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Teens For Cash Vol. 22

Studio: Pink Visual Productions » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 11/20/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Gonzo, 18+ Teens, College

Director: ??

Cast: Alisha K., Ashley Nykole, Faith Daniels, Laila Mason

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality were both excellent.

Length: 1 hours, 55 minutes

Release Date: 11/14/11

Extras: Extras included a bonus scene, 2 stripteases, DVD trailers, slideshow and PV mobile

Condoms: No

Overview: One of my all-time favorite series is back. I always look forward to watching a new entry in this series, where older guys (or should we say old guys) manage to pick up a teen, usually in financial dire straights, get them back to their place, offer the girls money and voila, they become Teens For Cash. I hope it’s this easy picking up teen chicks when I get that old.

Scene 1 Faith Daniels, Rod Fontana, Dick Nasty

Faith needs money for her bus ticket back home.  She meets geezers Rod and Dick who offer her cash if she goes back to their place. She obliges but very reluctantly. She clearly doesn’t want to be there, sitting next to these two old farts, but isn’t above accepting cash to remove her top or her shorts. Faith has a nicely shaped body, with hints of baby fat you’d see on any 18-year-old girl. The guys feel her up and offer her cash to blow them. She so doesn’t want to but she relents. Cash is a pretty convincing factor for her. More cash is offered in exchange for fucking her, and as much as she doesn’t want them touching her, Faith says yes. The sour look on her face never leaves but the geezers fuck her pretty good enough to leave Faith pretty satisfied and a few hundred bucks—the most money she’s ever seen—richer.

Scene 2 Alisha K, Rod Fontana, Dick Nasty

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Alisha is also having trouble coming up with cash so Rod and Dick offer to help. Alisha sits between the two geezers rather uncomfortably but eventually relaxes. The sight of cold hard cash does wonders for that. Alisha is offered a few hundred just for a blow and bang, a small amount but Alisha is desperate. If all she has to do is to let a couple of old guys grab her tits, lick her pussy, suck them off and get fucked in various positions, that’s worth the shame of having to be a teen for cash. Alisha even lets the guys cum on her face before they make it rain cash all over her.

Scene 3 Abby Nykole, Dirty Harry

Abby is applying for a job to be a caretaker for Harry and his much older friend. Abby is asked if she will do whatever it takes to make them feel comfortable. When she’s asked if she’ll remove her top for a few bucks, she excitedly removes it. Heck, for a few more bucks she’ll get totally naked. What will she do for a few hundred? Let’s just say Abby is willing to exploit herself sexually to these geezers. She seems excited that this is basically the job—show up, fuck them, get paid in cash. Hey, when you’re a broke preety young girl, why would you turn that arrangement down? Abby is so energetic and clearly loves the attention. She definitely enjoys getting fucked and the guys manage to fuck her good, good enough to have her come back to give them the same kind of treatment.

Scene 4 Laila Mason, Rod Fontana, Dick Nasty

Laila is back to the house she grew up in and finds Dick and Rod are now stinking up the place. They let her come inside to see the place, then offer her some cash so they can check her out. If there were ever a girl who vocalized so much how she so doesn’t want to be there it’s Laila. She is disgusted at the sight of the geezers, and is even more disgusted at the thought of touching them. They just want too feel her up and play with her a bit. Even offering Laila cash she doesn’t seem interested. Finally they convince her and Laila reluctantly undresses. She seems willing to accept their small offers of cash in exchange for more. But she looks so horrified when the geezers have their cocks out and next to her face. She makes a face when she sucks them off and threatens to leave if they don’t stop mocking her for being bitchy. Once she starts riding them she starts to enjoy herself. Laila even sounds convincing as she’s getting banged, looking into it and even claiming that they’re not so bad after all. The guys basically pass her around, treating her like fuck doll that she deserves to be. They get in one good shot, spraying her with a couple of big loads to the face to end the film.

Conclusion: To be honest, I’ve seen better entries from this series. Usually the girls are always up for a good banging, after a little bit of hesitation. That’s a big part of why this series works. Faith and Laila go out of their way verbally and in their facially expressions that they really don’t want to be there. It’s not a good sign when you’re co-stars begin to bust your chops about it. But eventually they would end up going along with the premise, especially with the more cash they were offered to give them a ride on their wrinkled old cocks. I still liked this movie a lot, don’t get me wrong. All the girls were nice to look at, their bodies looking just a tad bit underdevelop, which is hot. Abby was a lot of fun to watch. Lots of enthusiasm and definitely into her scene if not her much older male co-stars too much. Alisha K totally gets what to do in her scene and her pigtails just make her look so cute. Even Faith and Laila, for all their disinterest in the scene and co-stars (and who can blame them really), pick it up and actually do perform quite nicely. Even if their attitudes turn you off, their fully exposed naked bodies won’t. I definitely Recommend checking out Teens For Cash 22.

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