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Other White Meat, The

Studio: New Sensations » Review by BBC Lover » Review Date: 3/8/12

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Compilation, Gonzo, Interracial

Cast:  Kendra, Kid Jamaica, India Summer, Shane Diesel, Misty Vonage, Nathan Threat, Amanda, Alyssa Dior, Boz, Sarah Vandella, Lisa Demarco, Mr. Marcus, June Summers, Ice Cold, Hailey Young, Boz, Jennifer Dark, Justin Long, Leighlani Red, Sledge Hammer


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Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality:

Video Quality is fine but there are major Audio issues in the beginnings of the scenes, seems its too low for the dialogue then goes in and out especially the very first bar setting.  The actual sex is fine but it's the dialogue area's that seem off which cause you to turn up your volume only to have to turn it back down once the sex stars.


Over 5 hours of the best Interracial Scenes from various New Sensations DVD's, with a new scene of Kendra.  This 2 disc "Collectors Edition" is full of large black cocks in white pussy. 

Scene One: Kendra and Kid Jamaica 

Opens up with Kendra and her male friend at a Bar setting (though empty) and the dialogue is hard to follow because of the background noise and echo.  He ask Kid to take Kendra home.  She waste no time before she pulls out Kid's really thick black cock.  I think I am more turned on at this point by her amazing manicured/decorated nails then the actual cock or setting.  When she bends over the bar stool in doggie and her round ass is in the air its hot to watch him lick and finger her pussy as she moans.  It gets really hot when he is rimming her ass and has two fingers in her pussy.  After a lengthy bit of licking he starts fucking her pussy in doggie standing.  We can appreciate his thickness not only from her really loud moans but the underneath shot (Note the music has been turned off at this point).  She places one leg up on the stool to get a better view and then he really starts to fuck her good.  They switch to her laying on her side on the stools with one leg on his shoulder and the Interracial contrast is hot.  They return to more oral and at this point her dress is still on and her beautiful breast still have not been played with or brought out.  She then gets on her knees doggie as he kneel's over her and fucks her.  Finally when he is lying on floor and she is riding him that he takes out her breast and sucks on them as he is hammering into her.  THis position is really hot not only visually but the sounds of her pussy getting wet and his cock slapping against her ass.  He stands up and cums all over the side of her face!

Scene Two: India Summer and Shane Diesel

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India opens up the scene with a very large toy and begins slowly getting her pussy ready for one of the largest cock's I've ever seen, Shane Diesel.  She gives a great tease performance with lots of eye contact, vocals, and toy play. (I don't understand why the camera guy feels the need to set up the scene when she is already giving him head).  Shane is lying back on the bed as she starts to give him head and wake up the beast that is his Mandingo cock.  Once she gets it really wet and a good gesture he tells her "don't fucking stop, thats it right there".  They start with her riding him and the genuine sound of "OH MY GOD" and her face when he enters her for the first time is priceless.  His cock gets hard and she lets him know how much she loves his big cock.  At one point he is slamming into her and he comes out and she squirts all over hsi stomach.  The scenes opens back up with her nylon stretched leg in the air as she lays on her side as he is going in and out of her.  At this point he is going balls deep in her and she continues to beg for all of it.  I must say her directing him vocally is so not only demanding but sexy as hell, she really knows what she likes.  When they move to doggie I don't know what is more a turn on seeing his HUGE cock going in and out at such a hard pace or her eyes rolling in the back of her head.  India is amazing and really pays attention to his cock, I like when he is doing her doggie and she reaches back under and strokes his balls.  When she gets back on the bed he licks her pussy just a tease before starting to fuck her missionary.  Again she she looks directly into his face and says "fuck this pussy good" he does it so hard that she squirts ALOT and her pussy lips swelling up is amazing. This is the most intense scene I've seen in a long time. She then takes a creamy load on her face!

Scene Three: Misty Vonage and Nathan Threat

Misty (Cougar by all looks) opens up the door to invite Nathan in.  When they are sitting on the couch he cant help but to stare at her huge tits.  There is some awkward dialogue and he licks her tits and she has his cock out of his jeans and begins with some good oral action.  You really get some good pussy licking when she is on her back with legs pulled back and he is licking her shaved pussy.  After giving her some good oral attention he begins to fuck her.  Nathan has a nice dark toned slim body and the contrast of them togethor is truly Interracial heaven.  They do your normal positions doggie, missionary, reverse cowgirl, spooning, before a unique position.  They both are on the couch with her on her back body against back of couch and he is pile driving her.  The wide view of this is hot and he is really getting deep in her.  I think this scene could have been better if they stuck to less positions and more sex in fewer positions.  Have to give her credit she took them ALL!

Scene Four: Amanda and Kid Jamaica

Amanda is reading the magazine when Kid stops over looking for her husband.  They both do some mutual oral.  They really have to start slow when she is riding reverse cowgirl.  Amanda is a thin girl and so thin that the bones from her pelvic area are a bit distracting and really couldnt watch the first position so I forwarded to doggie which she struggles with.  Best part of scene was the huge cum shot on her face!

Scene Five: Alyssa Dior and Boz

Alyssa is busy doing work on his house and she needs to make up for it hence here comes his dick out and in her mouth.  Alyssa really gives a great oral performance as she looks so submissive with her big eyes asking him if she is doing good.  Still wearing her cute gym shorts he pulls them to the side and bends her over and begins to tease her before taking off her shorts and g-string and really tongue fuck her pussy.  Some really bad editing after the standing doggie when she is getting him ready for reverse cow-girl.  You can see Boz looking and pointing at something, meanwhile he isnt fully hard and she seems distracted.  Finally they get to the fucking and the camera guy can't seem to decide if he wants to show her tits bouncing, her face or the penetration (sadly you don't see enough of that).  Again when they move to spooning they show him having trouble getting in her then a light fade to the fucking (horrible editing).  She is really struggling to take him and the whole scene just seems awkward.  At this point he is barely getting into the fucking when he jumps up and off frame.  Next thing you know its cum shot time.

Note: Disc 2 opens up with the same Piracy statement that Disc 1 did which is a bit over kill since you can't skip!  After the bad last 2 scenes this doesn't make a viewer want to wait hoping for better.

Scene Six: Lisa DeMarco and Mr. Marcus

Lisa has been thrown out of her car when Mr. Marcus comes up on her and asks if she needs a ride.  It's cute when she starts talking in Spanish and he doesn't understand her.  When he takes her back to his house for her to get settled it's not too long before his nice cock is settled in her mouth.  They start off with some standing doggie and she is wet quick and he looks so handsome and sex holding her body open wide for the camera to see his thick cock in her.  The hottest position is her laying on the couch arm with both of his hands holding onto her sides and pulling her in so he can get deep before pulling out and shooting a LARGE load all over her face.

Scene Seven: June Summers and Ice Cold

As soon as June's husband is gone she brings in Ice Cold who looks really nervous.  She leads him in but not sure why he is acting so scared.  The plot escapes the viewer as we have no idea why he is in furry handcuffs LOL but soon his very large cock is in her mouth.  His cock is really really long and thick but he needs some manscaping LOL.  The first position lets us really enjoy his length as she is riding him and her nice ass is going slowly further down his pole.  A really stimulating visual position is when she is bending over the pool table and he gets a nice fucking motion with his hips going.  I must say that Ice Cold really knows how to move his hips/ass and it's hot, he oozes sex!  They have a hot position on the chair before he is fucking her doggie on the floor. She really takes a HUGE clear load all over her face, she is soaked.

Scene Eight: Hailey Young and Boz

It's nice to see Boz again so you can appreciate his large cock in a pussy that can actually handle it or maybe the situation is better.  Hailey after getting her pussy warmed up with a vibrator starts taking his large cock missionary and really teases her with long and short strokes and each time he gets to go deeper.  Hailey has a great body and when doing her doggie she reaches back to hold her ass cheek open and slowly goes back inch by inch on his big cock.  She really takes him deep when spooning as he goes ball deep and gets a good motion going.  You really didn't get the full effect of how long his cock is in the previous scene but WOW he has a big cock.

Scene Nine: Sarah Vendella and Shane Diesel

From the CuckOld Series, typical husband wants to watch her with another man.  Shane is really good at these types of scenes from dialogue to making sure that all enjoy it.  Sarah does a great job at taking his thick cock in doggie, riding etcc.  Shane always delivers a great scene.


Scene Ten: Jennifer Dark and Justin Long

From a woman's point of view Justin Long is just a fine man.  Don't get me wrong there are some sexy men in this video but Justin has such a unique sex appeal that had me excited to see Jennifer pull out his thick cock.  The head of his cock is so impressive and so is Jennifer doggie style on the pool table giving him head.  When they start doggie it takes her a minute to get use to that thick mean but once he gets to pumping that pussy opens up wide.  Jennifer is vocal and demanding and I LOVE that.  I couldn't wait for missionary so he could really get a nice grip and get in deep.  Once he starts I think the position has to be uncomfortable as he is fully hard and she isn't really taking him deep.  Even with his cock bending a bit going in her it's still really impressive.  When he gets up on the pool table with her in doggie and does the "spider monkey" position his cock is erect and he is getting DEEP in her.  He really then starts giving her a nice deep penetration and the sound of his cock beating in her pussy is hot.  They do several more positions before he is doing her spooning into cumming on her tongue.

Scene Eleven: Leighlani Red and Sledge Hammer

Leighlani is dressed in red and looks cute fingering her pussy before Sledge comes in to showcase his thick black cock into her mouth. The best position of this scene is her riding him cowgirl as she has a really nice ass and his thick cock going in and out is a big turn on.  He keeps a good motion and uses those big hands to hold onto her very nice round bouncy ass.  They could stay in this position till he popped and it would have been fine with me. 

Final Thoughts:

Disc 2 saves this DVD because only one scene was good on Disc 1 which was the BEST SCENE OF THE DVD, Shane Diesel and India Summer.    All the guys have nice big cock's and give some great Interracial visuals.  The biggest cum shot is Mr. Marcus and the best just visually fucking motion is Ice Cold.  Sadly because of the last two scenes on Disc 1 and the basic scenes on the rest of the DVD not even the sexy men, big cocks and the AMAZING Shane and India scene could get it past JUST RENT!

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