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Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 12/10/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack
Digital Playground
Directed by Robby D
Written by Scarlett L
Running Time: 1 hr and 48mins


Selena Rose
Kayden Kross
Riley Steele
Jynx Maze
Manuel Ferrrara
Marco Rivera
Tommy Gunn

Special Features:


Trailers-8 Trailers
16 x 9 Widescreen Format
Slide Show/Photo Gallery
Motion Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes- 8 minutes long, with a nice start as Selena and Riley are having a little fun, while an interview is trying to go on, I am not sure what he said, but that’s not all that important. Some good footage of the cast running though their lines and filming the movie. Selena really seems to enjoy getting really intimate with some of her fellow cast mates. Some quality time with Jynx and her ass, while Kayden films her.


Trailers-14 trailers
1920 x 1080
Photo Gallery
Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes-same as DVD

Technical Stats:

Audio: DVD- Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 448 kbps
Blu-Ray-Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 640 kbps

Video: DVD-Mpeg-2 at around 7 Mbps

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Blur-Ray- AVC at around 21-25 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Every once in awhile in Hollywood, you will get a time when two movies will come out from 2 different studios, and the stories will seem very similar with some slight differences. Well it seems that has happened here in the porn world too. I recently reviewed, The Escort from Wicked Pictures, which I have a RECOMMENDED rating, and what do you know, a few weeks later, I get a copy of this movie, Escort from Digital Playground, to review.

And about halfway through this movie, I was having a case of, haven’t I already seen this movie before. And although there are a few differences here and there, it’s pretty much the same story. This one follows the story a little more after the big reveal, but this one is missing a hot scene between the wife (Kayden) and the escort (Selena), which I feel would have been pretty hot.

They both have their positive and negatives, but I think that they are ones that I can both are RECOMMENDED in my book. I don’t think you will watch both, my suggestion is to look at the cast of each movie, and see which one has more ladies you enjoy in it, and go from there.

Scene One: Jynx, Selena and Marco

It’s party time and everyone seems to be enjoying some friends and drinks. It seems its Marco birthday, and he is thankful for all of his friends. Selena introduces herself to Kayden and doesn’t hide the fact that she is an escort. And it appears birthday boy is going to get a nice present from Jynx and Selena. Some hot and heavy kissing and soon the clothes start to come off. They lean Jynx over the bar and slip off her panties, and begin to play with her pussy and ass, while Selena slips out of her clothes. It’s not long before they are all naked and in a train, sucking and slapping each other. Plenty of attention given to Jynx and her ass, which many of my fellow reviewers have been commenting on lately, so we are aware of your greatness, and love seeing you. The girls finally take a crack on his cock, as Selena works it over while Jynx is deep in her ass. Jynx get’s her turn as she gags and chokes on his cock, they both give him a nice and wet BJ. Jynx tells Selena she has a surprise for her, as she guides her pussy on his cock and goes for a ride, in some reverse cowgirl action. The chair seems a little too dangerous so they move to the couch and she gets right back on his cock. Jynx and her ass finally get a shot on they climb on his cock for some cowgirl action, as she leans forward and dives in Selena’s pussy. Jynx talks some smack as she bends over for him, and asks if he thinks he can handle her ass. I think he is going to try his best, and by the sounds of the ass claps, I would say he is doing a pretty good job. Selena gives him some oral attention, before she sits her big ass on his cock. She climbs off and the girls fight over his cock, continuing to keep it nice and wet for their pussies. Selena climbs back on for some reverse cowgirl action, and then he stands up and blasts his load in Selena’s mouth and she shares it with Jynx, as she lets it drip down her face. So is that how you are supposed to celebrate your birthday, I’ve been doing it all wrong.

Scene Two: Riley and Manuel

Back with Kayden and her husband Tommy. It seems there was a mix up and they were supposed to go wine tasting, but he has work stuff. So she later calls and meets up with Selena and wants to find out if her husband is cheating on her. But she is not cheap, but Kayden is willing to find out. Kayden decides to visit Tommy, but she is stuck talking with his assistant, Riley. She gets a call and has to leave for a meeting with Manuel. She walks into his office and takes a seat on his lap, and they kiss while he plays with her pussy and then sucks on her tits. He lays her on his desk and then slides off her red panties, and after a little more kissing, dives into her pussy, and even shoves a finger her ass. She bends over the desk and rubs her ass against his crotch, which seems to be almost busting out of his pants. He unleashes his cock and slides it in between her tits, and then she begins to suck and swallow it in her mouth. She lays back on the desk, as he slides his cock in her pussy. She lets out a shriek of delight as she cums for him, and then bends over and he continues to fuck her from behind. And this position seems to really bring out the best in Riley as she shows some great energy, while he fucks her. As Manuel jerks himself off, Riley gives his balls some attention and then climbs on board and goes for a ride on his cock, still showing some great energy, as she wiggles her ass on his cock. Although it seems maybe a little too much energy maybe as he keeps slipping out of her pussy. She is back on her knees as he blasts her face with his money shot, and I would say that this was a successful meeting, and it’s time to get back to work. But she may need to get cleaned up a bit.

Scene Three: Selena and Tommy

Back with Kayden and Tommy, as he seems to be more interested in the movie on TV, while she is giving him twenty questions about his day. So Kayden meets up with Selena again, and she gives her the bad news. But she wants to hear the story of how it happened. Seems during the interview, he eventually started talking about sex, whispering sweet nothings in her ear, which gets her all hot for him. He bends her over, and slides off her pants and panties, and then dives into her pussy with his tongue, then a few fingers. If you noticed, that this scene is a little blurry, and I will talk more about this later, in my overall thoughts. Back to the action, as she falls to her knees and he teases her a little with his cock, before she goes to work on it, sucking and gagging on it. She bends over the desk, as he slides his cock in her pussy for some doggy action. They move to the couch for some reverse cowgirl action. And after some more oral love and balls grabbing from Selena, they move on to some spoon action. He blasts his money shot in her mouth, and she gives his cock a few more kisses and swallows, and then licks up all the cum off her body.

Scene Four: Kayden and Manuel

Tommy comes home and wants a little lovin, but Kayden blocks him. The next day Tommy is confused and tries to figure out what is wrong. Manuel tries to help out. Selena shows up and gives Kayden a visit, but as soon as Tommy shows up, she bails before he comes in the room. After that, Manuel is visiting Kayden and she tell him to fuck her and then walk out the door and never speak a word of it. He is a little hesitant, but it’s not long before he is face deep in her pussy. And from the way she is moaning and grabbing on to the couch, I would say he’s found the right spot. She then grabs on to his cock and almost worships it with her hands and mouth, and then he slides it between her tits. And I see she also knows what he likes as she gives his ass and balls a little love as he jerks off. They move to the couch and he slips beside her and she lets out a shriek of excitement, as he slides his cock in her pussy. Nice dirty talk from Kayden, adds a little more heat to the scene. And with the next position, I am little worried about some possible cramping, as she shows off her flexibility. Some more oral worshipping from Kayden, as she teases and plays with his cock some more, and then ends up on top of it for some cowgirl action, with a little finger play in her ass from Manuel. And then he blasts her body with his money shot, and she swallows his cock one last time to get every last drop.

Scene Five: Kayden and Tommy

She doesn’t seem to feel much better after words, and she decides to call Selena, and just as things start heating up, Tommy walks in and he seems to be a little confused. But it seems that everything works out for the best and the happy couple will continue on. And to celebrate their new start on their life together, it’s time for some sexy time. She slips off that sexy black dress and he sets her down and dives into her pussy. And she is once again back to worshiping another cock as she shows her appreciation. After a long oral session, he bends her over and fucks her from behind, as she gives her pussy a little helping hand. Nice little touch as she buries her face in the cushion with her ass up in the air. They move to the floor as she climbs on his cock and rides him, while once again rubbing her pussy. This one seems to come to a quick end as he shoots his cum in her mouth, and the credits begin to roll.

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