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Red Light District All Stars Vol. 4

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 12/26/11

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GENRE: All Sex

DIRECTOR: Uncredited

CAST: Alexis Malone, Aubrey Addams, Bianca Pureheart, Bree Olson, Brianna Love, Carmella Bing, Daisy Marie, Katsuni, Kimberly Kane, Mia Smiles, Michelle B., Ms. Panther, Penny Flame


LENGTH: 3 hrs. 20 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO: The audio on this DVD is ok. I'm not sure if it's digital, but I think it's more like stereo sound quality. All of the scenes on the DVD are presented in a fullscreen ratio, and feature vivid color. As for the specs on the audio, and video I'm not totally sure since the DVD cover or on disc DVD info wasn't given.

OVERVIEW: This is a 'all sex' compilation DVD from Red Light District. It features a collection of scenes from other DVDs in Red Light District's video library. There are a variety of genres covered that include some very lovely ladies. Each scene contains various sex positions, and ends with a variety of cumshot finishes. It is a one disc collection that spans over three hours in length.



Scene 1: Bree Olson & John Strong

I've never really been a fan of blonde haired girls, but Bree Olson looked amazing. The beginning of her scene features a spastic music video montage of her juggling her all natural breasts. It honestly seemed kind of weird to me, but I was glad the sex was much better. Bree started off her sexual encounter with John Strong by giving him a lengthy blowjob. She demonstrated some impressive deepthroat skills as she did so. When the penetrative sex finally began the two performers engaged in some spooning. From there they did both variations of cowgirl, and moved onto some doggystyle. All of the sex was intense, and the pair of performers both seemed to enjoy themselves throughout the scene. Bree had constant orgasms while John let out some exclaimations of his own. It all made for a very pleasurable viewing experience. The ending cumshot was even impressive. I began to think John's load was going to be wasted on Bree's breasts, but Bree did an awesome thing by lapping it up with her tongue. Overall I found this to be a solid scene full of exciting sex. The only bad part to it was the spastic video montage at the beginning.



Scene 2: Katsuni & Manuel Ferrara

Katsuni is a somewhat attractive Asian female performer. I'm not going to say that she's the best I have evers seen, because that would be a lie. Katsuni spends the majority of the first half of her scene licking, and sucking on a massive glass but plug preparing it for insertion. It was at this point that I knew this was going to be a scene focused on anal sex. After Katsuni finally inserted the enormous glass butt plug, and showed it off to the camera the actual sex began. Manuel Ferrara started by face fucking Katsuni with is uncircumcised dick. It was a little unpleasant to watch in my honest opinion. When he was done with that He shoved his massive cock up Katsuni's butt as she posed on all fours in the doggystyle position. The two performers engaged in anal cowgirl, anal reverse cowgirl, and anal spooning before finishing the scene. Throughout the scene's entirety Katsuni was constantly saying what seemed to be some sort of Asian word as Manuel constantly slapped her in a rough manner. The sex was definitely intense, but I'm not into anal, so I honestly didn't enjoy it. The ending cumshot was decent though. Katsuni ended up swallowing Manuel's load.



Scene 3: Aubrey Addams & Derrick Pierce

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There wasn't really much going on in this scene. I suppose it catered to all of those foot fetish enthusiasts out there since 90% of it was spent focusing on Aubrey Addam's freshly peticured feet. In fact the scene began with the director talking to Aubrey as she sat at a beauty salon getting a peticure. When the director is through with the initial interview with aubrey he picks up on the conversation at a different location, and talks with her a little more (about her feet). The man she is supposed to have sex with is at the other end of a set of couches waiting for the conversation between Aubrey, and the director to be over. When Derrick Pierce enters the scene he immeditely begins fooling around with Aubrey's feet. He puts a large portion of one of her feet into his mouth, and sucks on it for an extended length of time. He even licks her toes at one point. This goes on for a while before the pair of performers actually have sex. The only position they engaged in was missionary which was a little surprising to be honest. It didn't seem like the scene lasted long before Derrick shot his load all over Aubrey's feet. It was cool that she licked her own feet clean in the end though.



Scene 4: Mia Smiles with Ms. Panther & LT

This was a rather odd scene. The scene began with a solo shower involving Mia Smiles. She lathers up, rinses off, and then heads to a bedroom where she puts on some oriental themed lingerie. At this point the scene switches focus to Ms. Panther, and LT who are engaged in some naughty activities of their own. Ms. Panther was dressed in a leather fetish bustier with her massive breasts popping out of it. She briefly gives LT a blowjob before he sends her off to get Mia for a threesome. During the threesome Mia did most of the work along with LT. Ms. Panther spent most of the time pleasuring herself as she watched them. Mia ended up sharing doggystyle, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl positions with LT while Ms. Panther only recieved the doggystyle sex. I was a little urprised with how hot this scene actually was. The cast of performers weren't the best, but the sex was exciting. In the end LT shot his load onto Ms.Panther's huge breasts, and on Mia's face. It was a decent ending. In the end I found the scene to be tolerable, but not really impressive.



Scene 5: Penny Flame & Bianca Pureheart with John Strong

This scene was all about sharing. It started off with a naughty intro featuring Penny Flame as she talked trash about how she loved to share her girls with her boys. This teasing proved to be very true in the scene as Penny, and Bianca Pureheart both shared sex with John Strong. The two girls began with some playful cock licking, and sucking then moved on to the penetrative sex. The first position was shared between Bianca, and John. They performed a brief reverse cowgirl ride before Penny did the opposite with a standard cowgirl ride. From there the two girls helped each other out as they were being fucked in missionary, and doggystyle positions by John. At one point John even fucked the girls in an upside down missionary poistion in front of the couch they had sex on. The scene was hot, and full of excitement as the two girls constantly moaned in ecstasy. Even John seemed to enjoy himself. In the end Penny took John's entire load into her open mouth, and then cum swapped it with Bianca. Bianca ended up gargling the load, and swishing it between her teeth before finally swallowing. Overall this was an amazing scene that was full of energy, and it even featured an ending cumshot I was happy to see.



Scene 6: Carmella Bing, Michelle B. & Brianna Love

This scene was a first for me. I'm not really into lesbian porn, and I can't recall seeing a lesbian threesome where one of the girls used a strap-on dildo in a dominatrix manner. The threesome was made up of Carmella Bing, Michelle B., and Brianna Love. I don't know any of the grils, so I won't be able to tell you who's who. All I know is that the dominate skinny girl used the strap-on dildo while the two other girls were on the recieving end. The threesome was definitely sort of deranged in this scene. The dominatrix girl was constantly calling herself "Daddy", as were the other two girls. The scene actually took place in a large bathtub which was kind of hot. The threesome engaged in doggystyle, and reverse cowgirl positions. At the end of the scene they finished off by treating the big breasted brunette girl to some anal with a sex toy. Overall I was mesmerized by this scene. It was oddly exciting to me, and the girls looked amazing.



Scene 7: Kimberly Kane & Alexis Malone

It seems that Red Light District thought they had something going with the whole lesbian dominatrix theme. This scene takes that theme on a different path with Kimberly Kane, and Alexis Malone. In this particular scene one of the girls takes on the dominatrix role while the other plays the role of a female dog (Bitch). To begin with the girl playing the role of the dog crawls on all fours to her master with her dog leash in her mouth. She begins licking master trying to get some attention. The girl playing the part of the master/dominatrix responds in a hateful manner slapping her, and forcing her fingers down the bitches throat. The scene continues on with the love/hate relationship as the dominatrix/master face fucks her pet with a dildo, sticks her foot in her mouth, and even fucks her with a dildo. The two girls in the scene constantly lick, and fuck each other with a dildo. In the end The master/dominatrix takes some "Shut Up" tape, tapes her bitches mouth up, and sends her out of the room. In all honesty it was a strange scene that did absolutely nothing for me. I've never really enjoyed the dominatrix stuff.



Scene 8: Daisy Marie & John Strong

This is one of those scenes that seemed to be edited wrong. The scene started off with Daisy Marie telling John Strong that her 23rd birhday happened a day before the shoot, and that this was the first time she would perform with a real cock. I assumed she was into lesbian porn previously from the sound of that comment. What made me think that this scene wasn't edited properly was the fact that Daisy got down on her knees to suck John's cock, and then the scene immediately switched to her getting fucked missionary style on the bed. There are reasons they could have taken the BJ part out, but it made the scene seem sloppy. Other than a few instances of cocksucking later on during the scene, the oral sex was almost nonexistent which was a letdown for me. The majority of the scene was spent with Daisy, and John engaged in missionary, and cowgirl positions on a bed. In fact that was the only two positions used throughout the entire scene. In the end Daisy recieved a mouthful of John's cum, and then spit it all back out. Overall I found this scene to be oddly edited, and lacking in any real excitement. More position changes would have made for a better scene.



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This was a truly lackluster DVD made up of odd scenarios, and poor performances. At times during my viewing I wondered what was going through the producers mind when they chose some of the scenes that they did. With that being said there were a few stand out scenes that definitely caught my attention. Bree Olson was amazing in her scene, but sadly I did find fault with the jumpy intro. The threesome lesbian scene with Carmella Bing, Michelle B., and Brianna Love was oddly exciting to me. I'm not a fan of lesbian porn, but that scene really got my blood pumping. I also enjoyed the threesome scene with Penny Flame, Bianca Pureheart, and John Strong. It was a solid scene throughout, and I absolutely loved the cum swapping finish.  Aside from those few scenes the rest weren't really worth mentioning. Having only three good scenes out of eight made this DVD worth only a rent in my opinion.



"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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