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Facial Overload

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 11/30/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

GENRE: Point of View, Blowjobs, Cumshots, Facials

DIRECTOR: Jonni Darkko

CAST: Adriana Luna, Allanah Li, Ariana Fox, Bethany Benz, Erica Fontes, Evilyn Fierce, Jynx Maze, Skin Diamond, Tia Cyrus, Trinity St. Clair, Winston Burbank


LENGTH: 3 hrs. 20 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO: I'm not sure if this DVD features HD quality or not, but Evil Angel always does an excellent job with overall visual quality. This DVD is no different in that sense. The individual scenes feature vivid color, and are all displayed in a widescreen ratio/format. The audio is clear, but I'm not sure if they used digital sound or not. It's like the video quality, Evil Angel usually does good in both departments.

OVERVIEW: This is a single disc DVD that features some fresh faces of some very beautiful girls. It is an oral sex DVD for the most part, but some scenes stray away from that theme a little to include some vibrator action or other things such as solo-masturbation that spice up the action. Some scenes also featured a cumshot recap at the end which gives the viewer a different angle of the facial finish footage to watch. It's new feature that I haven't seen in an Evil Angel DVD until now, and I honestly liked it. Facial Overload features straight oral sex with non-interracial, and interracial oreinted scenes.



Scene 1: Skin Diamond pt.1 & 2

I've never been really sure as to why a lot of Evil Angel's scenes are divided up the way the are. This scene was divided up into two parts (via scene selection) that were actually just a continuation of the same scene. It kind of leaves me puzzled ...

Skin Diamond is a lovely ebony starlet who rocks the alternative girl look. Her body is adorned with tattoos, and piercings. Her hair even has that half shaven alternative look about it. I definitely loved her looks. She's one of the best ebony performers I have seen yet. When it comes down to the oral sex part of the scene (which this DVD is all about) Skin Diamond did an amazing job. Her blowjob technique involved mostly a hands-free approach in which she allowed the male performer to just face fuck her. Often times she would go deep on the guy's cock, and even gagged a little from time to time. The first part of the scene was pretty much straightforward oral sex while the second part involved some vibrator action, and an awesome facial finish. To be honest I wasn't too impressed by the vibrator part, because it seemed like filler material. The rest of Skin Diamond's scene was truly amazing though.



Scene 2: Erica Fontes pt.1 & 2

Erica Fontes isn't the prettiest blonde starlet I have seen, but she isn't ugly either. Erica is a thin blonde haired girl that seems to have the Lady GaGa look going on. I would have to say that she would play the part of Lady GaGa in an adult parody very well. The first part of Erica's scene was spent doing a rather slow, and sensual blowjob. There was lots of licking, sucking, and even cock kissing going on. Erica was a little hardcore when it came to the ball sucking, but for the most part she went for the sensual approach. She did an ok job in the first part of her scene, but nothing really stood out to me. She didn't really do anything that I thought was truly impressive. The second part of the scene continued on in the same manner, and began with Erica doing some solo masturbation. In the end she got a massive facial that covered most of her face, and even both of her eyes. I'm not sure what got the male performer all worked up about her performance, but it didn't really do anything for me.



Scene 3: Ariana Fox

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Ariana Fox is a lovely brunette girl who has that barely legal look about her. While her looks are truly amazing her skills are somewhat lacking. I would guess by her performance that she hadn't been in the adult film industry long when this scene was shot. For the most part Ariana used a lot of handjob techniques. She shyed away from any deepthroating, and didn't really give into the male performer's attempts to face fuck her. The oral sex was definitely lacking, but I was glad that the director switched up positions (on knees - on top)to make the scene more interesting. There were some awkward shots of Ariana sucking in which her eyes would twitch, or about go crossed. She honestly seemed sort of clumsy, and inexperienced during the whole scene. She even took the ending facial with a shocked expression that really put a damper on the finish. The male performer had come on her eyes, and it honestly looked as if she were about to freak out. In the end I wasn't really impressed with this scene.



Scene 4: Jynx Maze

Jynx Maze is a sexy brunette who loves to talk dirty. In fact throughout the entire scene she was teasing the male performer with her sultry low toned taunts. Jinx was amazing during the entire scene. Her oral sex skills were very hardcore, and she used a lot of spit to lube the guy's cock. Jynx's techniques were a mixture of things, and included handjobs, ball sucking, and deepthroating (to the point of gagging/choking). I definitely liked that the director switched the location of the shoot to an upstairs area. the last few scenes all took place in the same place which made the scenes seem a little redundant. Overall I saw nothing wrong with Jynx's performance, and she took the massive facial finish like a pro. The cumshot ended up covering a good portion of her face, and she even tasted a little of it which was definitely cool. It was a truly awesome scene.



Scene 5: Allanah Li

Alannah Li is a hot Asian girl (I assume ...) who has a very nice set of large breasts. She constantly did this sexy moaning thing throughout the scene which amplified the experience greatly. She had a soft spoken, and seductive voice that would get any man hard. She used a lot of hand action, and slow sucking to get the male performer hard. Her technique suited her sultry personality, and steamy performance. Most of the scene was spent with Alannah on top of the male perfomer who was lying on his back. The second half of the scene where she was on her knees was much better, and allowed for some quality face fucking shots. The chemistry between Alannah, and the male performer was truly amazing. I about exploded in my pants just watching them. In the end Alannah recieved one of the most massive facials I have ever seen in porn (from one guy). I was really impressed even though Allanah seemed to be a little distraught from getting cum splashed around her eyes. It was an excellent scene.



Scene 6: Evilyn Fierce

Evilyn Fierce is one of those female performers that have an elegant, and sexy look about them. Her red hair, and serious sucking technique suited her porno name very well. It was a shame that most of the POV (Point of View) camera angles in this scene didn't do her justice. Evilyn is a very beautiful girl with a petite body, and small breasts. She had that barely legal look going for her as most of the other girls on this DVD have had. Her blowjob technique was fierce just like her last name. She did some seriously hard sucking, and did it to the point where you could easily hear the sucking noises. Like some of the other girls on this DVD, Evilyn did apply some handjob action. It was a little redundant, but ok to watch. Overall the scene was ruined by poor camera angles. The facial finish was ok, but not as impressive as some of the others I've seen on this DVD. Most of the male performer's cum ended up on Evilyn' chest, and body instead of her face which was a bit of a bummer.



Scene 7: Tia Cyrus

I found Tia Cyrus to be an extremely attractive dark haired girl. She was a little more mature in appearance than most of the other girls on the DVD, but I did not mind at all. Tia had a slim, and trim body with small breasts that suited her nicely. She started her scene off talking about how bad she wanted cum for breakfast instead of coffee. It was an odd statement, but very hot at the same time. The dirty talk didn't last to long before the male performer poked his cock in front of Tia's face. I was definitely glad to see the scene had some good camera angles that didn't ruin the cocksucking experience. As many of the girls before her, Tia went for the slow and sensual blowjob approach. She didn't use her hands much, but there was definitely some brief handjob action in the scene. In the end Tia got her wish, and had cum plastered all over her face. A little managed to get into her mouth which she spit back out though. It confused me a little since she said she wanted cum for breakfast.



Scene 8: Bethany Benz

I'm gonna go out on a limb, and speak my mind about this scene. It was a very odd scene to say the least, and there are some things I want to point out. When the scene first started, and Bethany Benz talked about how horny she was that's when I noticed something strange about her voice. It didn't sound like a female's voice, but more like a transgender's voice. I point this out, because Bethany never uncovered her tits, or showed her pussy like the other girls which made me very suspicious about her gender. I'm honestly not a fan of transgender porn, and I would hate for some director to try & sneak it into a DVD that is obviously geared towards 'straight sex' fans. With that being said Bethany looked amazing, and gave an awesome oral performance. In fact she gave one of the best oral sex performances on the DVD. I liked the fact that Bethany allowed the male performer to pretty much face fuck her the entire scene without using her hands hardly any. Even the facial finish was one of the best, and it covered nearly her entire face. It would bother me if I knew I had watched a transgender performer though. I truly hope Bethany was really a girl.



Scene 9: Adriana Luna

Adriana Luna was rocking that cute, and innocent look in this scene. She had her hair tied up in pigtails with pink ribbons, and her lacy panties even had matching pink ribbons. Adriana is a very busty girl with large natural breasts. She looked absolutely amazing! I loved watching her suck the male performer's massive cock throughout the scene. She allowed him to face fuck her, and titty fuck her which was definitely cool. It was something that none of the other girls offered to do. Both of the performers in this scene had very good chemistry, and gave an awesome performance. For the most part Adriana let the male performer take control, and I really enjoyed watching her do so. The ending facial was massive, and covered most of Adriana's face which was a very nice conclusion. This is likely the best scene on the entire DVD. I'm definitely glad it was included.



Scene 10: Trinity St. Clair

Trinity St. Clair is another cute female performer with a slim body. Her breasts were super small, but that was definitely no issue for me. I thought Trinity looked very attractive, but for some reason she was having a difficult time getting the male performer hard. I don't think the guy was as into Trinity as much as he was with the other girls. I didn't really notice any solid chemistry going on between these two performers. With that being said, I thought Trinity did an excellent job. Like some of the other girls she opted to use her hands, and her mouth as tools of pleasure to make the male performer explode onto her face. This scene did seem to have a time filler moment in it at one point where the male performer allowed Trinity to pleasure herself with a vibrator wand. I'm not against that, but it did stray away from the oral action unnecessarily. In my honest opinion this scene was my least favorite on this DVD. The intensity just wasn't there. I did enjoy watching the massive facial finish though.



- Cumshot Recap

- Cast list

- Filmographies

- Websites

- EvilAngel.com Preview



I'm a huge fan of Evil Angel DVDs, and have been since I reviewed my first one on Xcritic. Evil Angel is a studio that is known for good quality productions, and usually deliver quality DVDs. With that being said the DVDs aren't always without flaws, or unenjoyable content. This is the case with "Facial Overload" which has mostly impressive content, but also some things that aren't quite up to par with my viewing standards. One thing I found in particular was the scene with Bethany Benz. I'll probably catch heck about my review of her scene, but I honestly couldn't tell if she was transgender, or not. There were three very significant observations that I made during that scene that really aroused my suspicion (no tit reveal, no pussy shown, odd manly voice). I could be totally wrong about that, but It does make a viewer wonder. Other than that scene, and a couple of mediocre performances I really enjoyed what I saw. What really caught my attention was the excellent use of lighting, and light/white backrounds. It accented the performers' features very nicely. I definitely found some favorite moments worth revisiting in this DVD, so the replay value is quite good. In the end, after considering the DVD as a whole I think it deserves the Recommended status. It's definitely worth a watch, and maybe even a purchase.

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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