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Lesbian Sex Vol. 4

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 2/27/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Lesbian, 2 DVD-set

Director: ?

Cast: Elexis Monroe, Samantha Ryan, India Summer, Veronica Avluv, Kara Price, Bobbi Starr, Jelena Jensen, Tia Ling

Length: 155 minutes (disc 1), 123 minutes (disc 2)

Date of Production: ?

Extras: The female cast of Lesbian Sex Volume 4 is introduced in a montage. The trailers give the viewer a very good sample of this studio's titles. The trailers are Budapest 6, Lesbian Bridal Stories 5, Lesbian Hospital 2, Net Skirts 8, Perfect Fit, and Please Make Me Lesbian 5. Website information round out this section.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

Overview: Lesbian Sex: Intimate True Stories Volume 4 is a Girlfriends Films production that takes on a new and highly effective format. Each scene starts with each pair of women talking about certain things such as their first girl-girl experience. In this installment, Girlfriends Films contract star and 2012 AVN Milf/Cougar Performer of the Year India Summer, 2012 AVN  Female Performer of the Year Bobbi Starr, and fan favorites Elexis Monroe, Veronica Avluv, and Jelena Jensen showcase this fine film. Once again, Dan O' Connell, visionary and insightful owner of Girlfriends Films, has that magic touch of knowing who to pair up to create steamy sensual eroticism . It is this uncanny instinct that puts him well above any person who casts lesbian films. 

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Scene One: Bobbi Starr and Kara Price are talking about anal sex. Their very insightful conversation is good and quite informational. I really enjoyed the anal sex preparation discussion for at-home anal sex. After their very lengthy interview, the two women are kissing on a bed. The atmosphere feels personal in the beginning. Then, Bobbi focuses on stimulating her partner's pussy and asshole with her finger and thumb. At this point, the pace is slow, but it is understandable for this occasion since the main idea of this scene is anal fucking. However, before we get to that point, Bobbi does a fine job in fingerfucking Kara's butthole while sucking on her tasty passion fruit. This combination gets Kara so turned on. Next, she puts on a very sensual display of affection on Bobbi's body with soft kisses, a very focused two-handed pussy massage, and a sweetly anal workout. Afterwards, the pace really magnifies as Bobbi fucks the woman with a strap-on. Her driven screwing rhythm is hot as the viewer can sense Kara's emotions from her moaning patterns and facial expressions. The cowgirl ride really shows the effects of the fucking activity on Kara as her body wilts a bit and it's pure pride as well as Bobbi holding her from her arms that makes Kara sit upright. Suddenly, we see Bobbi sliding onto Kara's strap-on for her own cowgirl ride. In this case, I like Kara's pumping motion. I was quite impressed at the sight of her toy cock since it looked so real. Since I review a lot of transsexual porn, I could not stop thinking that Kara really had a penis on account of her authentic-looking strap-on cock. More female performers should use that same item for their screwing scenes. This scene got me very heated and I was surprised on how much I ended up loving it.       
Scene Two: Elexis Monroe and Tia Ling are sitting together. Tia introduces herself and talks about her past sexual experiences. I liked listening about her first girl on girl action in real life. Another cool moment occurs when they talk about lactating and how Elexis loved to suck her friend's boobies. After their interview session, they are seen on a bed where the connection between them builds up with very good steam. Then, their kissing activity also enhances the steamy atmosphere. As their performance rolls along, the chemistry between the women becomes more playfully sweet. A cool sight occurs when Elexis sucks Tia's nipples and milk runs down them. Also, Tia squeezes her breast and milk sprays into Elexis' mouth. Some nice kissing action by Elexis on Tia's pussy follows right before she rubs it. Meanwhile, the dark-haired lady moves her hips nicely. The very good eye contact between them looks cool. The woman's consistent pussy rub gets Tia off very well. I also love how Tia looks on the bed . Her body is totally hot. Next, she straddles Elexis' waist as she squeezes milk onto her partner's body. Elexis' wet body is a turn-on. Soon, Tia is licking the tasty white liquid off her. Then, Tia kisses the woman's right foot and leg until she reaches her pleasure zone. Her very focused pussy suck makes Elexis cum. Afterwards, Elexis' pussysucking actions make Tia squirm on the bed pleasurably. Their very good eye contact continues. I enjoyed the shots of Tia's pussy. A more dedicated pussy rub by Elexis follows that really hits the spot for Tia. Some fond mutual pussy rubbing action by them occurs as both of them get the other person off. I enjoyed watching Elexis' body contract from it. More cool looking lactating action occurs as Elexis receives more milk from the mom. She really gets a lot of it sprayed on her face. This scene was another surprising one for me. I enjoyed it immensely.           
Scene Three: Veronica Avluv and India Summer have a very insightful interview as they talk about their first girl-girl experience. among other things. As their conversation continues, it was such a turn-on to see these two gorgeous women on screen. I could listen to them all day long. They kiss after their very entertaining conversation. Then, we see them in a bedroom kissing. It is very apparent that they really like each other. As their performance moves along, the viewer is going to get so heated as these beautiful ladies sizzle the screen. Veronica looks so yummy laying on the bed with India on top of her. I love the way she squirms while the contract girl rubs her pussy. Moreover, their eye contact is piercing. Having seen a lot of performances of India and Veronica, I can say that both of them are have never looked better physically. Furthermore, each woman is enjoying herself immensely as she receives the yummy tantalizing actions. Veronica's constant kisses, leg worship fondness, and her combined pussy eating and fingerfucking moments drive India into ecstasy. I love seeing her cum this way as she quivers on the bed. A very hot tribbing session follows by Veronica. Not only does India feel the sensations, but Veronica receives her own too. This scene is already an award-worthy one and it is not over yet. Her constant grinding is totally incredible. Afterwards, India rubs her friend's pussy before Veronica sucks her snatch. Then, India works on the beautiful woman's pussy from behind. I loved seeing Veronica's big right toe flicker up and down during this hot session. Suddenly, India is fingerfucking the woman with much energy. Soon, Veronica is rubbing her pal's pussy too. The scene ends with them kissing. Their performance is extremely incredible and definitely should be nominated for Best Girl-Girl Sex Scene or Performance in every award show. It is one of their best performances ever. They show what outstanding authentic girl on girl sex is all about. Viewers are going to get so caught up into them that time flies and you feel that it was actually a short performance when it really was a thirty minute piece of erotic stimuli.  

Scene Four:
Samantha Ryan and Jelena Jensen talk about their tomboyish childhoods. I also enjoyed listening to Jelena's work history in the porn industry before she started to shoot on film. I also enjoyed listening to Samantha's honest discussion about all of the hurdles that she had to encounter in the mainstream industry. The rest of their conversation pulls you in. Afterwards, they are on a bed where they caress each other's warm natural breasts. The titty fondling moments are cool. Then, Jelena sucks on Samantha's tasty tits for a while. The atmosphere feels personal. She also rubs her own breast on Samantha's pussy. The sight of Samantha taking in the inner sensation of the woman's actions is hot. Then, they are kissing. Some nice stimulating pussy sucking delivery occurs by Jelena. I like how Samantha gets off from it. Next, she does a very good job in sucking Jelena's vaginal plaything. Her tender and slow paced approach is a big turn-on. She gets her off quite well. A very good humping session follows by Samantha as she lays on top of the woman and grinds her hips onto her. Next, Jelena does a swell job sucking and rubbing Samantha's beauty spot. Meanwhile, Samantha is grinding her teeth from those tingling and burning sensations that are moving through her body. A tender moment occurs as the ladies' breasts gently rub against each other. Then, they kiss as Jelena lays on top of her. I like how Samantha tenderly runs her fingers up and down her partner's back. Their smiles tell the whole thing.         

Final Thoughts: This film was a surprising and smashing viewing pleasure. The interview portion of the scenes captivated me and the sexual performances gave solid heat. India Summer and Veronica Avluv give one of their career best performances and should be nominated for Best All-Girl Sex Scene or Performance. There is so much replay value in their scene that the DVD will get worn out. Other kudos must go to AVN Female Performer of the Year Bobbi Starr and Kara Price for providing a very exciting tour de force. As to Elexis Monroe and Tia Ling, the lactating moments along with their hot sizzle produce good kinky fun. Then, Samantha Ryan and Jelena Jensen are the ones who most viewers will relate to most of all. I highly recommend this super fine production.    

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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