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This Is Why I'm Hot 2

Studio: Tom Byron Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 4/20/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

This is Why I Am Hot 2: Rising Startlets
Tom Byron Pictures
Produced and Directed by Ivan
Running Time: 2:34:16



Lily Carter
Jynx Maze
Samantha Saint
Jessie Andrews
Mark Wood
Bruce Venture
Justice Young
Jordan Ash

Special Features:

2 Disc Set
5 Behind the Scenes: total runtime is 2:26:00, which gives you about a half hour with footage from each of the girls shoots, some bonus footage, and the last part is shot before the movie started shooting. You can watch by girl or watch the whole thing.
5 Photo Galleries
Trailers-3 trailers

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 6-7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

I can say that I am somewhat excited to watch and review this movie. I was lucky enough to watch and really enjoyed the first installment in the series. And considering this edition focuses on some of the newer ladies in the industry, including a personal favorite, Lily Carter, it just makes me even more excited about it. But it’s not just Lily who brings some heat, we also have Jessie and a few girls I can admit that I was a little late to the party on, Samantha (who I first got to see at AEE) and Jynx, who is a favorite among my fellow reviewers, and who also I got to meet at AEE.

Enough history, let’s get to the present, well sort of. After watching this movie, I think I feel the same way I felt about the first one, although I would have to give a slight edge to the cast in the first movie, but both groups of ladies were great. A few slow parts here and there, but nothing too distracting from the action. It did feel that some of the scenes were somewhat short, and maybe that could be the last few times I have watch something similar, I was getting 30-45 minutes of action with about 5 minutes of tease at the most. But Ivan once again, with the help of DJ Sativa (soundtrack please!!), showcased the ladies with some great shots and some great backgrounds and visuals. This is a plus over the Elegant Angel tease stuff, but in the long run, they are both great in their own way. As with the first movie I still wish there was a slight bump in the technical stuff, Blu-ray version of this would be awesome.

And speaking of awesome, let’s talk about the special features, which fill up disc two and give you over 2 and half hours of special features, the most being a giant montage of BTS, bonus footage and even more interviews and goofing off from cast and crew.

So the streak will continue, as I am going to give the second installment in this series a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED also. It’s been said numerous times that the current batch of new starlets is great, and this is just another example of why we are going to have plenty of new faces to keep us satisfied as our old favorites seem to be moving on and onto different things.

Scene One: Jessie Andrews and Mark Wood

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First up, is the lovely Jessie Andrews who has had a great year and has taken home a few awards. We get a great interview about her start and how she is always looking to improve. She also gives us a little insight on her scenes and what she thinks makes her hot. But after the interview she takes control of the camera and shows around the porn studio. We get a look into Ivan’s office as she continues the tour. It’s soon time to get down to business and she has changed into a yellow bra and panty set and is taking pictures of herself on the camera. We get some more tease footage, and apparently they really want to remind you who did this scene, as I think we are given credits at least 3 times before the action gets going. She finally sees who her man is, and she immediately wants to see the goods, and is quickly off to work on his cock, cause we know she loves to give blowjobs. And what follows is some nice deep throating and gagging, with a few moments where she has to get some air. She gives her mouth a break and double fists his cock and then bends over and slides off her panties and he is quickly inside her. And remember she doesn’t like quiet scenes, so there will be much noise coming from her, and Mark does a nice job of giving her a reason to be loud. She offers some more oral work and then takes a seat on his cock and spreads her legs wide for some reverse cowgirl action. She flips around and bounces her booty on his cock, grinding her hips on him. She ends up on her back as she rubs her pussy while he continues to shove his cock deep into it. He gets her on her knees and he gives her a pretty nice money shot in the mouth.

Scene Two: Samantha Saint and Justice Young

She started off with just doing girl/girl, but has done more than just that recently. I have to say that the camera really seems to bring out those amazing eyes, especially up close. She talks about her scenes and what makes her hot. And I am going to say that wearing a lot of bikinis is a great way to show off her body, which is a good thing all around. I wonder how she feels about Tebow now that is he is no longer in Denver. And she is a very busy girl, as she seems to be all over the place with endorsements and stuff. I know I have brought this up a few times, mostly for Elegant Angel stuff, but I am really digging the soundtrack for this movie, some amazing beats, I need these for my car. But we also get some more amazing tease footage that goes along nicely with the music. But as the music stops, it’s time to get down to business, as she has on a sexy bikini, with her tits, which are pierced (very nice) already out. But as a cock enters the screen, she grabs on tight sand begins to give it some love, as it reaches the back of her throat. After he fails to shove his cock through her head, she lays back and after a little teasing, he slides his cock into her pussy. And she slaps and rubs her pussy while he once again gives her some deep and hard thrusts. It sounds like her pussy is nice and wet for his cock, and we also get some ass slaps during some doggy action. But something seems a little off during the doggy, but at least we get some great looks at her ass, so it’s easy to be distracted. It seems that she likes giving oral, but either he doesn’t like returning the favor or she doesn’t like oral on herself. And like before, she climbs on top and sits on his cock, as we get a great view of her glistening body and booty for some cowgirl action. He picks her up and lays her down on her back and it seems that it’s about time for him to spread his love all over her. She flips over with her ass spread wide and he shoots his load all over her ass and pussy.

Scene Three: Jynx Maze and Jordan Ash

We get another disclaimer, as we are going to see some extra tease footage. She gives up some dancing as she takes a few pics and places them on the glass she is behind. After the extra footage, we are into the interview section, where she wants to be in the future and what she has done to improve her scenes. She talks about her ass and how it’s made her famous and she is just enjoying the ride. After the interview we are right to showing off her famous booty and body. The teases is over, and it’s time for some action. She is on all fours with her booty to the camera, and after he spreads some oil on her ass, he rubs it in and admires her booty. She follows that up with some worshipping of his cock, as she grabs on tight and gives it a wet blowjob with some gagging and deep throating. After his cock is nice and wet, he makes her way to her backside and slides it in her pussy, for some doggy action. He grabs on tight to her while slapping up against her ass, and he seems to have hit the magic spot as she screams she is about to cum for him. She sucks the juice off his cock and then climbs on top for some cowgirl action, which you know is going to give us some great booty bouncing action. I think this is my first time seeing her in action, and I can say that I am starting to see why she is making a good impression on us folks here at Xcritic. He turns her on her side, ass out of course, and continues to work her pussy over. There is no need for lube in this scene, as her oral skills leave his cock nice and wet for her pussy. She ends up on his cock once more, this time, he gives him the ass view, but that turns into more doggy action pretty quick. And no surprise here, but he pulls out and shoots his load on her ass.

Scene Four: Lily Carter and Bruce Venture

It’s now time for the lovely lady we all know and love, the lady that has won our hearts and other parts of our body. So let’s sit back and see what she brings this time. She’s not in it for the fame, she is in it for the incredible sex she gets to have. And there is plenty of discussion about her cumming and how many times she can do it. I am not sure that is what the electric tooth brush is for. Just listening to her talk about scenes is enough to get me going. She does her homework before each scene, have to love that kind of dedication. Love the music, a new twist on an old classic. During the tease, we get to see Lily, watching herself on the screen, that may be too much to handle all at once. And once the action is about to start, she has some anal beads, giving them a nice licking, wonder where they will end up. It seems she is already wet, as she slides them in her pussy, and licks off her juices after pulling them out. But after a bit, she realizes she needs something more, and the lucky bastard today, is Bruce. She teases his cock a little before deep throating him, with some gagging of course, as she has no problem swallowing all of him. He bends her over and shoves his face in her pussy, but she begs for his cock. But he is not going to give it to her just yet, a little teasing before the heavy pounding starts. And it’s not long before she cums a few times for him. He lifts her up and sets her on his cock, for some standing action, before laying on the couch and from there we get to see her ass and pussy and she hops on his cock. I have a feeling the cum total at the end of this scene, will be Lily at like 100 and Bruce at 1. Although that number may be higher as she lets him know he has hit the magic spot. He blasts the side of her face with cum and she licks it up and blows a kiss to the camera, and we get a little more chatting after the scene.

And during the credits we get a brief interview with Ivan and why he got into the business.

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