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Double Penned

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 4/7/12

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Genre: Double Penetration/Euro/Anal

Category: Compilation


Running Time: 5 hours 32 minutes

Cast: Olivia/Aletta Ocean/Maya Gates/Bailey/Collette/Cassye/Logan/Valery Summer/Katalina Sweet/Kyra Black/Simony Diamond


Release Date:12/13/2011

Extras: Pick Your Pleasure/Photo Gallery/Trailers

Scene 1:

Olivia/Choky Ice/James Brossman

Exclusive scene for 'Double Penned'

Blowjob/Doggie/Anal/Gaping/DP/Standing DP/Double Facial (High Volume)

We begin with "Olivia" (who I Have neither seen nor heard of) smoking a cigarette in red lingerie & matching heels, when Choky and James step onto set in full 50's garb. The two carry a short conversation in broken English with Olivia, and the magic begins about 40 seconds through. Shortly after, Olivia is down on her knees taking turns on blowing them. The blowjob gets progressively sloppier but for a DP scene it's a fairly clean one. The sex starts in a doggie style position, as Olivia sucks Choky, and James hammers her from behind. The anal starts after, and the scene begins to pick up. The positions are very methodical throughout, and there isn't too much movement, but the energy is still fairly decent. The scene ends with a double facial, as Olivia's smiling face stares into the camera finishing off her co-stars. This was a pretty standard issue DP scene. Nothing wonderful about it really.

Scene 2:

Aletta Ocean/James Brossman/Nick Lang

From 'Butt Sex'

Blowjob/Doggie/Anal/Gaping/Doggie Anal/DP/Double Facial (High Volume)

This scene starts with Aletta as a model in a fashion shoot with James as the photog and Nick as his assistant. Aletta is looking FANTASTIC in a black skirt and black boots, and her "bitchy model" attitude makes it even hotter. The photography session takes a slight turn when Aletta starts to play with Nick's cock, and a blowjob begins shortly after. James decides to join in on the fun and Aletta is totally cool with it, my kind of girl! Aletta takes turns choking and throating with great energy, while drooling their juices all over her monster melons. The sex starts in a standing doggie while Aletta sucks on James. When the trio switches positions later, there is some nice drilling taking place at both ends. James is hammering her ass, and Nick fucks Aletta's mouth. This continues in a variety of ways and is followed by a DP.  Aletta takes the pounding like a champ, and the scene ends with her taking a double jizzload to the face and mouth, then staring into the camera showing it off. This was a good scene. I've seen Aletta in better DP's, but this one is definitely worth checking out.

Scene 3:

Maya Gates/Marco Banderas/Ian Scott

From 'Fillin' Both Holes'

Tease/Blowjob/Ass Eating/Doggie/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Doggie Anal/Cunnilingus DP/Double Facial (High Volume)

This next scene begins with Maya dressed amazingly in a white fedora, a tight black top, white capri pants, black gloves, and black high heels. To say she looks incredible is a serious understatement. She prances around in an open room playing with herself in a variant of ways. Marco and Ian approach soon after, and the scene begins with Ian eating ass while Marco plays with her tits. She then crouches down to begin some double blowjob fun. Afterwards, with her pants down around her ankles, Maya accepts a doggy style pounding from Ian while she sucks Marco's cock. The scene moves on, and when it comes time for the DP Maya takes it hard and even gives back a little bit. In a lot of DP's the girl just kind of lays there but she's really a trooper in this scene! She laughs and smiles throughout much of the scene, and her enthusiasm for fucking is pure gold! You go girl! The scene comes to a close with another double facial, and Maya plays with her cum candy as the camera fades to black. This is definitely  my favorite scene thus far.  Maya was fantastic!

Scene 4

Bailey/Choky Ice/Kid Jamaica

From 'Ass Candy'

-- sponsored by --

Blowjob/Reverse Cowgirl/Doggie Anal/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Cowgirl/DP/Cum on Ass (Low Volume) / Facial (Medium Volume)

Our next scene begins with Bailey standing outside of a house wearing a leopard colored skirt and top, with heels. She walks in the house, sits on the couch, and begins leafing through a magazine when her husband Choky approaches her with Kid Jamaica. Choky introduces Kid as the Gardner and leave the two to get better acquainted. The screen then cuts, and Bailey is giving him a blowjob, hmmm okay. Anyways, the blowjob is a fairly clean one, but Bailey works it well. After the bj, the screen cuts to Bailey performing a little striptease before jumping on Kid's cock in the reverse cowgirl position. In the midst of the banging Choky returns and seems a little perturbed at what's going on. "Are you my wife or my bitch?!?" Choky asks in an angry tone, to which Bailey replies, "Your bitch." He then sticks his dick in her mouth and the threeway begins. The sex in this scene wasn't bad, it just didn't reach the intensity level that I'd have like it to, but Bailey was as beautiful as ever in it. The scene ends with Choky finishing on her ass and asshole while Kid Jamaica shoots a chunky load over Bailey's gorgeous face. A pretty good scene.

Scene 5:

Collette/Lauro Giotto/Sabby

From 'Only 2 Will Do'

Blowjob/Missionary/Cunnilingus/Heeljob/Doggie Anal/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/DP Gaping/Cum in Ass/ Facial (High Volume)

The scene starts with Collette strutting around a pool wearing a tiny pink bikini and high heels, while Sabby and Lauro clean the pool. After Collette goes to lay in her tanning bed that is placed next to the pool Lauro looks at Sabby and simply gives him a nod and a wink. The next thing you know, the screen cuts and their both molesting her poolside. After they get some good grabs in Collette kneels down for a double blowjob. Collette shows some nice energy during this and offers up some nice deepthroating sealed with cute smiles in between. The sex starts afterwards and Collette seems to be enjoying herself thoroughly as Lauro and Sabby pound away at any open hole they can find. As the scene progresses Collette really holds her own, throating any cock near her mouth, and for every fuck that Sabby or Lauro puts out she fucks back just as hard. Great girl here. I would've liked to see the sex a little more rough, as it would've seemed to suit Collette well, but all in all this scene was pretty good. The scene ends with Sabby cumming in Collette's ass, then Collette squirting it out onto the ground. Then she jerks off Lauro and he shoots a massive load that unfortunately misses most of her face, which I assume is what he was aiming for. This was a good scene, and I'll definitely look for more from this girl, she had great energy

Scene 6:

Cassye/Renato/Ricardo Bell

From 'Me + Two'

Blowjob/Cunnilingus/Spooning/Doggie/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Anal/Footjob DP/Double Facial (High Volume)

We cut straight to the action in this scene as Cassye is making out and feeling up both Ricardo and Renato to start. Before long she's sucking cock and getting her pussy eaten, this scene moves forward quickly. She's getting fucked  about 3 minutes in, and it seems to be picking up pretty nicely. However, I really wish that there would've been a tease sequence to go along with this scene. This is my first scene watching Cassye, and it's kind of hard to get a good look at her in the midst of these two cocks. Anyways, the scene continues on quietly and while Cassye is definitely handling them pretty well, I just wasn't that into it. It gets kind of boring and Cassye seems pretty new at the whole DP thing, if she's not, she fooled me. The scene ends with both Ricardo and Renato firing off a huge load on her face, but even with the great cumshots, this scene fizzled pretty hard. Probably the worst scene so far.

Disc 2

Scene 7:

Logan/Bob Terminator/Christian Clay

From 'Room For Two'

Tease/Blowjob/Ass Eating/Doggie/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Spooning Anal/Gaping
DP/ATM/Cum in Ass/Facial (Medium Volume)

The first scene on the second disc starts with Logan giving a nice tease while wearing a tiny hot-pink dress. As the music dies down about 5 minutes in, Christian is shown peering at her from a distance while rubbing himself. As she takes notice of him he walks over to her and feels her up before she begins the blowjob. Lots of popping, smacking, and choking make this bj a very nice one. Soon after, Bob approaches the couple and Logan gives him a smile to let him know he's welcome. She sucks back and forth on both of them, and has worked this into a wonderfully messy blowjob. A solid 8-9 on the sloppy scale. The fucking starts a little after, and Christian is really giving it to her hard doggie style while she throats Bob's cock. The scene progresses and the sex is pretty great throughout. Before the DP Logan goes down for another fantastic double blowjob where she keeps it extra sloppy which was a major plus for me. The scene ends with Bob shooting his load into Logan's asshole, and Logan squirting it back out. Then Christian cums mostly into her mouth as she swallows it up. I liked this scene, probably top 2 or 3 in the film.

 Scene 8:

Valery Summer/David Perry/Christian Clay

From 'DP Invasion'

Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Missionary/Assplay/Anal/Doggie/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/DP/Double Facial (High Volume)

The next scene starts with Valery walking into a doctors office, where David Perry is the doctor, and Christian looks to be an assistant of sorts. Anyways, Valery seems to be having some "problems with her pussy" in her words and the doctor and his assistant strip her down and check her out. David starts digging his fingers into her and Valery says that she'd like something bigger in there. This goes on, and after David pulls out a speculum for proper inspection, the scene starts with Valery blowing Christian while David eats her pussy. The sex begins afterwards and Valery is getting *rammed* at both ends in the doctors chair. Overall this scene was pretty good, but it gets a little boring during the DP. However, the scene does pick up and ends with a fantastic double facial from the doctor and his associate. I will put this in the "pretty good" category, only because there was some interest lost toward the middle of the scene, but Valery was really beautiful in this scene.

Scene 9:

Katalina Sweet/Leslie Taylor/Bob Terminator

From 'Double Whammy'

Tease/Double Blowjob/Cunnilingus/Missionary/Premature Cum on Stomach/Doggie Reverse Cowgirl Anal/DP/Double Facial (Medium Volume)

This scene starts with Katalina, who's dressed beautifully in negligee as she parades around a bedroom in a tease sesh. This girl is fucking hot, just so you know. The tease is great, and Katalina makes great eye contact with us. The scene starts abruptly with Bob and Leslie coming out of nowhere, and Katalina begins stroking them before giving a double blowjob. The bj gets off to a slow start, and doesn't really pick up. When the sex starts its the same way, you kind of wait for the spark and it doesn't really happen. Although Bob does cum prematurely, I really didn't understand why beside the fact that Katalina is gorgeous, she was very robotic looking through the sex. The scene ends with Bob and Leslie providing a double facial, now the cumshot count is at 3 for this scene, but unfortunately it still didn't save it. Beautiful girl, ugly scene.

Scene 10: *Scene To Remember!*

Kyra Black/David Perry/Omar Galanti

From 'Nice Ass'

Tease/Blowjob/Ass Eating/Cunnilingus/Doggie/Missionary/Spooning/Reverse Cowgirl/Cowgirl/Gaping/Anal/Doggie Anal/DP/69/Facial (Medium Volume)/Cum on Asshole (High Volume)

We begin with Kyra shaking her fantastic ass as she walks up a staircase. She makes sure she stops in between steps to properly tease the viewer, and looks stunning in an all pink outfit. If you've never seen Kyra before she is the total pornstar package. Huge tits and luscious lips, a full-on fuckstar of epic proportions. After the tease Kyra walks into a room where Omar and David are sitting on a couch fully clothed with their cocks hanging out of their pants. She begins by sitting in between them and stroking them simultaneously, before giving David a blowjob while Omar eats her ass and pussy. David and Omar really tear Kyra up throughout this scene and she fucking loves it, bouncing and/or blowing on any cock that comes her way.  The DP is also great in this scene, wonderful energy from all the stars. The scene ends with Omar shooting on Kyra's face and David blasting a motherload into her pulsating asshole. Before the camera fades to black Kyra gives the boys a couple final deepthroats to put the proper exclamation point on this great scene. Two thumbs up!

Scene 11

Simony Diamond/Thomas Stone/Totti

From '3,4, & MORE!'

Blowjob/Spooning/Anal/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Doggie Anal/Cowgirl/DP/Double Facial (Medium Volume)

We cut straight to the action in this scene as Totti and Thomas are groping the already almost naked Simony on a couch. While Simony is beautiful and a great star I didn't feel this scene did her much justice, the sex was decent, but it was very short. It ends with a double facial and was pretty sub-par overall.



As with any compilation disc, you have a couple great scenes, and some bad ones as well. I thought that Kyra's scene was definitely the best and most energetic, and a close number two would have to be Maya Gates scene with Marco and Ian. Overall, I'm not going to recommend this disc for the simple fact that there are so many "decent" scenes, and there wasn't enough of a wow factor to give it a good grade.  However, if you like Euro girls, and DP's of any variety I think you might want to check it out because there are a couple great scenes, surrounded by some mediocre ones.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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