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Out of Control

Studio: Vivid » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 4/23/12

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Out of Control
Sunlust Pictures/Vivid Video
Directed and Produced by Sunny Leone
Running Time: 1:49: 34


Sophie Dee
Tera Knightly
Tommy Gunn
Nicki Hunter
Layla Rivera
Kortney Kane
Sea J Raw
Chayse Evans
Astrid Jaymes
Elena Heiress

Special Features:

Scene Selection

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 256 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 6-8 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

As stated in the review, the main reason I wanted to check out this movie, was that I am trying to make sure and see movies that include ladies that made my list of who I wanted to see more of this year, and this one had the lovely Kortney Kane in it. Now the big question would be, would the rest of the movie be worth my time, or would I have to sit through some blah stuff and hope that Kortney’s scene would be worth it.

Well in the end, I can say it was nice to see Kortney, but I hate to admit that there were a few other scenes that seemed to stick out for me. And even more surprising is that they were the other girl/girl scenes. Both had some dominating going on, but the Nicki and Layla one was way more intense. But after watching the movie, those were the scenes that stuck out for me.

After sitting through a few commercials, we finally get to the main menu, which gives us a few special features: a scene selection, trailers and photo gallery. Nothing that really calls out some attention, but we were given 6 trailers, which was nice.

But overall, I think this deserves a RENT IT rating, it’s at least worth checking out to see Kortney in action, plus if that doesn’t sell it, then the two girl/girl scenes may be enough to keep your attention. Didn’t really enjoy the commercials before the main menu, but I can also see why they did it. I know I usually don’t even bother watching commericals or web site plugs when they are on the special feature menu. It also seemed that this was one that took awhile to get released, as most of the production was done in late ‘09 and early ‘10. Not sure how I feel about it, seems some studios are known for doing that, making us wait for stuff. But then you really have to make it worth the wait, which sometimes doesn’t happen.

Scene One: Elena and Tommy

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She is supposed to be there for an interview, but it seems she has some other things on her mind, and grabbing onto his crotch, I think he knows what’s up. Apparently his training involves taking off ladies clothes, and sucking on their tits. And now that is a workout I can get behind, and speaking of behind, he bends her over and slides off her panties and dives into her pussy with his tongue. He continues to show off his training, as he licks and sucks her pussy, causing her to shriek with delight every once in awhile. But she is going to show off her skills too, which seems to be focused on the tip of his cock. They both hit the benches for some 69 action and then she ends up on her back, as he mounts on top of her and slides his cock into her pussy. And when he gets going two things happen, she gets loud and the scene gets spacey/blurry for a few seconds. They switch places, as she sits on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action. That blurry effect kind of reminds me of Quantum Leap, every time he leaps, sort of. Some more oral love and she ends bent over for some doggy action. In the end, he pulls out and shoots his load over her ass and back.

Scene Two: Astrid and Chayse

The girls are in their sexy lingerie and checking each other out, seems one of them has a new tattoo. And it seems that there is going to be some dominating and rough stuff in this scene, and both girls seem to like it rough. After some titty love, and then move on to some pussy love, as they share the pussy juice. There is some choking going on, and then they break out the toys as she shoves that dildo deep into her pussy, which sounds pretty wet at the moment. And then they both soon end up with toys and are pleasuring themselves, while watching each other. And I am guessing she really like the Rabbit, she makes a good sales lady. Some nice hair pulling as she gets violated by the dildo once again. The Rabbit is back in action as she tells her to keep going and shove it farther and farther inside her pussy. Will have to remember that one, purring while face deep in pussy, she seems to enjoy it. There is some riding action on the dildo and then both have their legs spread wide as they pleasure themselves with their toys. They lick the pussy juice off the toys as the scene comes to a close.

Scene Three: Kortney and Sea

We finally come to the scene with the lovely Kortney, who was one of the main reasons I wanted to review this title. She made my list of girls I hope to see more of, and even as the scene gets started, you gotta admit with those looks and body, this should be a good scene indeed. She wastes no time in going for Sea’s pussy, licking and kissing it, and then bends her over to admire her ass. She finally turns her attention to Kortney as she slowly dives in and fingers her pussy, with a little help from her tongue. She pulls out a purple toy and slides it in and out of her pussy. The attention goes back to Sea, as Kortney has a toy which does a nice job of vibrating her pierced pussy. But she is able to reach around and also shove a few fingers in Kortney’s pussy too, and then it gets easier for both as they 69 for a bit. After that they spend some one on one time, as they watch each other use the toys on their pussy until they are about to cum for each other, and then lick each other’s toy clean as it comes to an end.

Scene Four: Tera and Tommy, and Sophie

It’s Tommy’s birthday and it seems that Tera has a nice surprise waiting for him. But first she is going to start him off with a birthday BJ, and then gives him a surprise, as Sophie walks in and helps out with his birthday blowjob. And after Sophie unleashes her huge tits, I have a feeling his cock may spend some time in between her mountains. But I guess not yet, as his cock ends up in Sophie’s pussy instead. There is some more double team oral action on his cock, and then Sophie climbs on top for some reverse cowgirl action, so plenty of titty bouncing is coming. After spending some time with his present, he finally gets some cowgirl action with his lady, as the camera shows off her booty. He seems like he is about to burst, so they switch things up, as he gets some doggy on Tera, while she licks Sophie’s pussy. And then it seems a rather small money shot for Sophie and her huge tracks of land.

Scene Five: Layla and Nikki

It’s time for some hot girl on girl action time out on the prison yard. And Nikki seems like she is going to be the dominant one early on. So it’s supposed to be a junkyard, and the chain and collar should be an easy way to see who is in charge. Nikki throws her around to do what she commands her, as she fingers her pussy and then shoves her fingers down her throat. Layla spits on her face, and to punish her, she takes out a clear dildo and shoves it way down in her pussy. But that’s not enough, as she uses a Hitachi on her pussy while she forces her to use the clear toy on her pussy. Nikki puts on a strap on and Layla goes right for the cock and deep throats it, while using the Hitachi on her pussy. And after a copius amount of lube, she slides the strap on into her pussy, while continuing to talk dirty to her. After the doggy, she climbs on top for some reverse cowgirl action, and then flips around and continues to ride her. Wow Nikki has a lot of energy in this scene, and it seems that Layla is doing a good job of keeping up. And Nikki seems set on seeing how much stuff she can shove in Layla’s pussy, and apparently her collar and toy both fit in nicely. Nikki tells her to make her cum, and she screams at her to shove her fist inside her pussy.

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