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Please Make Me Lesbian Part 5

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 1/10/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Please Make Me Lesbian 5

Genre: All Sex, Made For Women, All Girl/Lesbian

Director: ??

Cast: Aiden Ashley, Heather Starlet, Lily Carter, Syren Demar, Taylor Vixen, Vanilla Deville, Zoe Holloway

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality were both excellent.

Length: 2 hours, 45 minutes

Release Date: 12/23/11

Extras: Extras included Behind The Scenes, Slideshow and Trailers

Condoms: No

Overview: Don’t believe that things have become tamer in the Holloway household. Zoe Holloway and Lily Carter’s twisted relationship continues but this time around kin gets involved and poor Taylor Vixen becomes the new target the girls try to turn out. The sex remains hot and the acting performances are solid with a truly engaging storyline. Taboo, perhaps a bit disturbing at times, I still feel the Please Make Me Lesbian series is the best lesbian series to be released in 2011.

Scene 1 Heather Starlet, Vanilla DeVille

Vanilla takes advantage of Heather’s naivette and seduces Heather to sleep with her. Vanilla looks so tasty and Heather nicely plays her role as the sexually inexperinced teen. I loved watching Vanilla sample Heather’s body, gliding her tongue from Heather’s neck, down to her tits which she sucks on until she makes her way down to her cherry. Vanilla just takes her sweet time eating Heather’s cookie and Heather simply lays on her back enjoying the tongue bath her clit is experiencing. Vanilla turns her prey out and in the process makes this a really hot scene.

Scene 2 Zoe Holloway, Syren DeMar

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The scene starts off with Zoe and Lily who are about to make their pseudo relationship to the next level. Lily proposes to Zoe, and while Zoe seems genuinely touched, you know there’s no way she’s going to stop her cruising around the neighborhood for kitties. Syren then comes to visit Zoe’s home and Zoe greets her with a kiss on the mouth. The two sit and gossip, discussing Zoe husband’s shortcomings and Zoe’s plans for putting her daughter Taylor Vixen in a gay/lesbian/transgender school. Syren is shocked to find out Taylor is a lesbian. Zoey explains that she hasn’t come out but has her suspicions. Syren’s daughter, Lily arrives and the three march into Taylor’s room where Zoe begins taunting and teasing her daughter Taylor, Syren tying her up and Lily made to paddle Taylor each time she refuses to confess she’s a lesbian. Taylor holds her own but is continuously berated by her own mother. Syren has a look on her face as though she’s ready to tear into Taylor’s pink. Lily just does what she’s told, paddling her harder almost reluctantly but manages to please her step-mother and mother with her obedience. Zoe removes Taylor’s clothes and also looks at her as though she’s one of the neighborhood kitties Zoe has “taken in” to play with. This was by far hotter than the actual sex scene featuring Syren and Zoe, who make wild passionate love while Zoe’s significant other, Lily, is in her room. The two cougars look really good together, both blessed with incredible bodies and plenty of sexual chemistry towards one another. Already Zoe is sleeping around behind Lily’s back minutes after she got engaged to her step-daughter.

Scene 3 Lily Carter, Taylor Vixen

Lily goes into Taylor’s room to try to make amends with her step-sister. Taylor forgives her but Lily is curious if Taylor is a lesbian. Taylor still won’t say what her orientation is. So Lily begins caressing her. Taylor does nothing to stop Lily and she continues to brush up against her arm then gently giving Taylor a kiss. The two begin to makeout but once Lily begins her way down on Taylor Lily realizes she’s got her. Taylor just lets Lily have her way with her so Lily eats Taylor’s pussy and suck on those natural C-cups on the sexy teen performer. Taylor needs a little direction but eventually gets the hang of licking pussy. Lilly has now slept with her step-mother and step-sister. How much more perverse can things get in this household?

Scene 4 Aiden Ashley, Lily Carter

I spoke too soon. Things are about to get more perverse. I’m not sure how this scene fit with the previous two scenes but it was a good one nonetheless. Lily stops over to Aiden’s place to check out a room she’s renting. Before Lily arrives Aiden leaves a strap-on behind. Lily comes by and is shown the room. She looks it over and listens as Aiden tells her it belonged to her grandmother. Lily inspects the room a little more carefully and finds the strap-on. Aiden falsely claims it must’ve belonged to grandma. She then confronts Lily with allegations of lesbian trysts she’s had and threatens to tell everyone they know. However, if Lily sleeps with her she might let it go. And Lily, who is recently engaged, does so albeit reluctantly. Aiden tears into Lily who shows no resistance. Not because she wants Aiden but because she seems worried about those rumors getting out. Aiden places the strap-on and fucks Lily, looking good while she’s on top of her prey. Aiden fucks like a pro, making Lily cum multiple times with her plastic phallus. Sizzling scene to close out this volume.

Summary: I’ve watched all five volumes and each time something new is added into the mix. It’s become more about the relationship of Zoe and Lily; with new characters added it won’t be long when every girl that enters this world admits to their inner lesbian desires or perverted fantasies to their would-be seducers. At the heart of it, Zoe and Lily’s unhealthy relationship will likely succumb at some point but neither see how damaging and destructive this will eventually turn out. They play their roles so convincingly well you forget you’re watching two actresses playing characters but instead playing an actual couple with deep feelings for their one another, or so it seems. Zoe is hardly ready to give up the taste of honey between a girl’s legs and Lily is still capable of being easily manipulated, or brainwashed for that matter. Her subservience is evident when she, Zoe and Syren enter Taylor’s room and she enters into a hypnotic-like state, obeying Zoe’s order to a tee. Zoe treats at her daughter Taylor in almost the same way she treated Lily in the beginning, berating her to get her to admit she’s a lesbian. Syren enters the fray and we find her to be almost a clone of Zoe, who doesn’t hide her sexual attraction for Zoe and looks at Taylor with the same lust Zoe has for Lily. That’s what I call keeping it in the family. Yet you can’t stop watching knowing full well things won’t end right for anyone. Its fantasy but the characters really do make you feel as though you’re watching a real-life, unstable family unit set to implode any minute. But before it does this erotic thriller still has plenty of steam to carry itself to the highest peaks which this series has yet to reach. It continues to offer more bizarre twists, sizzling lesbian sex, and more creative, shocking endings that will keep viewers totally engaged and coming back for more. Not many continuing series have that momentum that Please Make Me Lesbian has. The best is yet to come from Girlfriends Films. Until then PMML 5 has earned a Highly Recommended rating.

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