and immediately after seeing his cock, she is working it over with her mouth and hands. She helps slide the condom on his cock and then he lays her down on the couch and teases her a little before sliding it in her pussy. Jessie gives a helping hand to her pussy, while Michael continues to fuck her on the couch. She directs them to some cowgirl action so she can watch her booty, and then grabs on to Michael’s balls while he fucks her. After some kissing between the girls, Michael attacks her from behind for some doggy action. She cums for him and then begs for him to cum on her ass, which after some hard pounding, he does as he covers her butt cheek in cum.

Scene Three: Madison and Jordan

Next up she is meeting another guy, who has set up a date and seems to think that social networking is the way to go. Jessie realizes that his date is nearby and doesn’t like what she sees, so she takes off. Poor guy. So onto the next person, he meets another girl and it seems that these two have had some hot sexting action between the two. So after offering some dessert, they head back to Jessie’s place, to continue the interviews. It seems she has some strawberries and some cream, and she seems to dive in while they continue to tell Jessie what they look for in a potential date. But not too far into the interview and the clothes start to come off, and so begins the whip cream action, once again with a little help from Jessie. She ends up laying on the counter, as he kisses and plays with her pussy. After some directing from Jessie, she is on her knees returning the favor as she works over his cock. This is the first time I think I can say that they actually show the condoms being put on, most of the time they just magically appear. So now that he is wrapped up, she lays back on the counter and he begins to fuck her pussy, while Jessie offers a helping hand once again. She walks into the next room and brings in a chair and leans over for some doggy action. After some action on the floor, he lays on the counter as she goes to town on his cock until he explodes for her.

Scene Four: Bailey and Ryan

Next up, is Jessie’s roommate and it seems she has been checking out some old classmates, and they eventually meet at the coffee place and then they sit down for some interviews and stuff. He offers to go to his place, he just a new pool table. So they head over and play some pool action, and he gives her some advice and to thank him for it, they start kissing and then off comes her shirt. Wow, that was fast, as she is naked and on the pool table as he dives in and licks her pussy. And as he gets naked and joins her on the pool table, she leans over and begins to work him over, while he plays with her pussy. Jessie once again directs them and continues to have a interview while they are fucking. He gets wrapped up, Jessie is there to help and then she climbs on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action, while Jessie continues to film them. They seem to vary their positions as they try to find something that works out. This guy really should have been in the Nightmare on Elm Street parody, cause he really looks like Robert England. She jerks him off, as Jessie gives her some tips, and he finally cums for her.

Scene Five: Ash and Chris

So next up is Ash, who is a nurse and is into the one night stand. So she meets Ash and her date and continues with an interview, and Jessie helps out with a game, involving dice. Although I am sure they don’t really need a game, they just want to fuck. And after we find out that he is not wearing any underwear, she tells Ash to what feels natural, so she leans over and sucks on his cock and balls, which seems to be a common thing during this movie. He wants to see her naked, so he helps her out on her bra and panties. He seems to boss her around a bit and she doesn’t seem to mind it. Jessie once agains helps out a bit, but I am starting to think that she is not going to get more involved. He is really into her ass, so convinces her to bend over on the couch as he dives into her ass and pussy. He gets wrapped and lubed up by Ash, and then she climbs on his cock for some cowgirl action. And after some adjustments, they continue with some doggy action, which seems to have some issues, as they try and find a good position for her. And after some spoon action and some begging from Ash, he pulls out and cums on her pussy.


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