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Butts 101

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 3/9/12

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Anal/Big Butt

Category: All Sex

Condoms: YES



Lisa Ann, Carolyn Reese, Krissy Lynn, Jennifer White, Chanel Preston, Briella Bounce

Tommy Gunn, Rocco Reed, D Snoop, Carlo Carrera


Jonathan Morgan

Release Date: 1/17/2012


Extras: Bonus Scene (Lisa Ann/Chris Johnson from Mommies Gone Bad)
BTS/Photo Gallery/Trailers/Wicked Pictures Promo Reel





The movie starts with a creepy Professor talking to the viewer as though we are a student in an online lecture. Our professor can only be explained as some sort of mad scientist speaking in a fake german accent, at least I think it's supposed to be German. Our deranged professor is played by Anthony Rosano, and he introduces himself as 'Eric Von Tuckus' (I hope I spelled that right), he tells us that we'll be probing deep into science, nature and human sexuality, and continues by explaining "the power of the big ass", and the book he wrote on that exact subject. Then, the screen cuts away smoothly into a Star Wars-esque type introduction featuring the opening credits.


Scene 1: 

Jennifer White/Tommy Gunn

Blowjob/Doggie/Spooning/Missionary/Reverse Cowgirl/Anal/Cumshot on Ass

It seems that professor Von Tuckus will be our narrator in this epic tale of big asses, as he re-appears in the introduction to the first scene explaining what's to come. He begins in asking the viewer, "What is it about the big ass that makes a sane man go crazy?" He goes on explaining more about the big asses that we've all come to know and love, and explains that since the beginning of the cro-magnon era, men have loved women with big asses, and so begins our first scene. It starts with Jennifer White in a prehistoric setting, carrying a spear, and dressed in a Cavewoman get-up. She's wandering around a wooded area, and seems to be hunting for some fresh game. She spots a caveman (Tommy Gunn) drifting about and seems to be enamored by his presence, as is he.  They circle each other aggressively, and study each others movements for a moment. After this valiant staredown Jennifer  decides to use her spear to take a gander at what's hiding in Tommy's Tarzan under-roos. After grunting back and forth in some caveman conversation, Jennifer  calls the caveman closer to her, and he approaches. She then kneels down to begin this prehistoric sex romp with a nice sloppy blowjob. Her grunts continue as she sucks her caveman off, "You. Cock. Slam. Throat." She says in caveman speak, and he does just that. We move on to a doggie style slamming given by Tommy, this continues for a couple minutes and Jennifer stimulates her clitoris while her caveman rams her from the back. As the scene progresses, character breaks a little bit and the sex seems to heighten, but not all that much. After some anal sex, the scene ends with Tommy the caveman pulling out and finishing himself all over Jennifer's ass. This scene was just okay for me, nothing too special about it at all. If it weren't for Jennifer's all around hotness, this scene wouldn't have even made the mediocre grade that I gave it.

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Scene 2:

Lisa Ann/Karlo Karrera

 Blowjob/Cunnilingus/Doggie/Missionary/Anal/Cumshot on ass

 Once again our narrator Eric Von Tuckus  rears his ugly head onto our television screen, and I'm already getting sick of him. He continues in many failed attempts at humor, and even though his segment is only minutes, it seems to go on for an eternity. We move on to Lisa Ann, explained by Eric as "A Super Fly cougar with a big, fat ass". Its a modern day setup with Lisa having her pool tended to by the young stud Karlo Karrera. Lisa initially attempts to get his attention, but seems to be failing in doing so. She then goes inside for a couple minutes, and comes out dressed in a tiny bikini and some high heels to accentuate her wonderful assets. Now, the poolboy seems to be taking a liking to the cougar-iffic milf. Without much foreplay or tease, she asks him to follow her inside of her house where she throws him on her bed and pursues to give him oral pleasure. He then returns the favor and adds some ass licking into the mix to spice things up. The scene progresses into some doggie and then some raw missionary style fucking. The sex toes the line on hardcore at times, and Lisa's expressions, energy, and all around fucking ability make it all the more better. The duo then move onto some anal, and Lisa seems to be thoroughly enjoying herself. Her body is definitely something to be noted in this scene as well, as she stands in with some of the very best in porn. I liked this scene better than the last, but I'm dreading seeing professor Tuckus in the next intro.

Scene 3:

Krissy Lynn/Rocco Reed

Blowjob/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Spooning/Doggie/Anal/Cum on Tits

Here he is again, explaining in so many words how young girls can also have big asses, and we cut to Krissy Lynn as a cheerleader with her nerdy study buddy Rocco Reed . Her parts are perfectly exposed but her nerdy pal doesn't seem to be paying her the attention that she wants him to. So she bends over the table to reach her book exposing her pantyless pussy and ass, this does the trick. She then turns to her pal and says in a pouty voice, "How about you do my homework, and get me an A, and I'll give you a little A..." "A?" Says the confused nerd. "ANAL!" Krissy replies, and the floodgates open. With Krissy in the drivers seat,  the two begin a makeout session that quickly turns into a sensual blowjob. The fucking begins shortly after and Krissy seems to be in nerd-cock heaven. "Are you sure you haven't done this before?" Says the buxom cheerleader. The nerd has no reply and just continues drilling. Then we move to anal, and the sex gets hotter.  Krissy's verbal high jinks throughout this scene are awesome, she seems to be utterly taken by her nerd cohort Rocco, and as we move to the end of the scene Rocco pounds out a decent sized load all over her tits. Better scene than the others so far.


Scene 4:

Briella Bounce/D Snoop

Blowjob/Cunnilingus/Cowgirl/Doggie/Missionary Anal/Doggie Anal/Cum on Ass 

Our professor is back yet again to introduce our next scene, an interracial one I'm guessing since he uses the words, "Culus Albas BigBlackCockus", in explaining how much black guys love the big assed babes. We cut into our next scene. D Snoop is walking into the VIP room of what looks to be a strip club. His host seats him, and D Snoop begins explaining how much he needs a big white ass. Soon after, the host brings in a beautiful big assed stripper named Delicious, played by the bootyfull Briella Bounce. After a little bit of booty shaking from Briella we move straight into the blowjob, it's a fairly tidy one though. About a 3-4 on the sloppy scale, but even though the blowjob is just a tad on the clean side, Briella is showing great energy. She then bounces her ass onto DSnoop's  face, as he munches loudly. This goes on for a while, and the scene dives a bit. We then cut to Briella's monster ass riding some black cock cowgirl style. Now, if you're into big asses this is definitely the scene for you. Briella's has the plumpest of all the bootys thus far, and that booty bounces throughout this entire scene. The chemistry is decent between Briella and D Snoop, and they did mix in some anal late in the scene, but I'm still pretty sure this movie is far past being saved now.


Scene 5:

Chanel Preston/Carolyn Reese (Girl/Girl)

Cunnilingus/Fingering/Doggie cunnilingus/Dildo play/Anal Dildoing/69

 Again with the professor, I'll be so happy when I never have to see this lame character again. Anyways, he explains the upcoming scene, saying how females are also taken by a big beautiful female ass. We move to the scene, where Chanel Preston is a masseuse, and Carolyn Reese is nude and getting a massage from her lesbian counterpart. Chanel is massaging and telling Carolyn how much tension she has in her lower abdomen, while perving out on Carolyn's ass. Then suddenly, she asks her to open her legs, and Chanel takes a dive into Carolyn's backside. Carolyn accepts with much oblige, and the munching begins. Chanel stimulates the clit whilst tonguing Carolyn's asshole and pussy equally. If you have neighbors below you like me, I'd suggest you watch this scene with headphones, as the moaning is at a solid 10 during much of this lesbianic munch fest. The girls take turns on each other repeatedly, and soon Chanel strips out of her massage attire to enhance stimulation. As the scene goes on, its much of the same, with the addition of a glass dildo applied here and there, as well as the main staple in many lesbian scenes, the 69. They finish with a short passionate kiss. Another decent scene added to this below decent feature. 


Bonus Scene from 'Mommies Gone Bad':

Lisa Ann/Chris Johnson

Blowjob/Cunnilingus/Missionary/Spooning/Doggie/Cumshot on Ass

The bonus scene cuts straight to the action, as Lisa begins sucking on Chris's meatpole in a cabana/pool type setting. Lisa is giving an insatiable blowjob while lying on her tanning lounge. She's dressed in heels, a short sash over her bikini bottoms, and a tiny top that is holding on to her luscious tits for dear life to say the very least. After the blowjob, Chris decides to return the favor with some oral pleasure-giving of his own. Lisa seems to be taken by the cabana boy's ability to eat pussy. Then they move on to some missionary style sex, as well as some varying positions. There's a nice standing backside ramming near the end of the scene, followed by a small to medium size squirt on the ass given by Chris. The bonus scene is better than some of the actual scenes in this film, but is still a little dry compared to some of the fantastic scenes Lisa has performed for us through the years. 


Firstly, let me say that I'm all about ridiculousness in my porn, adding stupid humor can make a porno 10 times better,  but I'm not into it when it annoys me more than it makes me laugh. The whole 'Professor Von Tuckus' thing was just lame to me, I understand that the name is 'Butts 101', so I guess its justifiable to add him to the cast, but spend some time writing some decent material for him to use, I thought the character was just uninspired. As far as the sex in this film is concerned, it was decent at best, I had trouble even finding good screencaps to use. Every star in this movie has been in something better.  I would NOT recommend this movie to anyone. If I had it all to do over again, I would not have touched this movie.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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