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Rogue Adventures 37

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by BBC Lover » Review Date: 11/17/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Joey Silvera

Eva Lin, Vaniity, Courtney Taylor, Aly Sinclair, Brittany St. Jordan, Amy Daly, Genesis, Vin Deacon, Gabriel

Length:  3 hours 8 minutes

Date of Production: 

Cumshot Recap, EvilAngel Website Preview

Special Features: Photo Galleries: Cast List: Filmographies, Websites

Condoms: No except for one scene!

Audio/Video Quality: 

Visually the lighting is perfection and showcases each scene beautifully.  There is one audio issue at the main beginning during Eva Lin's solo her words and voice are off but quickly cuts to another angle and is o.k. 

Wikipedia syas "Transgender is the state of one's "gender identity" (self-identification as woman, man, neither or both) not matching one's "assigned sex" (identification by others as male, female or intersex based on physical/genetic sex).[1] "Transgender" does not imply any specific form of sexual orientation; transgender people may identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, or asexual; some may consider conventional sexual orientation labels inadequate or inapplicable to them. Transsexual Porn is one of the largest Straight Speciality selling genre's."

  Vaniity was the first TS to win AVN TS Peformer of the Year in 2004. 

Websites of these Ladies:

Vaniity: www.club-vaniity.net, Aly Sinclair www.alysinclair.com, Amy Daly www.amydaly.com, Brittany St. Jordan www.brittanystjordan.com


Scene One: Eva Lin Solo

Scene opens up with the very passable Phillipino Transsexual Woman Eva Link in the park discussing how she wants to be gangbanged and loves big cocks.  Joey behind the camera seems excited as he tells her how much he can't wait to shoot her.  The scene opens up with an extreme close-up of her rubbing her bulge tucked neatly in her panties.  Beautiful lighting begins to highlight her long fishnet covered legs as she strokes her uncut cock and moans.  Cut to a great close-up of her licking and sucking a tear dropped shape glass dildo and inserting it into her perfectly puckered asshole.  Apparently she wants more as we cut to a pink vibrating dildo.  From her perfectly manicured french nails to the aggressive thrusting of her dildo into her ass you can't but enjoy watching her asshole gape.  Eva continues to give a great solo performance as she remains hard, moans and talks dirty and looks amazing doing it.  After some nice dildo action the viewer gets a nice angle over her shoulder as she strokes her cock and her perfect sweaty glazed breast shine and bounce.  Eva sits and strokers herself off and cum's all over her stomach.

Scene Two: Vaniity

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Stepping out of her limo in beautiful gold heels she tells her Limo driver that she is horny and he has to give her some sex.  Limo Driver played by Vin Deacon immediately gets on his knees and begins to suck her cock through her fishnet hose.  Erect and happy to oblige Vaniity shoves his bald head deep down on her cock as he gags and spits. The oral is aggressive and she makes him gag several times before he gets to rim her asshole.  Vaniity looks amazing in doggie style as Vin pulls back her cock and strokes it while rimming her deep and forceful.  From the moans you can tell she is enjoying herself and from his hard cock he is too.  Vaniity decides to return the favor and put him in the same position and rim his perfectly round ass as she strokes her erect cock.  The chemistry between these two is amazing and very spirited.  After getting his ass nice and wet she begins to fuck him doggie.  Vaniity really enjoys his ass as she begins to place four fingers in his ass and finger fuck him before fucking him in the spooning position next.  Vin remains erect as she slams her cock balls deep into his ass.  Finally it's her turn to get fucked as he gets into doggie and he begins to fuck her and talk dirty to her.  After some mutual fucking he sits back and licks her balls.  They then move to him laying back with his legs pulled back as she strokes and he does too while getting his balls sucked on and fingered.  Both have enjoyable cumshots.

Scene Three: Courtney Taylor and Aly Sinclair

Opens with Female Pornstar Courtney Taylor teasing the camera with her long orange nails going across her shapely ass and tits.  In the background Aly is already hard and playing with her cock.  She is led on a leash by Courtney to the couch where Courtney begins sucking her thick cock.  Aly is grateful for the chance to be with Courtney and they both express it.  Visually Courtney's long orange nails wrapped around Aly's cock is stimulating and hot.  You see Joey's hand come from behind the camera to force Courtney's mouth all the way down on her cock.  Chemistry is great as they kiss and fondle each other with lots of foreplay and dirty talk.  Courtney then demands Aly to get inot doggie style as she flogs her ass.  Courtney is wearing a large strap-on and is teasing Aly's ass with her hands and the flogger.  Aly's ass becomes red from all the slapping and flogging and she seems to enjoy it as does Joey from behind the camera.  Courtney then rewards Aly's ass with some spit and rimming.  Courtney then lies back as Aly really spits and gags on her dildo.  At this point Aly's dramatic eye makeup is beginning to run from her beautiful eyes.  First position is Aly back in doggie as Courtney stands fucking her with her large dildo.  Aly looks back at Courtney with excitement and exctasy.  When they move to spooning it's hot to see Aly erect and pre-cumming while getting fucked deep.  Time for more ass slapping before Courtney has her beg to fuck her pussy.  Courtney spits on her cock and strokes it hard while teasing Aly more.  Courtney then begins to ride here cowgirl while Aly sucks on her breast.  Even though Courtney is getting fucked she never let's Aly have control or know her place.  From there Courtney lies back while holding onto Aly's leash and gets fucked missionary.  Courtney moans as does Aly the deeper she plunges her shemale cock into her pussy.  I like how the next position showcases Aly's head teasing Courtney in doggie.  Courtney reaches back and holds her ass open for Aly to fill her up.  She moans with comments like "oh yes it feels good" and "oh yes fuck me".  Aly really gives her the best fuck positon at this point of the DVD when she grabs both of Courtneys arms and begins to slam her fast and hard.  Courtney then decides its time to tease Aly more so she puts a silver butt plug in Aly's ass and begins to stroke her off.  Aly pinches her own nipples as Courtney gives her a wet hand job till she explodes. 

Scene Four:  Amy Daly and Brittany St. Jordan

Dressed in school girl attire and kissing opens up the scene.  As they kiss they fondle and get undressed.  Brittany is a tall slinder tattoed TS as Amy looks like the "girl next door".  Immediately Amy is stroking Brittany's growing cock.  Amy completely naked except her tie around her kneck begins to get serviced by Brittany. Amy has a thick cock and it grows as Brittany services her and fucks her ass with a glass dildo.  Time for Brittany to receive a dildo in her ass and she begs Amy for it "give me that fucking cock".  Amy fucks her fast and hard with the dildo as Brittany's cock stands erect.  Amy then bends over in doggie with her back arched perfectly so Brittany can rim her and get that ass ready for her cock.  Brittany then fucks her in doggie and on her side.  After being fucked Amy lubes her thick cock up and strokes it.  Brittany's positon to cum is visually hot.  She is sitting on the couch while Amy is laying on her back on the floor looking up at her cock.  She jacks off and then cums in Amys mouth. 

Scene Five: Eva Lin Hardcore (Condom)

Eva is back paired with Gabriel.  She is licking his nipples while he is playing with her large breast.  She pulls down his pants so she can begin playing with his cock.  Next thing you know she forces him to bend over and begins fingering his ass.  She then lays back as he sucks on her cock.  She is really forceful with him and demands for good oral service.  After a bit of oral he is back in doggie and she has a large dildo.  She lubes up his smooth ass, fingers it and then begins to toy fuck his ass.  Gabriel is a good bottom and takes the toy and her cock with enjoyment and ease.  While fucking him doggie she pulls back his head and slaps his ass.  The camera at this point focuses alot on her cock going in and out of his ass.  She fucks him missionary and then they change to some mutual oral.  I will say that Eva did not look comfortable being the person in control or as the top.  However the moment she was sucking his cock and getting her ass finger fucked and slapped she began to shine.  He then warms her ass up with a glass anal bead toy while stroking her cock.  The deaper he gets the lounder she moans.  I will say he fucked her the hardest I've seen in a very long time with the toy.  Fast and furious in her ass with the toy!  Several positions of her getting fucked begin from doggie too missionary but the hottiest is when she is on her knees bent over in doggie with her chest to the couch and Gabriel gets up on his legs behinding over her back and fucks her hard and deep.  Watching him boucne up and down as he slams his meat into her is hot and visually stimulating.  He then lays down as she rides him.  Eva has a nice ass and it looks great bouncing on his cock.  Eva takes a big facial!

Scene Six: Genesis

Genesis is a tall Ebony Transsexual dressed in white fishnets and panties with a school girl skirt.  Gabriel is in a suit and they are on a roof top as she dances around for the camera.  Genesis has a nice ass and the camera man really is showcasing that.  Scene opens up with some heaving petting and kissing inside.  When they both are naked the white fishnets really look hot against her dark skin.  Genesis has a large and thick cock and enjoys her breast being sucked on while stroked at the same time.  Gabriel then begins to suck her cock, vice versa.  At this point Genesis hasnt really spoke much or made any sounds.  First moans we hear is from Gabriel as he is getting rimmed and stroking himself.  Gabriel takes her cock missinoary before bending her over in doggie.  Again while being fucked she doesn't moan, speak or do anything.  After some very boring positons and poor chemistry she takes a facial and the scene ends.  (This scene should have been Bonus Content as it took the quality of all the hot scenes  before down).


Final Thoughts:

No doubt that Joey is an amazing Director and Producer of any genre of Porn but his pulse on what Transsexual admirers want is simply amazing.  This DVD has many great elements that were common throughout the entire DVD.  I liked how toys were used as foreplay, kissing and petting were common and the Production values were top notch.  The best scene of the DVD is Courtney Taylor and Aly Sinclair.  This scene gave you good chemistry, good mutual fucking. slopping bj's and two amazing actresses.  I will say that Eva Lin's solo was everything a good solo should be.  She kept an erection, kept talking and took those toys like a pro.  What keeps this DVD from a highly recommend compared to recommend is the awkward part of Eva being a top which just didn't seem natural to her and the final scene.  Genesis final scene had no chemistry, she didn't seem to enjoy it and I really couldnt wait for it to be over so I could write the review.  The other scenes were strong and showcased beautiful Transsexual women enjoy sex.  Brittany, Amy and Vaniity were sollid performers thus giving this DVD a RECOMMEND status.

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