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Mom's Cuckold 7

Studio: Reality Junkies » Review by BBC Lover » Review Date: 11/16/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Cuckolding, Interracial, Straight

Camryn Cross, Amanda Blow, Sienna West, Nina Hartley, Bobbi Starr, Sledge Hammer, Tyler Knight, Jon Jon, Nathan Threat. Non Sex Roles (husbands): Jimmy Broadway, Gabriel Dalessandro, Johnny Fender, Eric Jover, and Chad Diamond.

Director: Bobby Manila
Length: 2 hours 15 minutes
Date of Production:  May 3, 4, 8, 9, 2011

CumShots:  I like how the cumshots start with Bobbi Starr saying "cum on my pussy" then it has a recap of all the cumshots from all the scenes supplied.

Behind the Scenes:  All the ladies in the video are Interviewed about their scene, their co-stars and cuckolding in general.  By far the best Interview was Nina Hartley who really knows how to discuss a scene and review the "performance".  Overall all the ladies had a nice Interview and none seemed shy or not interested in the discussion.

Trailers:  Almost six minutes of trailers from their other DVD titles.

SlideShow:  Solo Gallery of the Female Stars

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video Quality:

Audio overall was fine.  Few times it seems the scenes started out low but once into action it was fine.

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Wikipedia says "cuckolding" is  "In modern terms, a cuckold can also mean a male fetishist who gains sexual gratification from watching his partner have intercourse with other people or having a wife who dates other men, often with the husband's approval. "  Urban Dictionary says "A sexually inadequate husband who accepts his wife's pussy is her solely property and she alone decides which men she will fuck,even if it means denying her husband. His only access to her pussy is to clean it of the ejaculate of males she chooses to fuck." In these scenes the Black Gentlman portray the "bull" which is the man being used for sexual release.

Scene One:  Bobbi Starr

Her husband has cooked  a nice Anniversary Dinner.  Immediately Bobbi comes off as dissatisfied, angry and her co-star as the submissive husband.  Next thing you know Sledge Hammer shows up and they begin making out.  Bobbi begins ordering him around as any dissatisfied wife would.  I like how Bobbi defines the role of the bull vs. the cuckold.  Using terms like "real man" "your tiny white meat" and making him look at the black cock.  The best oral part is when she is gagging on his very thick cock and demands her husband to lay down on the floor as she spits in his mouth and slaps his chest.  One disappointing thing is that Sledge never truly gets hard during the oral.  First position is standing as she has one leg on the table.  I will say the "cuckolds" voice is a bit distracting but Bobbi really controls the scene with her vocal humiliation of him.  The entire position the husband cuckold is laying on the floor looking up as his wife gets fucked and hears her compare their size.  Second position Sledge is sitting on the chair and she rides him reverse and uses her husbands back as a stool.  I really liked when she demands him to tell Sledge to "fuck her harder".  From there she faces him and rides him more on the chair as she continues her good vocals.  She even at one point stands on his chest while sucking that black cock.  One of the best positions is while she is sitting on the chair getting fucked he is worshipping her bare feet, lots of great stuff for those foot fetish fans.  Scene ends with Sledge cumming on her hairy pussy and the cuckold cleaning it up. 

Scene Two: Sienna West

Scene opens up as Sienna is trying on bathing suites for a vacation too Mexico.  From the start Gabriel (husband)l is much more vocal then Sledge Hammer was in Scene 1.  Acting is kinda bad as they are setting up the scene.  Knock on the door and enters her black stud Tyler Knight.  Sienna gets on her knees and begins sucking his cock as Gabrielle watches in disbelief.  Scene 1 had no pussy eating so you will like the fact that this scene opens up with her stud eating her out as she lays on her husbands lap.  I do like that the male co-star is vocal and also demanding of the cuckold in the scene.  At one point having her husband, played by Gabrielle, spread her cheeks open as she is riding him.  What is really hot is when she is getting rimmed by the husband and fucked at the same time.  Second position is reverse cowgirl while Gabrielle rubs her clit.  In this scene the cuckold husband does get naked and stroke himself while watching the sex.  He also gets to lick her pussy while she is penetrated!  One hot position is Gabrielle laying on his back as Sienna lays on top of him while she is getting fucked.  Throughout the scene her stud is always rock hard and vocal.  For the cumshot they both get close to his cock as she shakes the cum all over each others face. 

Scene Three: Nina Hartley

The couple are sitting on the couch watching movies when Nina grabs the phone and calls over a "friend" played by Jon Jon.  You can tell what a Veteran Nina is as the acting isnt forced and all seems natural.  There is lots of foreplay and sensual grinding before the oral begins.  Nina backs her ass up against her studs body while he plays with her ass and the husband watches.  Orally Nina puts on a show .  She really knows how to get a dick hard from licking it soft, stroking it as she sucks it too gagging on it.  She takes off her panties and puts it in her husbands mouth.  Her husband is playing with his cock while she is getting fucked doggie style on the couch.  Second position they go to her standing up as she reaches  back to play with his large black cock going in and out of her pussy.  If you are a Nina fan you will enjoy this as their are plenty of positins of which she is fucked in. While the first two ladies were very forceful with their husbands Nina plays more of a sensual role with him.  When Nina has an orgasm you can tell how good it really is by her genuine reaction.  I think one thing that hurts this great scene with Nina's amazing fucking abilities is the moments of trying to be funny with the accessive jokes about popcorn and use of the popcorn.  With some amazing fucking it ends with Nina taking his cum all over her tongue.  The "husband" in this scene made the scene almost hard to watch and more of a comedy than porn.  Thank goodness for Nina and her amazing orgasms.  I dont understand why the husband ever got naked as all he did was just stroke himself.

Scene Four: Camryn Cross

Camryn is doing laundry when her husband played by Eric Glover notices that some underwear isnt his and belongs to Nathan Threat (her black stud).  Camryn starts giving Nathan head while Eric watches as his cock swells in her mouth.  At this point in the movie Nathan probably has the longest cock and the contrast of his dark cock in her pale mouth really is hot.  Again I like how the comments keep reminding the viewer of what type of video this is.  As she gets naked Nathan begins to lick her and suck her breast.  Camryn lays back as Nathan begins to lick her clit.  Eric actually holds her leg back so she is spread wide for his tongue.  First position he is fucking her missionary and she really takes it deep and as he fucks her deeper she gets louder with comments like "its so fucking big".  Again like with Nina when she has her orgasm you as the viewer can almost feel like you are there.  Next she does some reverse cowgirl while getting some good worship.  Her husband licks her feet all the way up to her knee while Nathan's cock pumps in and out of her.  You can tell she is enjoying the scene because everytime his cock comes out it is more and more wet.  When he is fucking her doggie she demands Eric to lick her wet arm pits.  Here is one moment that the comedy gets lost when Eric says to her "thanks for helping her loose weight" and she has a nervous giggle and says "like I need to loose weight".  Just not funny and ruined the focus of this very large black cock fucking her.  She then takes a true pounding as Nathan is fucking her in the spooning position and then begins kissing her.  Scene ends with the husband never getting naked and her taking his creamy cum all over her mouth.

Scene Five:  Amanda Blow

Amanda's husband walks in on her wife masturbating to what he thinks is porn when her stud walks out of the closet with a erect large black cock.  She hands her husband the camera and tells him to record as the stud shoves not only his fingers in her mouth but his very hard cock.  Amanda gives a really good bj as she takes it deep and gags on it.  She continues to demand him to record as she kisses her stud and services him.  I like how this stud looks her directly in the eyes as he talks dirty to her.  If you like a good bj then Amanda Blow earns the name as she really lets him throat fuck her.  At one point she is laying on her side while he is pushing his cock deep in her mouth.  First position is missionary and the talk between her and her husband arguing about whats happening actually seemed genuine compared to just bad comedy acting.  During missionary the stud grabs her waist and beings to really fuck her before switching her back to sucking his cock.  Good degrading moment is when she says "If you don't shut up I'm going to make you suck his cock".  From this oral position they then go to her riding him cowgirl and she is really riding him.  Lighting could be a bit better during this position so you really could see what you hear which is his cock beating against her pussy.  She then returns back to giving him a blowjob and lots of ball licking as the stud lays back and enjoys more oral.  Another hot position as he spoons her and is going deep in her.  At this point both of them are sweating alot and the climax is building as to what you know will be a good cum shot.  Again back to her giving him some head.  I like how after every position she is back to sucking on his dick.  Throughout the video her husband has continued to hold the camera and do as told.  Final position has her begging for his cum while he is fucking her doggie style.  I like how she whimpers "I'm thirsty" as her stud builds up her drink.  Her dirty talk is amazing as she jumps on her knees and gets a big facial. (Biggest cum shot of the video). 


Final Thoughts:

As a big fan of BBC and the acts of "cuckolding" I would say that overall each scene had some good moments of what would go on in a relationship with a submissive husband and horny wife.  Bobbi Starr gives the best verbal performance with her amazing verbal abilities and control of the issue.  If she had been paired with a better male talent for the stud part it would have been the best scene of the DVD.  The most genuine and realistic orgasms go too Legend Nina Hartley who helps the viewer appreciate the multiple orgasms she has.  The best scene I enjoyed which had some good intense fucking would be Camryn Cross and Nathan followed by Amanda Blow and her stud.  She not only took this really large cock but she seemed to be enjoying it and the positions were held long enough so the viewer could also enjoy it.  The best stud who really gave a good fucking to his co-star was toss up between Nathan Threat and Julius with the edging going to Nathan Threat.  I think what took this DVD from highly recommend to just recommend was the "comedy" aspect of it.  I know what the Director was going for but it was almost corny and distracting at points.  Some of the jokes were delivered at awkward moments or just weren't funny.  All the scenes have some good fucking positions and some extra fetish related moments like foot worship.  Whether a fan of Interracial or the cuckolding experience or just some good sex then I RECOMMEND this DVD.

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