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MOFOS: Teens At Work

Studio: Other » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 4/26/12

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Teens at Work
Running Time: 2:25:14


Missy Stone
Lexi Belle
Madison Ivy
Veronique Vega
Stephanie Cane
Faye Reagan
Dane Cross
Johnny Sins
Scott Nails
Charles Dera

Special Features:

Photo Gallery
Cumshot Recap: 5:55
Web Access

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel  at 48 kHz and 160 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 6-7 Mbps (not full screen and low quality/blurry)

Overall Thoughts:

For those of us out there who can’t afford to pay for a bunch of different sites, this movie is one of the ones that gives us just a taste of what we should expect, and hopefully enough that will want more and sign up for a membership in the end.

Well they did a nice job of drawing me in with the cast, Madison Ivy and Faye Reagan were a big factor in why I picked this movie to watch/review. And I have to say that Faye had the better of the two scenes, but there were some decent stuff in the rest too. But due to the low quality of the video look and nothing too special when it comes to special features, I have to say that this is going to get a SKIP IT rating. If the video quality was a little better, I would have felt this should have gotten a least a consideration for a possible rental. I know these are old scenes and all the sites have made great strides in the video quality, so it will be something I will look forward to, down the road.

Scene One: Missy and Charles

She works hard for the money, well maybe not that hard. And she doesn’t like cheap tippers. After a talking to from her manager, she is going to be on thin ice. She tries to be civil with her next customer, tries is the best word I can think of. She gives him a little tease of her ass, while working the mop. And then she turns things up as she lays back on the counter, with no panties on, giving him a nice view and wonders if he is going to do something. Check Please! He seems to be in shock at first but eventually makes his way to her pussy and begins to lick it. He seems to like this entrée, which wasn’t even on the menu. Next up on the menu, his cock and her mouth. She does deep on his cock and even ends up getting face fucked a little. And speaking of fucked, his cock ends up in her pussy, as she moans with delight. But she wants her pussy teased a little before he slides back inside. He takes a seat on the back counter and I really hope the health inspector isn’t coming by anytime soon. She takes a seat on his cock and bounces for some reverse cowgirl action. She continues to grind and hop on his cock, making sure a good tip is coming her way. She hops on the counter with her ass out, as they continue with some doggy action. He gives her a nice tip in her mouth, just as the manager catches them, and it seems she is going to give him a taste of her treat too.

Scene Two: Lexi and Johnny

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If you’ve seen Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo , you are already familiar with this scene. As a few customers are trying to get a free show from Lexi as she helps them out. A nice wet t-shirt tease from Lexi and then a nice panty look as she gets something off the top shelf. Johnny watches on and can’t believe these guys. He breaks up their fun and she isn’t too happy about sending them off. She wants him to stay and keep her company, as the pets in the store seem to go crazy and get a little loud. She pulls out his cock and shows off her personal skills, bobbing her head on his cock. She slides off her wet shirt to show off her perky little tits, but then is right back to work on his cock, spitting and stroking his cock. But he also shows he can return the favor, as he licks and sucks her pussy, driving her wild, as she moves and shrieks with delight. She kicks him away and says she wants a little something big in her pussy, so she leans up against the ladder, as he slides his cock into her pussy. This is just another scene that proves the cuteness level of Lexi, and I really can’t wait to see her in the Buffy parody. You can tell by the look on her face that she can’t believe how deep he is going in her pussy. They make their way to the floor as she sits on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action. She flips around and bounces that cute little booty on his cock, while begging for him to fuck her harder. He shows off his muscles as he picks her up and continues to fuck her, until he quickly sets her down and sprays her face with a nice money shot.

Scene Three: Madison. Veronique and Johnny

If I could go back in time and re-do my “Girls I Hope to See More of in 2012” list, I would have made sure and added the lovely Madison Ivy to that list. And speaking of going back in time, this scene seems like it’s an older one, as she has a few enhancements and seems to spend more time tanning that amazing body now. Anyway the girls are working at the coat check, hoping for some big tips. But the money may not be good, but at least they can have some fun trying on the coats and going through the coats. But they come across a cute guy’s coat that Madison spotted earlier, but she finds a book and for some reason Veronique’s name is in it. But it seems these two have a little history. Madison feels these two have some stuff to get caught up on, but she has no intention on just sitting back and watching. They double team Veronique as they shove their hands down her shorts, and then they both help him out of his pants, as she shows off his big cock to her. And with their oral skills combined, they are both impressing Johnny, as he suggests adding Madison to his book. Although I would give Madison the slight edge, as she really has some energy in her oral work. But he wants to see their tits, as the girls help each other out of their bras, and then get back to work on his cock. He lays Madison on the desk and she slides off her panties, as he dives in and gets a nice taste of her pussy. She leans off the side of the counter, as he shoves his cock deep into her pussy. Her boobs and tan may be different, but she still has those eyes that just stand out and mesmerize you. Back to the scene,  it seems that Madison is enjoying this so much she isn’t willing to share him with Veronique. But she eventually does, as Veronique works over his cock a little and then takes a seat on it. And Madison also takes a seat, on his face. After some brief time with Veronique, it’s back to Madison for some doggy action and then after some tag teaming of his cock, it’s Veronique’s turn with some doggy action, while she licks Madison’s pussy. The girls end up on their knees as he covers them both with a little love.

Scene Four: Stephanie and Scott

It’s game time and Scott orders a pizza, and it seems that Stephanie is more worried about the phone than making her delivery. She shows up an hour later and he is going to call her work. She tries to offer him free pizza, but he has another idea, as he leads her hand to his crotch. He pulls out his sausage and she bobs her head on it, and he grabs her head for some face fucking. He picks her up and bends her over, slides off her panties and dives right into her pussy, fingering and licking her pussy, and even some licks in her ass. I am just going to say that it seems that she doesn’t look like she takes advantage of the free pizza. She takes a seat on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action, as he does his best to not fall off the couch. She ends back on the couch, bent over, as he stuff his sausage in her pussy, as far as it will go.  And he attacks her from above with some pile driver action, as she spreads her legs wide for him, but after a somewhat of a wrestling move, she ends up back on his cock for some cowgirl action. And as the camera moves in, you can see her pussy is nice and wet from his cock. And after a long jerk session he leaves his tip in her mouth. But it seems that even after all of that, he is going to make sure she gets fired.

Scene Five: Faye and Dane

And I am glad to see Faye, it’s been too long since I have seen one of my favorite redheads, and boy she really knows how to pull off wearing that Irish dress, sexy as hell. And even Dane and the customer are under her spell. No customers but the drinks are a flowing. Soon enough Faye and the one customer are getting drunk on this drinking holiday. It seems that she gets really horny when she is drunk, and Dane is doing his best to hold it in. She shoves his face in her pussy and wraps those legs around him making sure he doesn’t get away, but I think he is in for the long haul now. But enough with her pussy, she wants some cock. And when his cock is out, she immediately gets it nice and wet and then continues with some deep throating and face fucking. And she really likes deep throating him. And after some more playful teasing he bends her over the bar for some doggy action. Back when this scene came out and these two were still a couple, I always enjoyed their scenes together, they really seemed to work so well together. So to all the porn companies out there, can we please get a little more Faye action in our lives. And considering these two were dating, they know how to please each other and they like the rough stuff too, with a little slapping and even some biting on her arm. She is another girl that seems to put you under a spell when she gives you that look with those eyes. After some more oral, he takes a seat on the chair and after some more teasing from Faye, he grabs her and sets her on his cock, as she wiggles and hops on his cock. I can easily say that this is going to end on a high note for me. So after getting a nice look at her ass, she flips around and now we get to admire her tits as she continues to ride him. She hops on his cock until he is ready to cum for her, as she ends up on her knees and he spreads his love over her face and mouth.

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