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Breaking Up

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 1/4/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Breaking Up
Wicked Pictures
Directed by Barrett Blade
Running Time: 1:56:16
Condoms: Yes
Type/Genre: Romantic Comedy/Couples


Alektra Blue
Jennifer White
Kayla Paige
Victoria Rae Black
Joey Brass
Brendon Miller
Seth Gamble
Tony De Sergio

Special Features:

Bonus Sex Scene w/ Alektra, Brooklyn and Manuel from Freak (13:31 scene)
Trailers: 9 total
Photo Gallery

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Motion Menus

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 384 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 5-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

As I start off with the new year, it seems I am going to start off with a few Wicked titles, and next up is one I am looking forward to seeing, Alektra Blue, check! Jennifer White, check! And one of my girls I hope to see more of this year, Victoria Rae Black, and check mate. And if they ever do a parody of Whitney, I think that Kayla would be a perfect girl to play her somewhat crazy single friend.

With Barret behind the camera, and a cameo as one of the guys trying their best pick up lines ( a reminder of the comedic element he brings to movies), I have enjoyed some of his previous movies. Does a good job of filming the sex, although there were a few times I was waiting for the camera just slightly move, as the action seemed to be just out of the screen.

We get about 30 minutes of special features, and of course the bonus scene is from a recent movie, Freak and stars Alektra Blue, so that is a plus in my book. And I like to point out that once again we are given 5.1 Dolby Digital quality sound and some great video quality. I still wish more studios would give us that on their DVD releases. For us tech people, it’s just a small wish we want fulfilled.

Figuring out the numbers and doing a little math. It’s safe to say that when you include 3 ladies I look forward to seeing in movies, and get to see them in 4/5 scenes, this is an easy RECOMMENDED title for me. Some decent acting skills from Alektra during her breakdown scene, and the funny bar scene, and of course the sex, the main reason we are here. It's a solid release that you and your partner can sit back and enjoy together.

Scene One: Alektra and Seth

Some very cool opening graphics, and then we get into the action as Seth is home from work and guesswho is waiting for him on the bed, the lovely Alektra. Now that is the kind of thing you want to come home to after a long day of work. She tempts him to join her on the bed, and he immediately falls under her spell. After some heavy kissing, he helps her out of her clothes, and dives into her boobs. She has been waiting all day for his dick and soon enough its in her mouth. She lays back on the bed and he dives his tongue into her pierced pussy. He slides his cock in her pussy as she continues to spread her legs for him. She gives her pussy a little more attention with her hand, while he continues to pound her pussy, until she cums for him. She sits on his cock and goes for a wild ride, as she wiggles and grind her hips on his cock. She climbs off and gives his cock some more oral attention before climbing back on for another ride. There seems to be some moisture issues, as he seems to pop out a lot during this scene. They continue with some spoon action and he seems to cum before she does, and he pulls out and plasters her stomach with his money shot.

Scene Two: Jennifer and Tony

Jennifer and Tony are out talking about their friend date, and it seems he’s been trying to ask her out and she keeps shooting him down, but she has a change of heart. She uses her charm to convince him to say yes, damn you women and your power over us guys. They magically appear in a bedroom, as he begins to play with her pussy, while making sure to give her tits some attention too. She gives him a glance with those eyes and suggest he slides her panties off, and after some more foreplay, he is licking and sucking her pussy. He shoves a few fingers in and goes to work, letting her lick the taste off his fingers. She returns the favor with some nice oral work, as she shows off her deep throating skills. She ends up bent over on the couch, just waiting for him to slide his cock in her pussy. After some great doggy action, she takes her sexy ass and sits on his cock for some cowgirl action, as her tits bounce in his face. And speaking of bouncing, plenty of booty bouncing for your enjoyment. Some spoon action follows, until she begs for his cum all over hee pussy. And soon enough, he does as he spreads his load over her pussy and she licks it up.

Scene Three: Kayla and Joey

Back to Alektra and Seth, and it seems that its getting close to the big day, and Seth says those magic words, that they need to take a break. It’s been a long relationship and he wonders what his life would be like if they weren’t together. She automatically assumes its another girl, but he says there is no one. She turns on the tears and tries to convince him to change his mind. It doesn’t work as she seems to have a panic attack. Back to our other couple, and it seems that they are happy and things are working out. It seems that Jennifer, Seth and Alektra all live together and she sees him as he storm out of the apartment. The next morning she is still shaken up, and Jennifer does her best to help her out. Tony and Kayla show up and try to change her mood. Kayla seems the whore of the group and she really wants Alektra to get back out there. Alektra and Kayla end up at a bar and it seems that Alektra is getting all the attention, no big surprise. Some bad pick up lines follow, as Brendon just sits there and is dumb founded by the pick up lines. He does the nice bartender thing and gives her a free shot and tries to help her out. Jennifer and Tony realize they need to stop her before she makes a big mistake. Brendon gives her his number and tells her to let him know when she is ready to date. Super slut Kayla finally finds a guy and can’t stop chatting up her sexual prowess. It seems that Joey is ready to try and tame her. They leave Alektra behind as they go to his place and after some brief kissing, she hasher big tits out for him to suck and squeeze. She leads him to her pussy as he licks and sucks it. She tells him to stand up so she can suck his cock, I have a feeling she is going to be rather bossy in the scene. A pretty decent oral workout follows and then she lays back on the couch as he begins to fuck her pussy. So either he is really short or she is a giant. Either way, he seems to be doing a decent job trying to satisfy her. Although all that talking she was doing, I was kind of expecting her to be a little more wild and loud during the sex. Some doggy and spoon follow, and if the streak continues, we shall see a money shot soon. And he blasts her tits with it, as she slides his cock in between her valley.

Scene Four: Victoria and Seth

The next day, she pulls out Brendon’s number and decides to give him a call, but hasn’t quite got the nerve to talk to him at first. They agree to a date, and she decides to call her ex, who happens to be spending some time with the lovely Victoria. It seems he has hired her, and is a little nervous around her. She does her best to calm his nerves, by grabbing his crotch, which seems to be ready. So she grabs on and give it a work over with her hands and mouth, gentle but very sexy. He slides her out of her dress, and she goes right back to work on his cock. She slides his cock in between her tits and then says he wants to fuck her. So we flash, and she is on top of him for some reverse cowgirl action. And we even get some camera love, as her tits bounce up and down as she rides him. Nice Dutch Angle, some one must have watched Thor recently. Then we get to focus on her ass, while they continue with some doggy and from the sound of things, she is pretty wet right now, in fact I think I saw a few drops fall while he fucks her. And as she lays on her back, she continues with the dirty talk, just wanting and begging for his cum. And as she is about to cum even more for him, he pulls out and splatters her face with his cum.

Scene Five: Alektra and Brendon

Back with Alektra and Brendon, and it seems he did a great job of impressing her. And I just need to point out her very amazing and sexy outfit, my god. She leans in for a kiss, and he kind of puts the breaks on things. She on the other hand, wants to keep going. And the pretty lady wins of course. Off come their shirts and he grabs on to her tits before going in for a few sucks and licks. And she starts to rub his crotch before opening his pants, and going to work on his cock. So apparently nice guys get the hot girls, there is still hope for us all. Anyways she makes sure and cover every inch of his cock, and even some love for his balls too. And you know some titty fucking is soon to follow, before his cock is back in her mouth. And as she deep throats him, he screams as if he is about to burst all over her. She ends up naked too, bent over and he has his face deep in her ass, working over her pussy. Even though he seems to be doing a good job, she begs for his cock inside her. And not long into, she is already ready to cum for him, a few times in fact. And after a bit he grabs on and sets her on top and she wiggles and grinds her hips on his cock, continuing to drive him crazy. But she is going crazy too, as she seems to cum for him again. She flips around and continues to ride him, and reaches back and shoves a finger in her ass, was wondering when that was going to happen. But he wants to get a good look at her ass, so you know what is coming, some doggy action. After working up a sweat, he pulls out and covers her ass with his cum.

But the story is not over, and I will let you find out how it ends for all of them.

Some BTS and outtakes during the credits.


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