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American Daydreams Vol. 10

Studio: Naughty America » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 3/4/12

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

American Daydreams #10
Naughty America
Running Time: 2:46:00


Esperanza Gomez
Puma Swede
Jessica Jaymes
Katie Kox
Bill Bailey
Danny Wylde
Justin Magnum
Bruce Venture
Johnny Sins

Special Features:

Photo Gallery
Scene Selection

Technical Stats:

Audio: Linear PCM 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 1.5 Mbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-5 Mbps (not full screen)

Overall Thoughts:

It’s once again time to sit back and fall into dreamland with a bevy of sexy girls and some very lucky guys. These DVDs are for those of us who can’t afford memberships to all of the various sites, like Naughty America. It’s a nice way to get a taste of what we are missing out of, well in theory at least.

I remember reviewing a previous edition of this series and it seems that some of the issues have once again showed up in this one. Some pretty poor audio and video quality were the big ones, and luckily I am pretty sure that they have finally started to utilize HD filming and we will eventually get to see that, hopefully.

But let’s not spend too much time on the negative, there is some good, and that would be some great scenes from Esperanza and Katsuni and a decent scene with Jessica, a member of my girls I hope to see more of this year.

But even with a few good scenes, this is going to get a SKIP IT rating, like I said the technical stuff was what really hurt this DVD and hopefully some things will change in the future to make it an overall enjoyable experience for you.

Scene One: Esperanza and Johnny

It’s time to dream about our cover girl, the lovely Esperanza Gomez. Pirate Johnny is hard at work and gets some crap from someone who wants to use the rest room. He decides to quit and heads back home to see his friends girl out sunbathing, and she laughs at his costume and he leaves. But he finds a nice hiding space to watch her while getting some one on one time, which makes him sleepy and then we gets some nods towards Fast Times at Ridgemont High, as she gets out of the pool and pulls off her top and then after some brief kissing, is on her knees, working over his cock, gagging and swallowing it in her mouth. So we have a girl with a sexy accent, pretty amazing body and has the whole sexy wet hair look going, yeah this is going to be a good one. And with big tits, you know some titty action is coming, as he slides his cock in between those lovely tits. She stands up and lets him grab and squeeze her tits from behind, while reaching down and playing with her pussy. They find a nice blanket on the ground, as she lays back and lets him lick and tease her pussy, and when he adds a few fingers inside her pussy, she belts out her excitement. She flips over and sticks her ass out, and after some more pussy licking, he slides his cock into her pussy, as she leans back and forth on it. I am not sure what she is saying, but it’s sexy sounding either way. My god this lady is a firecracker. He lays beside her for some spoon action, and you can get also mesmerized if you stare at her tits as they bounce and twirl. And that continues as she hops and bounces on his cock in some intense reverse cowgirl action. By now it’s easy to see why she is the lady on the cover. She flips around and continues to ride him, while he enjoys her tits in his mouth. She ends up on her back as he bends her over and continues to fuck her until he pulls out and cums all over her face.

Scene Two: Puma and Danny

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Danny is sitting around with the guys and it seems that there is nothing on, except for woman’s basketball. They start talking about the tallest girl they have been with. The other guys leave and he decides to take a quick nap and is awoken and surprised by the very tall Puma who is here to fulfill his fantasy. She pushes him on the couch and mounts him and rubs his crotch until she wants to see what he’s packing. What follows is a very wet and loud BJ, and I have to say that she is very aggressive in this scene, and he seems rather ok with that. But he takes a little control as he lays her down and begins to lick her pussy, while she wraps those long legs around him. And when he starts to fuck her, there is plenty of attention to her legs while he pounds her pussy. He pulls out and she goes crazy on his cock, while shoving a few fingers in her pussy, and then begs for his cock back in her pussy. He slides beside her and goes back to work on her pussy, as she once again has those long legs spread wide open. He begs the large Amazonian woman to suck his cock some more before she climbs on top and rides him. He seems to be hitting the right spots in this position as she takes a pretty good pounding from him and then turns around and shoves her tits in his face while continuing to ride him. She climbs off and some oral love follows as he slides his cock in between her tits. Even though this is his fantasy, she suggests some doggy action, as he grabs on tight to her hair and shows her who is in charge in this fantasy. And he mounts her from above and continues with the doggy action until he pulls out and shoots a load on her chin and she lets it drip onto her tits.

Scene Three: Jessica and Justin

Jessica is on a rant and she won’t let him sleep, and it seems the nerves from an upcoming visit from the parents. But as he falls back to sleep, he is surprised by a whole new Jessica who wants to give him a nice BJ to get his day started. And boy this would make any day a great day, if this was how it started. She shows off her oral skills on his cock and then slides off her bra and shows off those tits and pierced nipples, before shoving them in his face. He lays her down on the bed and slides off her panties and then fingers and sucks her pierced pussy, driving her wild as he finds her sweet spot as she lets out a few shrieks and moans. She quickly trades places with him and slides his cock in her pussy and begins to test the bed cushion during some cowgirl action and she really seems to enjoying working the tip of his cock in her pussy, which unfortunately leads to a few pop outs. She flips around and continues to ride him, and once again there seems to be a few pop outs. I am not sure if I have said this before, but she really knows how to work the stockings, seems like her body is built perfectly for them. He slides up next to her for some spoon action and then bends her over for some doggy action. And he finds a few more sweet spots as she shakes and shivers with a few deep thrusts, while grabbing onto her shoulders. He offers her feet some love before he slides his cock around her pussy and finally back inside. He pulls out and lets a few drips of cum onto her tits and then she slides it back in her mouth. And soon it’s back to reality.

Scene Four: Katsuni and Bruce

Bruce grabs a few snacks and then turns on his favorite show, starring the lovely Kastsuni showing off her body while doing a nice workout. I have a feeling he is going to be having a personal workout soon, but first it’s dream time. And it seems that Katsuni has turned up the heat in the workout, and suddenly he is inside the room with Kastuni and she says they need to workout. So she takes off her short and slides off his shorts and works his cock and balls, in some nice POV action. Let the workout begin, I am already starting to get a little sweaty. Once again, I have to point out how much I adore girls with accents. And speaking of workout, she really works over his cock, going deep into her mouth. He stands up and slides his cock in between her tits, and then she feverously goes back to swallowing and jerking him off. He stands her up and she guides his workout stick into her pussy. She ends up on the floor bent over with her ass I the air as he continues to fuck her from behind, while taking some time to lick her pussy. She takes a seat on his cock as they continue to work up a nice sweat during their workout. She gives him a little break as she once again goes into oral workout mode with his cock, while she asks if he is getting tired yet. She breaks out the yoga ball and lays on it, as he is back to shoving his workout stick in her pussy. They make their way back to the floor as she climbs on top once again and he gives a few pelvic thrusts into her pussy. She climbs on the yoga ball once more for some more doggy action, as she tells him to fuck her hard, so she can cum for him. And just when you think he is about ready to cum for her, she ends up on the ball once again for some more hard and deep doggy action. She climbs off the ball and jerks him off until he cums in her mouth as she deep throats him, wow that was an intense workout.

Scene Five: Katie and Bill

Bill is hard at work cleaning and Katie comes in and starts to judge and nitpick his cleaning abilities. She needs to go out and sunbathe but he stops her and asks about a break or something, but she continues to be a bitch to him and then heads outside. And he soon becomes no longer mad at her when she takes off her shirt and shorts and is amazed by the giant boobs she is sporting. He takes a brief moment to relax and wakes up and is right back to work on the windows, as she slowly climbs out of the pool and takes off her top, talk about some flotation devices. She ends up naked and wrapped in a towel as she tries to dry herself off. He gets a good look at her, and she notices him and walks inside and he goes right for the boobs, smart man. And she wants to reward him for a job well done, as he takes a seat in the chair and she slowly slides open his pants and then slowly starts to suck and lick his cock. She keeps the slow pace as the oral continues, and of course he eventually slides his cock in between her huge tracks of land, and almost does a disappearing act. He stands her up and goes back to work on her tits, while sliding and teasing his cock by her pussy. He leans her over and dives into her ass with his tongue, and then slides his cock in her pussy for some doggy action. And with his balls and her tits, there is going to be plenty of things bouncing all over the place. We get some tag teaming on her tits as they both lick them before she takes a seat on his cock, and hopefully the camera will take a step back before she gets going, I have a feeling those things could take out a camera man. After awhile she flips around and continues to ride him, bouncing that booty on his cock. She seems out of breath from riding him, so he slides beside her and licks her tits some more, while teasing her pussy with his fingers. They move on to some spoon action, which starts off slow, but he quickly speeds things up. He lays her on her back and goes back to her pussy and then sets her on side. He shoves his cock and balls in her mouth before it once again disappears in between her tits and pops out just as he cums on her tits and in her mouth, with a little ending up in her eye.

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