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Allie Haze: True Sex

Studio: Vivid » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 12/4/11

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Allie Haze: True Sex
Written and Directed by B. Skow
Running Time: 2hrs and 26min


Allie Haze
Ella Milano
Lexi Belle
Jada Stevens
Tasha Reign
Marco Banderas
Barry Scott
Jon Jon
Mr. Pete
Erik Everhard
Evan Stone

Special Features:

Chapter Search
Positions Menu
Behind the Scenes about 20 minutes, goofiness and footage from filming the movie, with some interviews of the cast included. Some great Evan footage, always added fun to a movie.
Photo Gallery
Bonus Scene- featuring Lexi Belle and Steve Holmes from Fresh Picked (20 minute scene)
Previews- 4 trailers from some of their newer releases
Vivid Extra-commercials and stuff

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Vivid.com Extra-for your QR reader (which leads you to more trailers and news)

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2. Channel at 48 kHz and 256 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Another great cover, as we see the lovely Allie Haze and the guys in the background, who get to part of her first gang bang. Put that in the I can’t wait to see that scene category. And according to the cover, we are also about to witness other porn stars fantasies re-enacted for us on the screen. And we also get a little notice about and underwater sex scene, and just guessing from the back cover, it looks like it’s a 3 girl orgy. Consider me intrigued.

One of my fellow reviewers has already reviewed this one, and he gave it a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, so this will be one of shorter type of reviews from me, where I will most likely just point out stuff as I watch it. So either in the end I will agree or disagree with his rating, and you can feel better if we both give it a solid rating.

Now that I have watched and reviewed this movie, it’s time to get to the big reveal of what I am going to give this movie. But first let’s talk some specifics, audio and video were ok, once again, we are only 2 channel Dolby Digital, so that is always a little disappointing.

But I do have to give them credit for about an hour of special features that are included, which is way more than most of the other studios give you, unless it’s one of the bigger titles of the year, so there’s a positive.

But I have to say that overall, Allie was amazing in this film, and for those who haven’t got to check her out, this might be a good intro to her. But having said that, she was pretty much it for this movie, everyone else was a disappointment, as stated in my review, she seemed to be the only one showing some sexual energy in the scene. The build up from the ladies telling the stories was pretty hot, but that went pretty limp once the sex got going. But like I said, Allie was amazing and the gangbang was the best scene on the disc.

So I am going to give this a RENT IT rating, because it’s worth checking out for the gangbang alone, but I have a feeling that there might be a better title from Allie out there, that would make a better addition to your collection.

Scene One: Allie and Erik

It’s movie night with Allie, and she gets turned on by horror movies, so she starts to play with herself in the theater. I am sure her date Erik, will have no problem with that, especially when she lets him help out. But it seems that the scene that go her hot on the screen, is going to happen in real life. Someone kidnaps her and stuff her in a trunk, and then wakes up in a pink crappy lingerie, in front of a camera. And now we get some weird and creepy Saw vibe going. The creepy voice tells her to play with her tits and pussy, she was scared, but really turned on. Having her tell the story, while she is getting horny from telling the story too, is a nice touch. She was given a toy and is told to cum for him and she will be set free. Erik finally reveals that he is the kidnapper, and she hops on him and wants to fuck his brains out. They head off to the bedroom and he dives into her pussy, which should be pretty wet by now. She seems all hot and ready, he needs a little help from her mouth. Nice dirty talk from Allie, while he fucks her. And for those that enjoy a lil bush, she has plenty for you to enjoy. Nice oral work from Allie, using her hands and mouth. Once again some great energy from her as she ides him, begging him to slap her ass. And the view looks pretty good during some doggy action. Some finger play and we can still hear how wet her pussy is. That look she is giving him will keep any man hard. And he cums in her pussy and she squirts it out her pussy and then lets the camera get a nice look at her pussy.

Scene Two: Jada and Jon

Jada is next and talks about moving and not really having much to do in her new place. She seems to enjoy watching the couple she rented the house from. He treats his girlfriend good and she becomes obsessed with him and spends hours watching and fantasizing about her. She gets really close to mental institute crazy as she pretends he is there with her. She even buy a black dildo to help her think about him and the dripping pussy is a great touch. He breaks up with girl and she does her best to get his attention, including making him a video. And we get plenty of booty shots as she knows that he likes big booty girls. She may be a little crazy, but I don’t think many of us would not turn her away. He finally shows up and he seems to want a piece of her, as she jumps on him . They make their way to her bed, and she plays with her pussy for him, and then he dives in for a go, and even a little ass play with some fingers. But then finger are replaced by his cock as he slides it in her ass. And she seems to have no problem taking his cock in her ass. We know it fits in her ass, next she shows how well it fits in her mouth. We get some nice doggy action where she really gets to show her ass off to him. But like the previous scene, it seems he needs a little help at time. This scene had some potential, but it really doesn’t seem to show it. But there is plenty of anal and pussy play, which ends with him cumming in her mouth. The editing seems a little wonky in this scene, not a very smooth transition.

Scene Three: Tasha and Mr Pete.

Next up is Tasha as she tells a story about she and her husband when they move to LA. On a hot day, their neighbor stopped in and seemed to spend some time checking her out. But her husband has to leave for work, and she can’t stop thinking about the neighbor, even as she is relaxing by the pool. She thinks he is watching her, but has no luck finding him. But he is not so lucky the next day as she sees Pete as he is stalking her. She is mad, but also turned on at the same time. So she decides to throw on some sexy lingerie and clean the house for him. I am thinking about Cool Hand Luke right now. But it seems even after 5 days of this, he still hasn’t fell for the bait. She tries one last tactic, masturbating in her living room so he could see her. And he seems to be falling for the bait, so she gives him a little hint and waits for him in the sauna. He finally shows up and carries her to the couch and she immediately goes for his cock, while he reaches over and plays with her pussy. She climbs on his cock and goes crazy as he slap her ass, to keep her going. Some tongue play in her ass, and then she ends up bent over for him, as he slides his cock back in her pussy. And she talks and begs for his cock, which will keep both him and us going. Pete shows off his fingering skills on her pussy and it seems we got a little squirt action maybe. He ends up plastering her face with cum as the scene comes to a close.

Scene Four: Lexi, Allie and Ella

Next up is Lexi, who tells the story of a very hot day, as she and her friends try to find a way to beat the heat. So ice and water were enough, so they decide to sneak into her neighbor pool and go skinny dipping. But before they dive in, they have an impromptu dance off. Question, if you are hot, why would you be in the hot tub? Anyways they borrow the neighbor’s camera and decide to leave him a nice surprise, as they film each other, with plenty of action under water too. I know they really hyped up this scene on the back cover, but so far, not really that impressed. Some lovely ladies, but the underwater stuff is not that amazing. But I have to say that Allie is the highlight of the scene, and if it wasn’t for her, this would be a very bad scene. She seems to be the most into each girl as she licks and plays with their pussies. But the party comes to a quick end as they spot the owner.

Scene Five: Allie vs. the Construction Crew ( Evan, Barry, Marco and Jerry)

Walking home way day, Allie passes by a construction crew and they all seem to like what they see. Some nice cat calling and she was embarrassed at first, but then started to enjoy it. And then all she could think about was them, even after she had gotten home. Next time, she would sex it up a bit more to really impress them. She kept doing that, walking by each day, looking a little sexier each time, enough teasing, we are all waiting for what is going to happen. They play a little trick on her, not being there, and she gets the nerve to check out the guys while they are at work. Once again, story time with Allie, is pretty freaking hot. And finally her fantasy comes true, after one of the guys catches her as she is masturbating. Barry is the lucky guy who gets to start off with Allie, who gives him a BJ and then gets dragged upstairs with the rest of the guys. And as each guys pulls out their cocks, she does her best to get right on each one, and in her mouth. And from the start, I am really starting to think these guys aren’t going to be enough for her, she just begs and begs for more and more. The one thing that seems to stick out for me, after watching the pretty intense gangbang from my last review, which has Dps galore, this one has a lot to live up to. But the more this scene goes on, it seems that these guys aren’t really keeping up with her. Not sure what it is, but I think her sexual drive is way too much for them. They do their best to fill her pussy and mouth, but it seems she wants more. Can you just imagine, if this was done by Elegant Angel, just saying. So one by one, they cover her with their cum, a nice double blast on her face and this glorious story comes to an end.

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