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Natasha Marley's Angel Face

Studio: Bluebird Films » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 2/1/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Natasha Marley Angel Face
Bluebird Films/Glambrids
Directed by
Running Time: 1:51:12


Natasha Marley
Anna Lovato
Linsey Dawn McKenzie
Stacey Saran
Kaia Kane
Michelle Thorne
Valery Summer
Paul Chaplin

Special Features:

Scene Selection
Trailers (4:18 reel)

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 2-5 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So after a not so great film from Bluebird, I was a little worried going into this one. But as you can read in the review, it started off with a bang and continued throughout the movie. It is safe to say that Natasha Marley is officially on my radar, and I look forward to seeing more of her, hopefully.

This is a tale of Angel Face, as she breaks out of prison and the things she needs to do to keep the business going. And it’s easy to see why she got caught, cause it always seems like the cops are visiting her, but luckily she finds that using her body and sex is a good way to keep herself out of jail.

There is a nice mix of ladies in this movie, including Anna Lovato who I enjoyed in the last movie I reviewed, so as I have a few more Bluebird films to review next, I hope I will see them pop up again. And after two movies from Bluebird, I can see that they are a company who doesn’t take their porn too seriously, plenty of goofy one liners and stuff, but please do not consider that a bad thing.

But there are a few bad things that do hurt this movie, and most of them are with the technical aspects of the film. Neither audio or video are anything special, only 2 channel audio and the video quality seems to jump up and down throughout the movie, not really too consistent. And with barely nothing for special features, another strike against it in my book.

But I think that even with those bad issues, which most of you won’t care about, I still think this deserves a RECOMMENDED rating, if not just for the fact you get a nice introduction to Natasha Marley who shows up in every scene, not too many companies give their leading lady that screen time.

Scene One: Natasha and Anna

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Natasha talks some trash to guard about how she is going to escape, and she teases her to get her to open the door and join her. She comes in and Natasha gives her a strip tease and then starts to help her out of her uniform. And if you remember from my last review, I was rather impressed with Anna, and I have to say I am liking this pairing with our leading lady, another blonde, Natasha. Natasha takes charge as Anna is on her back, and she slides her panties aside so that she can rub and tease Anna’s pussy. Going to go on a side track here, I am sort of digging the techno soundtrack that is playing during the scene. Back to the action, as Anna has turned the tides and is face first in Natasha’s pussy, diving her tongue and fingers in it. And we find out that Natasha has been hiding a toy under her pillow and then uses it on Anna. But it seems that she has quite the stash of toys under her pillow, as she pulls out another toy and they both end up using them on their pussies. But that is short lives as they would rather kiss and lick each other, spending some time on their tits and pussy, with lots of kissing in between. And Anna being a good guard pulls out her trenchon and smacks her on the ass, while Natasha shoves one of the toys in her pussy. And then its back to the girls using the toys on their pussies again. I am happy to say that this movie seems to be starting off great, and hopefully that will continue. Natasha gets her chance to spank Anna, and after some more playful teasing and kissing, the toys are back. And it seems that she has convinced the guard to let her go.

Scene Two: Natasha, Michelle and Linsey

She has escaped and it’s time to get back into action, as she sneaks into a hospital and takes care of some business, and two nurses walk in and Natasha goes to work as she tries to convince them to join her. I am not sure who the blonde is (Michelle), but she has some huge boobs, and the brunette (Linsey) is not lacking in that area too. The nurses help Natasha out of her so called uniform and then dive right into her pussy. And then it’s non stop lick fest as they give each girl some proper attention. And once again it seems that Natasha has brought a toy on her mission and it’s being used on Natasha as she is getting double teamed by the other girls. And once again, I loves me some girls with accents. They make a good rotation, double teaming each girl, getting plenty use out of that toys and their fingers. Kind of funny that the dead guy hasn’t figured out a way to join in the fun. Michelle seems to like it rough, so there is plenty of hair pulling and ass slapping when they double team her. Even with all three girls on the bed with the dead guy, there seems to be no rise under his sheet, that must have been difficult for him. Some pretty hot action as they double team Linsey until she can’t take anymore. It seems that Natasha uses oral skills as a way to determine if the girls are good enough to join her, and I would guess Linsey is at the top of her list from the comments she is making. But they are both determined to make their potential boss cum to prove their worth. I would say that they are hired.

Scene Three: Natasha, Valery, Stacey and Paul

Now that she is the boss and it’s time to make a few deals to keep the police out of her business. Paul and his blonde sexy cop (Stacey) have come to work out a deal. Natasha goes right for Valery and soon Paul and his lady get a few grabs, and then Paul is right inside Natasha for some doggy action, wow that was fast. The two assistants are having some one on one time while the bosses work out the details, as they continue to fuck. For those keeping track at home it seems that the blonde cop has a pierced pussy and some nice boobs. Paul seems to want to get a taste of Valery while once again some toys are brought out and Stacey uses it on Natasha. Paul is back to some doggy action, this time with Valery, followed by some reverse cowgirl action. I am seeing a trend, if you like stockings, all of the ladies seem to be wearing them, and they like to try and keep most of their clothes on during the sex. Paul goes back to Natasha, for some more doggy and then some pretty hot cowgirl action, as she shows off some great energy. Some reason, he seems to be avoiding Stacey and goes back to Valery. And as he spreads his load between the girls it seems that no arrest is needed today.

Scene Four: Natasha and Michelle

Now it’s time for the big payoff. Natasha is once again interrupted by the cop, this time another busty blonde cop, and soon enough the cop is all over her tits. And she unleashes the cops big tits and then they make their way to booth and talk about all the way they are going to punish each other. The cop begins to rub and tease Natasha’s pussy, while still finding some time for her tits. Natasha slides off her panties and bends over for the camera as the cop continues to finger her pussy and give her ass a few slaps. And it wouldn’t be a scene without Natasha grabbing a toy from her stash, and after she gets it nice and wet with her mouth, Michelle slides it in her pussy. But have no fear, Michelle gets some attention too, as Natasha starts of with some teasing and rubbing of her pussy. She dives in with her tongue and gives her pussy a good work over, before another toy is brought out. And pretty soon we get a nice view as the girl use the toys on their pussy. The toys get plenty of action, and after some sexy kissing, they move on to some 69 action. And we get some more great views as they are bent over and using the toys in their pussy.

Scene Five: Natasha, Paul and India and Kaia

It’s time to steal something and as Natasha is making her way into some one stash, filled with money and stacks of porno. But it seems that Paul and his partners are waiting for her. But Natasha is not worried, as she knows how to use her body to win them over. Paul bends her over the couch and the girls attack her, while Paul pulls out his cock and waits for a place to put it. Natasha has no problem letting the ladies slip her clothes and dive into her pussy and Paul moves in so she can suck on his cock. His assistants have some one on one time before they go back to Natasha, both getting to taste her pussy. Paul slips behind one of his assistants and starts off with some doggy as we get a nice train of action going, ending with other assistant deep in Natasha’s pussy. Paul moves on to some doggy with his other assistant, while Natasha has some one on one time with the other. And finally Paul gets some reverse cowgirl action with Natasha, who I am starting to think really likes this position. And then we get some weird position with Paul and one of his assistants, maybe a reverse pile driver? Did someone just say, show me the money? Yep they did. And then they all decide that they need to make Natasha cum, so Natasha gets triple teamed and sort of tied up. They make their way back into the safe and the fucking continues even though it seems rather cramped in there. But that is not going to stop these guys, not one bit. Paul continues to fuck each of the girls and then blasts a money shot that the girls fight over.




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