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Born To Be Sluts

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 4/15/12

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: Anal/Double anal/DP/Euro

Category: Gonzo


Cast: Henessy/Michelle/Kitty Black/Geizer/Wendy/Piksi/Omar Galanti/Markus

Director: Omar Galanti

Extras: Huge Photo Gallery/Trailers/Website Preview/Cumshot Recap

Release Date: 2/7/2012

Scene 1:


Ass Eating/Dildo Play-Anal/Doggie Anal/Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/Missionary Anal/Footjob/Reverse Cowgirl/Gaping/Pile Driver/Cowgirl/Facial (High Volume)

When the first scene begins, it's somewhat difficult to figure out exactly what is going on, but honestly it doesn't really matter. It involves Omar and a lawyer in an office setting. Shortly after they take a shot of liquor in ceremonious fashion Henessy approaches, looking incredible. I mean fucking gorgeous. She's dressed in a black secretary-esque outfit, and almost directly after she steps onto set the action starts. After the man that was sitting at the desk with Omar exits, the scene begins. Omar bends her over the desk and eats her pussy and asshole, while shoving various dildos into any hole that he comes close to. Henessy is loving every moment of Omar perving out on her, and this truly has the markings of the beginning to an incredible, incredible scene. After Omar finishes poking and prodding on her he stands up to begin the sex with a doggy style-over the desk-hardcore-old fashioned pussy ramming. The emotion and energy shared by the two throughout these parts is truly fantastic. The blowjob begins 20 minutes through the scene, and Henessy is giving a near perfect bj. Every base is covered, the  deepthroating is magnificent, super sloppy, and her eyes watering as she smiles looking up at Omar is the icing on the proverbial cake. During every break in position Henessy makes sure to give Omar some proper throating before they move on, these tiny parts are what made this scene so above and beyond the normal porn scene for me. This is not scripted sex, this is genuine hardcore fucking at it's absolute best. As the sex continues, Omar seems to use just about every single weapon in his arsenal, there is not a dull moment for the entire hour that this first scene goes on. It ends with Omar blowing a monster load all over Henessy's ravaged face, and she stares into the camera gasping for air like she just finished a triathlon, perfect scene.  I could have written a god damn book on it, that's how good it was, an 11 on a scale from 1 to 10. Kudos to Henessy and Omar for a truly fantastic cock numbing performance.


Scene 2:


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Dildo Play/Blowjob/Ass Eating/Gaping/Anal/ATM/Double Blowjob/DP/Cowgirl/Double Anal/Spooning/Heavy Deepthroating/Double Facial (Massive Volume)

The second scene begins with Omar holding the camera as  Michelle stands in front of him for a brief interview, but not the boring kind. The awesome kind, where the camera scales up and down Michelle's body as she answers questions flirtatiously. She's wearing skin-tight jeans, a fishnet top with her breasts exposed, and leopard print high heels. It's a fairly short interview, and is followed by Omar handing Michelle a dildo as she tries her very best to get it as deep into her throat as possible. Then, Omar gives her the real deal, unzipping and wielding the camera as a sloppy, throaty pov style blowjob ensues. After the blowjob, Omar prods at Michelle's asshole with a dildo, while eating and licking at various times throughout. The sex begins with anal right from the get-go, and some ATM to follow. There is definitely more of a sensual beginning to this scene than the previous one, but in no way does that take away from the excellence of it. The scene continues with more anal, and directly when it drops out of the pov format, Markus walks into the picture, and Michelle performs some nice oral on him while Omar admires from the side. When Omar jumps in on the action the scene heightens abruptly, and the sex moves from sensual, to all out hardcore as Michelle performs a stunning double blowjob. After this, Markus and Omar begin the DP, each taking turns at various times to grab a quick blowjob from Michelle while the other fucks her. Throughout this scene the trio go through just about every position humanly possible, including double anal, double vag, and a slew of others. The intensity in this scene reaches epic heights, and Michelle accepts everything that Markus and Omar are dishing out with the utmost exuberance. By the end of this 50 + minute fuckfest Michelle is worn out. Just when you think she's had all she can take Omar shoots a massive cumload over her face, and Markus continues reaming her asshole for another 5 minutes or so before busting another huge nut atop her kisser. Michelle was fucking phenomenal in this scene, as were Markus and Omar. Is that an XCritic pick I smell looming in the distance? Wait, that's just the jizzload I sprayed on my belly watching this scene.


Click here for a preview gallery from this scene!

Scene 3:

Kitty Black/Omar

Female Masturbation/Ass Eating/Cunnilingus/Footplay/Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/Anal/Footjob/ Gaping/Reverse Cowgirl/Cowgirl/Cum in Mouth (Medium Volume)

In the third scene we begin with Kitty Black laying on a couch surrounded by candles, and masturbating and fingering both of her holes. She's wearing a short skirt, pantyhose, and high heels, and later pulls out a dildo for proper stimulation. This masturbation session goes on for a short period, and follows by the camera cutting to the candles being blown out on their own. Kitty jumps up startled, "Omar.....Are you here?" She says nervously. Omar jumps up from behind her and takes hold of her from behind to begin the action. After Omar munches Kitty's muff for awhile and worships her feet as well, Kitty gets on her knees to perform a stellar bj with Omar's cock wrapped around the pantyhose that she just took off. The blowjob continues as Omar takes her stocking and wraps it over Kitty's head and some serious throatfucking begins. Choking, drooling, heavy deepthroating, every single thing that a great porno bj entails. The sex starts with anal, which seems to be the trend for this film, and continues variantly with massive bursts of energy and enthusiasm by the duo throughout. There were so many little things that made this scene great, things that really can't be explained and really need to be seen to be understood. It all ends with Omar shooting his load into Kitty's mouth as she swallows most of it up. Another outstanding scene. Wow.



Time for Disc 2

Scene 4:


Dildo Play/Blowjob/Ass Eating/Heavy Deepthroating/Cunnilingus/Anal/Doggie Anal/Missionary Anal/Reverse Cowgirl Anal
Gaping/Cowgirl Anal/Facial (High Volume)

The first scene on the next disc starts with the gorgeous but strangely named 'Geizer' on a couch dildoing herself as we watch intently. Geizer looks fucking great here. She's a tiny thing, dressed in a black fishnet top, daisy duke shorts, pink fishnets, and white high heels. She peers out the window to see Markus stroking his cock on the ledge outside, no big whoop I guess. She goes to the window, no questions asked and opens it to let him in and begin a slopfest of the blowjob variety. Markus's cock looks like an arm compared to her, she must weigh 90 lbs soaking wet, but I digress. The sex starts once again in a doggie anal as Geizer is taking a major pounding and loving every moment. This scene starts out rough pretty much from the beginning, loaded with face smacking, choking, and the good old fashioned fish-hook to top it all off. When I say this scene was really rough, I want to also state that the chemistry between these two was electric. The scene charged on, and every slap and spit from Markus draws a beautifully wanting reaction from Geizer. She is really stunning throughout this, and her expressions in this scene show the viewer exactly how much enjoyment she is getting out of it. With every thrust that Markus gives, she thrusts back just as hard. There is literally ZERO vaginal sex in this scene, it goes straight to the A and never comes back. The only downfall in this otherwise incredible scene is that the cameraman completely misses the cumshot. There is a shot of Markus groaning, and when the camera pans down, Geizer's face is already covered in semen. It didn't really matter though. This scene was another amazing scene. Geizer took it, and gave it like a champion.


Scene 5:



Dildo Play/Anal/Double Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/Ass Eating/Anal/DP/Double Anal/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Double Facial (High Volume)

The next scene begins with Omar addressing the viewer as "guy". Haha, I love it. He's praising Markus, saying that he is the next big thing in porn, Omar also states that he's getting old and after he leaves porn, Markus will carry on a great legacy as one of the the top European male pornstars. I can't disagree whatsoever after the scene I just watched between him and Geizer, this kid could do really great things. Wendy approaches shortly after, dressed beautifully in slutty stewardess attire. After a little impromptu  talking, and a little teasing from Wendy she starts shoving some dildos up her ass and getting ready for action. After some quick anal with Omar, she goes to the ground to perform some serious bj fun. Like the others before it, this scene was wonderfully performed. The DP was long, but energy did not lack in any way, shape, or form. The scene ends with Omar cumming on Wendy's face as Markus continues to bang her ass for another 15 minutes or so before doing the same. Another insanely great scene. I loved it.


Scene 6:



Dildo Play/Blowjob/Missionary/Anal/Cunnilingus/Doggie Anal/Props/Cum on Tits/Facial (High Volume)

The final scene starts with an interview of sorts, with Piksi. She's wearing a pink version of the exact same stewardess outfit that Wendy wore in the scene prior to this. Piksi is very playful with Omar as he interviews her, and pokes and smacks at her ass. After this foreplay session Piksi goes to her knees to begin the blowjob. It's a lightly sensual one, with hints of deepthroating, but it evolves into a fairly intense one as Piksi takes a couple hard smacks at Omar's cock throughout. The sex begins strangely enough, in a missionary style vaginal. Just when I thought I had you figured out Omar, you go and throw me a curveball like this. Anyways, after a couple minutes of hardcore fucking the old way, the anal eventually begins. This scene runs rampant with various toys, and props that the couple use on each other, some of which look quite painful. There's a part where Omar's dick is riddled with clothespins from top to bottom, OUCH. It all comes to a close after Omar finishes on Piksi's face as she receives it wantingly. Chalk another one up for Omar. Bravo!    


 It's both my duty and privilege to reward this with the highest accolades that XCritic has to offer. The sex in this film was captivating, filled with the energy and enthusiasm that every porn fan lives for. It was an honor to be able to review this film, I'm hoping for many more great things to come from Omar, as well as Markus. I literally ran out of adjectives to describe many of the scenes, but all I can say in closing is that you should buy this DVD, and keep it, because I've watched every scene twice now and it never seems to get old. The intensity is wonderful, and the power of the sex in these scenes was incredible. The only relatively bad note that I could state about 'Born To Be Sluts' is that the camera did go out of focus a couple times throughout some of the scenes, but it didn't matter one iota. The best scene would go to the girl you'd most prefer because every single one of them performed fantastically in this film. Omar's energy radiates to his co-stars, and for that very reason I believe that he has officially stepped out of the shadow of Rocco in the new releases that he has put out for Evil. He was once known as the guy who was in Rocco movies that fucked every girl like it was the last of his lifetime. Well, he's still doing that, but now it's in HIS movies, and he's the one directing them. If You didn't already know that Omar was a legend, buy this DVD and you will no longer question that theory.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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