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Romeo & Juliet

Studio: Dream Zone Entertainment » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 1/26/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Romeo & Juliet
A DreamZone Parody
Special Edition Double Disc
Directed by Lee Roy Myers
Running Time: 1:43:27


Chanel Preston
Andy San Dimas
India Summer
Ann Marie Rios
Rocco Reed
Anthony Rosano
Tom Byron
Brian Street Team

Special Features:

Original Feature-Disc One

Friendly Version (non-sex version) (32:39)
Behind the Scenes (41:17) as we follow cast and crew around during the making of the movies, plus interviews
Outtakes (5:14)
A Look: How to Cry on Camera (3:51) the cast talk about crying on camera and what they do to prepare for it
Trailers-4 trailers
Image Gallery

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 7-8 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

There have been many versions of this story, the old 70’s version I remember watching in school, the Baz version with Leo and Claire, and let’s not forget about the weird and wild Troma version too. But this time we have a version, brought to us by Lee Roy Meyers. It’s the same story, but with a modern twists, but they don’t forget about the classic dialogue which is spoken throughout the movie.

And both Chanel and Rocco do a great job in bringing these characters to life, and they seem comfortable spouting out those classic lines, without making it sound cheesy. I hope they both get a little attention for their acting, along with the sex for this movie. And speaking of sex, there is some great stuff to watch in this movie. This is a movie for the couples or the people who like their porn a little romantic. As I stated not a whole lot of up close shots, mostly a lot of their faces to feel the expression coming from them. And we can start off with mentioning, we get two scenes with the lovely Chanel, throw in a side of Andy San Dimas and some dessert with India Summer, and that is quite the cast of ladies.

A few audio issues for me, no 5.1 Channel, and the one time the audio sounded a little wonkey. No real issues for the audio, decent numbers, and only a few times where it seemed a candle or something would block us from the action.

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And with a second disc filled with special features, you know you are going to get your money’s worth in that area. And you get about an hour alone of special features, not including the non-sex version of the movie.

This was a great movie overall, and with only a few issues that mostly just us tech people will care about, this is easily a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED movie for me, and one that I am sure you will enjoy also. And like I said, great couples release, that should keep you and your partner both a little hot. And don't let the only 4 scenes fool you, plenty of bang for your buck in this movie.

Scene One: Chanel and Ann Marie

It seems we have this story once again told in the current times, and it seems that the families run competing garages. Brian and Rocco (our Romeo) has just been dumped, and Brian suggests they go out. A nice mixture of new and classic quotes in the dialogue. It seems that Brian has stumbled upon an invite to the Capulat masquerade ball. He is hesitant at first but, but after some thinking, he decides to go. We then meet our Juliet (Chanel), who is not looking forward to meeting her so called prince. She is not interested in him, but she doesn’t want to make the family mad. It seems that she has a thing for Ann Marie, and after some brief dialogue, they start off with some light kissing, as she opens her top to give us a little glimpse of her breast. Nice selection of the score too, very fitting to the story. She wastes no time getting Chanel naked, and then kisses her tits, before teasing her neck a little. She begins to rub her pussy with her fingers, which seems to drive Chanel a little crazy. Some very hot kissing between these two, just enough to keep you at attention during the scene. Chanel slides to Ann’s backside and begins to kiss all over her body while slowly getting her out of her lingerie. She reaches around and slides her hand down her panties and begins to play with her pussy. Chanel slowly slides off her panties and then dives face first into her pussy, giving it a little workout with her tongue. Some nice close ups as Ann’s grabs on tight to the sheets with excitement. Chanel takes a seat on her face and continues to finger her pussy, and then leans over for some closer attention. They continue with some 69 action, and then back to some kissing, as they continue to explore each other’s bodies.

Scene Two: Andy and Anthony

After words, they share one last moment before they head off to the big party. It’s not long before we see that Rocco and Brian have made it to the party, but it seems that Anthony has spotted them and confronts them. He gets under Rocco’s nerves, but that is soon a thing of the past as our star crossed lovers get their first looks of each other. They start to talk and you can tell they are meant to be together, and as they share their first kiss, it seems that Ann Marie is out to stop their moment, by explaining who he really is. You know what, nothing against the movie, but I really don’t think I need to keep going with the story, you should all be fairly familiar with this classic tale of love. I will just keep to the stuff you want to know about, the porn side of the story. Anthony meets up with Andy who seems to be Rocco’s ex, and it seems that these two had a little fling maybe. Andy looks amazing in that black dress, playing the pure and innocent, as Anthony seems to say the right words that lead to some kissing as she rubs his crotch through his pants. She turns around, and they continue to kiss as she slowly slips out of her dress, letting him play with her tits, before he slides off her dress and plays with her magic kingdom. He licks her pussy and causes her to give out a few shrieks of excitement, as she grabs onto his hair. Much like the first scene, these two really seem to feed off each other, which keeps the heat level pretty high. He lays back on the couch, and slips off his pants, as Andy goes to work on his cock, and it seems to drive him to a level of almost blowing his load a little early. She climbs on top of him and after a little teasing, slides his cock in her pussy, for some cowgirl action. I know that Andy can be wild and crazy during her scenes, but it seems that maybe she is holding it back a little, to play the part of the sweet and innocent. And you know what, it’s still worth watching either way. They continue with some spoon action, before she gives him a look and then bends her ass over for some doggy action, which brings out a few more shrieks of excitement from Andy. For the foot lovers out there, he spends a little time kissing her feet, so you can be on the lookout for that. And as he slides his cock back in her pussy, they spend some time, looking into each other’s eyes, and kissing. It may be a porno, but we still have to keep it sexy and romantic. And with a few more thrusts he pulls out and leaves a money shot on her somewhat hairy pussy.

Scene Three: Chanel and Rocco

Some slight audio issues as they share the famous window scene. But as the music continues and some candles are lit, he lays her on the bed, and slowly opens her robe, to show off her sexy black lingerie. He begins to kiss and explore her body, and then some nice footage as he slowly slips her breasts from her bra. She lays back on the bed, as he plays with her tits before heading south, spending some time on those amazing legs, before sliding off her panties. He licks and teases her pussy, as she uses those magical legs and rubs up against him. He comes up for some air and teases and kisses her neck, and then she unbuttons his shirt and waits for his cock, which ends up in her mouth. She gives him a few glances with those eyes, while continuing to swallow and tease his cock. The candles are a nice touch, but at times they seem to mask the action a little. She slides up next to him, as he slides his cock into her pussy for some spoon action. And with a little help from a few fingers, he seems to leave her breathless a few times. She climbs on top for some cowgirl action, as she grinds her hips on his cock. And like the previous scene, even though we don’t get any up close and personal shots, you can still feel some great chemistry between these two, and plenty to keep you up and at em. And speaking of up, we cut to Chanel bent over on the bed, for some doggy action, which just seems to showcase that sexy body of hers even more. Well that was fun while it lasted, as she ends up on her back, as he continues to work over her pussy, and he gives her a good pounding, before blasting her with a line of cum up her body.

Scene Four: India and Tom

Even amongst the tragedy, they need to find a way to stay happy, and India and Tom figure some one on one time will do the trick. India, looking amazing in that purple dress, moans and purrs as he slides off her shoes, before sliding off her panties and into her pussy. She slides off her dress and quickly ends up on her knees working over his cock and even some love for his balls. This may be a given, but I have to say that I really enjoy the ladies that they have chosen for this film, they all have a little something to keep you up and ready. And after a nice work over, she climbs on top and grinds and bounces that booty on his cock, teasing him the whole time. It’s also nice to see an award winner in action, just to further prove that she is worthy of the award, which I would say that is a big yes. They continue with some spoon action, which really seems to hit her spot, and she lets him know that too. And the fun continues with some hot doggy action, in which she has him stay as he hits just the right spot in her pussy. He lets out a few roars as he blasts her back side with cum.


Images Courtesy of Dream Zone Entertainment



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