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Taylor Vixen's House Rules: Sorority Edition

Studio: Filly Films » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 5/14/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Taylor Vixen’s House Rules: Sorority Edition
Filly Films
Directed by Taylor Vixen
Running Time: 1:39:28


Taylor Vixen
Emily Addison
Elexis Monroe
Allie James
Sinn Sage
Sophia Jade

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes: short 1:32 feature of some outtakes and stuff
Stripteases: 19:45 of you guessed it, the lovely ladies taking their clothes off with plenty of teasing action for you to enjoy
Orgasms: 6:24 clips of the ladies reaching the highs of sexual energy
Photo Gallery

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 6-7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

And so the Filly Films streak continues, and once again we have a lady behind the camera, most of the time, as Taylor is not only the star but the director in this lovely all girl sorority love fest.

Much like the previous movie I have reviewed from them, we have a few ladies who are known to me and I few that aren’t. But in the end, a few made some great strides in making me a fan of their work. If you love all girl movies, with some girls with some rather large tracks of land (Taylor and Emily), and even some girls with some big but not huge butts (Sinn). There were some highlights in this movie for me, and the biggest would be the Taylor and Emily scene, which wrapped up the movie. The rest of the scenes were OK, but I really enjoyed those two together, even with the scene seeming rather short and a few technical things popping up.

The special features are all over the board, we get a very short BTS segment, but then make up for it with a nice 20 minute striptease montage, and even a orgasm reel to end on a high note. But overall we get about 45 minutes of extra goodies, which is much appreciated. It’s nice to see a small studio putting in a little extra effort.

This is a small step down from the previous films from Filly that I have reviewed, but in the end it’s still one that I would easily give a RECOMMENDED rating. This is just another example of a solid lesbian company that is turning a few heads with their releases. I have reviewed three of their movies, one more coming up, and they have been solid movies that are worth checking out.

Scene One: Taylor and Elexis

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Elexis stops by Taylor’s house and it seems she is going to stick around and wait for her daughter Allie. And no big surprise Elexis seems to be staring at her boobs, and goes on a big rant about the way she dresses. I think she looks pretty, and I am ok with this some boob teasing. Elexis walks behind her and then grabs onto the boobs and can’t keep her hands off them, and Taylor doesn’t seem to mind too much. She turns on the foreplay with some soft kisses on her neck, while still finding more time to play with her tracks of land behind her dress and bra. She flips her around and bends her over the counter to admire her backside a little. And in a quick flash there are down to their bra and panties, as Elexis continues to explore her body, heading south and teasing her pussy through her panties, but those are off soon enough. She slides her finger into her pussy, and Taylor has a hard time keeping her legs steady from the excitement. They switch places as Taylor gets to show off her pussy skills, and she seems a little more aggressive as she dives in and gives it a nice tongue lashing, followed by some finger action. Once again Taylor is bent over the counter and Elexis dives into her ass and pussy, licking and teasing with her tongue and fingers. Elexis seems to direct Taylor a little, to make sure she is hitting all the right spots. They both end up on the counter top and continue with some grinding and scissoring, and this is where Elexis seems to take control again over Taylor. A few soft post coital kisses, as Allie walks in and sees them, and walks away in anger.

Scene Two: Allie and Sinn

Allie is in her room and is mad at her mom, when Sinn comes in and tries to comfort her, and maybe explain that maybe she is not such a good girl either. Sinn slides in close and can’t seem to keep her hands off her body, slowing touching and kissing her all over. Allie joins in the fun, as Sinn seems to be the dominant one as she gets on top of her and begins to grind on her leg. I remember spotting Sinn at AEE and it’s nice to finally get a chance to see her in action. Although the nerdy side of me, wishes she kept the glasses on. Allie closes in and gives her nipples a few sucks and licks with her pierced tongue, and then Sinn is back on top of her grinding away. But she also gets some quality time with her boobs,  grabbing on tight and sucking before heading down to her promised land. She licks and teases her pussy and then slides off her panties so she can really get into there. But she is all about the soft and gentle teasing at first, but then speeds things up with some tongue and finger action. Allie kind of reminds me a little of Faye Reagan, and that is a plus in my book. Sinn has some nice perky little boobs, but the girl has a little booty action in the backside. And the camera gets a nice look from behind as she slides off her panties and continues to grind on Allie. And she really works that booty of hers while she grinds their pussies together. She takes a seat on Allie’s face, as she licks and suck her pussy, as she grabs on tight to her hair, one out of control jerk and she is going to be bald. Sinn has to throw her around a bit, to get Allie bent over, with her ass up, as she goes back to licking her ass, and fingering her pussy. Sinn says not to tell anyone, cause she is going to be her bad girl, so plenty of more fun down the road.

Scene Three: Taylor and Sophia

Taylor is asleep, when she gets a visit from Sophia and she doesn’t want to get up, but Sophia has a way to get her up and going. She unsnaps her bra and grabs onto her tits, seems to be a common thing in this movie. But at least she gives her a few kisses while she is doing it. But soon enough we get a second pair of boobs to enjoy, as Taylor plays with Sophia’s boobs. Taylor lays back on the bed, and after her panties are off, Sophia teases her around her pussy, before finally diving in. Taylor decides to take control as she bends her over, and after sliding off her panties, shoves her finger deep in her pussy. She mounts up after that for some scissoring and grinding, followed by some finger play from each girl. They exchange some one on one time with each other’s pussy, both doing a good job of teasing just a little before going in. They huddle together for a little more pussy play as Taylor hovers over Sophia. She flips around and dives into her pussy, for some 69 action, and she can’t seem to keep her legs still from her oral work, and she really dives her mouth into her pussy, seeing how deep she can get, before going back to the finger play. Nothing like a little hot sex to get you ready for the rest of the day.
Scene Four: Taylor and Emily

Emily shows up at the house, and Taylor seems to really know how to dress and show off her body. It seems that Emily is interested in joining the sorority, and Taylor has to skirt around the issue about how close these ladies are. She pulls her closer as they exchange a few kisses, Emily seems to little hesitant still, but Taylor is doing her best to make her seem at ease. She leans her back and rubs her pussy through her shorts, and for all the boob lovers out there, I have a feeling there is going to be a few nice sets of boobs in this scene to enjoy. And Taylor dives in and grabs onto them and sucks and licks them, like any person, man or woman would do. She heads a little south and continues to tease her pussy a little more. She leads Emily hands to her boobs as they slide off her bra and she sucks and licks her tracks of land, as they are shoved in her face. Emily is easily getting lost in her boobs. Taylor shoves her hand down her shorts and continues to drive her wild, which means some great heat is really building up between these two. Taylor continues to tease her by sliding her panties in her pussy, and then finally slides them to side so her mouth and tongue can take over. Emily has some amazing eyes, that just seem to draw you in. And you know what else draws you in, some boob smashing as they come together, and then Taylor lays back on the stool and after some more boob fun, Emily dives into the promised land with her mouth. Emily joins her and then Taylor climbs on top her, reaching back with her fingers, and grabbing onto a boob with the other, talk about multi-tasking. Emily is another person who has just recently come onto my radar, and it’s good to say that seeing her in action, can’t wait to see more of her in the future. Emily flips over as Taylor mounts her and grinds their pussies together. It kind of sucks that there were some slight audio (trouble hearing dialogue) and video issues (blurriness which I am guessing is from the camera). Still a pretty good scene, but at times a little distracting for those technical people who watch that stuff. Taylor dives in briefly for some ass and pussy play and then after a few kisses, Emily hopes she can join the sorority.

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