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Mork & Mindy: A Dream Zone Parody

Studio: Dream Zone Entertainment » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 1/1/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Parody (2 DVD set)

Director: Lizzy Borden

Cast: Chanel Preston, Kagney Linn Karter, Teagan Summers, Marie McCray, Nicki Blue, Evan Stone, Seth Gamble, Bobby Neuwave, (non-sex role)

Length: 121 minutes

Date of Production: 6/26/2011

Extras: The special features package is on a second disc. There is a very entertaining and friendlier mainstream version with only the storyline without the sex that is provided. However, it really loses a lot of the powerful funny moments so I highly suggest that people watch the adult version. A very lengthy and nice looking Behind the Scenes footage is also available. A nice looking photo gallery, several trailers, and a free DVD offer round out this section.     

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition.

Overview: Mork and Mindy: A XXX Parody is the adult version to the very popular situation comedy series from the late 1970's to the early 1980's. Evan Stone has the lead role of the martian Mork who has arrived on earth from his distant planet. His mission is to find out about the sexual customs of humans. The female lead of Mindy goes to Chanel Preston who befriends the alien. The quartet of female aliens in the shapes of Kagney Linn Karter, Teagan Summers, Marie McCray, and Nicki Blue look very appealing in their tight light blue spandex outfits. Moreover, their sexual appetite is pretty enticing too.      

Scene One: While Chanel Preston and Seth Gamble are sitting in her jeep, her fella asks for a blow job and she agrees. The woman's cocksucking effort is a hearty one with good amount of saliva. Furthermore, I enjoy seeing Chanel's head bob up and down as she passionately focuses on giving Seth a date to remember. As a matter of fact, one would never suspect that Mindy had this kind of whorish demeanor in her. She sucks that dick hard and also, deep throats it with ease. Her active handstroking actions are pretty cool too. My body temperature kept rising throughout her consistently hot performance. By now, many guys would had cum already. But, not Seth who is a pro. Moreover, I like seeing Chanel's saliva hand down her chin. Later, he mouth fucks her while the woman is laying on her back on the vehicle as her head is hanging down. The constant in and out penile-mouth interaction is a turn-on. In the meantime, Chanel's pretty tits are sticking out of her shirt. Finally, Seth strokes off at her open mouth. Overall, this scene is one of Chanel's best blow job moments of the year.

Scene Two: Blonde alien Teagan Summers and her red-headed partner Marie McCray are in Chanel Preston's living room. After they perform a very funny demonstration on the female earthling, a lesbian tryst begins. Marie kisses Chanel while Teagan unbuttons the woman's shirt. The camera pans Chanel's body well and soon, the two beautiful aliens are sucking on her breasts. Then, they place their attention on her vaginal beauty spot. At this point, the scene feels quite steamy. The three-way activity looks hot with Chanel laying on the couch sucking and rubbing Teagan's pussy while Marie  performs the same actions on Chanel. There are good shots of the pussy play. All three ladies look very beautiful. The back and forth pussy action among the trio provides solid heat. Moreover, it is quite noticeable that the ladies enjoy being together. The hottest and most turn on activity for the viewer occurs whenever someone is licking pussy. A woman's pretty face beside a vagina while she is pleasuring it is always stimulating. Later on, the toy play occurs with Chanel and Marie sucking on a double ended dildo. Then, Marie and Teagan are using their own items to pleasure and stimulate the earthling's sexual plaything. At times, the camera provides good close-up shots of the vaginal-toy activity. While Teagan is getting fucked by Chanel, Teagan's body looks like a goddess. The toy action by these ladies continues to be hot as the scene progresses and Marie looks very cute. As a matter of fact, this scene will make the viewer want to jump into the screen and use those toys on the women. This performance is another high replayable moment.

Scene Three: After a very silly opening sequence by Nicki Blue and Evan Stone, the both of them get down to fucking business. I have to say that Nicki's solo foreplay performance is an eye-opening and must-see one. Many viewers will want to see more of her work in the future. The male alien sucks her passion fruit with solid determination as she is upside down with her legs spread out. The sight of Nicki's body in that position is gorgeous. Moreover, there are good shots of her pussy during Evan's oral workout of it. Her entire body quivers from his solid pussy suck. Then, she is seen sucking his cock and stroking his balls with her hand. I really like how she stares at him during her blow job moments. Nicki's beautiful face is hot during her passionate POV action. She sucks his balls well too. Afterwards, Evan shoves his dick inside her vaginal tunnel. She moans with good emotion once the guy rubs her clit. Later, the energy level rises immensely when Nicki moans with more emotion and her body quivers again. Next, Evan is fucking the woman with more force as she is bent backwards with her feet and hands on the floor. Then, a reverse cockride occurs where the very limber Nicki holds Evan's balls with her feet. More vaginal fucking action from an unique position is shown. Finally, Evan jacks off on her feet and she sucks her toes to taste his cum. The entertaining sexual positions and Nicki's incredible limberness will be quite memorable. It's another high replayable scene.

Scene Four: Beautiful lead alien Kagney Linn Karter and "The Fonz" Tommy Pistol make out in Mindy's loft. Their clothes are removed quickly and soon, they are kissing. The blonde knockout's body is so beautiful. The guy sucks her tits momentarily before the woman is seen sucking on his manhood. He slaps his dick on her face and also mouth fucks her rapidly at times. Kagney's ball sucking actions look hot. Moreover, the more she tries to deep throat him, there is more saliva that comes out of her mouth. Streams of it are on her face. Later, she bounces and straddles on his cock actively during the reverse cowgirl ride. I really love her straddling motion. Her butt looks very yummy and hypnotic during the energizing cowgirl moments. Next, when Tommy sucks her pussy briefly, Kagney feels those sensations around it. Then, he fucks the attractive female with solid vigor. He really goes to town on her pussy with his mouth in between his rapid screwing delivery. Next, she sucks his dick while laying on her tummy. Meanwhile, the sight of seeing her sexy legs moving around in the air is a turn-on. After a determined fuck from behind, the guy cums on her very receptive stuck out tongue.

Scene Five: Chanel Preston and Evan Stone perform a fun-loving tryst on the couch. The comments between the pair enhance their very good chemistry. In the beginning, the fella sucks her pussy and asshole nicely and eventually sucks and rubs her breasts. The woman is truly enjoying herself immensely. Evan's pussy eating and fingerfucking activities make Chanel moan with much pleasure. Then, he mishes her with some good thrusting motions. As the scene progresses, I really enjoyed watching Chanel's facial expressions during the screwing moments. A 69 occurs with the woman on top. She sucks his cock with a lot of energy and his balls with good passion. Then, Chanel is on the dining room table while Evan fucks her from behind. The screwing sensations are somewhat intense. Later, he sticks a green apple into her mouth and continues to fuck her solidly. There is more unique and heated sexual positions that take place which makes Chanel moan with much emotion. At the end, he cums on the very satisfied and gleeful woman.

Final Thoughts: This film is a very silly and sexually satisfying one regardless if this flick was a parody of Mork and Mindy or not. Evan Stone's antics kept me laughing while Chanel Preston continued to impress me. She is quite good in her very subtle sexy appearance that makes the viewer surprised when she unleashes her inner whorish sexual drive onto her partners. While watching her, I kept seeing Chanel as Mary Tyler Moore. Someone needs to pornify The Mary Tyler Moore Show and cast Ms. Preston as the lead. She would be perfect. As I mentioned earlier, who knew that Mindy had it in her? However, it's the sex that really packs the most punch in this production. From the solid fucking and sucking delivery by the men to the passionate oral play and screwing behavior of the women, viewers are going to want to watch several of these performances repeatedly. Furthermore, the unique sexual positions that Chanel Preston and especially, Nicki Blue are shown in are totally hot. With a good script on hand and fine actors around it, this film deserves a recommended rating.  

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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