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Bree Olson Uncovered!

Studio: Triangle Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 1/17/12

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: Lesbian Vignettes, Compilation

Director: Kathryn Annelle

Cast: Bree Olson, Jenna Haze, Penny Flame, Annette Schwarz, Ariel X, Michelle Lay, Sasha Grey

Length: 180 minutes

Dates of Production: 2/2/2007, 3/6/2007, 6/14/2007, 7/29/2007

Extras: The highlights of this section are the nice looking photo gallery and trailers.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition.

Overview: Bree Olson Uncovered! is a film by the studio Triangle Films and it's talented director and owner Kathryn Annelle. This movie showcases one of the greatest adult performers ever to appear in porn. This woman has always been a crowd-pleaser with her fun and pleasant personality. The frenzied headline news stories that she was involved in gave the mainstream public an incorrect image of her. For one thing, Bree has always been a good and kind person who has much respect for her fans and this industry. On account of Bree's affection, her fans love her too. It is not a surprise that she will be co-hosting the 2012 AVN Awards with Sunny Leone. Her professionalism is a quality that should be admired.

Scene One: Bree Olson shows up for her pledge meeting with Penny Flame ten minutes late. However, the woman is impressed by the wannabe sorority sister's creative excuse. Then, Bree tells her about herself briefly before Penny informs the cute coed about their policy of only having sex with other women. The Indiana beauty is still excited to join and Penny does a very fine job in explaining to her all about it in her very sexy and seductive voice. As a matter of fact, it will put you in a pleasant trance. Moreover, I really enjoy watching Bree be so attentive to the woman's every word. Her face looks so adorable that you would want to lean over and kiss it. Moments later, Penny and Bree are kissing and creating good heat. Bree begins to moan once the sorority leader is sucking on her tits and then, rubs her pussy. Afterwards, the blonde takes the initiative and lays on top of Penny as they continue to make out. Bree has very sensitive nipples as she resumes her moaning behavior during Penny's sucking actions on them. Later, Bree applies her mouth and tongue onto the coed's juicebox with good active effort while fingering it too. In the meantime, Penny's face looks quite pleased. Next, Bree is sitting on Penny's face with the woman giving the probable coed a good pussy massage with her mouth. Bree moans and squeals quite nicely with solid emotion. Afterwards, Penny fucks Bree with a pink vibrator and she applies very steady rhythm as the wannabe sorority sister rubs her own clit to double the fun on herself. The woman's toy play motion becomes more fast-paced and Bree moans with even more emotion. A very good tribbing session follows with Penny applying a solid pussy on pussy humping delivery. Then, the brunette leader sucks Bree's tasty honeycomb in a determined manner. When she also applies her fingering actions on it along with Bree's clit rubbing motions, Bree breathes much heavier and gets off extremely well. Since having watched many of Bree's fascinating performances, I was expecting her to squirt, but, in this awesome case, she did not.

Scene Two: Attractive ladies Michelle Lay and Bree Olson make out in the bedroom. They do a very fine job in keeping the passion long-lasting. The very turned-on women are enjoying themselves immensely. Then, Bree focuses her attention on the woman's pretty sexual snatch by licking it and especially fingerfucking it. The passion between the women is quite good and Bree looks incredible sitting on Michelle's mouth. The gorgeous blonde cums remarkably well. Then, the very excited lady sucks and rubs Michelle's muffin with rapid intensity. The chemistry between them is cute and pleasant. Afterwards, the brunette beauty is focusing on her partner's snatch. Then, Michelle sticks a long gray dildo into Bree's pussy and she uses it very well with her fast-paced and aggressive stroking rhythm that makes Bree moan greatly. Next, the humping moments while facing each other feel sweet. Then, Bree bounces on the dildo toy while it is on Michelle's pussy. This bouncy activity is a huge turn-on and quite exciting. A heated 69 follows with Bree on top. She delivers a stimulative oral and then, fingerfucking massage on Michelle's sex spot. These two ladies are incredible and I enjoy seeing their bodies on screen.

Scene Three: Bree Olson and bad girl Sasha Grey get down and dirty as they makeout on the couch since Bree informs her that she can be rough too. There is some hot kissing action while the dark-haired lady is straddling Bree. Then, Bree starts to moan as soon as the woman is sucking on her pussy. It does not take long until the rough antics begin as Sasha slaps the woman's face several times. Next, Bree sucks Sasha's breast with a lot of firmness. However, their kissing and pussy pleasuring moments bring a personal touch to their chemistry level. Bree continues to get off extremely well as Sasha constantly applies her mouth on pussy massage. Later, Sasha returns to slapping Bree on the side of her face. Then, Bree is sucking on the woman's muffin in a determined manner. Her actions are making Sasha cum and Sasha even pulls Bree's hair during it. Later, the intensity level really heightens as Bree rubs Sasha's pussy and Sasha is squeezing the woman's tits. Next, the dark-haired lady puts on a strap-on and fucks Bree with much passion that makes my ears ring from Bree's uncontrollable moans. A very exciting cowgirl ride by Bree follows which gets me out of breath while watching her. This wild fucking action continues to their doggie session. When the missionary moments occur, Sasha slaps Bree's tits and face aggressively. Then, Sasha fucks her very hard while pulling her long blond locks of hair. This performance is an amazing winner.

Scene Four: Very young looking coeds Bree Olson and Jenna Haze are getting to know each other at Jenna's home. Even though they drink some wine, the personal chemistry that they have for each other is quite good and authentic. It really does feel like two college students getting together. Their kissing activity and touchy-feely antics toward each other create hot heat. I also like the fast-paced nature to their sexual performance as they act like young eager beavers. Bree eats Jenna's pussy in a passionate and aggressive display as the blonde coed digs deep into her vaginal plaything. Then, Bree fingerfucks it with a lot of determination and intensity. Afterwards, Jenna sucks, rubs, and fingerfucks Bree's sensitive sexual muscle with good focus and attention. Her workover makes the woman moan with solid turn-on intensity. The way that they stare into each other's eyes is quite intense, but you still know that they are enjoying themselves wholeheartedly and want to continue to fuck. Then, Jenna is sitting on Bree's face and both women are getting off well. As a matter of fact, both women continue to get off well when they switch positions. I especially like Jenna's passion in spanking Bree. Then, Bree's very determined pussy eating behavior is a huge turn-on. I have to mention again that their kissing moments feel very personal and sweet. Afterwards, Bree rubs the woman's pussy and sticks her tongue into her asshole with the demeanor of horny hunger. The scene ends in a sweet manner with them kissing.

Scene Five: Ariel X and Bree Olson are stretching. During their exercise routine, it is apparent that they are enjoying being together. Moments later, Ariel kisses the woman's foot and the mood becomes more personal. After some extra exercising moves between them, the attraction for each other becomes too hot and they have to kiss. Then, Ariel carries Bree and puts her on the couch where a hot pussy rub and suck is applied on the blonde cutie. Ariel's constant workover of Bree's sexual region makes Bree moan with much emotion. Then, Bree applies a nice looking pussy suck and fingerfuck on the much turned-on lady. Afterwards, Ariel sets an attractive blanket on the couch and the women perform a hot 69 with Bree on top. Both women are delivering solid pleasure action on the other's vaginal muscles. A good pussy on pussy humping session follows with both ladies providing good action to get off on. Ariel even sucks Bree's toes. Their humping session becomes more passionate and heated. Then, the dark-haired woman applies a steady pussy massage on the blonde beauty.

Scene Six: Annette Schwarz is trying to get Bree Olson to concentrate on her studies. However, the young coed who enjoys having fun has other plans at the moment. She decides to give her some girl on girl playtime. They kiss on the sofa and remove their tops. The titty play activity creates good excitement with both of them applying very good rub-a-dubbing and some intermittent sucking action on them. Later, Bree places her attention on Annette's crotch where she applies a solid oral and manual massage on it. Then, Annette gets Bree off by delivering her own pussy pleasuring treat. These blonde hotties continue their passionate performance with very fine effectiveness. The kissing moments are hot and the personal chemistry between them develops well. I also like their humping behavior regardless if it is on each other's pussies or on their faces. All of it creates solid enjoyment for both the viewer and the woman receiving it. Later, Bree gets off extremely well again by Annette's pussy eating actions. Next, Bree uses her toes to fuck Annette's beauty spot. A very good 69 follows with Annette doing a fine job being on top and Bree really sucks her pussy hard and deep into her crotch. This very exciting girl on girl performance has these women using their active hands and sensually driven mouths to create a very hot scene.

Final Thoughts: This tribute to Bree Olson by Triangle Films shows the viewers that she had the incredible sex drive and conviction to fully please her sexual partner very early in her career. Of course, it is very evident that this superstar enjoys having sex on film especially with the ladies. All six performances that Bree is involved in are memorable and totally hot. She and Sasha Gray is a match made in porn heaven. Their scene is one of their best girl on girl performances ever. Penny Flame and Jenna Haze also generate remarkable sizzle with the blond cutie. Along with the outstanding sex and gorgeous bodies of each woman, I am very impressed by the sensual and personal moments that each scene even during the rough Bree-Sasha episode. For lovers of orgasmic girl on girl performances, this film deserves it's XCritic Pick rating.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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