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It's OK She's My's Stepsister

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 2/10/12

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Gonzo, Widescreen, 18+ Teens

Director: ??

Cast Audra Day, Sasha Swift, Tia Cyrus, Yuki Mori

Audio/Video: Audio was fair to good. Video quality was very good.

Length: 1 hour, 58 minutes

Release Date: 1/9/12

Extras: Extras include Photos, Devil’s VOD, Pop Shots and Trailers.

Condoms: No

Overview: I don’t have a step-sister though, knowing me, if I did and she was super cute, I’d be jerking off to her and taking a peep whenever I could. Hey, it’s not blood so it’s OK as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure I’m not the only person who thinks that. Thank goodness there’s finally a porn film dedicated to pervs who beat off to their step-sister. At least I can honestly say I never have!

Scene 1 Yuki Mori

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The scene begins with a shot of some feet in flip-flops. Hmmm, when I see flip-flops I’m thinking chick. Instead the camera quickly pans up and it’s the step-brother, talking about how he thinks his step-sister might be into him. Next frame has a shot of bare feet lying on a bed, I’m thinking this must be the girl. It’s him again sleeping until Yuki finallly walks in, basically covered up but still dressed pretty slutty. Just a note to directors and cameramen out there, NEVER zoom in tight on any part of the guy, do NOT pan up and down on the guy, do NOT have the guy wear flip-flops, and ALWAYS make sure the girl is wearing less clothing than the guy, it’s easy to take off, and she gets naked FIRST. I know there are some guys who are kind of into that, are particular about that sort of thing, complain when guys wear clothes during the scene, and like it when the girl has a little clothing on, but I DON’T like it. Since I have to review it, that’s a couple of points automatically deducted. He asks Yuki where she’s going dressed like that and she says she’s going to a party. He starts feeling her up and asks her if she has been checking him out. She says, “Maybe,” which of course means yes, and the two get it on. Of course before she takes off anything, he’s completely out of his clothes (a few more points taken off), and she sucks him off. Yuki’s BJ skills aren’t bad, clearly enough to get his balls flowing with jizz, but just before he pops he takes it out of her mouth and starts banging away. When you sit through, don’t let looks deceive you. It may appear like a hot scene but the scene lacks any real chemistry. The two seem to be overdoing it with their ooohs and aaahs, despite the two going at it like jackhammers. Perhaps they were holding it in until they arrived to set and decided to let it all out then. Personally I couldn’t get it up, I just could not see any sparks, magic, there’s just nothing here. Yuki is cute and I don’t mind a little baby fat but Yuki just doesn’t do it for me. It’s not horrible, far from it, but if you want to see a good example of a scene that lacks any heat, I highly recommend check this scene out.

Scene 2 Sasha Swift

Sasha and her step-brother enter the room spraying each other with silly string. Sasha is a cute girl with hottie potential but whoever picked out her dress I guess couldn’t see that it was about three sizes too big on her. Plus I didn’t get it why she was wearing a fancy party dress while the step-brother is wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and of course he’s barefoot. Good thing that he gets her out of that dress after a quick make-out, and going in her without getting heading. He fucks her hard but like the previous scene there’s a lack of chemistry here however, there’s a bit more sizzle, enough to fill your balls up with jizz. Great shots of her ass when she’s riding him, Sasha spreads her cheeks to expose her tight virgin butthole. Nothing is done to it, but at least we get some good close-ups of it. He continues to fuck her until he pops all over her belly but he’s not done. They move over to the other couch and spend the rest of the time fucking in spoon. More additional shots of Sasha are included and he continues to fuck her non-stop. Sasha just appears to be there while her screen partner is really into her. She appears to be counting the minutes until she sucks him, he pops in her mouth, and lets it drip out over her chin.

Scene 3 Tia Cyrus

Tia’s step-brother walks right into the bathroom to take a leak while she’s doing her makeup. Disgusted at first, they then have a little flirting before he goes into her room to jerk off. She follows him and begins sucking him off. She’s got some nice oral skills as she throats his dick and appears really into him. This is the first scene where the performers have some chemistry. Tia’s not the prettiest girl in this DVD but she’s pretty enough but where she lacks in looks she makes up for it in her sexual appeitie. Once done getting him worked up with her mouth she strips out of her clothes and opens up for him. He dives right in especially since he looked as though he couldn’t wait to start fucking her. He pounds her hard in mish but when he flips her over to doggy, they pretty much remain in that position for a while, her nice boney ass sticking up in the air for all the world to see her untouched butthole. She rides him, another few minutes in mish, and she gets her body splattered in jizz sauce.

Scene 4 Audra Day

Audra is the sexiest of all the girls and the girl with the most sexual experience. This is evident by the way she sashays into the scene, the way she teases her partner, and the way she swallows a cock in her mouth. Audra is all over him, stripping down to nothing as he fondles her incredibly stacked body. she lays down and spreads those legs while he pounds that tight Puerto Rican pussy. Her long legs remain in the air as her pussy drips with cum. She really gets into her scene, even laughing at some of her step-brother’s jokes, and keeping him in check at times too. I just couldn’t take my eyes off that body, looking lean, athletic, plus her golden tanned skin and long blonde hair makes her look like a Latin goddess, which she is. He squeezes himself in a few more times but Audra’s pussy is just too tight and sweet for him to hold his load in for too long. He shoots a big load all over Audra’s toned body

Summary: The first two scenes remind me of one-night stands. You may not be totally into the chick but if she’s willing to let you fuck her you go for it. That’s my explanation of why there just wasn’t any chemistry there at all. Plus all those other issues I mention in the first scene, good thing they weren’t repeated in the other scenes. Tia was a sexual dynamo, I could watch her fuck again. Audra is the kind of girl that should be making bigger budget films in higher end gonzos. But I’m glad I got to watch her, what a great fuck she turned out to be. Definitely a girl I nor any of you will be able to take your eyes off of. As strong as it got in the end though, there were many issues in the first two scenes I couldn’t overlook. Rent It for Tia and Audra, skip scene 1 and only watch scene 2 if you dig Sasha’s looks.

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