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Extreme Prague Sluts

Studio: Bluebird Films » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 2/4/12

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Extreme Prague Sluts
Bluebird Films/Eurozone
Directed by KK
Running Time: 1:50:36


Naomi Montana
Melissa Ria
Lena Cova
Rachel Evans
Cynthia Vellons
Christina Lee
Lenny Ewil
George Uhl
Kamil Klein

Special Features:

Shot in High Definition
Interactive DVD
Pop Shots
Scene Selection
Trailers (5:32 trailer reel, showcasing Katwoman XXX and Gangbang Extreme Teens and Horny Milf Easy Help)

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 2-3 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

As the Bluebird Films batch of movies continues, so far the results have been all over the board, but nothing way above your normal porn release. And it’s sad to say that this one falls into that same category, although this one I couldn’t find enough positive to even suggesting a possible rental for this one. Yes I did mention Cynthia as being a highlight for me, but hopefully there is something better out there to check out with her in it. When you have the word extreme in the title, you kind of expect to see some pretty gonzo stuff, but this wasn’t what I was expecting at all.

And we are once again presented with nothing special in the technical side of things, both audio and video quality were pretty poor, your best numbers should not only be during the opening credits bit. And special features were very nill, with only a pop shot reel and a 5 minute trailer reel.

I have two more Bluebird Films left in my current batch of movies, one being Extreme Prague Sluts 2, so hopefully the sequel will outdo the first one, cause this unfortunately is getting a SKIP IT rating from me.

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Scene One: Naomi and Perry

Perry is writing in her journal and after a smile, we flash to when she is in the middle of a BGG scene, and soon enough she has a cock in her mouth as Naomi is playing with her tits. But Naomi wants a little cock action too. After some teasing he finally slips his cock in Perry, and as before in the previous Bluebird films, so far most of the clothes are still one, just moved out of the way. The girls double team his cock, before it’s finally Naomi turn as she sits on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action. Naomi seems like she may be in the Milf range a little, so for those that enjoy that. Perry sits off to the side and plays with her pussy, while she waits for her turn again, which comes as she is bent over for some doggy action, while she licks Naomi’s pussy, with some decent tongue work. Back to Naomi as Perry moves in close enough for her to lick her pussy while she gets fucked. He pulls out and cums on her shirt and pussy, can’t imagine that is going to be easy to wash out, if we know anything.

Scene Two: Lena and Angelina

Lena is in her apartment and it appears there are guys here to confiscate most of her things. But she is reluctant to give them the couch cause of the memories, which involves her and Angelina and one lucky man. Angelina works on his cock first, as he sucks and licks her tits. They double team his cock and balls, giving them a nice suck and lick, with a little help from Angelina’s pierced tongue. Lena climbs on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action, as Angelina gives a helping hand every once in awhile. Angelina tags in and climbs her pierced pussy on for some cowgirl action, and then leans over into Lena’s pussy. I know this is called Extreme Prague Sluts, but so far this is pretty tame, so maybe it will eventually get extreme. It seems that he really likes it when they suck on his balls, a little something to keep him up for duty. Angelina is pretty intense with the oral skills, so some silver lining in a rather blah scene. This guy is really working up a sweat, maybe he should take his shirt off, that bright orange is kind of distracting. Some spoon with Lena, followed by some doggy with Angelina. Some doggy with Lena, and some oral love from Angelina during, leads to a money shot plastered on the side of Angelina’s face.

Scene Three: Rachel and Cynthia

Once again we are treated to two blonde ladies, with one having some black streaks in her hair. They are in some sort of bathroom, and getting all hot and heavy on a couch, as they begin to help each other out of their clothes. Some attention to the breasts before they move on to some booty clapping and pussy rubbing. But it seems that there is also a man in this bathroom and as he sees the girls in action, he sits down and joins in the fun. Some double teaming of Cynthia, who I am saying now is the highlight of the movie so far. Love the hair and the pale complexion. The giant fingers Cynthia and then takes a seat on the couch as the girls work his cock and balls, leaving no part untouched. And as Cynthia takes over his cock, Rachel sits nearby so the giant can lick and finger her pussy. Rachel is the first for some reverse cowgirl action, but as soon as she climbs off, they are back to working over his cock again. Cynthia slips off her panties and takes a seat on his cock, and spreads her ass for the camera as she hops on his cock. She leans over and does her best to lick Rachel’s pussy. Some finger in the ass teasing from the giant. And after some more teasing she stands up and slides back on his cock, this time for some anal love, see I told you that she was the highlight so far. Back to Rachel for some spoon action and I am just waiting for Cynthia to get her turn again. And soon enough the giant has his cock back in her ass. Some oral love from Rachel and his cock in back in Cynthia’s pussy. He pulls out and let’s his money shot drip on her pussy.

Scene Four: Melissa

Melissa seems to be wanting some attention, but he doesn’t seem that interested at the moment. But she doesn’t give us that easy, as she splashes him with water and then after some wet jokes he is suddenly interested. She takes a seat next to him and he rubs and squeezes her boobs. She sits on his lap and gives him a lap dance, but she allows him to continue to play with her pussy. He slides off her bra and panties, and then as she is bent over on the couch, continues to finger her pussy. He takes a seat on the couch and unleashes his cock and she immediately goes to work on it. After some oral love, she takes a seat on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action. I like the combination of the long dark hair and the diamond collar she is wearing. Other than that, there are some glimpses of some great action to keep you somewhat interested in this scene, and the doggy action is a great example. Although there is some weird things happening with one of her hands, that just doesn’t seem to look right. I think she may be the first girl to be almost naked in this movie, but she is still wearing the black stockings, which is also a nice touch in my book. And she likes it rough as he really pounds her pussy, while also grabbing onto her throat. Some spoon action leads to him pulling out and cumming on her pussy.

Scene Five: Lilith and Christina

So we once again have the bald guy from the previous scene, plus his new girl and their couple friend. And they are in the new house and they need to figure out a way to celebrate the new place. So why not have some group sex, duh. There is some kissing and light foreplay, as the guys reach down and begin to tease their girl’s pussy. The girls pretty much stick with their particular guy, as Christina sucks his cock, while Lilith continues to get her pussy pleased. But luckily Lilith opens his pants before his cock busts out of his jeans. Christina climbs on top for some cowgirl action, with a few ass slaps thrown in to keep her going. And from the looks of it, Christina may have already cum for him. Lilith bends over the side of the couch, as he lifts up her skirt and slides his cock in. Once again bald guy shows some energy as he fucks Christina, while Lilith climbs on for some reverse cowgirl action. I remember from the opening bit, I am pretty sure we are getting a DP in this scene, hopefully it will be an extreme one. The girl rotate partners and we get some tandem reverse cowgirl action, and I give a slight advantage to Lilith and the bald guy. Well here comes our DP, as the guys make a nice Christina sandwich. The camera pans back to let us know that Lilith is still around, and then the girls go back to some one on one time with the guys and their cocks. And it’s not long before Christina takes a money shot on the body and Lilith gets one in the mouth, wow that was really a short scene.


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