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Cathouse 45

Studio: Vivid » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 12/6/11

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Cathouse ‘45
3 Disc Set: (DVD (2D and 3D versions ) and 2 Blurays (1 3D and 1 2D Disc)
Sins Factory/Vivid Films
Written by Luca Desantis
Directed by Marcus Dobly
Dubbed in English
Running Time: 2 hrs and 7min


Victoria Risi
Fiamma Monti
Monica Preziosi
Franco Trentalance
Aurora Oliveira
Marica Ferrero
Jan Scott
Leonardo Conti
Cindy Dollar
Denis Marti
Steve Morelli
Gaia Parisi

Special Features:

Includes 2 pairs of red/blue 3D glasses
Chapter Search
Photo Gallery
Behind the Scenes (interviews which are not subtitled and there is no option to turn them on), plus a 5 minute BTS of the making of the movie, from story boards, photo shoot and some sex.
Previews- 4 trailers
Commercials (a ton before the main menu on DVD, so prepare to skip)

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Technical Stats:

Audio: (BR) Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 224 kbps

Video: (BR) AVC at around 13-14 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So before we get into the review, just wanted to say that after enjoying the films I was lucky enough to review from Harmony, and seeing all of the lovely ladies in some very hot and amazing sex, you can say that this was one, I was looking forward to seeing. The only lady I was familiar with was the lovely Cindy Dollar (let’s just say she looks amazing in a maid outfit), but I knew I had impressed before by ladies I wasn’t familiar with. So my expectations might be a little high, but should have some great sex, and maybe the 3D is halfway decent.

Some nice use of the 3D in the menu, as it rotates around using the photos to add some depth. But other than that, I am not all that impressed with the 3D. The glasses give everything a red/blue tint, and has some decent moments to it. I am going to check out another movie on my friends 3D tv in the next week, so maybe I will bring this along and see if it looks any better on it, with real 3D glasses. So after more testing, the DVD version seems to work with the glasses, looks better, but nothing to brag about. So I am guessing the Bluray version needs to watched on a true 3D TV. But in reality, even if it does, still not going to make a difference in my thoughts on this movie.

But in the end, I was rather disappointed in this movie. No real amazing and hot sex, most of the time the foreplay was hot, but that heat went away as the sex started. And as I stated a few times, it really felt like this was a late night skin flick, as they seemed to block most of the action from the camera, they must have done that for a R-rated cut maybe.

As for the story, which seems rather serious and political at points, seems to fall as flat as the sex by the end of the movie. It seems to be a major focus in the beginning, but takes a huge backseat by the end.

And with a cost of 39.99, it sad to say that this is easily going to get a SKIP IT rating.

Scene One: Monica and Franco

It’s wartime and we are being told a story of a lady, a place of business, the Cathouse. It seems a new girl has come to get some work, and after a brief look at her body, she is told to clean up. It seems that she has a lover who is in the Army and she wonders if he is being faithful, with all those brothels out there, and we get a short intro to some of the ladies we will see down the road. Most of the stories showed us old guys fondling beautiful young ladies.

Tony and his partner in the war, show up at a house and a nice lady decides to take care of them with some food and wine. It seems the guys are more interested in that just some food. One guy has a little too much to drink and has to lay down, so this gives the other guy a chance to flirt some more with the nice lady. And she seems into too, as she takes a seat on the table and spreads her legs for him, as he dives into her pussy. I wonder if there is a subtitled version, for those of us that don’t mind reading. He continues with some finger action in her pussy and then she slides out his cock and begins to jerk him off, before shoving it in her mouth. I like how they turn and let the body parts stick out to showcase the 3D aspect. After some oral work, she ends up back on the table, showing off her tits, while he slowly fucks her pussy. Why are we focused on his face? He lays on the table, as she goes for a ride in some cowgirl action, as we all wonder if that old table is going to hold them. Well they don’t get too wild and crazy, so I am guessing they will be fine. Back on her knees and jerking/sucking him off until he cums in her mouth. So far we are not off to a great start.

Scene Two: Aurora, Marika, and Jan

Next up, we have another blonde, this time rocking a pretty sexy dress, and she is visited by a soldier, who seems to be a regular customer. He has a gift for her, and then she takes him away and has a surprise for him waiting in the next room, two lovely ladies, who are there to please him. He takes a seat in the middle of the room and they double team him, as they take off his clothes, while kissing him. They take their turns with his cock, sucking and stroking it, ever so softly. They move on as one of the girls rides his cock, while the other sits on his face and plays with her nice tits. So after a rather vanilla first scene, this one started off pretty good, with the foreplay, but seems to have lost some heat as it continues, which is a shame, cause both ladies are pretty hot, with some sexy bodies. We do have some anal action in this one, as he pounds her ass from behind. The scene ends as he cums for them after jerking off a bit.

Scene Three: Fiamma and Leonardo

Back with our soldiers, as the story continues, which seems to be pretty serious, and with a message even. But we are back at the Cathouse and it’s dinner time, and seems the war is affecting them, but luckily they have some good news, they can officially be a brothel, so there is something to celebrate over some wine. But it seems that they must pack up and find a new location, cause we all know it’s about location, location, location. We fast forward to moving day, as they pack up their things, and head off to their new location. She continues to be worried about her guy, and as we see him up in a tree with a gun, we can see why. Anyways, we are back to the girls, at their new place and it seems business is booming, old guys a plenty. We catch up with our soldier friends, who have seemed to stumbled upon the brothel, and how long before he runs into his girl. She takes them into the room with the girls, as they show off what they have to offer the guys. Does that accordion have a mute button. Tony seems shy, and his buddy is all into it, as he is told his lady is waiting for him upstairs, which he climbs very slowly, and then walks into his room and a lovely blonde in some white lingerie is waiting for him, I am pretty sure this is his buddy’s girl. He gets naked pretty quick and then joins her on the bed, but then we cut and watch Cindy as she makes an appearance, so can’t wait to see her in action. She is decked out in a nice suit and hat, and then finds a lovely girl waiting for her. But we are back to the first couple, as she is sucking and stroking his cock, with a little face fucking thrown in. And when they start fucking, it seems they have moved to an outside porch or gazebo. Some doggy and reverse cowgirl action follow. Wait now I am confused, we are back inside and she has most of her clothes on again, better hit the rewind. I was right, the same people. He finishes up as he jerks off in her mouth and on the side of her face. So hopefully we will go back and see what Cindy is up to now.

Scene Four: Belicia and Cindy

I was right, back as Cindy is licking and kissing her lady, making her way to her face, for some gentle kissing. She turns her around with her ass out for her, and begins to lick and tease her pussy, and for you foot lovers out there, a little something for you. Some amazing foreplay here, so I am really hoping this doesn’t end like the rest of the movie. Cindy unbuttons her shirt to release her tits, and then continues to rub and tease her lady, while helping her out of her clothes. After slipping off her bottoms, she begins to lick and finger her pussy, although we don’t get to see too much of it, at first. At this point, I really wish the 3D was a little better, I am enjoying the action, but would love to feel more immersed in the scene. After Cindy works over her pussy, it’s time for her to return the favor, but not before playing with those great tits, and then sliding off her pants, showing off her sexy black stockings. She dives into Cindy’s pussy, once again, not really seeing too much of it at first. But then she gets up and grabs some water and leaves.

Scene Five: Vittoria and Denis

Back in the main room and the girls are giving Tony plenty of attention, he seems to be loosening up a bit, maybe the fact that there are two has something to do with it. But he gets up and heads off, as we get more of a voice over, and then back to our main lady, just as her man, Tony finds her and can’t believe what she is doing. It seems the house lady was a thing for guys who play the accordian, as she takes a seat next to him and begins to slowly kiss him, while grabbing onto his crotch through his pants. He leans over and begins to suck on her tits, and kisses her neck, which really seems to get her motor running. He heads south and dives into her pussy, and once again, we are blocked from seeing the action, it almost seems like we are watching a late night Cinemax movie at times. Luckily after awhile some penetration starts to happen, so I am no longer as confused or worried. She starts him off with a BJ, in which she seems the most energetic of all the ladies in this movie. She takes off her skirt and then sits on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action. They continue with some doggy and cowgirl and then she ends up on her knees working over his cock some more, until he finally (wait for it) shoots his load, which seems to miss her completely as it flies off in the distance.

Scene Six: Cindy and Leonardo

Pierre runs into Cindy and she proves how friendly she can be as she shoves her feet in his crotch, and then he bends over and shoves his fingers in her mouth, before shoving them in her pussy, I think. We finally see as he is licking and fingering her pussy, maybe helping relieve some of that sexual tension from her previous scene. She sets him on the couch and pulls out his cock and gives him a decent BJ, shoving as much as she can in her mouth. And as she continues, it is safe to say that she wins the award for best oral work in this movie. So after his cock is nice and ready she climbs on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action. If it wasn’t for her, this movie would really seem like a huge waste of time, so thanks for making it somewhat bearable at times. And when they move to some doggy, I am once again glad for her, as we get a nice view of her great ass too, as she bends over for his cock. And speaking of her ass, he slides his cock in her ass, while she continues to rub her pussy. She jerks him off until he blasts his load on her tits.

So after all of that, our couple lives happily ever after, even after all of that. Talk about forgiving.



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