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Fashion House Part 2

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 1/8/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Fashion House 2

Genre: All Sex, Made For Women, All Girl/Lesbian

Director: Diana Devoe

Cast: Andy San Dimas, Ariella Ferrara, India Summer, Janet Mason, Ms. Platinum, Prinzzess

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality were both excellent.

Length: 2 hours, 42 minutes

Release Date: 12/23/11

Extras: Extras included Behind The Scenes, Slideshow and Trailers

Condoms: No

Overview: The drama and scandal of the fashion industry returns in Diana Devoe’s Fashion House 2. This wicked yet titilating erotic sizzler is filled with four steamy scenes plus an engaging plot where Andy Sand Dimas screws over her partner India Summer, and in process shows why she is an XBiz Performer of the Year. Andy plays against type in a role that can only be described as devious plus her two sexual performances generate the stuff wet dreams are made out of. Janet Mason can’t get enough of the raven-haired goddess, practically refusing to leave the room when Andy’s done with her, while Prinzess is just puddy in the presence of Andy and her sexual prowess. India Summer shines as always in her acting and sexual performance but the one to watch is Ms. Platinum. Wow! Wow! Wow! Where has Girlfriends Films been hiding her? Fashion House 2 is one house I’d love to visit.

Scene 1 Andy San Dimas, Janet Mason

The party/fashion show Andy and India throw in order to keep the House of India afloat is a bust and now, worried about their next move, the two decide to call it a night and figure out what to do the next day. Andy is next seen crying, unsure what the future will hold. In comes Janet Mason, one of the very guests to arrive. Although the two don’t know each other, Andy confides in Janet regarding the fashion house’s financial trouble and Janet lets it be known that she is a financial advisor and is willing to help the two out. A grateful Andy begins to make out with the much older and sexy cougar. Andy removes Janet’s clothes and begins exploring her sweet body. Janet is quite enamored with the young vixen as well, sampling Andy’s juicy pussy several times during the scene and for a large amount of time each time she buries her face in Andy’s pink. The two have a very passionately fueled lesbo session that more than satisfied my fully erect cock. Janet has never looked better and Andy adds another very impressive performance to her extensive list of impressive performances in her career.

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Scene 2 Prinzess, Ariella Ferrara,

After Janet and Andy are done, Ms. Platinum arrives and meets with India, also unsure about her namesake couture house future. Miss Platinum twirls her hair as she listens intently to India, who notices how good the dark chocolate beauty looks. They share a kiss but Miss Platinum has to leave, leaving India her business card so they can get together sometime. The next day Janet meets with Prinzess and Ariella Ferrara and it’s here we find out that Janet was sent by the two to screw Andy and India, literally and figuratively. Prinzess and Ariella scheme to take over the House of India and seeing that their plan is working so far, decide to fuck to celebrate their well=executed plan. They each go at it for a while, over 40 minutes, and while the beginning of the scene was hot I had a problem with the length of the scene. Near the end the two seemed to be running on fumes as this scene seemed to never want to end. The same moves, positions, etc. were simply repeated. A good 15 minutes cut from the scene would have made this scene much, much more enjoyable. Less definitely is more.

Scene 3 India Summer, Ms. Platinum

Ms. Platinum arrives to India’s house in a trench coat and not much else underneath. India, already attracted to Ms. Platinum, warns her that she’s expecting her girlfriend Andy soon. Ms. Platinum drops her coat making it hard for India to resist her magnificent sweet ebony body. The two go at it good and hard with India playing a more submissive role than usual. Ms. Platinum gets on top of India, sucking on her tits before making her way down south. Platinum digs in deep with her tongue on India’s pink. Inda returns the favor but also includes a mean toss salad with India digging in deep in Platinum’s browneye. Before the scene concludes, Andy walks in on the two, shocked and leaves in a hurry. Platinum and India deliver one of the hottest, sizzling lesbian scenes I have ever had the pleasure of pleasuring myself to. Ms. Platinum is more than capable of holding her own with the more experienced India, while India nicely plays the submissive role to a tee!

Scene 4 Andy San Dimas, Prinzess

Turns out Ms. Platinum is on the Prinzess’ scheme as well, with her fucking India all part of the plan, and the twist at the end will definitely leave you speechless. Andy and Prinzess decide to hook up—I guess the word commitment doesn’t exist—and they instantly heat up the scene with plenty of licking, sucking, let’s just say they give their mouths a workout. Prinzess and Andy look so good and tasty together, this is definitely a pairing that many have waited to see. No hole is left unlicked, Andy takes control for most of the scene, fucking her young willing partner until she cums multiple times. Prinzess then turns the table around, sitting on top of Andy and making her tongue her cherry. What a great way to close out this chapter.

Summary: Diana Devoe nicely combines erotic porn sex with a really good plot. Some directors just have a hard time merging the two. Diana’s experience as a gonzo director plus her very original story about deception, high fashion, tension and glamour will really engage viewers to the point that they won’t be pressing the fast-forward buttons on their remotes. The terrific acting performances by all definitely leads to hot lesbian trysts, all of which looked very genuine. In other words, none of the ladies looked as though they were phoning in their performances. A first rate job of pairing up the talent, each showing a true attraction to their scene partners. Andy San Dimas—long the go-to-girl for whatever assembly-lined parody being shot at the moment—is at her best here. She demonstrates her wide range of talents, from her acting, her ability to carry a film, her screen presence, sex appeal, and her amazing sexual performance. She’s able to make viewers and her scene partners virtually fall in love with her, despite the fact she plays a backstabbing cunt. She is perfect in this role. India Summer is simply amazing as always, enough said. The pairing of Ms. Platinum and India Summer is one of the best pairings ever in adult. Ms. Platinum nevertheless steals the scene as the seductress sent over to trick the powerful fashion mogul into giving over control of the House of India to Prinzess. Just a note on the interracial aspect—it’s a non-issue and it’s never hyped up to be an interracial scene. There’s no need on Devoe’s part to interject that into the storyline and it won’t even matter to viewers. The scene is just shot amazingly well, and both performers are at their best here as well. Ms. Platinum’s killer body and overtly flirtatious behavior is enough to get me going. I’m definitely following her career a little more closely now. And Janet Mason’s pairing with Andy San Dimas is a sizzling cougar/kitten tryst that is worth watching again and again. There’s plenty of masturbatory material in this 20 minute scene. With all that said, Fashion House 2 deserves high marks and a Highly Recommended rating.

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