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Horse Cocked

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by BBC Lover » Review Date: 11/30/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Director:  Compilation DVD

Bella, Mark Ashley, Jenna Doll, Manuel Ferrara, Jamie Elle, Ramon, Sara Stone, Ben English, Ally Ann, Jordan Ash, July, Nacho Vidal, Tia Cyrus, Bruce Venture, Aiden Aspen, Shane Diesel, Sadie West, Chris Charming, Alexis Breeze, Ben English, Amber Skye and Boz

Length:  Over 4 Hours

Date of Production:


Star Index 

Pick Your Pleasure you pick what you want from Tease, BlowJob, DoggyStyle, Missionary, CowGirl, and PopShots.

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Company Info

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality:

There were no issues or scenes that I noticed a drop visually or audio wise.


Overview:  Compilation DVD of scenes from the Company.  Obviously the emphasis is on large cocks.  The DVD does give you a new scene showcasing July and Nacho Vidal.  

Disc 1

Scene 1: July and Nacho Vidal

July is on the bed topless and wearing a black skirt, white fishnets and red heels.  Nacho translates as he asks her a few questions from behind the camera. She has no panties on and he reaches out to finger fuck her and talk dirty.  Her tongue is pierced as you notice when she begins to orally please his large cock.  She holds his cock with both hands and spits on it so she can caress it.  He then places her doggie on the bed with her ankles crossed so he can tease her pussy lips with this fingers.  First he places the head of his dick in her pussy and teases her with it.  Inch by inch she slowly begins to take all of his cock.  He then places her on her stomach holding her hips down with his hands and gets deep in her.  She is grasping the bed and moaning "oh papi" as he gets deep.  You can tell from her facial gestures alone how big he is as he fucks her.  Each position he guides her how to take his large cock.  Whether he is fucking her spooning or missionary she never reallys seems to enjoy it but be in pain.  What is really hot is when she is on her back and he is holding her legs together and begins to  finger fuck her.  He does it so hard and fast she squirts and you can see her squirt all over his hands.  After getting all wet she begins to ride him and the moans then become more pleasurable as she controls the depth of his massive cock.  Visually seeing them both stand with her in her cherry red pumps and white fishnets while he fucks her fron behind is so hot.  Scene ends with her jacking him off with both hands.  


Scene Two:  Tia Cyrus and Bruce Venture

Tia is in bed clothes and bouncing on the bed.  She dances around stripping to the music.  She lays back fingering her pussy when Bruce appears to help her with the task.  He licks it a few times before placing his long cock in her.  As he continues to fuck her missionary she gets more and more use to it as his cock gets to go deeper.  He spins her to ride him cowgirl as she bounces up and down on his long cock.  After a lengthy cowgirl position she gives him some head to get his cock wet before they proceed to cow-girl.  His cock is really long so she has alot of length to grind on and she takes it with long slow strokes between the fast moments.  Same with Doggie Style she has lots of length to move back and forth on until he decides to take control and really fuck her.  They do several positions like spooning before they return to missionary and he fucks her till he pops all over her face.


Scene Three: Aiden Aspen and Shane Diesel 

Starts out as a cuckolding type scene as she is showing her "husband" what she is wanting.  She pulls out this very large black cock and has tons of room to massage it with her hands as she takes as much of it as she can in her mouth.  When he stands you see the extreme girth of his cock as she licks his balls and gags on his cock.  Shane tells her to kiss her husband with the taste of his dick.  She verbally tells her man to watch as she takes his cock.  First position is missionary and just the visual of how big his cock is in her pussy is hot.  Shane pumps nice strokes in her ass while the hubby watches her moan with pain and pleasure.  After the first position she does a great job of sucking his cock and licking it to make it nice and wet.  Shane's cock is so hard and he goes right back to fucking her missionary as her husband holds her leg for him.  When he pulls his cock out her pussy is gaping!  She does a great job of taking him balls deep when she is riding him cowgirl.  When doing her doggie she continues to talk dirty an degrade her husband.  After a few more positions she takes his cum in her mouth.


Scene Four:  Sadie West and Chris Charming

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Sadie looks STUNNING coming down the stairs in her black heels and purple lingerie.  She licks her perfectly manicured nails to tease her nipples and clit with.  Chris enters and pulls her head back and kisses her long and deep.  She doesnt know who it is just yet as her eyes are covered with her bra.  She pulls both legs back so he can then eat and lick her pussy.  She gives some good head before taking him doggie.  However the best oral part comes when he sits down and she really spits, sucks and licks his cock so she can ride it reveerse cow-girl.  Vebally she is loud and moans with each thrust into her pussy.  When he is fucking her in the spooning position she seems to really enjoy it as his cocks begins to look wet.  Oral again to get it wet before riding cowgirl and finally taking a load on her face.


Scene Five: Alexis Breeze and Ben English

Alexis has an amazing ass and the camera man gives you lots of booty shaking and popping during the tease.  Ben arrices to pull her pink thong back and tease her pussy lips with his tongue before pulling his cock out of his pants for her to service.  Alexis is very sultry and gives some good head both slow and fast with lots of hand motions and sucking.  First position he takes her doggie so you can appreciate that large ass as it bounces perfect on his cock.  Whether she is bouncing on it in cowgirl or reverse cowgirl you gets lots of ass bouncing and not to mention some nice titty action.  You cant help but to focus on her ass!  HANDS DOWN the best part of the entire DVD is when he is laying down and she rides him sideways.  The visual of her ass on the cock and just the position itself is hot.  His cock remains perfectly erect and fits nicely into her ass.  They fuck in a few more positons before he cums on her ass.


Scene Six: Amber Skye and Boz

Boz comes in to find Amber fingering herself so he gets down and begins to lick her pussy.  He really uses his tongue good and sucks on her clit.  When he drops his pants for her to see this very long big black cock her eyes get wide with excitement. He helps her with the oral holding her hair and she opens wide so he can throat fuck her.  Missionary he waste no time going deep the first stroke.  He begins to fuck her at a nice teasing pace as she begs "fuck me".  After the second "fuck me" he really goes deep. When time to get wet again she sucks his cock and licks it so he can continue doing her missionary.  He tries to go deeper each thrust but she is backing up and he grins.  Doggie she struggles to take him in the beginning so he gives her long slow strokes and gets faster until she reaches back for him to slow down.  She rides him cowgirl and then takes him in the spooning position which is visually the best to see him going in and out of that white pussy.  He goes back to missionary so he can fuck her to pop, which she takes on the side of her face.  




Scene One: Bella and Mark Ashley

Bella is dressed in a school girl outfit bringing "Mr. Ashley" as she says over and over some grapes.  I think in the first two minutes she says "Mr. Ashley" 30 times.  Next thing you know he is fingering her under her skirt.  Mark waste no time before teasing her and finally eating her shaved pussy.  If you are into school girl outfits you will love the visuals of her white bobby socks in the air as she is taking her panties off.  First position is missionary and either she is really tight or she can't take his really thick cock because only a few inches actually make it in.  After a few moments of fucking her he finally starts taking off her bluse so you can see her large tits.  Then we get our first glimpse at her sucking cock as she gets on her knees and begins to give him head.  Her head game is more of an open mouth with limited hand stroking.  After getting his cock wet with some spitting they moe to her in doggie style.  I think viewers would like it more if her clothes were off to get a great view but her skirt is pulled up over her ass and her shirt still just a few buttons down.  Next comes what is the best fucking position and thats her straddled across his lap with him thrusting hard and fast into her pussy. (What she calls jack rabbit)  They then move to reverse cowgirl and you get some really nice close-ups of her riding his large cock.  She then jumps up as he explodes all over her face.  (huge cum shot).  Camera stays on Bella as she licks it and sucks cum off his cock. 


Scene Two: Jenna Doll and Manuel Ferrara

Jenna looks stunning in her almost tennis like skirt and blue tight shirt.  Jenna is outside rubbing baby oil on her large breast when Manuel appears behind her and begins squeezing and playing with her large breast.  While whispering dirty talk in her ears he pulls her white thongs to the side and begins teasing and fingering her pussy.  Manuel leads her inside and continues to lick, kiss and suck her large breast.  Let me say when he begins to eat her out there is a big difference in the intensity from scene one as he is really getting deep, nibbling and sucking on her clit.  Jenna begins to moan from this intense pussy licking session.  (Negative part is the camera guy cant stay still long enough and you can hear his gear and the camera is shakey).  Manuel takes off his jeans to show off his large erect cock before having her bend over so he can spank her ass and burry his face deep in her ass.  Jenna can barely fit his thick cock in her mouth but gives it a great attempt.  First position he is spooning her as he not only fucks her but rubs her clit as he is sliding it in and out.  There isnt alot of talking going on but the looks they exchange need know verbal explanation.  When she starts to ride him cow girl her large breast are bouncing in his face and then the camera switches to him raising her ass all the way up as the head of his cock comes out and then back in again.  After switching it back too spooning he then lays her on her back while he titty fucks her.  This doesn't last too long before she is doing reverse cow-girl and thus becomes the most vocal position.  Not only is she moaning but he begins to talk louder and moan also.  Between the "jack hammering" and him rubbing her clit she is in pure pleasure.  When the finally make it to doggie her ass is so red from the ass slapping and Manuel is covered with sweat.  He really is fucking her hard in this position and doesnt miss a beat.  Its so hot when she gets on her knees and uses her tits to jack him off.  He shoots without touching his cock as he is titty fucking her.  


Scene Three: Jamie Elle and Ramon

Jamie is the first to get completely naked as she with the music is teasing the viewer as she fingers herself.  After a few minutes of humping and rolling all over the couch in walks a naked Ramon and instantly they begiin oral.  The title of the DVD is "Horse Cocked" and Ramon fits this title even when soft.  Jamie doesnt seem to be shocked by his size and begins to suck and rub this very large cock.  Once he is hard she gets in doggie and he begins to work it in.  Jamie looks so hot in doggie with her fat pussy lips spread open and taking this really large cock that goes ball deep into her.  After a few minutes of fucking he sits down so she can give him some more head and get it wet before she climbs on top and rides it.  He grabs both ass cheeks and begins to jack hammer deep in her.  Jamie really isn't afraid of this big dick as he is fucking her so hard that his balls are slapping her ass and she continues to grind deep.  When they turn to reverse cow-girl the visual of her nude body sitting on this large tan cock is stimulating.  They make a smooth transition into spooning so he can suck on her tits and hold her leg back so he can get deep.  Jamie verbally is hot and encourages him to "fuck her little tight pussy".  When they move to missionary her french manicured nails look hot as she pats her pussy while getting fucked.  Angle changes to her really giving him a wet blow job (sadly he is going limp).  Not sure why they showed that part as it changes to him standing as she is doggie on the couch.  She is begging for him to "fuck her harder".  You get a nice POV view of her taking a very thick load on her face.  


Scene Four: Sara Stone and Ben English

Ben is in the office when his secretary Sara comes in to help him relieve some stress after a long work day.  She begins by rubbing all over him and telling him how she wants him to have a better day.  She takes off his dress pants to let his thick hard cock out.  She gets on her knees and begins to lick and suck on his cock.  Orally this is the best visually and performance wise.  She not only uses her mouth but also her hands to stroke and massage.  She is really attempting to go down deep and you can hear her gagging.  When she opens her shirt you see this large breast in a sexy bra sitting there but no time for breast just yet as she is back sucking his cock.  You get a good close-up of her mouth on the tip of his cock and her tongue caressing it.  When she stands Ben is behind her taking off her bra so he can shake, bounce and squeeze her large breast.  When Ben takes off her skirt she has on some sexy black thigh highs which look hot when he begins to fuck her from behind.  She places one leg on the desk as he begins to fuck her deep.  (Sadly camera guy doesnt give you the best angle as Ben's shirt and coat covers up the action at times). Sara then lies back on the desk with one leg on his shoulder and he continues to fuck her.  I wish the camera guy would take a wide angle so you could see the whole picture but he is either too close to the pentration or to her face.  When Ben lies back on the desk for his cock to be worshipped you then gain a respect for just how large he is.  She licks it and sucks it more and suddenly we cut to them spooning.  She then gets on top and rides him and you will love seeing her large natural breast bounce.  Its so hot when he grabs her waist and forces her harder up and down on his cock.  Scene ends with a little titty fucking and a big cum shot on her tits.


Scene Five: Ally Ann and Jordan Ash

Ally is wearing a cute little outfit with her hair in pig tails sitting on a couch taking polaroids of her getting naked.  She teases the camera as she strips off a layer at a time showing off her cute plaid pink panties and baseball socks.  Layer by layer she gets naked so she can begin fingering herself and playing with her tits.  Jordan arrives in shorts and takes a picture and waste no time to begin licking and nibbling on her pussy.  I like when she is layed back with her legs wide spread wearing the baseball socks and white tennis shoes.  She squats so she can get a mouth full of thick cock from Jordan.  As she sucks he holds her head and pushes deep and she continues to rub her pussy.  She then gets on her knees on the couch to take his cock doggie.  Jordan has a great ass and it looks good bouncing everytime he goes deeper in her.  He grabs her arms and pulls them back so he can thrust deeper into her while she moans and looks into the camera.  Then we get a upward view of her riding him reverse cow-girl.  She is really rubbing her clit while riding him.  We have a couple more positions before she gets on her knees to take a facial.

Final Thoughts:  

If you like to see LARGE cocks and some really really large cocks like Shane Diesel, Ramon and Boz fucking hot women then this is the perfect DVD for you.  Overall they picked out some hot scenes with some really hot scenes like Shane Diesel and Aiden Aspen or Sara Stone and Ben English which were beyond hot with good oral and fucking.  If you are a ass guy then you don't want to miss Alexis Breeze.  The opening scene was good because of Nacho but I just didn't believe July was enjoying it as she looked in pain alot and he was physically having to put her in positions therefore I RECOMMEND this DVD for the 11 scenes and big cocks.  Some of the scenes in Disc 2 had some bad camera angles which seemed to either focus too much on body parts and not giving us a wide view or just seemed all over the place.  Again its over 4 hours of action so value for the price is worth the purchase.

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