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Celeste Star's The Teen Hunter

Studio: Filly Films » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 5/12/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Celeste Star’s The Teen Hunter
Filly Films
Directed by Dana Vespoli
Running Time: 2:04:19


Celeste Star
Brett Rossi
Krystal Banks
Kodi Gamble
Marie McCray

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes- 5:08 of interviews with some of the  the girls, some talks about lady love vs. guy love and Celeste really is just as playful when the scene is done.
Trailers-5 trailers
Extra Girl Play: 13:38 of more footage of the pairings kissing and fondling each other.
Orgasms- choose want scene to watch the girls orgasm
Photo Slide Show

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Considering a few months ago, I was hardly familiar with Filly Films, and if it wasn’t for DanI Daniels and her Yoga Instructor movie, which I loved, I have a feeling it would have been awhile for them to hit my radar. Some of you may be saying, but I already knew about them, and what took me so long. Well when you are into such a wide variety of things, it’s hard to keep up with them all. Luckily with Twitter, I think I am doing a better job.

Before I get more into the review, I just have one question for Dana and Celeste, I hope this is an ongoing series and when does the next one come out? My previous review was for Girlfriends Films, and the all girl action continues with this one, and actually the next few movies in my pile, are all girl, so penises in the movies for awhile. And because of my previous review, I am sure I will be contrasting and comparing the two a little in the review. But I hope that Filly Films gets some recognition for the great stuff they are putting out, because in my book, they are hitting 2 for 2.

This movie was great, Celeste is not only beautiful, but you have to love her energy and enthusiasm in the scenes, as she falls in love with the girls, and can’t keep her hands off them, and soon they fall under her spell. And this is more of a light hearted film, not nearly as serious as the Girlfriends Film was, there is some nice back and forth between Celeste and the director, Dana, who gets involved a little in the film. And it doesn’t take long to realize why Dana would take a camera along, anytime she hangs out with Celeste. And it’s not just Celeste who is amazing in this film, for the redhead lovers out there, we start off with the super sexy Marie, and then move on to the blonde beauty Brett (who quickly is moving up my list). But the new girls also showed off some stuff too, although from the BTS, I think I can see why the last girl was a little off from the rest, as I think this was her first time.

Onto the extra stuff, we get over 30 minutes of bonus stuff, including some nice extra footage of the girls kissing and fondling each other, which is way more than enough to keep your attention.

And factoring all of that in, this is easily one that should be in your collection if you enjoy all girl movies. And so my question is still out there Dana and Celeste, cause I am going to give this one a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating and I hope to see you ladies working together again soon. I have one small request for the next one, please have Celeste, Brett and DanI in a scene together, cause that would be an amazing scene and one I would re-watch numerous times.

Scene One: Celeste and Marie

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Welcome back Celeste, apparently you’ve been away for awhile, but I can say that I am glad that you are back. I was not introduced to you until recently, but I always look forward to anytime I can see you in action. And we are going to see plenty of you in this movie, as you are the star and will be in every scene. But enough of that, onto the movie, as Celeste and her friend, I am guessing it’s Dana, are on the way to her boss’s house to drop off some work stuff. The lovely redhead Marie is there, and she shows the girls a little attitude, so that means war. But maybe not war, as Celeste seems to think that she is cute. Well the attitude continues and some pushing follows as Celeste tries to turn on the charm, and it seems she is not going to give up until she gets what she wants. She goes in for a kiss and Marie really doesn’t put up much of a fight, although honestly, who would. She leads her over to the couch, and they continue to share some soft kisses as she pulls down her dress, and then straddles her leg and begins to grind on her. Celeste lifts up her top and it seems that Marie is a little shocked and excited as Celeste makes her grab onto her perky little boobs. And I also have to say that we are getting a nice little tease of her ass and panties, as she bends over and rubs Marie’s pussy with her fingers. But it’s not long before she is lapping her pussy with her tongue and adding in a few moans to help excite her even more. And Celeste is going to get a helping hand from Dana as she slides off her skirt, showing off her sexy panties and her amazing ass. Celeste let’s Dana slide off her panties, while also giving her a few spanks, and then begins to rub her pussy, while Celeste continues to eat out Marie’s pussy. She turns Marie around and bends her over, and then dives right back into her ass, while also playing with her pussy. She climbs under Marie and licks her pussy as she sits on her face. But Celeste is still able to drive herself crazy as she plays and grabs onto her pussy, before she lays Marie down and then sits on her face, as she grinds it on her tongue, and then leans over and goes back to work on her pussy. And even though this is supposed to be her first time, Marie does such a great job that Celeste gets a case of the shakes and shivers as she cums for her. Celeste flips around and continues to grind her pussy on Marie’s mouth, once again causing the shakes and shivers to start again. She straddles her leg and goes to work as she grinds their pussies together. They once again share some kisses before Celeste goes back to some energetic grinding.  But after all the action, it seems that Celeste is not much for staying afterwards,  as she grabs her things and quickly leaves.

Scene Two: Celeste and Brett

Later on Dana is outside her house and it seems that Celeste lost her job for fucking the boss’s daughter. Well it’s not her house, it seems that she is house sitting and they decide to head out to the pool for some tanning and pool time. But as they get to the pool, they are graced with the lovely Brett, who is surprised to see them. Celeste slides off her clothes and gets naked and Brett seems ok with it. She jumps in the pool with her and starts to flirt, as she is amazed by her body, which is showcased nicely in her pink bikini. She gets her to slide off her top and grabs on tight to her boobs.  She pins her up against the side of the pool for some kissing, which continues as they head into the house. They is plenty of grabbing and groping as they make their way to the couch, and of course Celeste is on top once again. She spends some more time on her tits, before she heads south and begins to rub her pussy. But enough finger play, as she dives in with her mouth and once again, is in full licking mode. After seeing Brett in action with DanI Daniels, I knew I was going to be a fan, and my god, she is just as amazing when she is with Celeste too. Celeste moves forward and takes a seat on Brett, so she can show off her pussy licking skills too. And since Celeste can’t seem to sit still, I would say that Brett knows what she is doing down there. She may be tiny, but Celeste really likes being in charge, and when she leans her up against the door and falls to her knees, and is back to working over her pussy, that what we call amazing stuff right there. They switch places as the love fest continues. She gets Brett bent over the couch and dives into that booty, and what a lovely booty it is,  giving her ass and pussy plenty of love from her tongue. After some kissing it’s sad to say that the scene is over with, hopefully we will see more of these two in the future.

Scene Three: Celeste and Kodi

Dana meets up with Celeste and it seems they are off to get a nice workout. Well I guess she has a better plan, which involves waiting for a girl that she sees everyday out jogging. They spot her and Celeste goes after her and fakes a fall. The hot girl, yeah she has big boobs, I hope she is wearing a sports bra. She won’t win an Oscar, but she really knows how to get a few grabs whenever she can, as she is helped back to her place. They head to the bed, and she begins to rub her hurt leg, which Celeste uses as a great way to really flirt and make her move. She is not shy at all, you gotta love her for that. She leans in and can’t help trying to kiss her and comment on her boobs. As she turns up the action, Kodi doesn’t seem to stopping her. And just like that, yet another girl has fallen under the spell of Celeste. And she can’t seem to keep her hands and face away from her boobs. Even Dana comes in and checks them out. Celeste finally confesses to her, that she has been checking her out, but that doesn’t kill the mood at all. She lays her down, and reaches for her pussy, while continuing to kiss all over her neck and boobs. Celeste pulls off her top, but Celeste is more concerned about her boobs, and then onto her ass, as she bends her over and slides off her shorts and panties. She straddles one of her legs, while she licks her fingers and rubs her pussy. But her mouth would rather be in her pussy, as she dives in and works it over. She finally lets her slide off her sexy black shorts and then lets her rub her pussy while she is face deep in her tits. But Kodi likes licking pussy too, as she spreads her pussy and hits all the right spots on Celeste. They continue with some hot 69 action, as Dana does a nice job of showcasing each of the views the girls are getting. They huddle together and she gets a few more grabs of her ass and some more titty loving before she dives into her pussy once again, licking and probing with her tongue. I have a feeling that she would love to just fall asleep in those boobs.

Scene Four: Celeste and Krystal

And once again, Celeste and Dana are heading off somewhere, it’s another part time job. And once again, it seems that she has some ulterior motives. Once again, the power of a cute girl, makes her weak in the knees. They finally make it to Krystal’s house, and I would pay more attention to a tutor if she dressed like that. And as she starts to flirt a little, it seems that Krystal is catching on that she may not be the best tutor for her. But the one thing she does know French, is kissing, and it’s not long before Krystal joins in the fun, and can’t keep her hands off Celeste. They make their way to the couch, where Celeste ends up on top of her, spending some time admiring her perky little boobs, and then moving closer so she can suck on hers. She spreads Krystal’s legs wide and dives into her pussy, while Dana and the camera and no look at her ass, and invites Dana grab and rub her pussy. Celeste shows off her tongue skills, as she gives her a pussy a nice workout, and she even offers a helping hand to the action. Celeste bends her over and gives her ass a nice slap and grab, and then is back to work with her tongue in her ass and pussy. She does her best to make both of them cum with her hand, it seems Celeste makes it with no problem. Still bent over, Celeste slides under her to lick her pussy some more, while grabbing onto her ass and shaking it for the camera. It seems that this is a fairly one sided affair, as Celeste seems to be putting in most of the work, which makes the scene lose a little of the heat it was building up in the foreplay between these two. Celeste gets behind her and grabs and shakes her boob, while Krystal rubs and plays with her pussy, so she can cum for her. And the lesson ends with some more kissing and grabbing from the girls.

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