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Please Make Me Lesbian Part 1

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 5/8/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Please Make Me Lesbian: Part One
Girlfriends Films
Running Time: 3:29:09


Heather Starlet
Syren Demar
Veronica Avluv
Zoey Holloway
Lily Carter
Taylor Vixen

Special Features:

Scene Selection
Our Girlfriends: short clip introducing cast
Promos: 6 showcasing the various series of films

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-5 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

For those that have been paying attention to the site, you know that we have given Girlfriends Films plenty of attention. And during my trip to AEE this past January, I was able to see in person, what a great community they have surrounding their films. But there was one little part that was missing for me. I was familiar with some of the ladies they use in their films, but I hadn’t gotten to see any of their films.

Well it took awhile, but I can safely say that I have witnessed just a small sample of what they offer with their films, and the short answer is that I was very impressed. Going into this movie, the only lady I was really looking forward to seeing, was Lily. But this was one of those movies, where every single girl and scene, were way above and beyond what I was expecting. The chemistry between the various pairings was amazing and none of it seemed fake, they geniely seemed to be into each other, and a good example is just the way they took their time admiring each of their partners bodies. One of their slogans is “simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video” and I saw plenty of examples of why that statement is true.

And as we move onto the extra and technical stuff, we some pretty basic numbers, with no real complaint with either the audio or video quality. And we are given a decent amount of special features, mostly promo trailers, which is pretty basic from most studios.

But even though I had a few issues, mostly on the technical side ( I stated it was good, but still don’t like only given a 2 Channel Audio), I still think this was a great release and a great introduction to their company and what they have to offer. If you are a fan of lesbian films, this is one that you should check out and I am sure will be a nice addition to your collection, as I give this a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating.

Scene One: Heather and Syren

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It seems they have gotten a little too crazy while playing around, and Lily is no fan of her mom right now. Heather seems to have wet herself from the tickling from Syren. She takes her upstairs and into the bedroom, and slides off her wet pants and panties. Heather is a little shy as she is pretty much exposed to Syren, who takes this time to rub and tries to cuddle to keep her warm. Times are tough for Heather at home, but Syren does her best to comfort her, and turns on the flirting. She offers her some soft kisses, and then shares her problems too, and it seems they are both helping each other out. And they both seem to heat up a little as they kiss each other, and she finds out that Heather has her tongue pierced. Heather seems to be less shy towards her, as they pull themselves closer to each other, and Heather admires her boobs. She still seems a little timid as Syren teases her around her pussy before sliding her fingers up and down it. She shoves her hand up Heather shirt and plays with her tits, before heading back south to her pussy. It’s early in the scene yet, but I have to admit there is some definite heat between these two, starting to see why this studio is getting some much attention. And Syren has once again made Heather wet, as she continues to play with her pussy. Heather finally slips one of Syren boobs out, and boy they are a little bigger than what I was expecting. And just like that they are both naked, except Syren still seems to be wearing her pantyhose, which Heather slides right past them and plays with her pussy. After some duel pussy play, Heather climbs on top of Syren, and they begin to grind their pussies. Heather slides off her pantyhose and dives in and teases her pussy, before she finally dives in with her fingers and pierced tongue, and boy does she really go wild with her tongue in her pussy. But Syren takes control, as she returns the favor by licking and kissing her pussy before diving back in, which makes Heather grab on tight to the headboard and doesn’t let go until she is on the verge of cumming for her, a few times. Syren climbs on top and grinds on her wet pussy and then some more hot kissing, and grinding, as we come to the end of our first scene.

Scene Two: Veronica and Zoey

It seems that things are over with the married couple and it seems that Heather that was the reason for the breakup. But we fast forward and Taylor seems a little worried about her friend and the lack of a sex talk. But her mom thinks she can maybe give her the sex speech. The parents have a discussion about the talk, and it seems the dad doesn’t want to have anything to do with it. It’s kind of funny and ironic that they are talking about Lily not masturbating or having an orgasm. So she gets a bag of goodies and sits down and has a chat with her. I feel like I am learning a little about this whole topic of lady stuff from this movie. After a long discussion, she is sharing a nice glass of wine with her friend, talking about her chat with Lily. Her friend suggests taking her to a sex shop to pick out a toy or two. So it’s off to the sex shop, where Lily seems intrigued by a strap on, and then heads to the videos, nice product placement. These two seem to drawing lots of attention at the shop. Later on, it seems that maybe Lily is hot for her teacher, Raylene. But Raylene must turn her down, in fear of losing her job. Veronica is back and she wants to hear about their trip to the sex shop, and boy is she nosey and very persistent. They go to Lily’s room and find the strap on, and seem to think that maybe she doesn’t like boys. Veronica wants to try on the strap on, but it seems that things are going to get serious, as Zoey seems to also enjoy the ladies too. Veronica wants to be there for her, and it seems that she seems into her too. The persistence shows up again, as she doesn’t back down and wants to really to share some sexy time with her and Zoey doesn’t stop her, of course the soft kisses all over, are making it easier for her to loosen up. Lots of amazing foreplay really turns the heat up, and they don’t even have their clothes off yet. Although I do have to say that Veronica really knows how to pull of that sexy dress she is wearing. She lays her down on the bed and continues to kiss and grind on her, and then finally goes her Zoey’s boobs. And then the grinding switches to high gear and it seems to almost drive Zoey to the verge of cumming for her. She eases off and slides off her dress and continues to explore her body with her mouth. And for you foot fans, there is a little love for your in this scene. After she shows some love for her feet, Veronica dives into her pussy and once again gets her so close to cumming. Zoey finally gets her out of her dress and after unhooking her bra, begins to squeeze and play with those delightful boobs. We follow that up as they both shove their hands down the other panties, going wild with their pussies, and it seems that Veronica is pretty wet at the moment. And that only increases as Zoey licks and fingers her pussy, but she wants to make sure and repay her for a job well done, as she dives in for some pussy play, as the liquid really seems to flow from Zoey’s pussy. And just like that, Veronica has the strap on on and slowly slides it into her pussy and as she turns up the pace, she cums for her and leaves the strap on nice and wet from her squirting. But we are not done there, as she bends Zoey over and is back to fucking her pussy again. Some celebratory kissing and it seems that this might be a regular thing from now on.

Scene Three: Lily and Raylene

It seems that now the cat is out of the bag, Zoey seems to be looking out for Lily, as she gets the rest of family out of the house, so she can try out those toys she bought her. But it seems she needs a little more to get her going, so she grabs a pair of her step mom’s panties. Back on her bed, she slides off bra and panties, and then grabs a vibrating toy and shoves it in her pussy and turns it on. As she smells the panties, she keep imagining her teacher Raylene, who strokes her hair and then offers her a ring and marriage. Lily is wearing a lovely white dress while Raylene is wearing a purple lingerie outfit. They start off with some kissing as they confess their love for each other. She undoes her dress and shows off her perky little tits, and then Raylene slides off her top and lets Lily suck on her nipples. She slips out of her dress and after kissing up and down her legs, she wets her fingers as she softly teases Lily’s pussy before diving in with her mouth and tongue. And because we love Lily so much, we know she is going to be really moving around when Raylene hit’s the right spot. And even though this is Lily’s dream, she is going to make sure and return the favor as she dives in and licks Raylene’s pussy. And if I remember correctly, her tell is that it will look like her eyes are rolling back in her head, yep I think I just saw it, job well done Lily. And after they raise up and embrace each other, we get some more soft, but very sexy kissing. Raylene lays on top of her and begins to grind on her while continuing to kiss her. After the grinding is over, she goes back to fingering Lily’s pussy, should maybe see some squirting soon, I would expect. Maybe the tongue and finger technique will do it. Some more loving words exchanged and some soft kissing as her fantasy comes to an end.

Scene Four: Prinzzess and Taylor

Zoey find Lily asleep on her bed, seems like she got a little wore out from her fantasy. Taylor and Prinzzess are talking about what she found in Lily’s room. Taylor watched one of her DVDs and it seems that she enjoyed what she saw and starts to hint that maybe she wants to try out some of the stuff with her. She is into girls, but never thought of Taylor as more than just a friend. Wow, we have all heard that a million times, good to see the girls are victim to it too. Prinzzess is a little shy at first, but Taylor does a nice job of egging her on, until she finally makes her move. Once again, it’s amazing that the heat factor is really high, and all we are seeing is some soft kisses and some heavy petting. There is a little boob action from each of them, and it seems that Prinzzess is a firm believer in the no panty policy. She leads Taylor’s foot to her pussy, as she begins to tease it with her foot. So there you go foot fans, that is two scenes for you to enjoy. Prinzzess gets some quality time with Taylor’s boobs before she slides off her panties and kisses down her leg and heads towards Taylor’s promised land. But she is really going to tease Taylor before she finally gets there. She gives her some nice oral work with her mouth and then slides a finger or two into her pussy, as she moves back and forth on them. They move on to some scissoring action, and it sounds like they are both really enjoying it and perhaps the juices are really flowing. Taylor takes control as she dives into her pussy and even pinches her nipples after she is told by Prinzzess. Taylor climbs on top and gets back to some hot grinding action, as once again you can hear the moisture seems to flowing a little. Taylor flips over with her ass up, as Prinzzess dives into her pussy with her fingers, and even gives her ass a few licks. Some more grinding leads to them both getting closer to cumming and as they lay back down and catch their breath a few more kisses as they cuddle on the bed.

We see Zoey as she is once again back at the sex store and this time really ends up on a shopping spree, it seems she has a little spring in her step and isn’t so intimidated this time.

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