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Made in USA 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 5/11/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Gonzo




Director: Nacho Vidal

Cast: Teena/Bridgette B/Cassandra Cruz/Jayden Lee/Vicki Chase/Nacho Vidal



Extras: Photo Gallery/Trailers/Cumshot Recap/Web



Release Date: 3/14/2012



Scene 1:


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Ass Eating/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Doggie/Missionary/Anal/Squirting/Pile Driver Anal/Foot & Trample Play/Face Sitting/Cowgirl/Facial (Medium Volume)

The first scene in 'Back To USA 2' begins with Nacho snapping some pics of the long legged and beautiful Teena, while playing with her at various times throughout. The action begins shortly after with Teena bent over doggie style while Nacho eats and fingers her pussy and asshole. Teena is looking fantastic, she's shirtless in only a garter, stockings and heels. After some more heavy petting, Nacho stands up and feeds Teena his member and a nice bj ensues. Nacho gives her his signature dick dunking in and out of her mouth as the spit dribbles out onto the floor. It's a lovely site. The sex begins in the doggie position, as Teena kisses her reflection in the mirror a little bit to satisfy Nacho's perverted urges. It continues with the two standing straight up as Nacho fucks her vertically, as the couple face each other. Right before the anal action he jostles his hand in her pussy and a bit of squirt comes out as Teena moans approvingly. As the scene pushes on it becomes evident that Nacho is definitely the driving force to what is making this scene good, whenever Teena gets into a certain position and even when she begins some footplay with him it's because he's telling her to do just that. It's not to say that Teena isn't great throughout these small parts, it's just clear that Nacho is using his directorial skills to better appropriate the scene. It all comes to a close after Nacho blows his wad into Teena's mouth while a little bit spatters her face. I liked this scene, I felt that Teena did a nice job and Nacho's skills definitely shined through here.


Click here for a photo gallery and trailer from Leche 69!


Scene 2:

Cassandra Cruz/Nacho

Ass Eating/Cunnilingus/Doggie/Missionary/Blowjob/Cowgirl/Footplay/Footjob/Spooning/Cum on Pussy (Medium Volume)

The next scene begins with the able-bodied Cassandra Cruz doing a load of laundry while wearing a tiny skirt, a tight bikini top, and some sexy heels. Killing two birds with one stone here, the laundry's gotta be done at some point, so why not do it while you shoot a Nacho porn? Anyways, the action begins pretty quickly afterwards as Nacho walks her out to the living room next to his conveniently placed stripper pole where he endulges in a little ass and pussy eating. The sex then starts with Cassandra in a standing doggie style as Nacho gives it to her hard.  Surprisingly, the couple move through 3 more positions before the blowjob starts, and a wonderful blowjob it is. Cassandra is loud, sloppy, and gives her best efforts to take Nacho's pole as deep into her cakehole as humanly possible. A notable moment is soon after this when Nacho picks her up while fucking her, and walks her up the entire staircase cock-in-pussy before  slamming her down on the couch in the upstairs room. After they move through a couple more positions in the upstairs room he then picks her up again in mid-fuck, this time taking her into the bedroom for a face down doggie style reaming on the bed. The scene ends here with Nacho busting a nut all over Cassandra's pussy, then telling her that she can go ahead and go back downstairs to finish her laundry. I'm thinking it's probably time to start drying by now anyways. The screen fades out with Nacho giving a couple final poundings to her pussy. I liked this scene, pretty meat-and-potatoes Nacho if you ask me, nothing out of the ordinary, just a good old fashioned banging.


Click here for a photo gallery and trailer from Leche 69!


Scene 3:

Bridgette B/Nacho

Ass Eating/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Doggie/Missionary/

We begin the third scene much like the first except this time it's the stunning Bridgette B that Nacho is photographing. Nacho goons and snaps pics as Bridgette gives some outstanding poses to the camera. She's wearing a matching bikini top and bottom with a garter, stockings, and heels. Before you know it, Nacho throws the camera to the side and starts munching some hole as Bridgette is bent over doggie style on the couch. Once the blowjob starts Nacho really begins to give Bridgette the business, and she  willingly accepts. The bj is relatively sloppy,  but it's not off the charts hardcore, and after about 7-9 minutes the sex starts in a doggie style romping on the couch, then moving to missionary style. It doesn't take long before Nacho pulls out the stool prop and then begins mashing Bridgette's hole doggie style on it. As the scene moves on I'm liking Bridgette's energy, but at the very same time I'm wishing she did a little more dirty talk and initiating of the sex. This scene is almost identical to the first one with Nacho navigating all of the action, I understand he's the director and all, but it's always nice to see  porno girls who give just a little more to a scene. It all ends with Nacho blasting his sauce atop Bridgette's mega tits as she holds them staring into the camera. This scene was pretty good overall, but definitely nowhere near Nacho's best. Even though this is probably my favorite star featured in this film, I'd have to say it's my least favorite scene thus far.


Scene 4: (Scene to Remember)

Jayden Lee/Nacho

Blowjob/69/Missionary/Doggie/Ass Eating/Cowgirl/Tease/Reverse Cowgirl/Facial (Medium Volume)

Our fourth scene begins somewhat confusingly with Jayden Lee sitting on a stool, and stay with me here, dialing a telephone and asking the person at the other end of the line if they can send her a rabbit. Hmmmm, okay. Anyways, we move on and Jayden turns around in her chair immediately to see a stuffed rabbit behind her. Nacho is manipulating the rabbit with a sheet over top of him and Jayden says, "Wow! You came fast!" Nacho replies, "What do you expect baby? I'm a rabbit!" This Is beyond weird, but I won't lie, I was laughing pretty hard. We continue with Jayden walking over to the rabbit, where Nacho's cock is sticking out from between the rabbits legs. He asks her to sing into his cock like a microphone, I seriously couldn't make this up if I tried. She then sings 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' into Nacho's cock before blowing who she thinks is the rabbit, but much to her surprise Nacho pops out from behind his blanket to expose himself in the most literal of senses. So now, with the scene really underway Jayden throats Nacho's meat wonderfully. A sloppy blowjob of epic proportions is being given by Jayden now, while Nacho toys with her a bit during. The fucking starts soon after and there is a fantastic chemistry between the two early on. Nacho gives her a few light smacks throughout followed by some passionate kissing to offset his roughness which is a really nice touch. In between every location change that the couple move through Nacho drags Jayden by her hair and she looks to love every second of it. In the middle of the scene Jayden performs a nice tease on the stripper pole in the middle of the room while Nacho sits to the side stroking himself. The two go through some other positions before Nacho drags her up to the bathroom, and wraps her head mummy style in toilet paper before giving her an immense face fucking. Jayden is obviously down for whatever perverse thing Nacho is willing to throw her way, what a sport this girl is! He then throws a trash basket over her head and takes her into the shower before fucking her under the running water, wow. Creative to say the very least. After they return to the downstairs room Nacho pile drives her before busting his cream over her face and jamming his dong down her throat one final time. Awesome. This scene has everything that perverts love. A beautifully submissive girl, massive amounts of kink, and energetic, top notch fucking. I loved it.


Click here for a photo gallery and trailer from Leche 69!



Scene 5:

Vicki Chase/Nacho

Tease/Ass Eating/Cunnilingus/Doggie/Reverse Cowgirl/Blowjob/Cowgirl/Spooning/Cum on Ass (Medium Volume)

The final scene begins with Vicki Chase, who in my opinion has a striking resemblance to Jayden from the scene prior to this one. She's sitting ass-out on a chair teasing Nacho by grabbing her ass and bouncing up and down. Nacho steps onto set and the two share some passionate kisses whilst speaking Spanish back and forth to each other. Even though I took three years of Spanish I couldn't make it out, guess I need some brushing up. After Nacho provides a little ass cleaning via tongue the sex begins in a doggy position. After they do some reverse cowgirl Vicki gets down on her knees to accept some fucking, this time of the face variety. The bj here is great as Nacho holds Vicki's hair back in a ponytail while she gets extra sloppy with his manhood. Lots of drooling and that beautiful gagging noise that we all love so much make this blowjob one of the best in the film. The sex is really great throughout this final scene, lots of passion and Vicki's expressions are priceless. The final moments of the scene are really great as well, and it all ends with Vicki riding Nacho before he ejaculates onto her ass from the cowgirl position. Great scene. Probably my second fave in the film.



I'm always impressed by Nacho videos, through the years he's set the bar very high for himself.  He's always deeply involved in his scenes and I believe that's why he's such a trusted name in porn. This film was not much different from many of his, and is definitely well worth a watch or two.....or three. Like many of his scenes, these ones were definitely driven by Nacho's ability to supervise an outstanding sex scene. This was all pretty standard issue for Nacho, but that's not to say that it wasn't great. Normal Nacho movies are above average for most other actors. I'd definitely recommend this to friends who like good hardcore, and hot girls. So yea, I guess that's pretty much everyone.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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