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Teasers: Extreme Public Adventures Vol. 6

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/1/12

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Teasers: Extreme Public Adventures Vol. 6

Hustler Video/Teasers VOD

Genre: Amateur, Solo, Public Exhibition, Web-to-DVD

Director: Marc Star

Cast: Lily LaBeau, Asphyxia Noir, Jada Stevens, Chief

Length: 127:53 minutes

Dates of Production/Release: 1/11/2011, 6/1/2011, 6/11/2011 (in order of appearance)

Extras: There were 5 Teaser’s trailers and spam, each of the ladies given what was called a “bonus” scene and Behind the Scenes feature as well. Lily’s BTS lasted 11:53 minutes and her bonus scene clocked in at 13:31 minutes while Jada’s were 11:04 and 7:18 and Asphyxia’s came in at 14:11 and 7:06 minutes respectively.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Teasers: Extreme Public Adventures Vol. 6 was presented in the same anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 ratio offering the scenes were shot in for their original website by director Marc Star for release here by Hustler Video. First off, while many web-based companies have made great strides in offering better looking scenes, few of them are consistently as well lit and composed as the old school production companies. Most of the footage here was on the moderate side in terms of production quality, the learning curve such that it was clear the director shot for the raw energy rather than technical excellence. To that point, the amounts of grain, video noise, and camera movement made most of the footage look like the ladies were shot for home movies, the video bitrate hovering around the 4.0 Mbps when I spotted checked it. The composition of the shots left much to be desired to but for all the flaws, the ladies seemed to provide the kind of unpolished acts that showed them having fun without the usual look of professionally made porn. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital encoded English, using a audio bitrate of 192 with a 48 kHz sampling rate. There was no obnoxious musical track but there were plenty of spots with background noise, the bulk of what the ladies said audible if not exactly clear (as one might expect).

Lily LaBeau

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Body of Review: Hustler Video has been partnering up with an assortment of production companies for years now, including my favorite sitcum outfit X-Play. As part of their expansion into different areas, they are now handling some web material shot by former AVN writer Marc Star, the fourth volume of their partnership being Teasers: Extreme Public Adventures Vol. 6. The idea is to offer ladies that aren’t shot out, having fun by themselves in public displays of nudity and solo masturbation. While this genre has been around for a long time, a quick look at the company website showed me that Marc has a lot to offer for genre fans, his eye for what men like to see built up over the years he worked for the industry magazine. This review will be pretty short considering that each lady followed a limited set of acts, typically streaking or flashing in public, the camera capturing their efforts best outside in the daylight hours. This time, the hotties were Lily LaBeau, Jada Stevens, and Asphyxia Noir; each with their own strengths. The back cover described the movie like this: “Public masturbation reaches new heights when Performer of the Year nominee Lily Labeau achieves orgasm in a busy underground parking lot; naked Jada Stevens lets her fingers do the walking while rush hour traffic passes by; and goth princess Asphyxia Noir gets wet and messy beneath the Hollywood sign. Reality doesn't get any hotter. Only from Teasers.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used, nor was any genetic juice spilled, for those still interested:

Asphyxia Noir

Scene One: Lily LaBeau, the hotty featured on the front cover, was up first walking down a deserted parking lot wearing only some white shoes. She strolled slowly and the camera could be heard clicking away, the lovely young lady next seen in a café and a different parking lot as well as walking down the street in her cover red dress and masturbating on the corner of a low traffic street. This continued until she masturbated in a multi-deck parking lot behind the cover of a car door; no sign of genetic juice or population pudding in sight. The company website described her scene like this: “Lily Labeau showed up at the shack with her classic-era Hollywood charm and a stylish red coat, tailor-made for bringing some heat to the chilly west-coast winter. First up was a fully nude art shoot atop the city, where we stripped some inhibitions along with her clothes. We thought it would be easy after that, but this gal was nevous! Luckily, her long red coat was ideal for some old-school flashing, and her adorable trepidation only made it that much more sexy. We talked her out of her underthings and you could tell it was turning her on- she even made a little sex toy disappear up her you-know-where. So we did a repeat at the street-side cafe where she ended up with a vibrator humming between her legs. She was so primed to come but too demure to do it there. The solution? Take it underground. Down in the darkness, she finally came, and this shy flower opened up in all her splendor, turning winter into early spring.”

Jada Stevens

Scene Two: Asphyxia Noir, a heavily tattooed brunette with an attractive look was up next as she sat at the café, then masturbating on some concrete steps as she read a big book on a small street. Her café masturbation stunt continued after that, a red vibrator used once her fingers had some fun but the lady finishing up with an explicit solo sequence in a grassy area near the famous Hollywood sign. The company website described her scene like this: “Asphyxia Noir is darkly beautiful but don't let that fool you— she might like it rough, but on the inside she's soft and sweet as the teenage girl next door. The day began with some trepidation when we asked her to remove her bikini for a quick walk back to the car. The moment we said "go" she was ready to sprint, but hesitation soon turned to lust in a bold staircase segment on a heavily trafficked intersection. With legs open wide open and breasts in full view, Asphyxia proved she could pose with the best. At the cafe, another milestone was nearly reached when she came within a quim hair's breadth of orgasm, thanks to a remote-controlled vibrating tongue snuggled inside of her moistening pussy. But it was underneath the Hollywood sign that the true starlet finally emerged. In a hot, wet solo scene second to none, young Asphyxia brought herself to a screaming orgasm. She maybe new on the scene, but this dark star made our eyes pop and left us gasping.”

Scene Three: Jada Stevens, a brunette with a great fleshy ass, was up last and her portion of the flick began at the café, moving to a parking lot and then a very secluded alleyway where she was scared of getting caught. That led to a brief bout of streaking on a small street, the gal ducking into the back seat of a car before more bits from the café and a photo session in front of the famous Capitol Records building, more café and then in a wooded rest stop near a lot of traffic (but again, no spunk, splooge, or ball batter to be seen). The company website described her scene like this: “Jada Stevens is blessed with an hourglass figure and an eagerness to show it off - especially her booty. Oh my, what a booty. During the photo shoot, Jada's bikini was quick to come off, flossed in between her delectable butt cheeks. She was so bold naked, we figured she'd have no problem walking back to the car. Which is when her eyes went wide... and when we decided not to give her clothes back. She was a good sport about it though, and we soon had her playing the role of a tourist asking Chief, posing as a passing local, to snap a few photos with the skyline behind her. As she got stars in her eyes, removing her skirt and panties, Chief promptly made off with the discarded clothing, leaving her stranded, bottomless and beautiful. It was a lot of fun. There's more, like her rush hour masturbation set, but you'll just have to watch the video. What I can say however is this is a gal we firmly stand behind. And oh my, what a behind. What a behind.”

Summary: Teasers: Extreme Public Adventures Vol. 6 by director Marc Star for distribution by Hustler Video after originally being released on the Teasers website was best suited as a lengthy advertisement of the company website, the scores of ladies displayed there not as new as these three but often quite fresh all the same so I rated this as a Rent It. If you are really into this kind of thing, consider joining their website because there were all sorts of hotties in evidence doing the same stuff, and not in some foreign country but in southern California (note: the website stated it was on vacation from shooting new material if that matters to you). In short, Teasers: Extreme Public Adventures Vol. 6 was a fun flick but as much fun as the ladies had, it left me wanting a lot more from them given the brief glimpses of nudity or solo scenes added in.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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