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Neighbor Affair Vol. 14

Studio: Naughty America » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 5/3/12

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Neighbor Affair #14
Naughty America
Running Time: 158 minutes


Carmen McCarthy
Misty Stone
Jenni Lee
Amber Ashlee
Lea Lexis
Derrick Pierce
Alec Knight
Bill Bailey
Rocco Reed

Special Features:

Scene Selection
Photo Gallery

Technical Stats:

Audio: Linear PCM 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 1.5 Mbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-4 Mbps, not full screen.

Overall Thoughts:

This is somewhat of an older release, but there is one particular reason I am really looking forward to watching/reviewing this movie, well two after I saw that Misty Stone was in it too. But the main reason I want to watch this, is for Jenni Lee, a lady who recently popped up on my radar and I believe she deserves your attention.

I always appreciate when I go into a movie waiting for a certain performer(s) and then I end up enjoying some of the other ladies, especially when I am not to familiar with them. And with this movie, I think that both Amber and Lea did a nice job of adding some decent sex to go along with Jenni and Misty.

And with my previous review this is another compilation from one of the bigger adult networks, and I would say a nice way to sample what they have to offer before deciding if its’ worth your money to subscribe to their site. But this is just a small sampling, as Naughty America seems to be growing each month, adding new sites and themes. With this series, it just makes me realize that perhaps I am not living in the right neighborhood.

But we also need to bring up a few of the not so great things, neither the audio or video numbers are anything too impressive, and the fact we are not given full screen is a little disappointing for me. And with no real special features, I hate to say that this movie is going to get a RENT IT, like I said there are some very sexy ladies in this movie, with some bright spots of sexy stuff, but with the low technical stuff, this is not one you need to own, just worth renting.

Scene One: Jenni and Derrick

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 It’s now time to sit back and check out the lovely Jenni Lee in action. And if you are anything like me, you should be enjoying the view already in that outfit. She’s one of those ladies, who no matter what scene they are in, just look sexy as hell with their clothes on as much as they do with them off. Enough chatting, to the scene, Derrick is visiting her, it seems that her mail is showing up at her place. But who can really care about mail at this time, oh wait I did hear the word erotic. She takes off her jacket, yes please!! She gets a little nervous about talking about her stories, she would rather play them out. I like stories. She climbs on his lap, and he dives into her chest, before the get some kisses in, and he lay her down on the couch. He slides off her pants, as she wraps her legs around his head, and he dives into her pussy. She kind of hints that maybe he is being a little too gentle with her, perhaps she likes the rough stuff. She says she has some skills to show off too. She heads to her knees and slowly slides down his pants, licks her hands and continues to slowly tease and wet his cock, before swallowing it whole in her mouth. He picks her up and flips her around for some standing 69 action, and then sets her down on the couch, and slides into her pussy. And for those that are familiar with Chanel Preston and her tattoo, Jenni also has one in that same area. He saves her from falling off the couch, such a hero. And this hero is literally taking her breath away while he continues to fuck her pussy, and that continues in the spoon position also. She has a nice small frame, some nice perky boob, and I love the long hair, which just seem to accent her body in my book. After some reverse cowgirl action, he begs for her to turn around so he can have those tits in his face, and that means we get her booty in our view. I am willing to admit that this is not a perfect scene, seems to be a few issues here and there, but I still think she’s amazing and I can’t wait to see more of her this year. She licks her fingers and offers a little lube help, then proceeds to shove a finger her in ass. He picks her up again, and this time she is left to show off her energy as she hops up and down on his cock, and it seems that she is almost ready to pass out, but not before she ends up bent over, as he attacks her pussy once again. He gives her the final chapter for her book, as he pulls out and cums all over her mouth, and so a happy ending is possible after all.

Scene Two: Misty and Alec

It’s another hot day in the city and Alec is about to try and make some homemade lemonade, with no recipe. But speaking of hot, Misty is about to leave, but he catches her and asks for her help. All I can keep my mind is on Misty in that sexy dress, I forgot what was going on in this scene, but is that really important. No sugar in the house, but she wants to show him some brown sugar, as she kisses him and tells him to grab her ass. He slides her dress down just enough to suck and lick her tits, and then her dress comes off, and she is standing there in her underwear, just heating up this scene. He slides off her panties and dives into her pussy, with his tongue and fingers. She climbs up on the counter and sticks her ass up in the air for all to see, as he continues to work over her pussy. And this brown sugar is about to show some love for his cock, and some time with his balls, as she licks and sucks on his man meat. We get some nice double fisting, and gagging as she makes sure and get his cock nice and wet. But he is soon back in that booty working over her pussy, before slapping her ass with his cock and then sliding it into her pussy for some doggy action. They make their way to the floor, as she climbs on top and slowly slides his cock in her pussy, while we get to watch that glorious booty bounce. And some great teasing from Misty as she slides her pussy up and down his cock before she lets him slide it back in. They move from the floor to the chair, as she spreads her legs wide for him to go back to work on his cock. But he enjoys that booty as much as we do, he turns her around and is right back in her ass, getting her pussy all nice and wet before his cock goes back in. And if you are not enjoying this scene, you may want to check to see if you even have a pulse anymore, Misty just brings her A game to this scene, and reminds us why we love her so much. He adds the last ingredient as he pulls out and shoots his load in her mouth and all over her face.

Scene Three: Carmen and Derrick

It seems that Derrick and her decide to go out and see a movie. He shows her around the house and she sees that he has a camera set up in his room and it seems to be pointing at her room, which appears to not have any curtains. He apologizes and it seems to work as he helps her out of her clothes, and dives into her pussy and begins the lickfest. She may have been a little turned off at first, but her mood changes as she tells him she wants to fuck the shit out of him, and then begins to slide back and forth on his cock. But I guess he would rather skip the oral now, and he wants to get inside her pussy. I am also guessing that he could most likely hear her from his window too, she is a loud one. He pulls out and lets her get back to some oral work, as she shoves a few fingers in her pussy. He slides up beside her for some spoon action, as she continues to rub her pussy. She climbs off and goes back to loving his cock and then climbs on for some reverse cowgirl action. She climbs off and catches her breath, but gets back on and once again chats him up as he begins to pound her pussy again. A few slight focusing issues pop up during the scene, will have to see if that continues. She bends over and he attacks her from behind, and she reaches around and plays with her ass, shoving a finger in every once in awhile. After climbing on her and continuing to fuck her pussy, he pulls out and cums on her face.

Scene Four: Amber and Bill

Amber is over at Bill’s house, and is doing some laundry. It seems that she has a lot of male friends who help her out. And lucky for Bill, she is cleaning up her bras and panties. She wants to show him what she does, so she sets him down on the couch and gives him a lap dance while grinding on his crotch. But she soon introduces his cock to the inside of her mouth, ok well at least the tip of it. She strokes his cock, while also giving her pussy a little attention too. She lays down on the couch, as he slides off her panties and then dives in to give it a nice lick with his tongue and then adds a few fingers to help out. Although she has been begging for his cock inside her pussy for a bit, now he is just teasing her even more. He finally gives her what he wants, as he slides his cock all the way inside her, while she offers a helping hand to her pussy, when she is not holding onto her boobs. But he wants to grab her boobs too apparently. She does a nice job of begging for him to go harder and deeper. She offers a little more oral love and then sits on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action, and like before begs for more, and then flips around and continues to ride him. She does a nice job of hoping and grinding on his cock, so maybe she does have a lot of practice from her job. He throws her back on the couch with her ass up, as he dives in and licks her ass, while she begs for more, and he can’t keep the lady waiting. I love her energy and enthusiasm throughout this scene. They both really seem to working up a sweat. It seems she wants his cum all over her body, so let’s see where he goes. Well he does a nice job of covering her mouth, and it seems a little drips to her boobs.

Scene Five: Lea and Rocco

Lea shows up at Rocco’s house, and the day after a big party, and apparently she left her purse here. And as she looks around, she gives him a few looks at her ass, as she bends over looking for her purse. It seems that Lea and her roommate have been checking him out, and are fighting to see who gets him first. She admits that there was no purse, but it seems they have a bet going, and she doesn’t like losing bets. So she inches closer and after a few kisses, she slowly open his pants and seems to think some oral love with help with his hangover, but who really cares at this moment. And boy she really shows off her oral skills, sucking and spitting on his cock,  I think she is going to be a frequent visitor from now on. Some more kissing and he gets to suck on her tits and then she softly asks for him to stand up as she helps him out of his shirt, while continuing to jerk him off, but ends up quickly with her mouth wrapped around his cock again. I’ve said this numerous time, but it bears repeating, there is something about a girl with an accent that drives me crazy. After a long oral session, she stands up and slides off her panties, and he bends her over and slides his cock into her pussy. She ends on the couch, as she shoves a few fingers in pussy, while he licks her ass, and then slides his cock back in her pussy. And as she lets out a few moans and screams of delight, he turns her on her side, showcasing her booty to the camera, while continuing to pound her pussy. And if you look booty, she sits on his cock for some cowgirl action, as the camera is right there to show off her ass, and the permanent hand print on her cheeks. This lady really likes giving oral, and she even makes sure and gives the balls some loving too, and then she almost does the splits with her legs, while she ends back on his cock. I am starting to get a cramp just from watching her, very impressive. They move on to some more basic positions, but she keeps up the energy and seems to always want a little more from him. Some more great doggy action leads to him cumming in her mouth, as she gives his cock a little more love before they call it a day.

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