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Prize, The

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 1/1/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Prize
Wicked Pictures
Directed by Brad Armstrong
Running Time: 1:35:38
Condoms: Yes
Type: Romantic Comedy/Couples


Kaylani Lei
Asa Akira
Chanel Preston
Jewels Jade
Brad Armstrong
Rocco Reed
Xander Corvus

Special Features:

Bonus Sex Scene w/ Kaylani, Jessica and Wolf from Sexy (9 minutes )
Extended Sex Scene w/ Jewels and Brad (12 minutes)
Trailers-9 (2 before main menu, for the Jessica Drake Instructional Series, including Anal Edition)
Photo Gallery
Motion Menus

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 384 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 8 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

After a little break in the reviews, as I finished up a few things before the end of 2011, I figured why not start off 2012, with a brand spanking new review. I am looking forward to another year of helping you decide what movies are worth your time and money.

2011 was a great year for Wicked Pictures and me, they seemed to dominate my top movies of the year list, and I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings. Having said that, this was an overall so-so movie. It is by no means horrible and just quite amazing, but a solid overall release. It seemed to have a little too much product placement in it, I know you are trying to make sales, but it seemed too obvious.

It’s a great couples release, especially if you are trying to get your lady to let you have some back door fun. Well unless you are not willing to work for it. But even though I made a comment about the product placement, this movie and the Jessica Drake Anal instructional video, would make a good one two punch as you and your partner get ready for some anal love.

Same great audio and video quality you expect from Wicked, and roughly 30 minutes of special features, including 2 bonus scenes, although one is just an extended version of one of the shorter scenes in the beginning of the movie.

Kaylani deserves some attention for doing a good job of the lead role, and I am pretty sure this was her first anal scene, will have to do some research on that. But if it is, they are very low key about it, not making a big deal about it. Xander also shows some great acting skills, as he is put through hell to get his prize, although he may have broken a few rules to get it.

So it looks like I am going to start 2012 with a decent movie, I am going to give this a RECOMMENDED rating.

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Scene One: Kaylani and Xander

So as 2012 starts, we are not going to mess around, and we are already deep in action, as the opening credits greet us. Some doggy love between Kaylani and Xander, who seems to be hinting/teasing her ass right from the start. And when he makes his move to some anal action, she brings things to a halt. But luckily he is able to sweet talk her into skipping that and helping her cum with some oral attention with his fingers and tongue. But he is back inside her pussy pretty quick and explodes all over her stomach, as she licks up all the cum off her body. But as soon as they are done, he starts to hint once again for some anal action. But from the voice over, she isn’t so happy about it.

Scene Two: Jewels and Brad

The next day, she gets a visit from Brad who is here to fix the garbage disposal, while she heads upstairs to do some laundry. He gets a call from his wife, and gets some dirty talk going, hinting about some back door loving. And so she decides to talk to him about it, getting some more info from him. He does his best to convince her she should at least try it. Brad goes into great detail about his first time with his lady. He swears it was an accident, but she goes with it and seems to enjoy it in her ass, as she rides him. And after some teasing, he slides it back in her ass for some doggy action, until he shoots his load over her face, and a few drips on her tits.

Scene Three: Chanel and Rocco

After she pays Brad and he tries to convince her to let him be her first, she hops on the interwebs and does a little research, until Chanel shows up at her door wanting to borrow some sugar. She takes a look at her computer and gives her some crap and then begins to tell her story, and then we get a personal plug for one of Jessica Drake’s videos. She says she makes him do stuff to earn the right to fuck her ass. And then she tells the story of her first time. And it seems we are going to get some foreplay in this scene, and not just jump right into the action. Some heavy kissing and she rolls over to tease him with her ass. He dives his tongue in her ass, getting her all nice and ready for something a little bigger. He shoves a finger in her ass, as she continues to moan with excitement, and then ends on her back, as he dives into her pussy. After a few short scenes, it is good to know that this one is going to be a little longer. She returns the favor as she sucks and swallows his cock, giving him a nice wet BJ. He starts off by fucking her pussy, as she spreads her long sexy legs for him. She leans up against the bed, for some doggy action, and then we finally get our anal action, as she slides his cock in her ass, while she rides him. She tells him slow at first, but he seems pretty gun ho on going a lot faster. He reaches around and shoves a few fingers in her pussy, while he gives her a nice anal pounding. They continue with some spoon action, and then he pulls out on drops his load on her ass cheeks. She licks up the cum and he immediately asks if she needs anything. He is ass whipped for sure. Chanel tells Kaylani she needs to treat anal sex like a prize. And there we go, some one said the name of the movie during the movie.

Scene Four: Kaylani

Kaylani heads to a sex shop and goes through a bag to toys, all Wicked ones of course, including the fore mentioned DVD. She starts to watch it while opening her toys. She opens the silver bullet and lubes it up and tries to psych herself for it. She shoves a few fingers in her ass, and from the sounds, I would say she is enjoying it. And then comes the big moment as she slides the toy in her ass. And once she gets going, I don’t think she will want to stop. She lets out a sigh of relief and she seems that she is ready for Xander.

Scene Five: Kaylani and Asa

He comes home from work, and she turns on the heat and explains she is ready. But she wants to chat and set some rules first. And we see is really going to make him earn it, with a laundry list of things to do first. She meets up with Asa and let’s her know what is going on. Asa tells her once someone else is involved, it makes it some much better. But she needs a little more convincing, as Asa grabs some toys and she promises to be gentle. Their tops come off pretty quick and I can’t wait to see them slide out of those jean shorts. But there is going to be plenty of pussy rubbing and teasing before that happens. Asa slides off Kaylani’s shorts and dives into her pussy, being ever so gentle, as promised. After some tongue action in her pussy, she heads south and begins to tease her ass with her tongue. But remember it’s all about give and take, she Kaylani shoves a few fingers in Asa’s pussy, and they both end up getting a little attention. Asa is going to show her how it’s done, as she is bent over, with a toy in her hand, as she slides it in and out of her ass. She lets Kaylani take control of the toy and continue to fuck her ass. Asa asks if she is ready, and Kaylani says yes, and Asa lubes up a toy and licks her ass some more before she slides it in. Asa seems to go a little deeper and deeper with the toy. But then it’s Asa’s turn as Kaylani pulls out the long black toy and shoves it in Asa’s ass. Kaylani doesn’t have to be some nice and gentle cause we know she has taken way more in her ass this year. And as Asa puts on the red strap on, we shall see how long the soft and gentle will last.

Scene Six: Kaylani and Xander

Kaylani heads home and it seems the place is a mess, and she is not happy. But she needs to explain to him the rules once again. But he seems too focused on her ass. She thinks they have come to a agreement, but he has other ideas apparently. After dinner, it’s finally time for his prize, but he is passed out on the bed. So I guess he will have to wait for his gift. She gives him another list the following day. He goes to visit Rocco and he laughs at him, with all the crap she is making him do. But Rocco feels sorry for him, so he decides to help him out. Kaylani comes home and finds a trail of flowers that leads to the bedroom, and he is naked on the bed with a nice red bow on his cock. She strips for him and joins him on the bed, and rips the bow and maybe some skin off his cock. She sticks the bow on her ass and tells him it’s time to get his prize. He dives into her ass with his tongue, but he doesn’t forget about her pussy either. She begs for his cock in her mouth, and he lays back on the bed and let’s her enjoy it. And she even goes the extra mile and gives his balls some attention too. She sits on his cock, as she shakes and bounces her booty on his cock, no anal yet, but we are getting very close to the big moment for him. And like in the beginning of the movie, we are back to some doggy action, and then they switch to some spoon, as he slowly slides his cock in her ass, making sure she is ok as he thrusts his cock in her ass, how nice. He pulls out of his prize and blasts her body with his cum.


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