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Oral Overload 2

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 12/7/11

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

GENRE: Blowjobs

DIRECTOR: David Lord

CAST: Allison Moore, Angelina Valentine, Ariella Ferrara, Barett Blade, Bobbi Starr, Bridgette B., David Lord, Diana Doll, Eric Masterson, Jennifer Dark, Mia Lelani, Shay Fox, Skylar Price


LENGTH: 2 hrs. 22 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Audio on this DVD was done in Dolby Digital. The video quality was excellent, and the scenes were presented in a widescreen aspect ratio.

OVERVIEW: This is a ten scene DVD with a wide variety of female performers including milfs, and amateurs. Each scene begins with a striptease by a female performer, and then moves on to the actual oral sex. At the end of each scene there is a cumshot finish to conclude the performance. The DVD itself is over two hours in length, and is shot in a POV (Point of View) fashion.


Scene 1: Ariella Ferrara

Ariella Ferrara is one of the more mature looking female performers I've done a review on. She's a lovely brunette with a nice tan, and overall hot body. One thing I don't like about her though is her obvious breast augmentation. The don't look exactly right when she turns to the side. It's definitely a good thing she was facing the camera in POV (Point of View) style for most of the scene. With that being said, Ariella gave a fairly awesome blowjob. She combined a few different techniques to get the male performer off including deepthroating, hand jobs, and even some spit lubed titjobs. Her sultry taunts definitely got my blood running as I watched her perform. Unfortunately I wasn't satisfied with the ending cumshot though. The male performer ended up shooting his load onto her breasts, and very little went into her mouth. This sort of confused me considering the title of this DVD is "Oral Overload 2".


Scene 2: Skylar Price

Skylar Price is a very tall, and attractive blonde haired female performer. She started her scene off with a striptease that was accented by lots of dirty talk. In fact she talked for about 5 minutes on how she had been waiting for the male performer's cum, and about how good of a girl she had been. This naughty talk went on pretty much the entire scene, and did get annoying at times. Skylar's performance was ok, but she used her hands way too much. When she wasn't using her hands on the male performer's cock she applied titjobs, and did some deepthroating as well. For the most part her sucking skills were fairly impressive, but it was the fact that she couldn't stop talking about sucking the guy's cock and just get the job done. In the end Skylar recieved a nice large load of cum in her mouth which she stated (many times over) she had been waiting all day for. Overall this was an ok scene, but i wish skylar hadn't talked so much.


Scene 3: Bobbi Starr

Bobbi Starr is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to female performers. Not only is she a dark haired girl (my favorite), but she is also all natural. In this scene she is even unshaved downstairs, and I definitely have no problem with that. Bobbi started her scene off with some subtle dirty talk, and then stripped off her low cut shorts, her top, and her pink bra. After that she crawled on all fours to where the male performer was, and began a very intense oral sex session. Everything she did was intense, and full of energy. Her blowjob skills were very impressive, and she deepthroated a lot in a very professional manner. Bobbi even tended to the guy's balls by licking, and sucking on them in hardcore fashion on occasion. The only thing that let me down about this scene was the fact that at the end Bobbi spent a lot of time jacking the male performer off. I would have rather seen her suck him to finish him off. Sadly even the final cumshot wasn't that impressive due to the way she finished the male performer off. I would love to say I was impressed, but honestly I wasn't.


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Scene 4: Mia Lelani

Mia Lelani is very hardcore when it comes to oral sex. I actually had the pleasure of reviewing a scene she performed in on another DVD earlier this year, and I was truly impressed. One thing that I like about Mia, which she also displayed in this scene is her playful performances. She has lots of energy, and it definitely shows in this scene. Her striptease was fun to watch, and I could tell that Mia really liked the attention of the camera. She shaked her naked ass for the camera as well as did some sexy poses in a very fun manner. When it came to the actual oral sex Mia did some very hard core sucking, and hardly used any other part of her except for her tits to get the male performer ready to explode. She ended up doing a lot of serious deepthroating to the point of gagging. It was a truly amazing performance throughout, but when it came to the ending everything went downhill. I was sad to see that Mia didn't even let the male performer come on her face. In fact you couldn't see where the guy's load had landed. In the end this scene failed due to a poor finish.


Scene 5: Diana Doll

Diana Doll is a straight down to buisness kind of performer. After a brief, but sexy striptease that's exactly what she does, gets down to business. One thing I noticed about Diana is that she favored the female performer from the first scene a lot. It puzzles me as to why the director would include two girls who look very similar on the same DVD. With that said, I thought Diana's performance was kind of ok. I was definitely glad that she didn't talk a lot, but the performance seemed dull due to that fact. Her blowjob/handjob skills were mediocre compared to the more intense female performers on this DVD, but she still seemed to know how to get the male performer hard to the point of shooting his wad. I have to say that the ending cumshot in this scene was one of the better ones I'd seen so far. Diana ended up taking the guy's semen into her open mouth, and then spit it back out. It was a big improvement over the last scene for sure.


Scene 6: Shay Fox

Shay Fox is likely one of the oldest, and most unattractive female performers on this DVD. I'm not sure why the director chose to go the route he did, and include some milf type performers in his DVD. One thing that really bugged me about this scene was Shay's bald spot which you could see as she gave head due to the POV (Point of View) camera angle. It was definitely not cool, and put a damper on any chance the scene had at getting my bloodflow raging downstairs. In all honesty Shay had a sort of manly look about her that distracted me from enjoying her performance. Several parts of her body (lips, boobs ...) were obviously augmented, and were not really eye candy material. As far as her performance goes she did an ok job. She tended to use her hand a lot during the scene though. The cumshot finish was also something that didn't pan out very well. I couldn't hardly tell that the male performer had shot his load since it was so pitiful. Overall I feel this scene was a waste of time.


Scene 7: Jennifer Dark

Jennifer Dark was definitely a sight for sore eyes, and after having to endure watching the last performance it was a welcome one. Jennifer is a very playful dark haired female performer. I actually noticed that she had an accent as she spoke, and talked dirty to the male performer. It was a very sexy accent. Jennifer's striptease included some solo masturbation as well which was fun to watch. I could tell she was a fun girl, and her overall performance reflected that. The actual oral sex part of the scene was fairly intense, but not to the extreme like Mia Lelani's. Jennifer deepthroated the male performer's cock from time to time, and she looked amazing doing so. Like the other girls she also used some handjob techniques to assist in getting the male performer hard enough to explode. I guess I wasn't really bothered by it since she mixed things up a good bit. The cumshot at the end of this scene was once again disappointing. Jennifer ended up jacking the guy off onto her chest. I'm not sure what's up with these half ass finishes?


Scene 8: Bridgette B.

Bridgette B. is one of the hottest blonde girls I have ever seen, but her performance was really awkward. She began her scene with a sassy striptease that wasn't too impressive in my opinion. Her movements were awkward, and she seemed full of herself. This 'attitude' carried over into the oral performance as well. Often times she would ask the male performer if he liked what she was doing at that moment. It was both distracting, and unnecessary. If Bridgette had taken the time to suck more, and talk less I think the scene would have turned out better. I did notice that she did some different things than the other girls including biting the male performer's cock, and doing a finger locked two-handed handjob which was kind of cool to watch. Other than those instances the scene was pretty dull. Bridgette wasted a lot of time towards the end of the scene doing a titjob for an extended length of time, and I wasn't really impressed by it. Overall this scene was a dull drag that shouldn't have been included on the DVD.


Scene 9: Allison Moore

Allison Moore is a girl who looked like she was trying to be something she's not. Her stripetease was all kinds of awkward. She definitely had inexperienced moves, but she did go for some hardcore poses. Allison had that country girl look to her. Her hair was a sort of auburn color, and her body was all natural which was definitely a welcome sight. What's odd about Allison is that even though she looked awkward during her striptease dance, she performed quite well. I could tell she was an amateur though. Her oral sex skills were nothing like an experienced performer's. For the most part she sucked the male performer's cock in a repeated manner. In the end she jacked the male performer off, and avoided most of the cum as the other girls on this DVD have done. The ending, and overall scene weren't really impressive, but I think Allison did a good job for an amateur performer.


Scene 10: Angelina Valentine

Angelina Valentine is one of those alternative girls with a body adorned piercings, and tattoos. Throughout her striptease, and her performance I got the impression that she didn't care to be there. Everything she did was done in a forceful manner by herself. She was literally headbanging/facefucking the male performer's cock to the point of tears. I couldn't get over the fact that she favored a friend of mine, and it sort of saddened me. What really made me even more sad about it all was that Angelina appeared to be trying to be something she wasn't. Her breasts were extremely augmented as were her lips. I honestly felt sorry for her. Her oral sex performance was intense, but it wasn't enjoyable to watch due to the pitiful nature of the scene. It was like watching someone who didn't care about anything, and was out to prove it. I know I'm probably over complicating the review for this scene, but it's how I honestly felt. If I ever found out this was my friend I'd be crying for her. In the end I did not enjoy this scene.



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This DVD was majorly disappointing on many levels. For one thing most of the female performers on this DVD were horrible. Some gave bad performances while others looked bad. All of the ending cumshots were the worst, and most of them you couldn't tell what happened to the load. The director definitely didn't pick a good cast for this DVD. While he did opt for more scenes (which I like), the scenes were of poor quality. I can't remember one scene that I thought was really worthwhile on this DVD. In fact each scene was lacking in one way, or another. It definitely felt like a waste of time to me. I'm gonna have to say skip this one. The first in the series was way better than this.




"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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