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Black Prison Lesbians

Studio: West Coast Productions » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 3/31/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Black, All Girl/Lesbian

Director: Bishop

Cast: Misty Stone, Jada Fire, Leilani Leeane, Imani Rose, Porsha Carrera, Bella Moretti, Rane Revere, Amber Steel, Tatiyana Foxx, Riyanna Skie

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality were fair to good.

Length: 1 Hour 35 minutes

Release Date: 4/2/12

Extras: None

Condoms: No

Overview: I always look forward to any Bishop release, one of porn’s most overlooked directors, at least in the mainstream. Black Prison Lesbians is an original film filled with gorgeous Black girls that love themselves some juicy dark berry. This film has everything you want in a lesbians in prison fuck flick, but with an all Black cast, a unique idea that mixes drama, intimate tales of how each prisoner ended up where they are, grit, and sizzling sapphic sex. This is by far the best lesbian title I have watched in 2012. Black Prison Lesbians can only be labeled as a masterpiece!

Scene 1 Jada Fire, Misty Stone

After the new prisoners are rounded up and told to remove their clothes and wear the prison scrubs, the guards—a big busty white chick named Big Busty and Porsha Carrera—are looking them up, sizing them up and getting turned on as they watch get naked in front of them. They’ll have their fun with them soon enough. The warden, Jada Fire, wants Misty Stone sent up and when she arrives Jada Fire tells Misty how things work in her jail. This scene to me had a very “passing of the torch” sort of vibe as the recently retired Jada Fire, one of the hottest Black performers of the last decade, initiates Misty, one of the hottest Black performers today, into a hardcore starlet and into the boss lady’s new fuck toy. Out of respect, or fear as Misty’s character begs Jada to listen to her why she doesn’t belong in jail, Misty obeys Jada every command. This scene is classic Jada Fire who takes control of Misty, and treats Misty like her little submissive bitch. Jada removes the rest of Misty’s scrubs off and starts eating her out immediately. This is prison so there’s no kissing, no foreplay, Jada just dives right into the pussy and buries her face between Misty’s legs. Misty sits back and enjoys Jada’s wet sloppy tongue lapping at her clit. Jada brings Misty back and pushes her face into Jada’s already soaking, juicy snatch. Misty licks her pussy good, getting Jada all worked, legs shivering, and squirting a little bit of cum onto Misty’s face, which Jada licks off of then reminds Misty how things are going to be for while she’s in Jada’s house. Fabolous way to end a great career!

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Scene 2 Imani Rose, Amber Steel

Amber, one of the new inmates, is paired with Imani in her new cell and Imani makes it clear that not only is this her cell but everything in the cell belongs to her, including Amber. Amber is timid around Imani, who looks her up and down and demands Amber to give her a kiss. Reluctantly Amber locks lips with the butch looking Imani. Imani undresses her new plaything and likes what she sees, and sucks on Amber’s big titties. The cellmates next door look on, wishing they could take part in the sizzling prison tryst that’s about to go down but at least they have a great view. After Imani buries her tongue up Amber’s crack she forces Amber down to suck on her strap-on. Amber sucks it off getting Imani turned on. Imani takes her pants off and sticks Amber with her big “cock,” nicely fucking her in spoon. This ain’t the first time Imani has used a strap-on, that’s for sure. Now that Amber has gotten off it’s time for Amber to eat out her new friend’s snatch. She does so and sucks on Imani’s tits. The two cum before ending their session. The guards come in, thinking the strap-on is contraband, and Imani is taken away but not before threatening Amber for snitching on her.

Scene 3 Rane Revere, Riyanna Skie

Big Busty, the intimidating prison guard, has the new girls strip again just because she can do that. When Rane and Riyanna are naked she has the two kiss, then kiss again with more feeling and tongue the second time around. She then has them makeout, turning on Big Busty. She’s feeling herself up and rubbing her crotch. Meanwhile Rane and Riyanna are deep kissing one another. Big Busty has them grab each other’s ass and suck on some tits. She takes the two into an empty cell and has the two continue to go at it. Now the girls are turned on, wet and into the action. Big Busty just stands back and enjoy the live sex show in front of her. The girls 69 and eat each other out. They pretty much stick with oral sex but we do get lots of tight, close-up shots of the girls digging their tongues in pink. This gets Big Busty turned on enough that she starts rubbing her tits. Rane and Riyanna end their session with another deep, long kiss.

Scene 4 Porsha Carrera, Bella Moretti

Porsha has a thing for the new inmate, Bella Moretti. She has the other prisoners and Big Busty hold Bella down while she climbs on top of her and tells Bella she’s her new fuck toy—until the next pretty things walks in. Porsha orders everyone out and starts feeling up Bella. Porsha removes Bella’s clothes and tongues her entire body. When Porsha reaches Bella’s pussy, Porsha uses her long silky tongue to dig in deep into Bella’s very wet pussy. Porsha laps it all up while Bella, who was very afraid of Porsha, is now climaxing as Porsha pushes her tongue deeper into Bella’s hole. Bella squirts and now Porsha’s face is covered in pussy juice. Bella eats the guard’s pussy with the same ferociousness, digging in deep and making Porsha cum hard. Porsha then reminds her about what she told Bella in the beginning and to get used to it.

Scene 5 Leilani Leeane, Tatiyana Foxx

Tatiyana’s girlfriend is visiting her for a conjugal visit. Leilani is dressed in a sexy dress and when the two are alone, Leilani removes Tatiyana’s clothes and goes for that pussy. They only have 20 minutes so they got to make it quick and make it good, and by the sound Tatiyana’s moaning she is in orgasmic overload. Leilani never comes up for air as she just laps up Tatiyana’s clit. Getting her girlfriend out of her dress, Tatiyana now returns the favor but she fingers first, getting Leilani’s pussy juicy enough before Tatiyana dips her tongue in Leilani’s pussy. They end their tryst just as the guard begins knocking on the door.

Summary: This is a virtually flawless film and it actually tries and succeed with some realness. There are some corny moments, such as when Big Busty fires her shotgun during a food fight, which is the least intimidating sounding blast I’ve ever heard. But all that is part of the charm of the film. It’s not a super serious look at women in prison, it’s about hot girls fucking who happen to be locked up. This is what seperates Bishop with other feature film directors. He directs porn movies and doesn’t forget that he is directing porn, while many other feature directors think they’re directing a feature film and have to throw in sex scenes. It’s a XXX version of all the “women in prison” grindhouse features but this is way more enjoyable. Plenty of replay and strokable moments. Each girl is a winner and the pairings were top-notch. Jada and Misty’s scene is one of hottest pairings of two top Black superstar performers ever plus their chemistry was awesome. Iman and Amber’s has to be nominated for one of the best lesbian scenes of the year while Rane and Riyanna looked so tasty together in another sizzling lesbian tryst. I can’t say enough good things about this film. The final scene did drag on a bit and wouldn’t have been my choice to end this fantastic film with. I hope there is a sequel since the film ends abruptly after the final sex scene. Those are the only reasons I can’t give this fine piece of work a higher rating than Highly Recommend. I hope there are sequels because this is a genre I would love to see more of in the future.

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