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Babysitter Vol. 5, The

Studio: Sweet Sinner » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 12/6/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Babysitter Volume 5
Sweet Sinner
Written and Directed by Nica Noelle
Running Time: 1hr and 46min


Lily Carter
Mr. Marcus
Tanya Tate
Michelle Lay
Evan Stone

Special Features:

Slide Show Gallery
Behind the Scenes-23 minutes of interviews, after the scenes have finished filming. And they talk a little of this being Lily’s first interracial scene. Plus some great interviews with the rest of the cast as well.
Shot in HD

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Trailers-3:30 loop of trailers

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 5-7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Up until a few weeks ago, I had no idea what an au pair was, they mentioned it during a few episodes of The League on FX, and like in the show, it seems she ends up being involved in some sexual fun. So I am guessing that we are going to get the same in this movie, with the lovely Lily Carter.

I am just getting introduced to the works of Nica and the folks at Sweet Sinner studios, but after watching and reviewing this and The Masseuse, it’s safe to say that I am quickly becoming a fan. They combine some great story, along with some pretty amazing sex, which like the motto states, seems real and adds a great deal of heat and intimacy to the scenes. I know I was really looking forward to seeing Lily, but I have to say that both of the other ladies brought some stuff to their scenes. You can tell there was some chemistry involved with all the people involved, which makes for a great movie. And this is a great movie for couples, although good luck trying to hire a babysitter under the age of 50 after seeing this movie.

We are also given a nice BTS segment with some great interviews, and it just proves how much the pairings were into each other. I would love to see a little bump in the audio side, to a 5.1, but the sound was still good, I just like to see that 5.1 is possible whenever. I guess that is the movie nerd in me, I always want to see and hear a movie in the best possible way.

And much like with The Masseuse, I am happy to say that this also deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating. All we need is a little bump in audio stats and a little more special features and this would get our highest rating. But I look forward to checking out more of Sweet Sinner and Nica movies in the future, and look forward to seeing what they release next.

Scene One: Michelle and Marcus

Times are tough for everyone, and it seems that Michelle is overwhelmed by the bills and she thinks she needs to get a real 9-5 job. She later has a discussion with her husband, Marcus, and they discuss what they can do about the baby, maybe hire a sitter or something. They head over to their friends’ house, Evan and Tanya, for some drinks and food. They have some contacts for some possible babysitters for them. Tanya mentions Lily and Evan seems to play her down, seems he has some issues or past with her maybe. And after a night of food and drinks, Michelle and Marcus start to do a little roleplaying to keep the night going. After some playing and sucking of her tits, he slides off her panties and dives into her pussy. She flips over and sticks her ass in the air as he dives back in her pussy. And like a nice couple they get some 69 action going on, so both partners get some attention. But after a little more oral attention, she climbs on his cock and goes crazy, as she hops and wiggles on his cock. These two really show some chemistry during the doggy action, as he attacks her from behind, and she can’t hold back her excitement for him. He continues to go deep in her pussy and she seems to have problem taking all of him. He seems to be in a Zen state as she works on his cock some more, before they continue with some more doggy action, in which she shows some more great energy, as she backs into his cock. He pulls out and cums on her ass, as their night ends on a good note.

Scene Two: Tanya and Evan

We then, are back with Evan and Tanya, as they are once discussing Lily, and he does his best to change her mind about her. But Tanya would rather stop talking about her and move on to some happy time with Evan. And he goes for her pussy, as he sets her on his face, and she leans over and begins to suck and swallow his cock. He gets her on her back and dives in and gives her pussy a good workout with his mouth, and then she climbs on his cock for some cowgirl action. And she really gets some air as she hops on his cock. And after some spoon action, she slides his cock in between her feet, so feet fans take notice, there’s a little something for you in this scene. He lays on top of her and continues to thrust his cock in her pussy, which from the sounds, seems to be fairly wet right now. He pulls out and covers her pussy with his money shot.

Scene Three: Lily and Evan

She falls asleep and he can’t seem to sleep, as he relives some of the conversation he had with Lily. And speaking of Lily, we see as she is waiting for Evan in some sexy lingerie and it doesn’t take long before he has his hands all over her. He slides off her bra and sucks on her tits, before laying her on the bed and diving in her pussy. He flips her over and dives into that amazing ass, as she starts up with the dirty talk. After sliding off her panties, he sucks on her feet, so there you go, two scenes for the foot lovers out there. He begins to spank her ass, before he is once again, face first in her ass. He tries to tell he that she must leave, but no one can resist a lady like Lily, naked on their bed, especially when she has your cock in her mouth. He lays on top of her and begins to thrust his cock in her pussy, while also keeping her quiet. And after some 69 action, she climbs on his cock and goes for a wild ride, and then after some teasing, he is back in her pussy, for some doggy action. And after some more pounding, she goes to town on his cock and balls before he goes back to pounding her pussy. And from the leg shakes, you know he is working her just right. And after she cums for him a few times, he shoots his load on her face and stomach, and then tells her she really needs to go, cause his wife is coming home soon.

Scene Four: Lily and Marcus

The next day, Lily shows up at the door and it seems they have hired you, and Michelle goes around and shows her around the house. Marcus shows up and she is already looking him over, giving him a few glances, and you know what she is thinking. She gets comfortable enough that she leaves Lily alone, which let’s Lily start to check out the place more. She looks at all the pics of the happy couple and doesn’t seem to happy about them. But, if that wasn’t creepy enough, she starts to dig through their closets and throws on a pair of Michelle’s panties. Later, Marcus comes home, and it seems that Michelle is going to be late coming home, and she pretties herself up, when she hears the door open. Time to make her move. During supper, they talk about school and he gives her many compliments, and you can see a little glimmer in her eye. You can see that he is thinking about it too. It’s just a matter of when. But Michelle has to leave on business and of course Lily is going to be there to help out. Lily walks in and starts to turn on the charm, tempting him with some home made food. She knows more than one way to a man’s heart. After the snacks, she turns up the charm, but he seems to keep it in his pants. C’mon the suspense is killing me. Marcus gets a call from Evan and he explains he needs to watch out for Lily. And by watch out, guess who standing in the room, wearing some sexy lingerie. She forgot his desert, how rude of her. They start off with some very hot and heavy kissing, and then she lays on top of him on the bed, as he slips off her bra and sucks on her tits. She heads south and pulls off his pants and begins to swallow his cock. He lays her on the bed and dives into her pussy, which is already driving her crazy. And as he slips his cock in her pussy she lets out some moans of delight as he pounds her pussy. Wrapping her legs around him is a nice touch to this very hot scene. And the heat continues as she hops on his cock with some great energy, screaming she is about to cum for him again. And after some short 69 action, she bends over, and he begins to fuck her from behind, but she once again shows some great energy even in doggy. He also shows that he is no slouch, when it comes to the lovemaking too. And as he blasts her tits and stomach with cum, I can say that I am sad to see this come to an end.


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