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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 3/20/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Wicked Pictures
Written and Directed by Stormy Daniels
Running Time: 1:33:36
Condoms: Yes


Stormy Daniels
Carmen Valentina
Charley Chase
Devon Lee
Diamond Kitty
Sarah Vandella
Brendon Miller
Jack Vegas
Marcus London
Tommy Gunn

Special Features:

Bonus Scene with Stormy/Brendon from Happy Endings: 13:38
Trailers- 2 before main menu, plus 7 more in special features
Photo Gallery
Motion Menu

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 384 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 5-7

Overall Thoughts:

Award winning Stormy Daniels is back with her newest release, and this time she takes us on a journey into a drug cartel, as things get messed up after a missing shipment and the people behind it. And with some pretty locations during the movie, it was nice to see it wasn’t all shot inside a house or studio, we can appreciate it when people go the extra mile for some shooting locations.

My last review was for another Wicked Pictures film, and it was once again nice to see some good technical stats, in both the audio and video areas, and the numbers matched the quality. Like I said there were some great locations and it looked great and no issues with audio during the dialogue or sex scenes. And we get a little over 30 minutes of special features, and once again, I love that they include a bonus scene with the main star from this movie, and also the fact that it’s from a rather recent movie too. More studios should do that.

But let’s get to the important stuff here, the sex. For those of you that love boobies, and I am sure that is most of you, there are plenty of breasts, most on the larger side for you to enjoy. I would have to say that the scene that really stuck out for me, was the 5 person orgy scene, which had some very sexy ladies in it, showing off some great oral skills, some nice booty action and as stated earlier plenty of boobies glistening from the sweat.

In the end, even though I wasn’t blown (sorry, I knew it was going happen sooner or later) away with all of the sex scenes. I do have to say that Stormy did a great job of writing and directing a solid movie, and it’s easily one that deserves a RECOMMENDED rating, for just the simple fact she put some effort into this movie and it deserves to be seen.

Scene One: Stormy and Jack

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It seems that a large shipment of drugs just got intercepted during it’s shipping, and that can’t be a good thing. Someone will have to pay for this. After Jack enjoys some of his product, he gets to enjoy Stormy as she is modeling her new outfit for him. They make their way to the bed for some kissing and of course he takes some time to appreciate her boobs, while they are in his face. She heads south and begins to appreciate his cock, as she grabs on tight and swallows all of him in her mouth. She lays back on the bed, as he dives into her pussy, giving it and her ass some licks with his tongue. And after some more kissing he slides his cock in her pussy, as she reaches around and massages his balls. She moans and purrs for him, letting him know she appreciates his work, and then climbs on top and goes for a ride, in some cowgirl action. We get some nice booty footage as they focus on her ass while she rides him. He slides off his condom as she goes back to some oral work on his cock, that is something you don’t see too often, most of the time it stays on. But in a few seconds we see why, as she jerks him off until he cums on her tit.

Scene Two: Charley, Diamond, Sarah, Tommy and Brendon

The celebration is short as he gets the news of the missing stuff. But the mystery is soon solved as Brendon walks in and has balls of steel as he convinces him that he is there to help him out. He leaves after his offer, and it seems that he is almost thinking about joining forces with him. And speaking of joining forces it seem that some action is going on back at the hideout. Two girls are making out, while Tommy is getting some attention from Charley Chase. And he has to convince Brendon to join to the two girls and have some fun and then Charley climbs on Tommy’s lap and suddenly I remember her sitting on my lap in Vegas, while I was waiting to interview London Keyes. She made a comment about how she could feel my phone going off. Good times, but enough about that, let’s focus on the movie. We see that Brendon is finally giving in to the girls as they unbutton his pants. And Charley follows them as she slowly teases Tommy before pulling out his cock and showing off why she was nominated for her blowjob skills, but the other girls are no slouches in that area either, as they fight over his cock in their mouths. They do some nice camerawork and give us some angles where we can see what is going on with both pairings during the scene, but still focusing on one throughout the scene, so we can up close and personal with he action. Brendon gets some doggy action going, while Charley hops on Tommy for some reverse cowgirl action. And for those that appreciate the booty we get plenty of shots for your viewing pleasure from Sarah. They start to mix up the pairing as the sex continues, and boy they are really getting hot and sweaty in this scene. Well that makes two of us. Brendon gets some one on one time with Charley’s pussy, while Tommy gets to enjoy the two girls, as he fucks Sarah, while she dives into Diamond’s pussy. Brendon shoots his load on Charley’s stomach and Tommy lets loose his load on Sarah’s ass.

Scene Three: Stormy and Devon

It seems that Stormy has done some detective work to find out more about the mysterious guy. And it seems that tensions are high due to a huge shipment on the way. It seems there is some past with Stormy and her informant. So they make their way into the ladies room and after some kissing they play a nice game of let’s compare boobs. But Stormy turns her around and after slowly sliding off her panties, dives into that pussy she misses so much. She fingers and jams her tongue in her pierced pussy, while giving her ass a few slaps too. She flips her around continues to spread her pussy, to make sure she gets nice and deep. And as Stormy takes a seat on the sink, it now Devon’s turn as she licks and teases her pussy. She turns up the heat as she uses both hands and seems to have hit the magic spot for Stormy.

Scene Four: Carmen and Marcus

It seems as if there is more than one person interested in Brendon, as he meets up with Jack and it seems that he has already sold some of the product, but Jack wants to get the rest of his stuff back, so he can sell it. Stormy meets up with Brendon and takes him out on the boat while the deal went down. And we also learn how Stormy and Jack first met, as we go back a few years and it seems that Stormy is dancing at a club and has caught her eye. And so an agreement was made and the rest is history. Some great location shots throughout this movie, seems they have gone the extra mile for this movie. Tensions continue to rise as the deal gets closer and people start wondering if they can trust each other. Marcus stressed out, heads to his room and gets a nice surprise from his lady friend, who is ready and waiting for him on the bed. Some heavy kissing and he quickly gets her out on her outfit and dives with some energy into her pussy, and begins to lap it with his tongue. She ends up on all fours on the bed and grabs onto his balls while sucking and spitting on his cock with her pierced tongue. He reaches over and fingers her pussy while she continues to swallow his cock and then ends up on her back for some missionary action. He slides up beside her for some spoon action as she rubs her pussy, while she begs for him to give her pussy a nice workout. And we get some nice booty grabbing as they continue with some doggy action, as she moves her body back and forth on his cock. He pulls out and spreads his cum all over her booty and it seems that maybe he is little more relaxed now.

Scene Five: Stormy and Brendon

As the big deal gets closer and more people arrive in town, things are getting put in place. Brendon gets a surprise visit from Stormy and she is there to check him out. Although I have a feeling they will be checking each other out very thoroughly. He slides off her pants and dives into her pussy as she spreads her legs for him and the camera. He lets her get a taste of her pussy as he shoves his finger in her mouth, before going back to work on her pussy. And as she inspects his cock, going deep and keeping it somewhat wet. And speaking of wet, they make their way into the shower and he slides his cock in her pussy, as she shows off her flexibility a little. She flips around for some doggy action which leads to him jerking off onto her ass, which is getting wet from the shower, so instant clean.

Well the sex is done, but the story is far from over. But I will leave you to find out what happens on your own. Although I just realized that the box cover seems to give most of it away. But we do get a pretty decent fight scene in the finale.

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